Not Thinking About What Comes Afterwards

Sep 19th, 2019
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  1. PAGE 2:
  5. Thank you so much for taking a look at this!
  6. It’s Crow x Yusei!
  7. This is a R18 Genderbend Yusei book!
  9. It’s my first R18 work.
  11. I hope you’ll enjoy.
  13. PAGE 3:
  15. Not Thinking About What Comes Afterwards
  17. PAGE 4:
  19. 1: I suppose that’s enough deck adjusting for today… I guess I’ll go to bed.
  20. 2: Crow, can I talk to you right now?
  21. 3: (bubbleless) He’s here pretty late…
  22. 4: Yusei? What’s up.
  23. 5: I want you to stay calm and listen to what I have to say.
  24. 6: It appears that I’ve turned into a (big text)woman.
  25. 7: Oh shit, both his face and body are telling me that this isn’t a joke!
  27. PAGE 5:
  29. 1: I think it might have something to do with how history was altered...
  30. 2: What do you think // I should do…?!
  31. 3: Just come in here for now.
  32. 4: Come with me.
  33. 5: All right, sit down.
  34. 6: drop
  35. 7: Hold on real quick.
  36. 8: Um… // Okay…
  38. PAGE 6:
  40. 1: Here.
  41. 2: Hot milk. It’ll calm you down.
  42. 3: I’ll have another cup of milk.
  43. 4: All right, give me your cup.
  44. 5: Okay, then.
  46. PAGE 7:
  48. 1: Have you calmed down now?
  49. 2: Just about… // Sorry, I was sort of freaking out.
  50. 3: Nah, I think just about anyone would freak out if something like this happened to them. Yliaster’s probably the one behind this.
  51. 4: Fuu… Now that I’ve calmed down, I feel...
  53. PAGE 8:
  55. 1: I feel really moved!
  56. 2: Huh?
  57. 3: I mean, look at this body. It’s really a woman’s body. I’ve even gotten a little shorter.
  58. 4: (bubbleless) I don’t really get it, but it looks like he’s enjoying himself.
  59. 5: My body’s also gotten a bit rounder, // I have breasts now, too, and I feel like my bone structure has changed as well.
  60. 6: It’s like I’m not myself anymore. It’s quite fascinating.
  62. PAGE 9:
  64. 1: Listen up. No matter what appearance you might take on, you’ll always be you. It won’t change how I feel about you.
  65. 2: ...Hearing you say that like that is kind of making me a little embarrassed…
  66. 3: Y-You’re cute when you’re embarrassed, too… // Just kidding!
  68. PAGE 10:
  70. 1: ...All right.
  71. 2: Now that I’ve become a woman,
  72. 3: Let’s do it!
  73. 4: You’re kidding, right?!
  75. PAGE 11:
  77. 1: W-W-W-What’s with that all of a sudden!!
  78. 2: (bubbleless) You’ve never said anything like
  79. 3: (bubbleless) that before, right?!
  80. 4: It’s not sudden, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now…
  81. 5: I felt that your genes are something that should be passed down to future generations.
  82. 6: And my body is capable of allowing that to happen, that’s all there is to it.
  83. 7: I believe that Crow’s genes are of an extremely high caliber that deserves to be passed down to future generations, but due to my body structure, I unfortunately cannot make that a reality. There’s simply nothing I can do about it.
  84. 8: He said something crazy just now!
  85. 9: In that case…
  86. 10: What would you do if you did have the right body structure?
  87. 11: I wouldn’t mind making a baby with him, in that case.
  88. 12: He actually did say something like that!
  89. 13: (bubbleless) *I know Kiryu is showing up here, but just to reiterate, this is a Crow x Yusei book.
  91. PAGE 12:
  93. 1: ...Hey.
  94. 2: Are you… sure about this?
  95. 3: You might
  96. 4: Be able to turn back to normal, you know?
  97. 5: Hmph. (bubbleless) chuckle…
  98. 6: We’ve already gone this far, and you’re still thinking of stopping?
  99. 7: (handwritten) Urgh… (printed) Well…
  101. PAGE 13:
  103. 1: I was just thinking that we still don’t know what those guys are after,
  104. 2: And the thought of losing the chance of turning you back to normal was bothering me a bit…
  105. 3: All right.
  106. 4: I am a man, after all.
  107. 5: I gotta stick with doing whatever I said I was going to do, right?
  108. 6: They don’t call me Crow the Bullet for nothing. I’m going to put it in now, Yusei.
  109. 7: Crow the Bullet… So you’re a quick shot?
  110. 8: No!
  112. PAGE 14:
  114. 1: Guh… // Fuh…
  115. 2: Fu
  116. 3: Hah
  117. 4: Mmm…! // Fuu, haah…!
  118. 5: Are you all right, Yusei…?!
  119. 6: It looks like you’re in pain.
  120. 7: I’m… fine… (handwritten) Haah
  121. 8: Keep going.
  122. 9: (handwritten) Haah) (printed) It’s just all so new for me… so I’m not that used to it yet.
  123. 10: You know...
  125. PAGE 15:
  127. 1: It feels kind of good…
  128. 2: feeling it inside me…
  129. 3: Fwah?!
  130. 4: C-Crow…?!
  131. 5: Mmm!
  132. 6: I’m going to start moving, Yusei!
  133. 7: I’m going to fuck you crazy!
  135. PAGE 16:
  137. 1: …!
  138. 2: Hyah!
  139. 3: Hah!
  140. 4: Crow… // Mm!
  141. 5: You calling for me?
  142. 6: I…!
  143. 7: Haah! // Ah!
  145. PAGE 17:
  147. 1: Now that I think about it,
  148. 2: Ah!
  149. 3: Haah!
