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Feb 4th, 2021
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  3. (as of Wed 3rd Feb)
  5. NEW
  7. - Shift+double click can now be used on clothing items in the inventory to wear the item
  8. - Newest earned skill level is now highlighted when the skill panel is opened
  9. - Attempt to display the correct key name for AZERTY (and other) keyboard layouts in the options.
  10. - Added filter icon to inventory panel to add additional filter/sorting options, currently has 'weight'
  11. - added some new hairstyles
  12. - added some Braided hairstyles
  13. - Added new hair translations.
  15. SYNC
  17. - Playing emotes now hide items in hands.
  18. - Flashlights now light for player or remote player.
  19. - Wearing jewelry not synced.
  20. - Added player hit reaction when getting hit by cars.
  21. - Synced broken glass from smashing windows.
  25. - Reduced teleport player instead of prediction a tad.
  26. - Now use LuaCalendar (wrapper class of java Calendar) instead of GregorianCalendar in lua. <- fixes some fitness problems and mechanics bugs
  27. - Regular users can now see server options in their user panel.
  28. - Added user panel & admin panel under the equipped item (on the left) - no longer on the ESC menu.
  29. - Added server option ShowFirstAndLastName, if true will display "Firstname Lastname (username)" instead of just the username.
  30. - Moved code for sending packets to other clients into UdpEngine.decode() function. Clients will not have a delay for prediction of other characters.
  31. - Fixed FakeClient
  32. - Added more prediction for when Z level's of players changes.
  33. - Stop teleporting player if in a car and shaking player names.
  34. - Attempt at fixing physics of cars being recalculated for remote players when the driver exit the car (also possible fix for flying cars once you exit the car).
  35. - Fixed server options not being changeable by admin.
  36. - Fixed switching seats recalculating physics.
  40. - Now possible to recover and repair a weapon used in Spear creation
  41. - Newest earned skill level is now highlighted when the skill panel is opened
  42. - M36 Revolver now only has capacity for five rounds
  43. - Character can now auto-open nail boxes
  44. - Beer can should returns an empty can after it's drunk
  45. - Cockroaches and Grasshoppers can now be used to bait the StickTrap
  46. - Tuna Can no longer requires a Can opener to be opened
  47. - Increased health points of player built walls.
  48. - Added hair gel.
  49. - Added correct icon for shooting glasses.
  50. - Mohawk will now be flatten if you wear a hat.
  51. - Now need hair gel to do a mohawk.
  55. - Fixed movable items, such as radios from cars, having correct condition when placed and picked up again.
  56. - Movables can now be dismantled from inventory, except for the multi tile object ones i.e: beds.
  57. - Added MovableRecipe which has no script definitions, instead gets created on the fly from movable definitions.
  58. - Refactored some stuff so the MovableRecipe has the same chances, xp, resultitems, equipitems etc as world object dismantling.
  59. - Single tile Movable items are now defined as 'Moveables.world_object_sprite_here" instead of all being 'Moveables.Moveable'.
  60. this also means these movables can be easily instanced directly now
  62. FIXES
  64. - Fixed zombies not being able to pathfind through obstacles surrounding vehicles.
  65. - Fixed admin not being strikable when not in God Mode
  66. - Fixed a crash sometimes when jumping from ledge.
  67. - Fixed showing muzzle flash on remote client when shoving with a firearm.
  68. - Fixed double dumbell when doing fitness with them.
  69. - Fixed not being able connect to server if the Multiplayer didn't exist
  70. - Fixed syncing of loading bullets into magazines.
  71. - Fixed syncing of loading/eject magazine from weapon.
  72. - Fixed hidden admin button
  73. - Fixed some actions on remote player not hiding models from hands.
  74. - Fixed some minor pathfind issues.
  75. - Fixed zombies thumping windows when they didn't hear a sound or see the player, when the "Environmental Attacks" sandbox option is disabled.
  76. - Fixed not being able to plaster doorframes built at Carpentry level 7
  77. - Fixed stretched sprites in cutaways, including roof wall tiles, garage doors and certain windows
  78. - Fixed Heatable water containers not heating up if put into campfire/bbq before they are lit
  79. - Fixed deep wounds having a shorter half-life than scratches or lacerations before healing
  80. - Fixed GameWindow.StringUTF writing garbage characters at the end of strings. (Fixes saves)
  81. - Fixed lights losing their custom color. (For example, the blue Pharmahug sign was only blue the first time it was loaded.
  82. Moveable lights lost their custom color when moved.)
  83. - Fixed misplaced door models on the cars with door-models.
  84. - Fixed AnimationPlayer.m_boneTransforms[] possibly being used before being initialized.
  85. - Renamed LuaCalendar to PZCalendar.
  86. - GameTime.getCalender() now returns a PZCalendar object so it works in Lua.
  87. - Fixed keypad key names being the same as keys on the main keyboard.
  88. - Fixed scissors not allowing jaw stab.
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