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  1. Daily routine of Tristan Brübach on the day of death, 26.03.1998
  3. On 26.03.1998 the father of Tristan, Bernd Brübach left the apartment and went to work against 04:30 am. Tristan stood up as usual alone to go to school. Around 08:00 clock Tristan called his father on the job, because he complained of back pain and did not want to go to school. However, his father could persuade him, but to go to school and later visit the doctor. Tristan phoned around this time with his father from a nearby phone booth to the apartment. After the phone call Tristan ran into his friend Boris. Both took the decision before school to smoke a cigarette again. As a result, Tristan was late and did only come in the classroom to the 2nd hour, around 09:00 clock.
  5. His class teacher confirmed that Tristan was consistently in school until 1:30 pm . Tristan took part in classes and at lunch (12:30 clock - 13:15 clock). After lunch Tristan asked the class teacher if he could go to the doctor because he had severe back pain. This Tristan claimed to have fallen from the tree the day before. In fact, he has thrown his friend Maik with stones, with Tristan was injured by a stone on the back. The teacher agreed and Tristan left the school around 13:30.
  7. A classmate of another class saw when he got off at the stop Allesinastraße, amounting to the school on the bus and drove in the direction of Hoechst train station . He as always sat on the rear back seat in the bus.
  9. From 14:00 to 14:20 Tristan was seen by his friend Boris in bus driving. Boris sat at this time in another bus and tried draw attention to himself However, Tristan didn't see him. In order to meet his friend, Boris left his bus and tried on a shorter route to reach the maximum train station. He ran through the Highest pedestrian area that needs to avoid the bus on a longer path. But when Boris arrived at the Highest Station, he was not Tristan and went home.
  11. A student of Hostatoschule saw Tristan on his way home around 14: 15/14: 25 at the Hoechst station when he was sitting alone on a bench.
  13. The last time seen alive, Tristan was against 15:20 clock, as he sat on a bench in a park-like setting, near the Hoechst bus station. Because of his love of animals he came into conversation here with a dog keeper, which carried her dog. After the dog keeper went on their way, and thereby looked around again, she realized that Tristan sat on the bench next two male, probably foreign, people.
  15. Around 15:30 clock played three youths in the playground behind the property Adelonstraße 31 when they decided to go up to the Hoechst train station to take the bus to the sports field. In order to shorten their walk, the three children were going through the tunnel of Liederbach. When they entered the tunnel, they saw a man leaning on the concrete base of a subject. The children watched the man for about two minutes and then decided for the longer walk around the tunnel. By further investigation it seems quite clear that these three children who witnessed the murder of Tristan in his act, where they have, however, failed to recognize the fact as such. In the interrogations of the three children provides a useful description of the perpetrator has emerged that has not yet led to identification.
  17. The message that a body was found was received only from 17:08 clock to the police. A child minders an in crime scene near daycare was informed of two children that the tunnel would be a corpse. The two children also played in the playground behind the Adelonstraße 31 and met the aforementioned young people. About half an hour later (about 16:00 ) after the three youths wanted to take the bus to the sports field, the two children decided to go to the children's home on the other side of the tracks. The two took a shortcut through the tunnel of songs creek. There they found on the concrete base, the body of Tristan. The two children told the supervisor at the orphanage by her terrible discovery. After the supervisor was convinced of the truthfulness, he alerted the police.
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