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  1. Dreamghast (_youmu_)
  2. Dreamghasts are bizarre creatures that wander the earth. Their forms are multifarious, and nobody knows where they come from.
  3. Some of them eat humans. Ordinary people can't see them.
  5. Xenor (_ikaishi_)
  6. Xenors are people whose job it is to slay dreamghasts. Their powers are passed on by blood.
  8. the Xenor Conclave (_ikaishi kyoukai_)
  9. The Xenor Conclave is an association to which all xenors belong.
  10. One is recognized as a xenor only after registering with the Conclave. Nobody knows who founded it, or why.
  12. Ghastrock (_youmu-seki_)
  13. When a dreamghast is eliminated, it leaves behind a ghastrock. They come in many shapes and sizes, and nobody knows much about them.
  14. According to one theory, a ghastrock might be a dreamghast's nucleus.
  15. Once appraised, xenors can cash them for a reward.
  17. Half-ghast (_han-you_)
  18. Half-ghasts are said to be an exotic sort of being, born to a human and a dreamghast. However, since they are so rare, little is known about them.
  20. the Nase family
  21. The Nase family is a lineage of cage-controllers. Since long ago, they have administered Nagatsuki and its vicinity.
  23. Nodera Town, Nagatsuki City
  24. Where Akihito and the rest live.
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