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  1. [21:39] *** now talking in #megamek
  2. [21:39] *** channel #megamek mode is +stnCN
  3. [21:39] *** channel created at Sat Nov 20 00:40:42 2010
  4. [21:39] <Gamesmaster> pelvic thrust in everything
  5. [21:40] <Jacob_Dorn> Multiple and simultainous penertrating deep strikes
  6. [21:41] <^Vane^>
  7. [21:41] <^Vane^> shoryudig
  8. [21:43] *** Ensalus ( joined
  9. [21:43] *** Ensalus changed nick to Remus
  10. [21:45] <Remus> \\b0ss\\
  11. [21:45] <Remus> \\cane habe da p00say?
  12. [21:45] <^Vane^>
  13. [21:46] *** Yalk ( joined
  14. [21:46] *** Yalk changed nick to Dierson_Pyre
  15. [21:47] <^Vane^>
  16. [21:47] <Gamesmaster> ++++++++++++++Session 22 Start+++++++++++++++
  17. [21:48] <Gamesmaster> It is 05:45 hours, 5th October, 3067. A forward element consisting of the majority of claw three has successfully infiltrated the unknown clan jade wolf jumpship in orbit over the MT-698-2a. Meanwhile, the remaining elements of the Third White Fangs
  18. [21:49] <Gamesmaster> are on target to join them, their aerospace transport rapidly gaining on the stationary vessel
  19. [21:52] <Gamesmaster> In the darkened recesses of the transport, the silence is broken by the voice of DeVega, barely audible over the vibrations from powerful engines
  20. [21:52] *** ^Stephan^ ( joined
  21. [21:55] * ^Vane^ function tests his preadtorvision-brainfry-omatic-noculars.
  22. [21:55] <Gamesmaster> "When we arrive on site, remember the outline. We will forcibly dock with one of the dropships moors, and cut our way through the exterior airlock. "
  23. [21:56] * ^Vane^ nods at DeVega's words.
  24. [21:56] <Gamesmaster> "It is likely that we will be met with resistance. We must trust that the forward element has successfully managed to draw their attention"
  25. [21:59] <Gamesmaster> "Such freebirths will be easy to overpower" Zenobia cuts across "Once in, we will fan out into two teams, Claw One will head for the bridge, and disable any personnel in between the transport and the bridge. " DeVega continues "The rest of you will head to engineering and ensure that the engine is disabled, through any means necessary, as long as the KF drives integrity is preserved"
  26. [21:59] <Gamesmaster> "Claws, Last minute weapons checks" Zenobia states.
  27. [22:00] * ^Vane^ continues his equipment check.
  28. [22:03] <Dierson_Pyre> check
  29. [22:04] * Remus looks around to see who has the welding kit.
  30. [22:04] <Gamesmaster> *We will be on site in 20 minutes, we have received word from the other transport that the package has been successfully delivered* the voice of the pilot cuts across into the transports personnel bay
  31. [22:05] <Remus> *Package?*
  32. [22:06] <Dierson_Pyre> the expendibles
  33. [22:06] <Gamesmaster> *Element three reports boots on the ground*
  34. [22:06] <Dierson_Pyre> they are the package
  35. [22:06] <Gamesmaster> "Hopefully they'll be some left for us, not that they are worth much" Point Commander Lysander interjects.
  36. [22:06] * Remus whistles gently.
  37. [22:07] * Dierson_Pyre shrugs
  38. [22:07] <Dierson_Pyre> they can be expended
  39. [22:08] <Remus> Ouch.
  40. [22:09] <Gamesmaster> "No member is expendable, Cader Pyre" Point commander Signy states. "Not even Point Lysander" Zenobia injects, checking over her equipment
  41. [22:09] <Gamesmaster> *point commander Lysander
  42. [22:09] * Remus chuckles, "Quite the air we have here."
  43. [22:09] <Dierson_Pyre> I would disagree, however, we can discuss it later. quiaff?
  44. [22:09] <Gamesmaster> *Lysanders face transforms into one of barely contained rage, and his hands tighten on the barrel of his rifle*
  45. [22:10] <Gamesmaster> Signy nods at Dierson "As you wish, Cadet Dierson. It would be wise to keep our minds on the mission"
  46. [22:11] <Gamesmaster> *she looks over at Lysander* "Quiaff?"
  47. [22:11] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, we are in agreement
  48. [22:12] <Gamesmaster> "Aff" he replies, with concealed emotion.
  49. [22:12] * Remus looks over his shotgun, rubbing the barrel with one hand.