  150. 4: This is the first time I’ve ever desired another person’s body.
  151. 5: I never thought the day would come where I’d ever see Yusei in such a state,
  152. 6: And I definitely never thought that I’d be the one to make him like this.
  153. 7: It’s only now that I’m thinking about how this is another way you can bond with someone.
  155. PAGE 18:
  157. 1: How should I say this…. Oh, I know.
  158. 2: It’s like I’m experiencing happiness right now that I’ve never experienced before in my life.
  160. PAGE 19:
  162. 1: ...I see, so you two have finally done it.
  163. 2: But, you know…
  164. 3: Don’t you think you moved onto fucking each other way too soon after Yusei turned into a woman?! You really had me shocked!
  165. 4: Now that you mention it, it was pretty fast. We pretty much did it right after it happened.
  166. 5: Why are we reporting to this guy?
  167. 6: It might be strange for me to say this, considering that I ignored Crow’s warning, but perhaps I should have waited until after I investigated this body a little more.
  168. 7: Investigate…? (small bubble inside) Kiryu
  169. 8: I should have first confirmed whether or not my sexual organs were functioning properly.
  170. 9: Yusei’s that kind of person, huh?
  171. 10: Yep.
  172. 11: (bubbleless) I’ll be more careful next time.
  174. PAGE 20:
  176. 1: Bearing a child is a very big deal. If my reproduction capabilities were not in proper shape, then I wouldn’t be able to bear a child in the first place. I can’t believe myself…
  177. 2: And even if everything was working fine, I’d first need to collect the necessary data to increase the chance of actually getting pregnant. I’ve really screwed up…
  178. 3: Yusei, that’s enough. (small bubble inside) Kiryu
  179. 4: Um…
  180. 5: It was me who shoved it inside you after getting caught up in the moment.
  181. 6: I was the one asked you to do so.
  182. 7: I-I mean, I guess so, but… that’s not what I mean! I just…
  183. 8: This probably would have happened sooner or later…
  184. 9: …? What’s the matter?
  185. 10: It’s nothing. Thanks for the meal.
  187. PAGE 21:
  189. *Afterword*
  191. Oh no, oh no, oh no!
  192. I thought I submitted a Crow x Yusei book, but it turned out to be a R18 book!!!
  193. Hi everyone, Koufu here. I published a Crow x Yusei R18 book!
  194. I had already thought of the name before I made the application, so I thought that the best kind of story for this kind of thing would be a R18 kind of thing, so I just decided to go with that.
  195. I avoided drawing anything too direct because it’d be way too embarrassing for me!!!
  196. I feel like making manga out of it is way too hard. The people that do draw that stuff are pretty amazing, huh? And what about the sound effects!
  197. That’s basically how I felt as I drew all of this. I had Sayonara Bye Bye playing in the background as usual.
  198. As I’m writing this, I haven’t thought of what to use for the front cover yet. What kind of cover is a R18 book supposed to have?
  199. They don’t really take off their clothes in the book, so having Yusei with little clothing on the front cover wouldn’t feel right.
  201. All right, now for the main bit, let’s talk about the story.
  202. Now that Yusei’s a girl, there’s nothing stopping Crow and Yusei’s relationship.
  203. Crow-san might be a little unsure about it, but Yusei’s all for it!
  204. I said “main bit” earlier, but I also don’t want to get divulge too far into the sequel, but I was thinking that maybe Crow-san would become a girl, too. What exactly would you call that?
  205. I often hear things like “the one that’s thrusting is the top”, but when it comes to male/female pairings (and this time we have a genderbend thrown in, too), it stops being that simple.
  206. I was originally thinking of having Crow-san being the gung-ho one and Yusei being the one telling him to hold on, and I thought that was very Crow X Yusei-ish, but their genders were reversed that time…
  207. I’ve uploaded something like this before on pixiv a while back, so some of you may have already guessed this, but I often draw stuff with the girl being the top, so…. maybe I don’t really pay much attention to that kind of stuff?
  208. I feel like I need to keep this to the point where it won’t be causing the readers any trouble.
  209. I’ll stop sidetracking. I don’t have much room since it’s A5 size, after all. It’s A5 because it was too embarrassing, by the way, yes.
  211. I’ll talk about the whole “I know Kiryu is showing up here, but just to reiterate, this is a Crow x Yusei book.” thing.
  212. Since they already declared they weren’t going to have sex, I was trying to think of how Crow and Yusei would have sex, and the answer pretty much came to “what if one of them turned into a girl”.
  213. Kiryu-san basically just serves as good gag material and helps me flesh out the story. He’s a very dependable leader.
  215. There are actually some parts where I had to change around some lines. The silliest change was on page 12 when I added a bit about being a “quick shot”. It’s just a little dirty joke I added when switching around the text in the bubbles. I hope you guys get it. Also, I like how Crow’s pants gradually got more and more dorky, and after thinking about it, I kinda threw them in there on page 17. It’s just kind of thrown in there, out of reach.
  217. As I was drawing, the first thing I thought of was making the setting take place in Poppo Time.
  218. I’d really like the house plan or room arrangements map or something for it!
  219. I didn’t have that much time to go through my recorded BD copies to find the episode I wanted!!
  220. I remember stuff about the roof and various rooms, but nothing about the beds or furniture!!
  222. I really shoved as much text as I could onto this page!
  223. Thanks for reading all this way!
  224. I don’t know if I’m going to do another R18 book, but I’d probably do Crow x Yusei again if I did.
  225. There are just so many stories that I want to draw.
  226. But games are just too fun- I mean, make sure you guys don’t try to escape reality when your deadline’s coming up…!
  227. I hope to see you guys again! Bye for now!
  228. 2018.11.24 Koufu
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