Lineage 2 Gracia Part 2 - PATCH NOTES

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  3. 1.  Hunting
  4. Kamaloka - Labrynth of the Abyss
  5. • A new dungeon has been added - Labrynth of the Abyss.
  6. • This danjeon has the following features:
  7. NPC     Guard captain
  8. Group   2-9 people
  9. Dungeon Type    Battle with raid boss
  10. Duration    45 minutes
  11. Limitation  Each character can only enter once a day.
  12. Instant reset   The zone is restored after five minutes from the end of the battle.
  13. • Temporary logon restrictions are updated at 6:30 am (server time)
  14. Pailaka
  15. • Added danjeon - Pailaka.
  16. • Only characters with Pailaka's quest can enter this instant.
  17. Location    Level   Quest   Time
  18. Pailaka - Forgotten Temple  36-42   Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire  60 min
  19. Pailaka - Devil's Isle  61-67   Pailaka - Devil's Legacy    90 min
  20. Pailaka - Varka Silenos     73-77   Pailaka - Injured Dragon    90 min
  21. Kratei's Cube
  22. • Added new Kratei's Cube dungeon with PvP zone type.
  23. • You can teleport to this location by talking to NPC Paddies on Fantasy Island.
  24. • Characters of level 70 and above can personally register for a fight with Kratei's Cube Entrance Manager.
  25. • There are a total of three arenas (70-75, 76-79, 80+), distributed by level. Each arena can hold up to 25 characters at a time.
  26. • Characters in a chaotic state cannot participate in contests.
  27. rules
  28. • The battle begins every 30 minutes and ends after 20 minutes.
  29. • After registering for the competition, you will be moved to the waiting room three minutes before the start of the bout.
  30. • During the competition you can earn points (Kill Points). At death, the character will not receive a penalty.
  31. • The character killed in the battle is sent to the waiting room and can again take part in the contest by talking to the manager.
  32. • Registration for the match ends three minutes before the start of the battle.
  33. • The manager periodically reports how much time the players spent in the battle.
  34. Awards
  35. • At the end of the match you will receive XP, SP and Fantasy Island Coin.
  36. • The number of awards you receive depends on the outcome of the match, on the number of participants, on individual indicators and comparison of the results of the match.
  37. • If you get less than ten points (Kill Point) per match, then you will not be awarded.
  38. • Fantasy Island coins can be exchanged for various items from NPC Paddies.
  40. If you leave the match before it ends, you will be removed from the list of participants and you will not be able to receive an award for the following reasons:
  41. • If you have registered for the match, entered the waiting room and left the game.
  42. • If you used SoE, teleporting to Clan Hall, to a specific city or village.
  43. • If you died during the match and did not speak again with the manager to return to the battle.
  44. 2.  Quests
  45. • Added three new quests.
  46. Name: Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire
  47. • Level: 36-42
  48. • One-time quest
  49. • You must clean the abandoned temple of Paylak. Find the energy forms created in this temple and restore them.
  50. • Starting Location: Gludin
  51. • Starting NPC: Inspector Adler
  52. Name: Pailaka - Devil's Legacy
  53. • Level: 61-67
  54. • One-time quest
  55. • You must clear Devil Island Paylak and destroy the dark force that absorbs the island.
  56. • Starting Location: Giran
  57. • Starting NPC: Devil's Isle Survivor
  58. Name: Pailaka - Injured Dragon
  59. • Level: 73-77
  60. • One-time quest
  61. • You have to clean Paylak Warka Silenos. Find the Spirit of Fire trapped in the barracks and free it, then you will return the fire to the world.
  62. • Starting Location: Goddard
  63. • Starting NPC: Ketra Orc Shaman
  64. 3.  Skills
  65. • When casting invincible skills, they cannot be re-applied for a while. This applies to the skills: Celestial Shield, Flames of Invincibility, Sonic Barrier, Force Barrier, Servitor Barrier, Sublime Self-Sacrifice.
  66. • Fixed a bug due to which HP and MP did not recover completely when reviving with the Salvation skill.
  67. 4.  Items
  68. • If the set is sharpened by +4 or more, then each thing gives a bonus to HP. ( Over-enchanted Armor HP Bonus )
  69. • The sharpening interface has become more intuitive.
  70. 5.  Vitality system
  71. • A new herb has been added - Vitality Replenishing Herb. With this Herb (5 minutes long), you will get Vitality points for each kill, as well as an increased amount of experience based on your Vitality level.
  72. • Vitality points are no longer reduced for characters whose level is not higher than 9 and having the skill Lucky.
  73. 6.  Mini game
  74. • A mini-game has been added to Lineage 2 games. You can open it from the Action Window or by writing the "/ minigame" line in the chat.
  75. • In this game you must make triples of vertical or horizontal columns of identical figures.
  76. 7.  Other changes
  77. • NPC Adventurers' Guide has been added to Hunter Village.
  78. • An Underground Coliseum Helper was added to the Underground Coliseum.
  79. • A button for information on arriving ships was added to the Action Window.
  80. • The My Teleports button has been added to the Action Window, but it is not fully functional.
  81. 8.  Additional changes
  82. • The weight of ordinary (Common) things has been reduced by 2/3.
  83. • The name of the Double Cutter skill (used when wearing Zariche) has been changed to Power Slash (Strikes a powerful blow with a cursed sword).
  84. • Fixed a bug with two things appearing Morning Star selling one thing.
  85. • Fixed turning rare Majestic Circlet Robe armor into heavy armor.
  86. • Fixed the prohibition on blowing off some swords.
  87. • Fixed the display of the total magic power of the Wolf Summoning Bracelet's bracelet.
  88. • Fixed display of the texture of some dynastic things.
  89. • If the thing was sharpened, then it can not fall out.
  90. • Fixed incorrect set bonuses for some dynastic sets.
  91. • The set bonus for the Dynasty Platinum set has been changed as follows:
  92. o   Old bonus: Str +1, Dex +1, Con -2
  93. o   New bonus: Str +2, Con -2
  94. • Demon Boots and Demon Gloves are now sold in the store.
  95. • Fixed the use of the wrong types of skills when inlaid weapons for a chance.
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