House Party 0.7.3 Walkthrough

Oct 25th, 2017
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  2. [Ashley]
  4. Complete [Return Madison's Phone]
  5. Talk to Madison about a reward for finding her phone. IMPORTANT: make sure that Ashley is not around to hear the conversation.
  6. Talk to Ashley. First, tell her that she's way hotter than Madison, then ask her if she's okay. Do NOT tell her you can see the resemblance.
  7. Talk to Ashley again and ask her if you can help with her situation.
  8. Get the towel from the countertop of the downstairs bathroom.
  9. Give the towel to Ashley. Suggest that you could wash her clothes for her.
  10. Complete [Invasion of Privacy]
  11. Give Madison's diary to Ashley.
  12. Talk to Ashley again and tell her that you think you've proven yourself. Follow Ashley to the spare bedroom and close the door behind you.
  13. Talk to Ashley and tell her that you're alone. Before you leave to wash her clothes, talk to her again and ask her if she's okay. Do NOT suggest that she take her panties off yet.
  14. At this point, you have a choice: you can either complete the [Humiliate Ashley] quest, or the [A Change of Heart] quest.
  16. [A Change of Heart]
  18. Get the soda from the fridge and give it to Ashley.
  19. Talk to Ashley and ask for her panties. (Note, you must do this before you put her clothes in the dryer).
  20. Put Ashley's clothes in the washer and wait for them to be done
  21. Push Ashley's clothes in the dryer and wait for them to be done
  22. Give Ashley her clean clothes once you're done ogling her
  23. [Humiliate Ashley]
  25. Go to the kitchen and get two things: the soda from the fridge and the bathroom skeleton key from the counter.
  26. Lock the door to every bathroom in the house (two upstairs and one downstairs).
  27. Get the eye drops from Madison's walk-in closet. Use the eye drops to tamper with the soda.
  28. Give Ashley the tampered soda.
  29. Immediately talk to her and ask her for her panties (or you can wait and demand them later for access to the bathroom).
  30. Stand there and wait.
  31. Watch the show
  32. Give Ashley the Bathroom Skeleton Key
  35. [Brittney]
  37. [Breast Diversion]
  39. Talk to Brittney.
  40. Talk to Brittney Again.
  41. Tell her the top looks great on her.
  42. Talk to Brittney one more time.
  43. Complete Stephanie's story.
  44. Talk to Brittney and tell her that Stephanie is dancing topless.
  47. [Katherine]
  49. Talk to Katherine
  50. Choose "I feel like we use the word "need" out of its intended purpose.
  51. Talk to Stephanie and say anything.
  52. Talk to Frank and tell him you are not drunk, then ask him what he thinks of Katherine.
  53. Talk to Katherine about Frank and Stephanie.
  54. Your like meter should be high enough now to ask Katherine about her phone.
  55. Respond "Who would ever be a dick to you, ever?"
  56. Ask Katherine if she'd like a drink.
  57. Ask Katherine what kind of drinks she likes.
  58. Talk to Frank and ask him if he is just going to sit there and guard the alcohol.
  59. Tell Katherine that Frank is guarding all of the alcohol.
  60. Ask Frank if he wants you to put in a good word with Katherine.
  61. Make the deal with Frank.
  62. Tell Katherine about the deal.
  63. Take the cell phone jammer in the garage.
  64. Go near Katherine and turn the cell phone jammer on.
  65. Wait.
  66. Repeat 16 and 17 until Katherine moves to a place where she is alone.
  67. Talk to Katherine and ask her if she is ready to take the pics.
  68. Get the camera in Madison's walk-in closet.
  69. Get the SD Card in the study.
  70. Combine the SD Card with the Camera.
  71. Talk to Katherine and ask her if she is now ready to take pics.
  72. You can play around with the different poses, but you will need to get at least one pic of her with her shirt and bra off (do not ask her to remove her pants).
