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  1. Prologue: The Eva Pilots
  2. 06[12:02] * Mira_Severn has been outfitted in her plug suit and interface headset, and allowed in the Eva cages after her orientation at NERV! Oh BOY! Our heroine is naturally wearing the form-fitting garment, black with neon blue accents. "Hum." She takes a few steps down the hallway overlooking the machines. "Different up close." The pale girl makes a weird face and looks down at the 05 on her chest, then counts the Units with her fingers. "One, two, three, four...What?"
  3. 06[12:05] * Morveren_Killigrew strolls into the hangars, eating a pot of pasta she probably picked up in the cafeteria. She's a rough girl, with short scruffy strawberry blonde hair, wearing a somewhat odd combination of tank top, shorts and flipflops. She looks up from her meal and sees a new girl in a plugsuit. "Huh"
  4. 06[12:08] * Mira_Severn turns her head towards the newcomer, light skin previously hidden by dark hair. After a second, her head tilts, face blank. "Hello. Are you another pilot?" Blink. Blink blink blink.
  5. [12:09] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj, meanwhile, has just gotten out of the simulators. Yet again. Seeing as how he has no idea where the hell to get food here, he's backtracking to the vending machines he's aware of. He's dressed in a disappointingly non-package emphasizing, possibly due to armor or hardpoints, black-and-yellow plugsuit with a 00 on the chest. That's right. 00. That's some special shit if he's ever heard of
  6. [12:09] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> it. Raj is a medium-brown skinned boy of unamazing height, and fairly wide build, looking like he could be athletic or a lifter if he actually tried. Instead, you're pretty sure that if he continues eating potato chips....with...chocolate pieces mixed in..that he'll go the other direction.
  7. 03[12:09] <Mira_Severn> (04 then. D:)
  8. 03[12:10] <Mira_Severn> (sorry! D:)
  9. [12:10] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Oh, right.  He also has a wavy-haired version of the Bieber bowl cut.
  10. [12:10] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Don't worry.  I'm not clear on much, either)
  11. 06[12:11] * Morveren_Killigrew pauses for a moment, then raises an eyebrow. "Right enough". She continues into the hangar, continuing to eat her pasta. "So, another one eh?". She glances round the hangar "...But there's only four Evas..."
  12. 03[12:11] <Mira_Severn> "I was just thinking that." Mira turns around towards the other pilot, then looks up at the non-blinking sirens and alarm lights. "...Oh. Is there an angel? Should we be doing the...thing we do? With the..." She makes vague brutally murderous motions.
  13. [12:11] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Guess one of us is getting booted from the program.  It'll probably be Sera.", Raj will mutter, hearing Morveren as he moves into the room.  He's stuffing his face in a rather disgusting manner.
  14. 03[12:11] <Mira_Severn> Also, her french is terrible.
  15. [12:12] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj, for his part, sticks to English.
  16. 06[12:15] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "Y'never know, maybe there's more to come. Me Da' worked on 'em when they were being made, and he aint out o'work yet". She approaches Mira, and extends a hand, holding the pasta in the other "Morveren's me name. You?"
  17. 06[12:17] * Mira_Severn turns around -again-, looking momentarily frustrated before bottling it up and taking the hand and giving a limp shake. "Mira. It's nice to meet you." Around, to face Raj again. "I was informed that Unit 05 would be arriving once it's finished. Nobody brought up what I would do until then."
  18. [12:18] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> When Mira turns to him, Raj is stuffing his face, unawares that he should be polite and introduce himself....he gets it once it's obvious he's spaced out.....he wipes his hand on the side of the plugsuit, and extends it to Mira.  "Sorry.  I'm Raj.  And...they haven't been very helpful at all to me, either."
  19. 06[12:19] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "Well, y'never know with these dafties. Not a lick o sense in some of 'em. They complained about me doin some modifications on me own Eva! The cheek!"
  20. 06[12:21] * Mira_Severn shakes it as limply as before, then just leans against the wall to look at them both instead. "The operation manual says we can't do that without the Doctor's permission and all the tech staff approving it. What did you try to do that was so bad?"
  21. 06[12:22] * Rajesh_Chandrasekhar 's eyes widen. "They gave you a manual?"
  22. 06[12:22] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "Eh, me Da' does all the real work. I just fiddled with some o'the decor and programming, but he replaced the arms for me, and redid the sensors a bit. E's a sweetie"
  23. 06[12:24] * Mira_Severn bliiinks. "Yes. It came with my ID. You didn't? I can go get it if you like." The Fifth Children chews on her lips and rubs her arm, suddenly self-conscious. "I'm sorry."
