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  1. Cioz (born Alessandro Cozzolino in 1992, Bergamo, Italy) is a DJ and producer on the rise.
  3. == Biography ==
  4. Cioz has always had a bad relationship with rules. An obsessive desire to reinvent everything.
  5. Driven and inspired by the idea of sharing knowledge and inspirations, Cioz has founded Knobs Bergamo; a community-based creative hub in Bergamo (Italy) where artists unite, collaborate, develop ideas and create.
  6. Completely self-taught, he feels his music like smoothly random and organic: alive.
  7. He sees his music like a funny creature that grows and evolves by his side. It contradicts itself and gets always better. A continuous experiment, a tree of sounds.
  8. He released on world-class labels such as Monaberry and Einmusika and he is determinate to grow up.
  9. His motto is: "If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.” George Bernard Shaw
Artists that inspires him are: David August, Super Flu, Rodriguez Jr., James Holden, Stephan Bodzin, Tipper, Stimming, Acid Pauli...
  12. == Discography ==
  14. === Releases ===
  15. * 2015 ''Heartbreaker'' EP – KDB Records<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Heartbreaker EP da KDB su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  16. * 2015 ''Scrambled'' EP – EIN2<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Scrambled da EIN2 su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  17. * 2016 ''Burning Soul'' EP – Armada Subjekt<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Burning Soul EP da Subjekt Recordings su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  18. * 2017 ''Fury'' EP – Einmusika<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Fury da Einmusika Recordings su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  19. * 2017 ''Arbol''  EP – Monaberry<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Arbol EP da Monaberry su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  20. * 2017 ''Tipsy Ballad /''  "Invisible Talents VA" – Making You Dance<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(Original Mix) Tipsy Ballad di CIOZ su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  21. * 2017 ''Elephant on Ebay'' EP – Monaberry<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=Elephant on Ebay EP da Monaberry su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  23. === Remixes ===
  24. * 2016 Martin Kremser – "Desktop Brain" (Cioz Remix) – KDB Records<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(Cioz Remix) Desktop Brain di Martin Kremser su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  25. * 2016 Ante Perry – "The Drive" (Cioz Remix) – EIN2<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(Cioz Remix) The Drive di Ante Perry su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  26. * 2016 Martin Kremser – "Suspiros Del Mar" (Cioz Remix) – Making You Dance<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(CIOZ Remix) Suspiros Del Mar di Martin Kremser su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  27. * 2017 Dust Yard – "Prana" (Cioz Remix) – Lowless<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(Cioz Remix) Prana di Dust Yard su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
  28. * 2017 Super Flu – "Skorr" / Musik3+ (Cioz Remix) – Monaberry<ref>{{Cita web|url=|titolo=(Cioz Remix) Skorr di Super Flu su Beatport||accesso=2017-10-17}}</ref>
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