SFP_GPON " List directories /etc/config and /etc/init.d "

Oct 3rd, 2019
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  1. root@SFP:/# ls
  2. bin etc lib opt proc root sys usr www
  3. dev home mnt overlay rom sbin tmp var
  4. root@SFP:/#
  5. root@SFP:/#
  6. root@SFP:/# cd /etc/config
  7. root@SFP:/etc/config# ls
  8. dhcp goi_defaults network sfp_eeprom synce_pins ucitrack
  9. dropbear gpon nmea sfp_pins system
  10. goi_config luci omci synce ubootenv
  11. root@SFP:/etc/config#
  12. root@SFP:/etc/config#
  13. root@SFP:/etc/config# cd /etc/init.d
  14. root@SFP:/etc/init.d#
  15. root@SFP:/etc/init.d#
  16. root@SFP:/etc/init.d# ls
  17. boot led.sh sfp_eeprom.sh
  18. cron load_dti_agent.sh show_version.sh
  19. dbc.sh load_ocal.sh sys.sh
  20. done log sysctl
  21. dropbear monitomcid sysfixtime
  22. dsl_fs mtsched.sh sysntpd
  23. esi network system
  24. ext-switch-reset.sh odhcpd telnet
  25. fw_env.sh omcid.sh umount
  26. ipwatchd onu.sh unaligned_action.sh
  27. lan.sh optic.sh usock.sh
  28. lct.sh pin_cfg.sh
  29. led recover_goi.sh
  30. root@SFP:/etc/init.d#
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