  24. 06[12:25] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles "Who needs a manual? The default controls are shite. Just set up a custom scheme, it aint hard"
  25. [12:25] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "I just got some provisional ID and got tossed in here.  One of the techs says he knows my dad, and showed me to the simulators, but that's it.  I don't even know where I'm gonna sleep, and I'd have withered away if it weren't for some vending machines I found.", Raj smiles, trying to put the girl at ease.
  26. 06[12:26] * Morveren_Killigrew blinks at Raj "Didn't I show y'to the dorms? Or the caff?"
  27. 06[12:27] * Mira_Severn just looks confused. "There's a cow?!"
  28. [12:28] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj gazes at Morveren.  "You were busy swimming or whatever with Sera."
  29. 06[12:28] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs, and waves over her shoulder "Its all this way, if y'wanna see". She glances at Mira "Caff. Caffeteria. None o'you dobecks speak right..."
  30. 06[12:30] * Mira_Severn follows her and offers a shrug to Raj. She has, incidentally, a canadian accent. "Wonder what a dobeck's aboot, eh?" See? Canadian!
  31. [12:32] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj just sort of shrugs at Mira, seeing as how Morveren's terrible English seems to be unavoidable as well as incomprehensible, and follows.  At least she's not like Sera, speaking crazy.
  32. 06[12:33] * Morveren_Killigrew leads the way, and first stop is the cafeteria. A grey, boring room, with uncomfortable chairs and tables and mediocre food. She says as much "Y'can get grub, but find somewhere else to eat it. Better, find somewhere else t'get it, like order a takeaway"
  33. 03[12:36] <Mira_Severn> "I'll keep this in mind." After a second, she shrugs listlessly and fumbles around for her ID. The Cafeteria lady rolls her eyes and grabs her wrist to her suit up to a scanner. Mira promptly freaks out and runs to the other end of the room before she can order, then -maybe- gets control of herself enough to look at her new partners. "I'm...sorry."
  34. [12:37] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Uhh.  Maybe we should get back into our normal clothes.", Raj makes a suggestion.
  35. 06[12:37] * Morveren_Killigrew raises an eyebrow. "You're a skitty one, by half"
  36. 06[12:38] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles at Raj "Shame"
  37. [12:39] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "What."
  38. 08[12:39] * Thinik (Zinik_Alex@Rizon-ADAF29E6.pools.atnet.ru) has joined #blastic
  39. 06[12:40] * Morveren_Killigrew grins, "It'd be a shame. You look good in it". She winks.
  40. 03[12:42] <Mira_Severn> "A little...I'm sorry." She mumbles the same apology to the cafeteria lady and shuffles out of the room, face beet red. "I...shouldn't have anything besides. You get sick after your first time breathing LCL, right?"
  41. 08[12:43] * Thinik is now known as Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny
  42. 06[12:43] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "I didn't, but most folks can't seem to hack it. Anyway, on to the dorms?
  43. [12:43] <Morveren_Killigrew> *"
  44. [12:43] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj deflates.  "How did I know that was coming.", now he's embarrassed.  Again.  He's shier than he looks, when he's given the chance!  He'll make for the changing room.  "I'm going to get my clothes, first.  Being eye candy for you girls isn't my only job, you know."
  45. 03[12:44] <Mira_Severn> Flirting deflected! "I think I'm alright. I don't need to waste time, and I sort of like this outfit." She looks down at herself again and gives a huge, creepy grin.
  46. 06[12:46] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles at Raj as he leaves, and then grins at Mira "They're nice aint they? Me Da's making me wear this orrible bulky one. Safer, e'says, but it looks like shite"
  47. 03[12:48] <Mira_Severn> "He's just looking out for you. Enjoy it while it last." Mira mumbles cryptically and plops onto an uncomfortable chair. "Where do you stay?"
  48. 06[12:49] * Morveren_Killigrew points off down the corridor "Dorm room. Its shite, but we'll be movin' t'new places soon, so they say, so perhaps it'll get better". She sighs "Aint got an en suite tho"
  49. 03[12:50] <Mira_Severn> "They are? I'm...apparently staying with Captain Girardin. I don't quite understand why. She said she wants to be my big sister."
  50. 06[12:51] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles "Aye, does she? She's an odd sort. Old fashioned, t'my mind"
  51. 06[12:52] * Mira_Severn frowns. "She's nice. A little...eager. She wanted me to reread the Communist Manifesto. But she actually seems to care about me, so...gift horse. Mouth."