  50. [22:13] * Linus_Svenssen looks at Remus, and then looks away as if not wanting to interrupt the private moment Remus is having with his weapon
  51. [22:14] * Remus feels like he's being watched, but when he looks up, no one is there....
  52. [22:15] <Remus> So, are we going to board, or fuck?
  53. [22:16] * Dierson_Pyre slow look turns at Remus
  54. [22:16] * Remus is grinning such a shit eating grin through his visor.
  55. [22:17] <Gamesmaster> Point Commander Declan and Lysander hardly supresses a laugh as DeVega and Signy pretend not to notice.
  56. [22:17] <Gamesmaster> *Zenobia fixes Remus with a death stare that could kill a giant snow worm at 1000000 paces*
  57. [22:17] <Gamesmaster> "For your sake, I hope it is boarding" she reploes
  58. [22:17] <Gamesmaster> *replies
  59. [22:18] * Remus turns away just enough to obscure Zenobia from his view before letting out a chuckle.
  60. [22:18] * Dierson_Pyre shrugs at Zenobia
  61. [22:18] <Remus> Let us get to it then, yes?
  62. [22:20] <Gamesmaster> Zenobia relaxes slightly "You do have a point Cadet. To wait impatiently whilst the other.. 'team' infiltrate the ship, without being able to receive word on their success, is highly frustrating"
  63. [22:20] <Gamesmaster> *How close are we to the target?* Zenobia states on comms
  64. [22:20] <Gamesmaster> *Ten minutes to arrival, no change in alert status, we are not currently being targetted*
  65. [22:22] <Gamesmaster> "Aff. Check 02 systems for proper throughput, and prepare for boarding" Zenobia states
  66. [22:22] <Remus> Out of the pan, and into the fire!
  67. [22:22] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff
  68. [22:23] <^Vane^> Aff
  69. [22:24] * Remus is literally quaking in place, you might want to check if he's taken one too many stims.
  70. [22:25] * ^Vane^ grunts.
  71. [22:25] <Gamesmaster> Declan, lookinga t Remus, asks "Are you ok Cadet?"
  72. [22:25] <^Vane^> Suit.. within normals, but will need maintenance.
  73. [22:25] <Gamesmaster> "An issue Vane?" Signy asks
  74. [22:26] <^Vane^> Something with the feed I think. I mostly kill things..
  75. [22:27] <Gamesmaster> "And you suit will kill you if it is not monitored. Any slip up could be hostile on such a mission. Observe it closely, quiaff?"
  76. [22:27] <^Vane^> Aff.
  77. [22:27] <Gamesmaster> ++MEANWHILE++
  78. [22:28] * Remus nods vigoriously at Declan.
  79. [22:29] <Gamesmaster> ++MEANWHILE \\you bag of dicks\\ Aboard the Jumpship, elements of Claw three under Dorns command have penetrated deeper into the ship, finally approaching the end of the maintainance shaft leading towards the rear of the ship+++
  80. [22:30] <Remus> \\MY FACE WHEN DORN IS IN COMMAND\\
  81. [22:31] * ^Stephan^ is stil VERY annoyed and angry that he's comannded by a freebrith
  82. [22:32] <Jacob_Dorn> *Stephan, take point as you have the shoutgun.*
  83. [22:32] <Jacob_Dorn> *I will be right behind you.*
  84. [22:32] * ^Stephan^ lets out a grunt
  85. [22:33] * ^Stephan^ takes point
  86. [22:34] <^Stephan^> it takes a freeborth to hide behind others.
  87. [22:35] <Jacob_Dorn> Call me Danish if you wish, still will not make me care.
  88. [22:37] * Jacob_Dorn keeps his eyes open for a entry/exit hatch as they roam the narrow Maintenance tunnels
  89. [22:38] * ^Stephan^ grips shis shotgun, contemplating if he should bash someones head in
  90. [22:43] <^Stephan^> Everyone quiet now, freeborths. There is a laddr here
  91. [22:43] <^Stephan^> I will descend
  92. [22:44] * ^Stephan^ descends the ladder to the right
  93. [22:44] <Gamesmaster> *Dorn an Linus suddenly see Stephan veer off to the right. They become aware of numerous dark recesses, where it appears ladders descend down and artificial light filters from bove*
  94. [22:44] * Linus_Svenssen glances at Dorn with a raised eyebrow
  95. [22:45] <Jacob_Dorn> Would prefer to go up but down will suffice for now…
  96. [22:45] * Jacob_Dorn decends one of the otther ladder
  97. [22:46] * Linus_Svenssen also makes his descent
  98. [22:47] * ^Stephan^ sees a hatch
  99. [22:47] <^Stephan^> There is a hatch here
  100. [22:47] <Gamesmaster> *As you descend, you can all see an internal hatch, light filtering upwards*
  101. [22:48] * ^Stephan^ tries to think which way the ebngineering and communications would be.
