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  1. Any% Peach Knight Greatsword - should be able to get a 43 or something
  2. Basically a slower but easier / even more beginner friendly version of the fastest Any% BKGS route
  3. ==================================================================================================
  5. Start warrior with master key
  6. Grab sword, shield
  7. Kill Asylum with longsword
  8. Warp to Firelink
  10. Go through Undead burg
  11. Buy the bow and rapier to the undead merchand
  12. Grab the resin, kill the lizard before Taurus with resin longsword
  13. Kill Taurus with resin longsword
  15. Get the Drake Sword
  16. Kill the Black Knight, get the BKGS
  17. Sen's gate skip, rest at the Parish bonfire during the skip
  18. Grab the 8K soul on the roof in Sen's, use it, buy 2 bombs and the rest in blossoms
  19. Kill golem with moveswap drakesword :
  21.     7 hits to stagger him, so 4 moveswaps :
  22.     - moveswap from the front while he attacks, then moveswap from the back. Let him turn around and repeat.
  23.         OR
  24.     - If after the 2 first moveswaps Golem does the stamp attack, you can just stagger him here instead and one cycle him
  26. Warp to Anor Londo
  28. Dupe Iron Golem soul once before using the bonfire
  29. Rest at the AL bonfire and level up 22 END, 22 STR and 18 DEX
  30. Go through Anor Londo
  31. Kill O&S with moveswap BKGS
  32. Warp to Undead parish
  34. Buy the crest of Artorias to Andre, upgrade BKGS to +2
  35. Grab the stone armor on your way to Sif
  36. Kill Sif, bone back
  38. Warp to firelink
  39. Go down new londo ruins, seal skip
  40. 4 Kings (3), talk to Kaathe, place the lordvessel
  42. If you want to use bonfires elsewhere for peachness like the ceaseless bonfire before lava skip, you can talk to kaathe again after placing the lord vessel, warp back to the abyss and take the abyss bonfire. Then when going to Gwyn at the end of the run, just warp to the abyss bonfire and warp to Firelink altar using kaathe again.
  44. Otherwise, just rest at the lordvessel
  46. Warp to Anor Londo
  47. Dupe Sif soul 4 times on the dukes elevators, duke skip
  48. Kill at least 2 crystal lizards in the crystal cave
  49. Kill Seath, dupe Sif soul and bone back
  51. Level up 24 VIT and the rest in END, upgrade BKGS to +4
  52. Warp to Firelink
  53. Go through New Londo, blighttown drop
  54. Kill Quelaag (no need to ring the bells)
  56. Ceaseless skip
  57. Firesage skip
  58. Kill Centipede
  59. Kill BoC
  60. Kill Pinwheel
  61. Kill Nito (use the stone armor)
  62. Kill Gwyn
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