  52. 06[12:53] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "I'm best left to meself, I think. Doubt she'd approve o'some of my passtimes". Morveren grins.
  53. 06[12:54] * Mira_Severn scowls at the first comment. "Do I want to know?"
  54. 06[12:54] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs "Its nothin wretched. Just a little boozin, some urban scrumpin if y'catch my meaning"
  55. 03[12:55] <Mira_Severn> "No, not at that, the...If that's what you like doing, it's not my place to talk."
  56. [12:55] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> And from the direction of dorm rooms comes a new person, a very fast one! It's a girl, white-skinned, with golden hair, slender, agile and quite pretty. Her hair is long, and she wears a fancy miniskirt, jacket and high-heeled shoes, which somehow doesn't stop her from running...
  57. [12:57] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Morveren! Morveren! What's going on, why no one told me about what's happening! Also, I find some interesting clothes in my room, do you know anything about it?"
  58. 06[12:57] * Mira_Severn blinkblinkblinkblinkblink. Is she signaling in morse code or something?
  59. 06[12:58] * Morveren_Killigrew waves "Hey Sera! Just bumped into a newbie, showin'er the ropes. New clothes?". Morveren thinks for a second "Those wouldn't be new plugsuits, would they?"
  60. [12:59] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj comes running back as well, except, by the time he rounds the corner, he winds himself.  How come EVERYONE fucking knows this place except him by now!?  He walks back up towards the group, kind of breathing hard.  "Hey.  Sera."
  61. [12:59] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Ah, probably yes, there was a letter which said that we must wear them during piloting, but I thought it was some kind of ceremonial garb or uniform... Ah, a newbie? Let me introduce myself! I'm Seraphine-Francoise de Savigny, pleased to meet you!'
  62. 06[13:00] * Mira_Severn wavewaves. Is, in fact, wearing her plugsuit!
  63. [13:01] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "What's your name? Oh, you already wear that thing? It's fancy, I think I like it... maybe we can get some for wearing in more casual situations..."
  64. 06[13:02] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs "Me da' is making me wear and orrible clunky one. Says its safer..."
  65. 03[13:02] <Mira_Severn> "Mira. it is nice to meet you, Seraphine-Francoise de Savigny. I've heard about you. Congratulations on...I suppose murdering lots of giant monsters. Erm...I'm sorry."
  66. 03[13:03] <Mira_Severn> "Mira. it is nice to meet you, Seraphine-Francoise de Savigny. You didn't...nobody else got an operations manual, did they?"
  67. [13:05] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "I was told that I don't even need it! Just act naturally, like in a swordfighting duel, only that you don't need to hold you at all!" - Seraphine smiles brigthly.
  68. 06[13:06] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles "Who needs a manual?"
  69. [13:06] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "You haven't been in the simulators yet?  It's...a bit more complicated than that.", Raj is recovering from being winded rather quickly.  His posture straightens.
  70. 06[13:07] * Mira_Severn rubs her head. "We'll look at mine when...erm, -if- we go to the dorms. S-sorry."
  71. 06[13:07] * Morveren_Killigrew stands "Shall we go there? I wanna see the new suits, and Raj should probably learn wehre to sleep"
  72. [13:08] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "No, I haven't... I assume you've been... Did they give you the same almost-fetish outfit, Rajesh?"
  73. 03[13:08] <Mira_Severn> "He was wearing it earlier."
  74. 06[13:08] * Morveren_Killigrew winks "We saw him wear it"
  75. [13:09] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "And I missed it? Merde!" - Seraphine looks disappointed. - "Well, how was it? Tell me, someone!"
  76. 06[13:09] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles. "It was a good show!"
  77. 08[13:10] * Alexis_Beardsley (~Elpizo@3427CA6D.74CA4B8D.F99E67C6.IP) has joined #blastic
  78. 03[13:10] <Mira_Severn> "He was...wearing it. It was black and yellow. I guess. He had potato chips?"
  79. [13:10] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj once again gets hella embarrassed.  "Enough, alright?!"
  80. [13:11] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "What's wrong, Rajesh, you don't like being complimented? But you have a nice body, I remember it!"
  81. 06[13:13] * Morveren_Killigrew is whooping with mad laughter at this point
  82. 06[13:14] * Rajesh_Chandrasekhar inhales slowly, and then exhales. "I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?"
  83. 06[13:14] * Mira_Severn is confused...