  102. [22:49] * ^Stephan^ looks around to see which deck je is on
  103. [22:50] <Gamesmaster> *Stephan can see the markings on the door indicated this is the top deck*
  104. [22:50] <Gamesmaster> *It is numbered with lettering indicating it is near the rear of the ship*
  105. [22:50] * ^Stephan^ looks up to see where the others are
  106. [22:52] <Gamesmaster> *Stephan can see noone above him*
  107. [22:52] * ^Stephan^ trest to quietly open the hatch
  108. [22:54] <^Stephan^> .// my body is ready //
  109. [22:54] <Gamesmaster> *Slowly, the hatch opens. Light floods in , along with what appears to be fresh air*
  110. [22:55] * ^Stephan^ tries to stealthily see beyond the hatch
  111. [22:56] <Gamesmaster> *Hanging down, Stephan peers beyond the aperture to see a man looking at him quizicially, dressed in grey overalls. He appears unshaven and covered in dirt and grime*
  112. [22:56] <Gamesmaster> "Nani?" he says, shaking his head slightly in disbelief
  113. [22:57] * ^Stephan^ brings his shotgun to bare and attempt to blow the guys face off
  114. [22:58] <Gamesmaster> As his eyes focus on the weapon a horrified expression spreads across the mans face and he clumsily reaches for his pistol
  115. [23:00] <Gamesmaster> He doesn't make it. With a roaring blast, the shotgun of Stephan discharges and removes the guys head in a fountain of blood and gore, just as Dorn and Linus descend from the other hatch on the opposite side of the room
  116. [23:01] <Linus_Svenssen> ... what a mess.
  117. [23:01] <Gamesmaster> brain matter and bits of skull explode everywhere, covering the descending cadets
  118. [23:01] * Jacob_Dorn lets out a ratehr heavy disgruntled sigh
  119. [23:01] * ^Stephan^ feels a light relief of his anger
  120. [23:02] <^Stephan^> we can continue now.
  121. [23:02] <Gamesmaster> the mans body falls to the ground a twitching mess, infront of the computer terminal he was working at. The dim glow of artificial lighting illuminates a bare bones maintainance room, with a large table dominating the area.
  122. [23:02] <Jacob_Dorn> Well they know we are here now....
  123. [23:02] <Gamesmaster> It is covered in schematics, random engineering parts, and other misc crap
  124. [23:02] <^Stephan^> Was that not out mission, freeborth?
  125. [23:04] <Jacob_Dorn> Yes but I was hopping that we would go un noticed until the opportune momnet
  126. [23:04] * ^Stephan^ looks around the room
  127. [23:05] * Linus_Svenssen begins examining schematics... if there are any which aren't totally covered in blood.
  128. [23:05] <Gamesmaster> *Stephan can see what look to be several terminals, more misc junk, and two entry and exit ways. One is marked as enryway to main corridor, another to 'machine shop'*
  129. [23:05] * Jacob_Dorn looks towards the entry way with a uneasy feeling.
  130. [23:06] <Gamesmaster> *Linus soon sees that the schematics are mainly jumpship design and maintainence documents, with some detailing the propulsion systems*
  131. [23:07] * ^Stephan^ checks the deck
  132. [23:07] <Gamesmaster> *However they would require more time to really read through them them all, as they appear very in depth*
  133. [23:08] <Gamesmaster> *Stephan sees a number indicating top deck 3*
  134. [23:08] <Jacob_Dorn> What have you found Linus?
  135. [23:08] <^Stephan^> we need to descend firther
  136. [23:08] <Linus_Svenssen> Looks like jumpship blueprints
  137. [23:09] * ^Stephan^ returns to the ladder
  138. [23:09] <Jacob_Dorn> Do they mention where else those tunels lead?
  139. [23:09] <^Stephan^> Shall we continue?
  140. [23:10] * Jacob_Dorn readys his SMG aimed at the doorway just in case.
  141. [23:10] <^Stephan^> the comminucations as I recall it are on the middle deck. The ladders descend down, we need to continue
  142. [23:11] <Jacob_Dorn> Patience.
