Volkner Gym Battle recap

Nixitur May 18th, 2014 239 Never
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  1. Challenged Volkner at 15d 12h 52m.
  3. Volkner starts off with Jolteon.
  4. Shinx Return's Jolteon twice, Volkner uses a Hyper Potion.
  5. Another two Returns from Shinx later, Jolteon hits with a critical Iron Tail, reducing Shinx to ONE HP.
  6. Shinx CLUTCHES Jolteon with another Return.
  8. Volkner immediately switches to Electivire, his strongest Pokémon, who (15d 12h 54m) Quick Attacks Shinx into submission.
  9. We switch to Bibarel whose Surf reduces Electivire to red health!
  10. Electivire heals itself with a Sitrus Berry and ThunderPunches Bibarel, reducing it to 30 HP.
  11. One Superpower from Bibarel later and Electivire is DOWN.
  13. Volkner switches to Raichu, we keep in Bibarel who (predictably) faints to Raichu's Quick Attack.
  14. We switch to Sunbrella.
  15. Sunbrella's Petal Dance reduces Raichu to A FEW PIXELS OF HEALTH!
  16. Raichu's Signal Beam does a grand total of 20 damage.
  17. Volkner, being predictable, uses a Full Restore, but this means he is now out of healing items.
  18. Raichu is now back to full health, but Sunbrella's Petal Dance, again, reduces it to red.
  19. Sunbrella becomes confused due to fatigue, but hits Raichu with Petal Dance AGAIN, defeating it.
  21. 15d 12h 56m, Volkner switches in Luxray. We keep in our confused Sunbrella who IMMEDIATELY snaps out of confusion to hit Luxray with another Petal Dance, reducing Luxray to red HP.
  22. Luxray uses Ice Fang which does a good bit of damage. Sunbrella is now at 52% health and confused again.
  23. We try to use Petal Dance again, but she just hits herself.
  24. That, combined with Luxray's Fire Fang makes Sunbrella faint.
  25. But, surprise, Luxray is now poisoned because of BASED POISON POINT!
  26. And that kills it before we even switch in another Pokémon.
  28. 15d 12h 57m, Volkner is defeated.
  29. We win the Beacon Badge, TM57 (Charge Beam) and 6000 bucks.
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