  84. 06[13:15] * Morveren_Killigrew grins at him "Nope"
  85. [13:15] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "The end of what? I just stated all what I intended to tell about your body... well, in a very brief form, but still!"
  86. [13:19] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Posture straightens.  "Fine, then.  I don't care anymore.  Now what are we doing, again?"
  87. [13:20] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Donning our armour and riding into the sunrise for a battle of honour and glory?"
  88. 06[13:21] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "I was just gonna work on 04, and then I bumped into Mira and then I thought I'd actually show you the dorms Raj". She grins, and then says "Although, now I'm wonderin what you want the bed for". She winks.
  89. 03[13:22] <Mira_Severn> "I...you...th..."
  90. [13:23] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Just ignore them, Mira.  They're crazy."
  91. 03[13:23] <Mira_Severn> "I noticed."
  92. 06[13:23] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles again
  93. 06[13:24] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny hmpfs. "Morveren, should we take it as an insult or as a compliment?"
  94. 06[13:24] * Morveren_Killigrew grins at her "As a challenge!"
  95. [13:25] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "I can show you to the simulators, if you want.", Raj decides to ignore those two in favor of the more normal one.
  96. 08[13:26] * Josephine_Fournier (~chatzilla@Rizon-3839A5D6.hsv.bellsouth.net) has joined #blastic
  97. 03[13:26] <Mira_Severn> "Maybe. I think I should show everyone the manual though, since apparently I'm the only person here that knows anything..."
  98. 06[13:27] * Morveren_Killigrew raises an eyebrow "Oy. Just cos I didn't read the bliddy manual, doesn't mean I don't know anything. The manual is useless anyway. Load o'crap"
  99. [13:27] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "You just need to trust your instincts!"
  100. [13:27] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Says the girl whose father bought her an Evangelion."
  101. 03[13:28] <Mira_Severn> "Bought her a who now?"
  102. 06[13:28] * Morveren_Killigrew grins "Me Da' Built mine! He's taught me how t'do it proper like"
  103. 06[13:29] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny turns to Rajesh. "Well, I guess that is an insult. Are you envious to my wealth or what?" - She makes a step towards him.
  104. [13:31] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "I'm just stating the facts.", he can play this game, too.
  105. 06[13:31] * Mira_Severn feels horribly out of place.
  106. [13:32] <Josephine_Fournier> A door swings open. Stepping through the threshold is a girl with very short, dark blonde hair, in the most plain, least feminine clothes possible.
  107. 06[13:32] * Morveren_Killigrew raises an eyebrow "Oy, you two. No need to be squabblin and squallin like tha'". She glances round, and waves "Hey, Jose!"
  108. 06[13:32] * Josephine_Fournier approaches the group, face brightening
  109. 06[13:33] * Josephine_Fournier turns to Mira. "New pilot? She asks, offering her hand
  110. [13:34] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "You are stating them in a very disapproving manner. It is not polite to answer in such a way to a person who praised you." - Seraphine makes a pause. - "But it's okay. I forgive your envy because it's justified. I am a person of many exceptional qualities."
  111. 06[13:35] * Mira_Severn shakes it. "Yes. Mira. Please save me from the crazy people."
  112. 06[13:35] * Morveren_Killigrew cackles a little at this
  113. 06[13:35] * Josephine_Fournier smiles. "You'll get used to them. Eventually."
  114. 03[13:35] <Mira_Severn> "Promise?"
  115. 06[13:36] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny smiles widely, and winks to Morveren
  116. [13:36] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> Raj sort of turns away as soon as Sera starts talking.  "Hey."
  117. [13:36] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> He offers a cautious smile to Josephine, whose name he has forgotten.
  118. [13:36] <Josephine_Fournier> Promise.
  119. 06[13:36] * Morveren_Killigrew grins back at Seraphine, still highly amused by the whole affair
  120. 03[13:37] <Mira_Severn> "Okay." She stands back up. "Did you get a manual?"
  121. [13:37] <Josephine_Fournier> "Don't need one. I'm used to it."
  122. 06[13:38] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs, and pats Mira on the shoulder "Forget the bliddy manual. Me Da' told me the manual is made o'shite, and y'll learn better by doin it"
  123. [13:38] <Josephine_Fournier> "She's right. You just sort of...feel it."
  124. [13:38] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "As. I. Saaaaaaid."
  125. [13:39] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Guess that means Sera's the least experienced of us all, doesn't it?!"
  126. [13:39] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Seeing as how we only have four machines...."
  127. 06[13:40] * Mira_Severn flinches. "Oh...Yeah, how exactly does that work?"