  143. [23:11] <Gamesmaster> *At that moment, the door to the main deck walkway opens*
  144. [23:12] <Gamesmaster> *Two men walk in pistols raised, looking for the source of the disturbance, and shout in alarm at the sight of blood EVERYWHERE*
  145. [23:13] <Gamesmaster> "Teki, teki!" one shouts and raises to fire.
  146. [23:13] * Jacob_Dorn opens fire
  147. [23:14] * ^Stephan^ pulls up his shotgun to welcome the newcommers
  148. [23:17] * Linus_Svenssen turns quickly to face them, and fires the SMG
  149. [23:19] <Gamesmaster> *Levelling his weapon, Dorn opens fire with two vicious bursts. The first hits the leading man square in the chest, travelling upwards into his head. He drops straight to the ground. Dorn attempts a snap shot at the other man but misses . His panicked friend raises his pistol
  150. [23:19] <Gamesmaster> and fires wildy in Dorns direction.
  151. [23:21] <Gamesmaster> *The first round goes wide, but the second slams home straight into Dorns abdomen, Dorn is knocked backwards and off balance, before tripping on one of the maintaince table stools*
  152. [23:21] <Gamesmaster> *with a clatter, he falls to the floor onto his back, clutching his torso*
  153. [23:23] <Jacob_Dorn> Fucking wonderful...
  154. [23:24] <Gamesmaster> *The burst of smg from linus hits the man in the chest. He falls backwards out the doorway, twitching violently. After a few rasped breaths, he goes still*
  155. [23:24] <Gamesmaster> *His pistol clatters away to the side*
  156. [23:24] <Gamesmaster> *Dorn feels like he just got punced, hard in the chest.*
  157. [23:25] <Gamesmaster> *punched
  158. [23:26] * Jacob_Dorn coughs grunts and raises to his feet muttering some kind of magic German Gypsy Curse.
  159. [23:27] <Linus_Svenssen> You still here, Dorn?
  160. [23:27] <Jacob_Dorn> Posible.
  161. [23:27] <^Stephan^> we need to move, now. Linus, grab Dorn and get him ou of here. We will treat his wound when we are on a less exposed position.
  162. [23:28] <Jacob_Dorn> windded but not wounded
  163. [23:28] <Gamesmaster> *You hear a cry from outside, and the sounds of scrambling feet receeding into the distance*
  164. [23:28] * Jacob_Dorn grimace
  165. [23:28] <^Stephan^> Time is of the essence.
  166. [23:29] <Jacob_Dorn> But yes we should ge teh fuck out.
  167. [23:29] <Linus_Svenssen> Agreed.
  168. [23:29] <Linus_Svenssen> The whole place is going to be swarming with them in short order.
  169. [23:29] * ^Stephan^ keeps pointing his shotgun toward the dorr as he mover toward the ladder
  170. [23:30] * Jacob_Dorn pulls out a smoke grenade throws it towrds teh door to cover a tactical retreat hading the opisite direction, hopefully following sighns deeper into engineering.
  171. [23:30] <Jacob_Dorn> This way.
  172. [23:31] <Gamesmaster> *Suddenly, a wailing noise rips through the air as an alarm blares out endless noise*
  173. [23:34] * Linus_Svenssen follows Dorn
  174. [23:35] <^Stephan^> Linus decend, I will cover you!
  175. [23:35] <Gamesmaster> *Dorn and Linus begin to descend*
  176. [23:37] *** eRkkituo quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
  177. [23:37] <^Stephan^> *as they descend, Stephan folows doen his own ladder*
  178. [23:38] <Gamesmaster> *It isnt long before you reach the bottom. All three find themselves in a similar corridor to the one they found upon penetrating the ship*
  179. [23:38] * ^Stephan^ looks incide the room, shotgun raised
  180. [23:40] <Gamesmaster> *He is met by asimilarly deserted corridor in pitch darkness. The ladders look like they descend further down into the ship*
  181. [23:41] * ^Stephan^ checks the level
  182. [23:41] <Gamesmaster> *He is soon met by Dorn and Linus as they come down from above*
  183. [23:42] <^Stephan^> We are above moddle deck, we must continue down, quiaff?
  184. [23:43] <Jacob_Dorn> Yes poodle around below lets go.
