White Victims of Multiculturalism - 0111 - Diane Pranske

Dec 30th, 2022
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  1. 0111
  2. ----------------
  4. September 7, 2015
  6. Location: Lansing,IL
  8. Victim(s): Diane Pranske 53(survived)
  10. Attacker(s): Carleous Clay
  12. Description: Diane had just arrived home after going grocery shopping, when Clay, a career criminal who was burglarizing her home for the second time, threatened her with a hammer, before kidnapping her and locking her in the trunk of her car. He then stole money from an ATM, before bringing her to a separate location and r*ping her multiple times. He tortured and strangled her, before dousing her with lighter fluid and setting her on fire, walking away as she burned alive. Diane managed to walk to a nearby McDonald’s, whose staff called for help. Diane was in the hospital for 9 months, including 3 months in intensive care, enduring multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and organ failure. She suffered 3rd° burns over 1/3 of her body, is now legally blind , confined to a wheelchair, and will need living assistance for the rest of her life.
  14. Link(s):
  15. Clay pleads guilty. The article mentions that the reason Clay was living in Diane’s neighborhood, is because Oak Glen United Reformed Church rented a home for him as part of their transition program for convicts.
  16. Diane faces Clay at his sentencing.
  17. Clay is sentenced to life.
  19. Diane’s 2nd gofundme page.
  20. ----------------
  22. Please note: I've had to censor some words using *s because of pastebin's new rules. If you wish to see the uncensored version, please see the downloads link to download the original casefile.
  24. A write up of the crime.
  25. A write up of the crime from someone who knew Diane.
  27. Diane’s archived gofundme page.
  28. Diane’s 2nd archived gofundme page for her continued living expenses.
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