  128. 06[13:40] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "Nought clue here. But 04 is mine, and noone else is gettin their hands on me beauty"
  129. [13:41] <Josephine_Fournier> "Beauty? I suppose you could say that. If you like them petite."
  130. 06[13:42] * Morveren_Killigrew grins and winks "Its not the size Jose. Its how you use it"
  131. 06[13:43] * Mira_Severn hides behind Josephine. "So...wanna go see the simulations?"
  132. 06[13:43] * Josephine_Fournier shrugs, then turns back to Mira. "Anyway, it's good to have you here. All of you. It was getting a lonely out there."
  133. 06[13:44] * Morveren_Killigrew grins, standing up and putting an arm around Josephine's shoulders "Yer good Jose, six kills and all... But everyone can use a buddy, right?"
  134. [13:45] <Josephine_Fournier> "Haven't been in one of those...ever, actually. I suppose we could, if you want."
  135. 03[13:46] <Mira_Severn> "I probably have the least experience out of us all." A look at Raj. "And I doubt I'd be allowed to take one of the preexisting units for a test drive."
  136. [13:50] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "I haven't really been told any of the details...so I don't know much at all about how this is going to work."
  137. 03[13:50] <Mira_Severn> "We could ask someone."
  138. 06[13:50] * Josephine_Fournier speaks in a voice that is neither encouraging nor disparaging, simply flat, factual. "It will work"
  139. [13:52] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Who should we ask?"
  140. 03[13:52] <Mira_Severn> "We could find Captain Girardin, or one of the technicians."
  141. [13:52] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Anyone with authority! Let's just prepare ourselves and go to the machines!"
  142. 03[13:52] <Mira_Severn> "Pretty sure that'll get us court-martialed."
  143. 06[13:52] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs "Well, me Da's a tech, but they never tell him anythin', or it'd seem so from the way he talks"
  144. 06[13:53] * Josephine_Fournier blinks. "You can't mean you want break into the entry plugs?"
  145. 06[13:54] * Morveren_Killigrew thinks for a moment "Y'know... I could do that..."
  146. 03[13:54] <Mira_Severn> "Bad idea. We shouldn't even talk about this."
  147. [13:55] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "No, I don't mean that much. But we can arrive near them and demand us to be assigned and launched. I think we still need their cooperation for that, so breaking in wouldn't be wise. Also, what did you said, Rajesh? I don't think I heard you clearly."
  148. 06[13:55] * Mira_Severn goes blank as her voice turns dark. "They really only need -one- Eva pilot. The rest of us are expendable."
  149. [13:56] <Josephine_Fournier> Josephine's face darkens slightly. "We're all expendable. This isn't about us. It's about everyone."
  150. 03[13:57] <Mira_Severn> "Exactly. We can't be jerks. If we fail, everyone dies."
  151. 06[13:57] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny couldn't care less. "Maybe pilots are expendable, but financial support and a hand in goverment... I don't think so."
  152. [13:57] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Said the rest of us have a leg up on you when it comes to piloting these things, Sera.", and then...expendable?  "There's five of us now.  If you took out six, if stories are to be believed...we can take on 30 at a time, now."
  153. 06[13:58] * Josephine_Fournier shakes her head. "NERV wouldn't bring you here unless they thought you were important. They need you. Everyone needs you."
  154. 06[14:00] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny sighs. "Rajesh. Did I tell you that I am probably the best swordsman of my age in the wo- in France, at least. Of course they need me for my exceptional combat performance and experience which can be used in Evangelion-scale combat. Well, I'm sure I told you, but you forgot. Maybe because you were trying too hard to not look at my gorgeous body or something like that."
  155. 06[14:00] * Mira_Severn ignores Sera. "So...Let's put it to a vote. I guess. If you want to demand to be let into our Evas (and by our I mean yours), raise your hand. If you want to just ask how we use five pilots and four Evas, don't." She, obviously, doesn't.
  156. [14:01] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "I'm not breaking into anything.  Sera might think she can just kill people to get her way and probably win trophies that she can't buy, but I need to behave, here.", Raj crosses his arms in front of his chest.
  157. 06[14:03] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny sighs again. "It seems that you don't understand or don't even listen to what am I saying. Making some kind of burglar of me. It's almost rude. I just wanted to show our devotion to the programm by arriving even before they start to ask about us. So, my opinion is being active and adult." - and she raises her hand.
  158. [14:05] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Right, breaking in and stealing expensive hardware is SO adult."