  185. [23:43] * ^Stephan^ descends
  186. [23:43] * Jacob_Dorn leads the squad deeper into the tunels and towards mid-deck
  187. [23:44] <Gamesmaster> *Descending rapidly, the cadets reach another set of internal doors and they slide open with a hiss. The cadets slide down ready into another room, this one much larger, but thankfully abandoned*
  188. [23:45] <Gamesmaster> *it appears to be some sort of crossroads, with a door on each wall
  189. [23:46] * ^Stephan^ checks if it's the middle deck
  190. [23:46] <Gamesmaster> *Monitors flashed blue on the walls, and the area is illuminated. The alarm still blares loudly. Stephan sees that the level indicator on the wall reads LEVEL 2 - MID DECK, ENGINEERING SECTION*
  191. [23:47] <^Stephan^> Good, now we need to find the cominucations. They should be somewhere around here.
  192. [23:48] <Jacob_Dorn> comacomacomacoma comanication ahhhhh
  193. [23:50] *** eRkkituo ( joined
  194. [23:51] <Gamesmaster> *All of the cadets suddenly notice something near one of the doors through the large, glass windows. A armed manm carrying a submachine, is charging towards the doors. He appears to be wearing some sort of personal armour, and another man, a crewman, is accompanying him*
  195. [23:51] <Jacob_Dorn> Ho shit!
  196. [23:52] <^Stephan^> Incoming, freeborths.
  197. [23:52] * ^Stephan^ pulls up his shotgun
  198. [23:52] * Jacob_Dorn dives behind the neaest avalible cover.
  199. [23:52] * ^Stephan^ prepares tp pull the trigger the second the door open
  200. [23:53] * Linus_Svenssen finds cover and aims the SMG at the door
  201. [23:54] * Jacob_Dorn motions to Linus and Stephan to open fire
  202. [23:55] * Jacob_Dorn as well as he does teh same
  203. [23:55] * Linus_Svenssen grits his teeth and opens fire.
  204. [23:55] <Jacob_Dorn> Engage!
  205. [23:56] * ^Stephan^ waits for the man tp charge through the door
  206. [23:58] <Jacob_Dorn> Shoot them Potatoe! Shoot!
  207. [23:59] <Linus_Svenssen> Goddamn it, Cannister-breath! Open fire!
  208. [23:59] <Dierson_Pyre>
  209. [00:00] <Gamesmaster> *Opening fire, the door is shredded with rounda fter round. On the other side, you can see the torrent of fire has shredded the crewmen behind the leading man, and he has fallen over out of sight*
  210. [00:02] <Gamesmaster> *The other man has tried to move out the way, but has clearly been hit. Stumbling, he also falls out of sight to the right.*
  211. [00:04] <Jacob_Dorn> Final Darkness!
  212. [00:05] <Dierson_Pyre>
  213. [00:11] <Dierson_Pyre>
  214. [00:11] <Gamesmaster> *The cadets notice the second man is hit and stumbles down towards the door. He continues however, and , as he reaches the door , a secondary alarm goess off. EMERGENCY FIRE LOCKDOWN flashes across the terminal walls, and slowly and unstoppably, large, metal blast doors descend into place over the exits
  215. [00:12] <Gamesmaster> ++++ MEANWHILE, back on the aerospace transport ++++
  216. [00:13] <Dierson_Pyre> I am sure the others are dead by now
  217. [00:13] <Gamesmaster> *We are within range, prepare for forced docking* comes the pilots voice. "Aff" replies DeVega. "At the ready cadets, we breech as soon as we hear the clamps are stable. Cutter to the front*
  218. [00:13] <Gamesmaster> *"
  219. [00:14] <Gamesmaster> "At least they will have bought us time" Declan says. "As long as they succeed in drawing the enemy away, they have been useful to the clan and useful as warriors"
  220. [00:14] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF
  221. [00:14] * Remus pipes in, "So, who has the cutter, anyway?"
  222. [00:15] * ^Vane^ steps toward the front.
  223. [00:15] <^Vane^> Got it.
  224. [00:18] <Gamesmaster> *Adjusting vector, we are preparing to dock now. Brace for impact*
  225. [00:18] * Dierson_Pyre braces
  226. [00:18] * ^Vane^ slings his submachine gun, and readies the laser cutter. Braces.
  227. [00:18] * Remus chuckles and claps his spess mehreen gloves together with a clank.
  228. [00:19] <Gamesmaster> *With a large bang and with a shock of vibration, the aerospace shudders to a halt*
  229. [00:20] <Remus> Contact~
  230. [00:20] <^Vane^> Duh.
  231. [00:20] * Remus says with whimsy.