  73. Open your inventory and inspect the Camera.
  74. Choose "Take Photos".
  75. After you are done, you can inspect your work by choosing "View Photos" while inspecting the camera.
  76. Assuming you have at least one picture of Katherine topless, give the camera to Frank.
  77. Choose the Rum.
  78. Give the Rum to Katherine.
  79. Talk to Katherine again and ask her how to get 100%
  80. Flash everybody at the party.
  81. Talk to Katherine and tell her you flashed everybody.
  82. Talk to Katherine and ask her if she'd like to go somewhere more private.
  83. Talk to Katherine after she lays on the bed.
  84. Take the salami from the fridge.
  85. Give the salami to Katherine.
  86. Inspect the empty vodka bottle on the table that Frank is guarding.
  87. Talk to Frank and ask him if you can take the empty bottle.
  88. Use the faucet on the kitchen sink with the empty vodka bottle.
  89. Take the mysterious key from the shelf above the fireplace in the living room.
  90. Get everybody to leave the room See [How to Get People to Leave]
  91. Lock the bedroom door with the mysterious key.
  92. If Katherine is not naked and asking for a minute alone, duck into the bathroom, close the door, then come back out.
  93. Give the Bottle of Water to Katherine.
  94. Take off your clothes (Press Y).
  95. Fuck Katherine.
  98. [Madison]
  100. Talk to Madison and tell her you'd like to get to know her better.
  101. Talk to Madison again and ask her where the bathroom is.
  102. Grab Madison's phone from the bathroom.
  103. Tell Ashley that you can see the resemblance between she and her sister.
  104. Give Madison's phone to Ashley. IMPORTANT: make sure that Madison is not around when you do this.
  105. Tell Ashley that you're in (again, make sure that Madison isn't around).
  106. Complete [Invasion of Privacy]
  107. Give Madison's diary to Ashley (Again, make sure Ashley is not around.).
  108. Open your inventory, select Madison's phone, and inspect it.
  109. Click on Photos, then click on either Messages or E-Mail to send the photos to your phone.
  110. Give Madison her phone back.
  111. Talk to Madison about the photos on her phone. Follow her to the master bedroom.
  112. Optionally, get the key to the master bedroom on top of the fireplace and lock the door so that you are uninterrupted with Madison
  115. [Rachael]>
  117. Talk to Rachael
  118. Tell her it's nice to meet her
  119. Talk to Madison
  120. Ask Rachael how she knows Madison
  121. Choose "This is a video game" response
  122. Ask Rachael if she is enjoying herself at the party
  123. Complete [Frankly I Don't Trust You] (Optionally, you can do the first part of Katherine's quest and choose the Thermos instead of the rum, but it will fail Kat's quest)
  124. Ask Frank if you can sniff the thermos now
  125. Tell Frank the thermos is clean
  126. Give the thermos to Rachael (away from Frank)
  127. Choose "Frank doesn't scare me"
  128. Ask Rachael why she looks nervous
  129. Say Vickie seems cool
  130. Talk to Katherine
  131. Choose the "need out of context" response
  132. Ask Katherine about hacking phones
  133. Ask Katherine about spoofing a text message
  134. Complete [Get the Man Some Drugs]
  135. Ask to borrow Patrick's phone
  136. Ask Brittney about Patrick's phone
  137. Tell Patrick Brittney has her phone
  138. Complete [How to get the Merlot from Patrick]
  139. Get the coffee from the fridge
  140. Get the kettle from the cabinet in the kitchen
  141. Use the hand (press control) to pick up the kettle and put it on the stove
  142. Use coffee with kettle
  143. Turn on the stove
  144. Wait 1 minute (you will hear and see the steam from the kettle when it's done)
  145. Use kettle with empty cup
  146. Give coffee to Patrick
  147. Tell Patrick you will give the "Irish Coffee" to somebody else
  148. Give coffee to Patrick
  149. Wait about 2 minutes. Patrick will come up to you after he is sober and tell you
  150. Ask Patrick about getting his phone back from Brittney
  151. Give Katherine Patrick's phone
  152. Ask Rachael for her phone number
  153. Ask Katherine to send a spoofed text message
  154. Ask Madison for Vickie Vixen's phone number
  155. Untie Ashley's top (click on her back area and select "Untie") while Madison is around
  156. Ask Madison for Vickie's phone number again
  157. Ask Katherine to send a spoofed text message
  158. From this point, you can choose the dares you like best, however, if you don't get Rachael's love meter all the way up, she won't have sex with you at the end. If you followed this walkthrough up to this point, you should be about halfway up the love bar with Rachael. In order to get the rest, you need to make Rachael do the following dares: Tell the cutest guy at the party you had a wet dream about him, Flash the cutest guy at the party, Strip naked for the cutest guy at the party. You also need to ask her how her friend knows you during the Flashing dare. Once the love meter is all the way up, keep doing dares until you get the dare to have sex with the cutest guy at the party. Also, check out the [Easter Eggs] section below for more.
  160. Additionally, you will need to clear the room, lock the door, and have your penis exposed in order to see the "Fuck" option.
  162. After the second dare, Katherine will say she can't send any more spoofed texts because the internet is down. Complete the following steps to continue:
  164. Find the router in the closet in the study
  165. Turn the router off
  166. Turn the router on
  169. [Stephanie]
  171. Talk to Stephanie and introduce yourself.
  172. Talk to Stephanie again and compliment her dance moves. Do not tell her you can see up her dress.
  173. Talk to Stephanie a third time and ask her if she's having fun. Tell her you'll help.
  174. Complete [I'm Not Whipped, Bro]
  175. While she's dancing, talk to her and compliment her dance moves again. Do not tell her you can see up her dress.
  176. Get the Chardonnay from the small closet in the upstairs laundry room.
  177. Talk to Frank. You can say anything (that doesn't get you beaten up).
  178. Give Stephanie the Chardonnay (Make sure Frank isn't nearby).
  179. See [How to get the Merlot from Patrick]
  180. Give Stephanie the Merlot (Make sure Frank isn't nearby).
  181. Tamper with the thermostat
  182. Ask Stephanie to dance topless.
  185. [Vickie]
  187. Complete [Rachael] up to step 40.
  188. Ask Katherine to spoof a text TO 555-6969.
  189. Have her send it from Katherine.
  190. Choose the second option, inviting Vickie to the party.
  191. Vickie should show up within one minute. You will see her mingling soon.
  192. Talk to Vickie
  193. Respond "You must be Vickie Vixen..."
  194. Respond "Rachael told me you're a lot of fun".
  195. Respond "There are a lot of good girls..."
  196. Talk to Vickie again and tell you you are ready.
  197. As if you can practice on her.
  198. You should exhaust every dialogue option with Vickie except for the cheezy pickup line about walking by again. They all increase relationship with Vickie aside from that one. Save "You have a really nice smile" for last.
