Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 2 (AB/DL 4/4)

Apr 14th, 2014
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  1. >“Hey Anon, you really need to start smiling more! It's such a wonderful day out today and I brought you all treats!”
  2. “Oh thanks Pinkie, that was really thoughtful of you. I guess I am just a bit bothered because I disappointed Fluttershy.”
  3. >”She isn't disappointed with you silly, Fluttershy told me she is proud of you because you are no longer a big meanie Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy feels she was a meanie to you for being a meanie to Rainbow Dash!
  4. “Oh, you ran into Fluttershy on your way here”
  5. >Pinkie Nods enthusiastically
  6. >”Yuppers, she also told me about your silly bet with Dashie.”
  7. “Yeah, about that... I'm actually starting to think I should just concede to Dash before things get out of hand... I really do want to be nicer from now on.
  8. >”You don't have to do that silly, you can still win if they are super happy tears.”
  9. >Oh, that's right you can still win this and not feel guilty about it.
  10. “Oh, good point Pinkie. You know me and Applejack was thinking that Dash would love a little Tickle time. Care to join us?
  11. >”Oh that sounds super-duper fun. Count me in!”
  12. “I also take it you want a day to filly Dash to yourself.”
  13. >”Sure, we can arrange to have a play-date with the twins if you win.”
  14. “Sounds good to me Pinkie, now let's join Applejack and Dash inside and give our Dashie a big surprise.”
  16. >”-Yeah, I'm really glad you can forgive me after all I done Applejack, again I'm really sorry for all I put you through. Friends?”
  17. >You just walked inside your house with Pinkie
  18. >Rainbow Dash just asked for forgiveness for all she put Applejack through and Applejack couldn't be any happier.
  19. >”You know it, partner. Friends till the end!”
  20. >And with that Rainbow Dash and Applejack give each other a warm hug.
  21. >Instantly Pinkie runs of, gets your camera, runs back to hand it to you and goes to Applejack and Rainbow Dash to join them in their hug.
  22. >She was able to do all that in 3 seconds
  23. >Even Rainbow Dash looked shocked at how fast she went.
  24. >Oh well, this picture is going to be the best one yet.
  25. >Snap
  26. >Although the scene is made very awkward with Rainbow Dash wearing a diaper and pony socks you feel like your heart just melted from the adorableness of it.
  27. >”You too Pinkie, I shouldn't have gotten all nasty on my best party pony friend and said all those nasty things.”
  28. >No sign of tears of joy from Rainbow Dash.
  29. >But you don't even care.
  30. >Your friend Rainbow Dash is back.
  31. >Still, it would be nice to figure out why she got like that.
  32. >But you are sure she will reveal that by the end of tomorrow to you and everyp0ny.
  33. >“And Anon, thank you for all your support bro... Even if you're kinda a lame-o jerk at times.”
  34. >It's only half way into the second day and you have already got what you truly wanted.
  35. >Your pal back.
  36. “Yeah, I'm just glad to see you back to normal Dash like Applejack and Pinkie.”
  37. >You and Rainbow Dash can enjoy the rest of the half of 'the punishment'.
  38. >She already knows everything that she did wrong anyway and has learned from it.
  39. >You give a playful nod to Pinkie Pie and Applejack.
  40. “By the way Dash, Tickle Attack!”
  41. >And with that Applejack begins her offense on Rainbow Dash.
  42. >Applejack frantically begins to tickle Rainbow Dash's Belly
  43. >Instantly Rainbow Dash starts laughing hysterically.
  45. >“Ahaha! Stop it Applejack!
  46. “But the fun is beginning Dash.”
  47. >You decide to join Applejack and start tickling her rear hooves.
  48. >”Hahaha! Celestia, anywhere but there!
  49. >Looks like you found here weak point.
  50. >Tickling Intensifies.
  51. >You nod to Pinkie to join you in the fun.
  52. >She hops next to you in and Applejack in a single jump.
  53. >And instantly starts blowing raspberry on tummy.
  54. >”Mercy Mercy! I give up you win!”
  55. >Applejack starts in on Rainbow Dash's wings.
  56. >Rainbow Dash's face contorts into her signature scrunch face.
  57. >”No seriously, stop now - Oh Celestia!”
  58. >You all stop and Rainbow Dash runs into the corner of the room and
  59. >Oh god she is doing it.
  60. >All the tickling made her lose control of her bowels.
  61. >This is going to get ugly
  62. >Pinkie Pie and Applejack taking note of the situation instantly run off
  63. >You are pretty sure you saw a puff of smoke in their wake.
  64. >It's time like these you feel you were transported into some Saturday Morning Cartoon show.
  65. >Dash is standing upright with her rear hooves bent.
  66. >Her eyes are completely shut and she is biting her lips.
  67. “Um, bro is everything okay?”
  68. >You then watch in horror as you notice the huge load she just dropped into her diaper.
  69. >Looks like your plan just went to shit.
  71. ***
  72. I'm going to try something a little different, I'm going to split the story into two (possibly three) outcomes from this point
  73. Go here for outcome A:
  74. Outcome B is here:
  75. ***
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