  232. [00:20] <Gamesmaster> *We are docked. Popping external hatch, get that airlock open as soon as possible*
  233. [00:20] <Gamesmaster> *Witha hiss, the internal air lock cycles*
  234. [00:21] * ^Vane^ steps into the airlock
  235. [00:22] <Gamesmaster> "Everyone inside, unless you want to be left in space quiaff?" Zenobia barks
  236. [00:23] * Remus rustles his shotgun around and clanks through the lock, gun at the ready
  237. [00:23] <Remus> \\rustle dem jimmies\\
  238. [00:23] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff, moves in
  239. [00:24] <Gamesmaster> *as the team moves in, the airlock begins to cycle. As the exterior doors open*
  240. [00:24] <Gamesmaster> *The cadets can now see the docking collar tube, that is a metre in length, and then the external airlock of the Jumpship*
  241. [00:25] * ^Vane^ drags himself forwards, and tries to find a stable position to weild the cutter.
  242. [00:26] * Dierson_Pyre moves after Claw 1
  243. [00:27] <^Vane^> **Beginning cut**
  244. [00:28] <Gamesmaster> *In a burst of light, the laser cuter lance sout into the exterior airlock*
  245. [00:28] <Gamesmaster> *Even designed as it is, the airlock begins to melt away like butter under the intense heat of the laser*
  246. [00:29] <^Vane^> Wish I could smell this.
  247. [00:30] <Gamesmaster> *its not long before vane completes the first circle, and glowing hot, the central piece falls away*
  248. [00:30] <Remus> Nothing like the smell of burnt ass, am I right?
  249. [00:30] <Gamesmaster> *revealing the way into the Jumpships airlock*
  250. [00:31] * ^Vane^ shimmies through, taking care to not get caught on the edges.
  251. [00:31] <Gamesmaster> *Vane slips through effortlessly, and claw one follows behind him
  252. [00:32] <^Vane^> **Beginning second cut, weapons ready**
  253. [00:32] * ^Vane^ starts cutting through the jumpship's airlock.
  254. [00:34] <Gamesmaster> *Again, the airlock melts under the burning heat of the laser. Its not long before the middle part of the inner airlock shakes, and begins to fall outwards. As it does so, Vane can see beyond it several crew members approaching. All have their weapons seemingily holstered, and appear unarmoured*
  255. [00:34] <Remus> \\dis gun b gud\\
  256. [00:35] <^Vane^> Unknown contacts.
  257. [00:35] <Gamesmaster> *The lead man stops short as he notices the airlock has fallen inwards, a puzzled look spreading across his face*
  258. [00:35] * ^Vane^ quickly switches off the cutter and pulls forward his smg.
  259. [00:36] <Gamesmaster> "Engage at will!" DeVega roars, and, coming up besides Vane, braces his weapon against the door edge.
  260. [00:36] <^Vane^> AFF!
  261. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> AFF STARCAPTAIN
  262. [00:37] * ^Vane^ unloads.
  263. [00:37] <Gamesmaster> A blaze of light erupts as the pulse laser rifle goes off, scouring out huge metal rents as the enemy scramble for cover
  264. [00:37] <Dierson_Pyre> Takes aim and fires and far left target
  265. [00:38] <Dierson_Pyre> scambles out first
  266. [00:40] <Gamesmaster> Vanes SMG burst misses all but one of the men, a round solidly going through his legs. He falls out of sight clutching his leg*
  267. [00:41] <Gamesmaster> *Diersons fire hits one of the men. He grabs his lower abdomen and falls down.*
  268. [00:42] <Gamesmaster> *Even as he falls, the remaining pulse laser fire from DeVega burns huge chunks from his upper torso, and he crumples into a heap against the bulkhead*
  269. [00:42] * Dierson_Pyre moves forward clearing the way for those following
  270. [00:42] <Gamesmaster> *The other men scatter in all directions*
  271. [00:42] * Dierson_Pyre goes to finish off the man Vane shot
  272. [00:43] * ^Vane^ steps through after Pyre, covering the opposite direction of him.
  273. [00:44] <Gamesmaster> "Freebirths put up such little resistance. Run, Surats!" Zenobia screams
  274. [00:44] <Remus> Leave some for us!
  275. [00:44] <Gamesmaster> following Vane from behind
  276. [00:44] <Gamesmaster> Zenobia is followed by the remainder of Claw One
  277. [00:45] * ^Vane^ shouts "Sheep! The wolves are here!" Not to be outdone by Zenobia.