  159. [14:06] <Josephine_Fournier> "The Evangelion units are not toys."
  160. 06[14:06] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny groans. "I wish I could find another use for your mouth than babbling rude nonsense, Rajesh. I really wish."
  161. 03[14:07] <Mira_Severn> "We can't play around with these stakes. That's all I have to say on the topic."
  162. 06[14:08] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny facepalms. "Morveren, please, say that at least you understand me, or I will consider that you all need additional courses of English to communicate with me without confusion."
  163. [14:08] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Maybe you should consider other uses for yours, Sera.", Raj manages to pull that off while looking WHOLLY disinterested.
  164. 06[14:25] * Morveren_Killigrew sighs "I just think y're a pair of bliddy idjits, but I get what you're both saying"
  165. 03[14:26] <Mira_Severn> "Idiots is sort of mean."
  166. 06[14:28] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny sounds irritated. "I think I'm sort of going into a battle mood. It is good, because I will hurt someone and will be praised for that, not scorned."
  167. 06[14:29] * Mira_Severn rubs her forehead. "This is getting ridiculous. Can we just stop and stay calm before one of us does something stupid?"
  168. 06[14:29] * Morveren_Killigrew nods to Mira "I think the newbie's got it right enough"
  169. 06[14:30] * Mira_Severn creepysmiles again. "Thank you. We need to stay...y'know, buddies. Our emotional health is part of piloting Evas, right?"
  170. 06[14:31] * Rajesh_Chandrasekhar gets a stupid smirk on his face. "Just messing with ya, Sera. Calm down.", arm unfolds from the other, to gently push at her shoulder in a possibly prickish, irritating gesture.
  171. 06[14:32] * Morveren_Killigrew smiles at Mira "Well said newbie. I think you deserve a better nickname... Or just Mira. Its nice and short". She cackles.
  172. [14:32] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Can we just do something? If you want to find something in authority, that's fine too!"
  173. [14:34] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Let's find someone, then....do you have anyone's phone number, Morveren?  Uhh...", Raj looks at Josephine.  "What's your name, again?  Sorry..."
  174. 06[14:35] * Morveren_Killigrew shrugs "I could call me Da', but he's probably busy. Perhaps someone in the hangars'd know?"
  175. 06[14:35] * Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny then understands that Rajesh did just touch her. "God damn you, Rajesh, if you want to touch me so much, don't be such a coward and express your desire in a more manly way! You are acting all tough, but I can see through your disguise, and it usually amuses me, but today you are overdoing that!"
  176. [14:37] <Dagoth5577> "Josephine." She doesn't seem overly insulted that she had to reintroduce herself
  177. 08[14:37] * Dagoth5577 is now known as Josephine_Fournier
  178. [14:38] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Right, well if someone has a phone number for anyone...what about that woman who picked you guys up after Morveren and I came back here on that bike thing?", Raj once again ignores Sera when she talks.
  179. 06[14:39] * Morveren_Killigrew raises an eyebrow. "Its a Vespa. Proper nice Moped, yaknow. And that was Jones"
  180. [14:39] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "If you wan't call someone, I swear, I will call the Prime-Minister!" - Seraphine stamps the floor in irritation.
  181. 06[14:41] * Morveren_Killigrew raises an eyebrow. "You can do that?"
  182. [14:42] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "Deal with it, Sera.  That's what you'll get told, too.", Raj replies flatly.  "Right, well how about this: Is there a place to watch some television or anything, or lounge around?  Now that we're all here, let's go to the dorms and lay low while we figure out who to call.  I'll even buy some drinks or something if it makes you happy."
  183. [14:42] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Well, I can try and I'm almost sure it will succeed if I try hard enough. But it would take an awful lot of time."
  184. 06[14:42] * Morveren_Killigrew nods "There's a common room type place, this way. Follow me". She sets off without waiting.
  185. [14:42] <Josephine_Fournier> "Some drinks? Maybe coffee? Like at that shop where we met?"
  186. 06[14:43] * Mira_Severn sets off after Morveren silently.
  187. [14:43] <Rajesh_Chandrasekhar> "If you can get us all out of here, we can do that...but all I've found is those vending machines.", Raj starts walking off.
  188. 06[14:44] * Josephine_Fournier Follows, slightly off put by the possible lack of coffee
  189. [14:45] <Seraphine-Francoise_de_Savigny> "Riiiiiiiiiight. Drinks. I totally need a drink." - Seraphine then realises that soft drinks were meant and becomes even more irritated.
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