  199. Talk to Ashley
  200. Aplologize for pulling her top off.
  201. Tell her it was immature of you.
  202. Pick the red flower in the backyard. It's to the left when you walk out the slider.
  203. Take the Blue Hair Dye from the upstairs bedroom bathroom.
  204. Use the Red Flower and Blue Hair Dye together.
  205. Give the flower to Ashley
  206. Talk to Derek.
  207. Ask for Advice with Ashley.
  208. Ask around for pot for fun. Frank will be the one who will advance the story.
  209. Complete [Stephanie]
  210. Ask Stepahnie how to help with her horniness.
  211. Tell her you'll do it for $50.00
  212. Get naked.
  213. Fuck Stephanie
  214. Move the mouse around to give Stephanie an orgasm.
  215. Talk to Stephanie, and ask for the $50.00
  216. Give Frank $50.00
  217. Use the Paper in the upstairs study with the Marijuana
  218. Use the Fire Pit outside with the joint.
  219. Give the Lit Joint to Ashley
  220. Talk to Vickie and tell her you did it.
  221. To be continued...
  224. [Get the Man Some Drugs]
  226. Talk to Patrick.
  227. Ask him how you can help.
  228. Enter the master bedroom bathroom and close the door.
  229. You can find the Painkillers behind the shelf that the door was obstructing.
  230. Give the Painkillers to Patrick
  233. [Talk to Madison]
  235. Talk to Madison.
  238. [Return Madison's Phone]
  240. Talk to Madison
  241. Ask Madison where the bathroom is.
  242. Find Madison's phone in the upstairs master bedroom.
  243. Return Madison's phone to her.
  246. [I'm Not Whipped, Bro]
  248. Retrieve the whipped cream from the fridge. Use ctrl to move other stuff out of the way so you can see it.
  249. Give Stephanie the whipped cream.
  252. [Invasion of Privacy]
  254. Go to the end of the hall upstairs, and retrieve the pencil from the table in the spare bedroom and the sheet of paper from the study.
  255. Go to the master bedroom and look for the book on top of the vanity. Make sure that Madison is not in the room.
  256. On the book, select "Use with" and then select the sheet of paper.
  257. On the paper, select "Use with" and then select the pencil.
  258. Go into the walk in closet and look for the safe. You might want to check again to make sure that Madison hasn't walked in.
  259. Use the code you got from the paper/pencil on the book to open the safe and take Madison's diary.
  262. [Frankly, I Don't Trust You]
  264. Talk to Frank
  265. Scold Frank for stealing from girls (You can only do this after Rachael explains the situation)
  266. Tell Frank you can sniff the thermos for him
  267. Find the Natty Lite bottles (One in the garage, one behind the speaker in the dancing room, one on the shelf in the bedroom, one behind the armchair in the living room, one behind the laundry basket in the upstairs bathroom, and one on the side of the desk in the study)
  268. Give six alcohol items to Frank (you can also substitute the Merlot and Chardonnay for Natty Lite, but it will cut you off from being able to complete Stehpanie's quest)
  271. [How to get the Merlot from Patrick]
  273. Talk to Patrick
  274. Tell Patrick he should watch out for Frank
  275. Ask Patrick how he has wine with Frank around
  276. Tell Frank about Patrick's scheme
  277. After Frank beats up Patrick, he will walk away. You have short window to pick up the wine before Patrick wakes back up and grabs it again, just make sure Frank is out of sight.
  278. If Patrick manages to snag the wine back, you can get Frank to beat him up again by telling Frank that Patrick called him an ass-licking fart monkey
  281. [How to Get People to Leave]
  283. Madison: Tell her Ashley wants to talk to her, tell her you can't find her phone in the bathroom, or tell her that Patrick is stealing.
  284. Ashley: Cum on her.
  285. Patrick: Tell him you saw some booze under the couch in the living room.
  286. Rachael: Cum on her.
  289. [Easter Eggs]
  291. Give Frank the camera without any pictures of Kat on it.
  292. Ask the other party-goers where Patrick's phone is before you ask Brittney.
  293. Frank has two responses about Patrick's phone. One before and after he beats up Patrick.
  294. You can watch Rachel masturbate after you dare her by hiding in the closet.
  295. You can also watch Rachael masturbate by climing the gutter outside onto the roof and peeking through the window (0.6.2)
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