  278. [00:46] <Gamesmaster> "Save your energy, there will be more of them" Signy exclaims, advancing, covered by DeVega
  279. [00:46] * Dierson_Pyre grins
  280. [00:46] * Remus quietly shakes his head at the dicking contest and tries to make his way up to the front, spouting, "You would think they'd put the shotgun up front"
  281. [00:47] <Gamesmaster> *Dierson gets to the end of the t junction, and looks both left an right*
  282. [00:48] <Gamesmaster> *To the left, he can see one man desperately struggling to move away, blood trailing from his leg. The droplets suspend in the air for several seconds before falling, the slowly spinning jumpship producing only miniaml gravity*
  283. [00:48] * Dierson_Pyre shouts over his shoulder
  284. [00:48] <Dierson_Pyre> Prisoners sir?
  285. [00:49] * Dierson_Pyre points smg at downed individual
  286. [00:49] <Dierson_Pyre> stop there freebirth or die immediately
  287. [00:50] <Remus> "Just kill the poor sod."
  288. [00:50] <Gamesmaster> *the man stops still*
  289. [00:50] <Gamesmaster> "I stop" he says, in a broken, heavily accented english
  290. [00:51] <Gamesmaster> He drops his weapon, a terrified look on his face. His heavily potmarked face is a dark, reddish colours
  291. [00:53] * ^Vane^ covers the opposite way of the junction.
  292. [00:53] * Remus stomps along in his magboots, looking for someway to seem useful.
  293. [00:54] <Dierson_Pyre> Sir? he seems to know some standard
  294. [00:54] <Gamesmaster> DeVega, rounding the corner, sees the man Dierson is talking about
  295. [00:54] <Gamesmaster> "Secure him" he states, flatly
  296. [00:55] <Dierson_Pyre> aff...
  297. [00:55] * Dierson_Pyre approaches figure, pulling free binding cord
  298. [00:55] <Gamesmaster> "What have you found Pyre?" comes Zenobias voice, as the rest of Claw One step over the bodies of the unfortunate personnel.
  299. [00:55] <Gamesmaster> *The man resists in no manner, a defeated look on his face. *
  300. [00:56] * Dierson_Pyre fully binded, he stands and faces Zenobia
  301. [00:57] <Dierson_Pyre> possible intelligence, he seems to speak some standard...worse case, I saved ammunition for later
  302. [00:57] <Dierson_Pyre> waste is for freebirth surats would you not agree?
  303. [00:58] <Gamesmaster> "Aff" she states "Although i doubt he knows anything of significance"
  304. [00:58] <Remus> Huh?
  305. [00:58] * Dierson_Pyre shrugs
  306. [00:58] * Dierson_Pyre faces DeVega for orders
  307. [00:58] * Remus wanders off towards the far wall of the junction, poking around at the terminals.
  308. [00:59] <Gamesmaster> "Hardly bondsman material" Signy states, narrowing her eyes.
  309. [00:59] <Gamesmaster> "He is yours to do with as you see fit Cadet Pyre"
  310. [01:00] <Remus> Too bad Sparky is not here, terminals are just his thing. Lead, what is our timeframe?
  311. [01:00] * ^Vane^ starts scanning the walls for signs that might let them know where to head to get to engineering.
  312. [01:00] <Gamesmaster> " The schematics indicate the bridge and personnel area is this left most corridor, engineering right"
  313. [01:00] * Remus turns back to face the rest of the troops at that second statement.
  314. [01:00] * Dierson_Pyre faces prisoner
  315. [01:00] <Dierson_Pyre> which way to engineering?
  316. [01:00] <Gamesmaster> "WE are to hit hard and fast, we dont want the engines being powered" DeVega states
  317. [01:01] <Remus> Hmm.
  318. [01:01] <Dierson_Pyre> Aff S'Cpt
  319. [01:01] <Gamesmaster> "Engineering is down the right corridor " *DeVega indicates*
  320. [01:01] * Remus tucks himself away in the corner to examine the terminals while Pyre most elegantly interrogates the prisoner.
  321. [01:01] * Dierson_Pyre at bond prisoner
  322. [01:01] <^Vane^> Aff.
  323. [01:02] <Dierson_Pyre> Stay here, do not move, if you do anything I will regret I will pull your intestines out of your body and choke you to death with them, do you understand me?
  324. [01:02] <Gamesmaster> "Claw One, with me" DeVega states. They all reply "Aff", and form up behind him. "Lets get this over with and back on the Claws of Vegeance. This is not mechwarriors work"
  325. [01:02] <Gamesmaster> The terrified man nods in Diersons direction.
  326. [01:03] * Dierson_Pyre at Claw 2
  327. [01:03] <^Vane^> Pyre. I'll lead?
