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  2. Name: Ashe
  3. Gender: female
  4. Long black hair
  5. Personality: Is really slutty and depraved.
  6. Cup size: J
  7. Height: 5'9"
  8. Species: Demon/fox/wolf hybrid
  9. Fur colours: Gray/Red
  10. Claw length: About the length of a human thumb (retractable)
  11. Has a fox tail
  12. Slender figure
  13. -
  14. Other:
  15. Has featherless demon wings (span 1.2ft)
  16. -
  17. Snout is a fox's but teeth are arranged like a shark's, rather than that of a fox
  18. -
  19. ancient markings on chest and arms
  20. -
  21. Has the powers to shapeshift, teleport, regenerate lost body parts, and to control fire
  22. -
  23. Sometimes wears crotchless panties, red and black plaid skirt, and a gray low cut shirt. Is a nudist so usually doesn’t wear clothes
  24. -
  25. No wolf features on the face. Face is primarily a Fox’s with demon side accounting for secondary features.
  26. -
  27. Based of a succubus so looks more sexy than scary.
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