DayZ Changelog 0.33.114782 (pending)

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  3. Branch: Experimental
  4. ETA to Stable: 5-7 February 2014
  5. Version: 0.33.114782
  7. Known Issues:
  8. - Spawns: Loot is not spawning in military tents
  9. - Spawns: Some structures in Svetlo currently do not spawn loot
  10. - Server: Servers under load can delay actions from the client
  11. - Only 4 dynamic light sources will be rendered at one time currently
  13. What are experimental/stable branches?
  14. In your steam application settings, you can choose a "beta branch". This allows you to opt in to our experimental branch to try it out.
  16. Does my saved character get affected in experimental branch?
  17. No. It runs on a different database, so any changes will not affect your character on stable branch.
  19. I can't find a slot while on experimental branch!
  20. Only a small number of servers run this branch. You will need to change your game back to the stable branch and play on a normal server
  22. Can I join a stable branch server wil experimental branch client?
  23. No, you would need to change your client back to stable.
  25. When will this be in stable?
  26. We expect stable to be updated before the end of that week (by 7 February 2014).
  28. Why has <insert any bug> not been fixed yet when there is new content coming in?
  29. While priorities are very important when assigning work, there is a limit to how many people can work on a complex task without making it even more complex. Also, many of the team are focused purely on content/design so while the important stuff is being fixed, they continue to provide content and design updates.
  31. Is mouse acceleration being fixed?
  32. It is not fixed in this update, but we plan to make control changes. It is not as simple as turning it "off" as the speed your character turns is not dictated by the mouse itself, but your movements combined with the type of weapon you have, how tired you are, etc.
  34. New:
  35. - Actions: chambering SKS round from pile, loading 10 rounds from pile
  36. - Actions: You can uncuff other players with the hacksaw
  37. - Actions: Cannot use an item (e.g. drink/eat) if it is "Ruined"
  38. - Actions: Interactions with items reworked. Drinking/Eating/etc... more robust and user-friendly
  39. - Actions: Restrained players cannot use inventory or action menu
  40. - Animations: Player now can take and hide rifle in crouched run
  41. - Animations: SKS reload animations
  42. - Crafting: FNX45 pistol can be chambered with single round
  43. - Crafting: Opening cans with combat knife added
  44. - Crafting: Opening cans with machete added
  45. - Crafting: Painting Motorbike Helmets to Black and Green
  46. - Effects: Magnum revolver ejecting shells when reloading
  47. - Effects: Magnum revolver sounds - gunshots, reloading
  48. - Effects: Mosin ejecting shells when cycling
  49. - Effects: New Mosin sounds - gunshots, cycling, reloading
  50. - Gear: Improvised courier backpack added
  51. - Gear: Machete added
  52. - Gestures: Clapping Gesture added, default F5 key
  53. - Gestures: Pointing Gesture added, default F6 key
  54. - Login: Player queuing system introduced. Penalty waiting time added for switching server or disconnecting a server quickly.
  55. - Server: Player spawns now cached by engine directly, increasing performance
  56. - Spawns: Added Bubble goose jackets into the loot spawns
  57. - Spawns: Added SKS rifle, speedloader, ammunition piles and boxes and SKS bayonet into the loot spawns
  58. - Systems: Hunger and Thirst slightly modified.
  59. - Systems: Notifications added to UI for hydration and high energy
  60. - Zombies: Different types of Military zombies now have tougher attack values and improved durability
  61. - Zombies: Engine dynamic obstacle checking (zombie, another player)
  62. - Zombies: Svetlojarsk zombie spawns added
  64. Fixed:
  65. - Action: morphine injection can be used on other player effectively fixing his broken legs and item correctly positioned in hands
  66. - Actions: Keys won't disappear after uncuffing
  67. - Actions: loading ammo works for sprayed Mosin variants
  68. - Actions: Read/Writing notes with paper and pen now works again
  69. - Actions: reviving with epinephrine or defibrillator works also if player blood is below 500 units of blood
  70. - Animations: fixed an issue where reload in prone would leave some residue sound clutter at the end of the reload animation
  71. - Animations: Weapon reloading for magazine was not working properly when no magazine fitted
  72. - Animations: Rifle Aimed Walk Updated, diagonal animations fixed
  73. - Animations: sidesteping through doorway with rifle while crouching should not cause the player to get stuck now
  74. - Config: Berries have more nutrition now
  75. - Crafting : You can no longer saw off sawed off shotgun
  76. - Crafting: Can spraypaint M4 to green or black
  77. - Crafting: Damage is now transferred when items are painted
  78. - Crafting: Improved Backpack creation only possible when Courier Bag is empty (previously items accidentally deleted)
  79. - Crafting: Weapon cleaning kit can't be used when it's "Ruined" and won't reduce condition of a gun
  80. - Effects: Dazed effect plays again when a player is hit/damaged/shot
  81. - Effects: Some effects were not active locally when a player was restrained
  82. - Fixed: Missing texture error dz\weapons\data\weapons_damage_metal_smdi.paa
  83. - Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models
  84. - Gear: Spraycans won't deplete after relogging
  85. - Gear: Book, radio, pot, pan, gas canisters, matchbox, paper, firewood and stone can be placed in hands
  86. - Gear: Headlamp beam raised slightly
  87. - Gear: Painted items now retain their previous quantities (i.e. Magazine ammo won't reset)
  88. - Gear: Various item descriptions and notifications fixed for grammar, typos, more detail
  89. - Gear: ZSh-3 Pilot helmet fixed and updated
  90. - Gestures: Taunt defaults correctly to F4 key
  91. - Graphics: "god rays" could cause overloaded post-processing and graphical corruption
  92. - Graphics: fix of removing shining object from hand (switch off)
  93. - Graphics: Roads have per pixel lights
  94. - Graphics: Dynamic lights should be now defined with "radius" value which is maximum radius of light in meters
  95. - Loot: Splint position in hand was wrong now corrected
  96. - Spawns: Drastically lowered chance of backpacks spawning on the construction site
  97. - Spawns: Loot spawn tweaks in some civilian structures
  98. - Weapons: Mosin recoil increased
  99. - Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun can be loaded with ammo (was broken due to changed inheritance)
  100. - Weapons: Sawed-off shotgun: reduced size in inventory, reduced spread
  101. - Zombies: Better filter/check of attack hits directly in engine
  102. - Zombies: Military zombies made tougher
  104. Hotfixed:
  105. - Engine: Irregular crash of server in corpse garbage collector consequence of this is that the bodies will not disappear if other player is in vicinity
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