  328. [01:03] <Dierson_Pyre> Vane, Remus...on me, move
  329. [01:03] <^Vane^> Aff
  330. [01:03] * Dierson_Pyre moves purposely down the opposite shaft from Claw 1
  331. [01:03] <Gamesmaster> Declan turns to the cadets. "Good luck claw 2. Seyla!"
  332. [01:03] <Dierson_Pyre> Seyla S'Cpt
  333. [01:03] * ^Vane^ nods to Declan.
  334. [01:03] <^Vane^> Seyla.
  335. [01:04] * Remus grunts at Pyre, "A moment, I may have found something of use. Also, Selya, Point Commander."
  336. [01:05] <Gamesmaster> *Claw One moves off, with DeVega acknowledging Diersons wish of good luck*
  337. [01:07] <Remus> *I found something, a terminal that someone attempted to hide*
  338. [01:07] * Dierson_Pyre turns to Remus
  339. [01:07] <Dierson_Pyre> what is it?
  340. [01:08] * Remus pokes out of his hidey-hole
  341. [01:08] <Remus> Terminal,looks like they were attempting to wipe it for some reason.
  342. [01:09] <Remus> And I have no idea what this random crap is.
  343. [01:11] * Dierson_Pyre looks at captive
  344. [01:11] <Dierson_Pyre> maybe he can help us?
  345. [01:12] <Remus> He might, but it could take time, I suggest we ask him, and if he does not speak, we attempt it during extraction.
  346. [01:12] <Remus> Maybe we can outdo Claw 1, quiaff?
  347. [01:12] <Dierson_Pyre> Freebirth captive, if you understand me, help point commander Remus understand what you were attempting to do. I will remove your reproductive organs if you lie to me.
  348. [01:12] * Dierson_Pyre pulls out combat knife
  349. [01:13] <Gamesmaster> *The man gulps*
  350. [01:13] <Gamesmaster> "Help?" he says, " Help what? How?" he stammers
  351. [01:13] <Remus> That is a way to go about it.
  352. [01:13] <Dierson_Pyre> Good, you understand. I will not harm you if you cooperate
  353. [01:13] * Remus turns to address the prisoner, "Why were you wiping the terminal?"
  354. [01:14] <Gamesmaster> "Wiping? Clean? Was removing" he says, in broken english. "Needs new"
  355. [01:14] * Remus grunts.
  356. [01:14] <Remus> What was on it initially?
  357. [01:15] <Gamesmaster> "System" he says. "Working System" he continues
  358. [01:15] <Gamesmaster> "no.. no working" he says, and follows the words up with some moonspeak you cannot understand
  359. [01:16] * Dierson_Pyre at Remus
  360. [01:16] <Dierson_Pyre> I think he was repairing the system
  361. [01:16] <Remus> Seems a straight enough answer. But I still think we should attempt to get back to extraction before Claw 1 and look in.
  362. [01:16] * Remus nods.
  363. [01:16] * Dierson_Pyre turns to prisoner
  364. [01:16] <Remus> \\look in on it*\\
  365. [01:16] <Gamesmaster> \\gay\\
  366. [01:17] <Dierson_Pyre> We will win, the ship will be ours. Your best chance for survival is with Clan Jade Wolf now. If you flee or assist the enemy in any way, you will die....slowly, if you remain here for extraction I promise your safety, on my honor as a clan warrior.
  367. [01:18] <Gamesmaster> He nods, and sits down a shell shocked expression on his face
  368. [01:18] <^Vane^> We should get going.
  369. [01:18] * Dierson_Pyre turns and begins toward engineering
  370. [01:18] <Remus> Indeed, but I call his eyes.
  371. [01:18] <Remus> If he tries anything.
  372. [01:18] * Remus chuckles.
  373. [01:21] * Remus makes his way towards the front of the group, shotgun at the ready.
  374. [01:21] <Remus> Perhaps it would be best to have this in a position where it will be useful.
  375. [01:22] * Dierson_Pyre noticing the shotgun for seemingly the first time
  376. [01:22] * ^Vane^ chuckles.
  377. [01:22] <Dierson_Pyre> aff, take point
  378. [01:22] <^Vane^> Fine by me, wheels.
  379. [01:23] <Dierson_Pyre> proceeds after Remus (Tacticool movements engaged)
  380. [01:23] <^Vane^> *
  381. [01:23] <^Vane^> ^
  382. [01:23] * Remus takes point with a dry laugh, looking for any intersections or airlocks.
  383. [01:24] <Gamesmaster> ++++END OF SESSION 22++++
  385. [01:24] *** ^Stephan^ quit (Quit )
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