Chapter 1581

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  1. Elliott - Dinner then chap release, nice one Mars.
  3. Center Ruins realm, the first month that Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er stayed in.
  5. Yun Che's finger touched the center of Yun Shang's back, making Yun Shang's profound aura quickly circulate around her body, and then, he gently pushed.
  7. Ka-cha! *
  9. Nine streaks of lightning flashed at the same time, instantly erupting forth. They spread out a mighty Thunder Domain, causing the storm in the surrounding area to clearly be disrupted.
  11. Yun Shang's hands stopped in midair, her lips formed a large "O" shape, and she said in a daze: "This is really… My strength? However, such a small change was actually… To think that..."
  13. "What does your family call this profound art?" Yun Che asked.
  15. "Heavenly Handle Thunder Clouds Art." Yun Shang replied obediently. Almost everything in their clan carried the words "Heavenly Handle." Because this was the pride and symbol of their entire clan.
  17. The Profound Handle on Yun Che's body was also known as the "Heavenly Handle", but in the outer world, it was called "devil handle".
  19. "Remember the changes I've taught you, and start cultivating the [Heavenly Handle Thunder Clouds Art] once more."
  21. Heavenly Handle Thunder Clouds Art was the origin of his Yun Family's Purple Cloud Art. However, Yun Che used the Purple Cloud Art as the foundation, fusing it with the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, and created the extremely powerful Heaven's Way Tribulation Lightning Art.
  23. Yun Shang is unable to use the Heavens Way Tribulation Lightning, but fusing it with the laws would still cause the might of the Heavenly Handle Thunder Art to increase greatly.
  25. "I... Can I teach it to my clansmen? " Yun Shang asked hesitantly.
  27. "As you wish." Yun Che replied.
  29. To others, the evolution of their profound arts was a huge matter that shook their whole clan. But for Yun Che… It had always been a simple thing to do.
  31. Even the moves of the Evil God and the Heavenly Wolf Star God could be fused together to make a qualitative change, let alone a mere Heavenly Handle Thunder Art.
  33. "Thank you, senior." Yun Shang laughed happily: "Senior is really amazing. However... Senior saved me, and even agreed to send me back to my clan, and now you're even teaching me the even more powerful Heavenly Handle Thunder Art … Why would senior be so good to me?"
  35. "Because both of our surnames are Yun." Yun Che remained cold.
  37. "However, the other people with the surname Yun will try their best to distance themselves from our  sinner clan." Yun Shang's voice weakened, she shook her head, and smiled again: "Senior, you really are a good person."
  39. "Good person?" Yun Che laughed coldly: "I'm not a good person, and even more so, don't want to be. Don't say those two words again to insult me."
  41. "Huh?" Yun Chang was stunned, she was clearly praising him, why would he say that it was an 'insult'?
  43. Yun Che suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed at the center of Yun Shang's forehead. A drop of incomparably precious Dragon's Jade Dew was absorbed into the girl's body along with his profound strength, and was silently being refined. Following that, Darkness Everlasting was unleashed, silently changing her devil body, allowing her body's fusion with Dark Profound Strength to reach a perfect state.
  45. This was the second time Yun Che had perfectly fused the body of a "devil person" with the most basic law of "Darkness Everlasting". She no longer had to worry about losing control and being counterattacked by the Darkness Profound Strength… The first time Yun Che's used this art was when Dongfang Hanwei was used as a guinea pig.
  47. She could clearly feel the changes in her body as if she had been reborn. Even though Yun Shang was still young, she knew what kind of miracle this change was. She looked at her hands in a daze, and felt the completely different dark profound aura in her body… It was like she was in a dream.
  49. Only after a long while did she wake up from her dream and kneel before Yun Che… But before her knees could even touch the ground, they were stopped by Yun Che. "No need."
  51. "Ahh…" Yun Shang let out a light cry, as she raised her face. Her starry eyes were filled with excitement and worship, and then she said incomparably sincerely: "Yun Shang, thanks senior for your grace… Yun Shang will never forget this favour."
  53. Yun Che turned his face around, he did not want to meet her eyes, and coldly said: "Right now, you can already perfectly control Darkness Profound Strength. Even if you leave the Northern Divine Region, as long as you don't intentionally expose yourself, others would not easily sense the Darkness Profound Aura in your profound veins… In other words, as long as you are willing, you can leave the Northern Divine Region and leave this prison forever. "
  55. Yun Shang slowly but resolutely shook her head: "No, I want to go back."
  57. "Hmph, how naive and stubborn." Yun Che laughed coldly, "It's would be a waste for your clansmen to have taken such a huge risk in order to let you escape."
  59. He did not say a single word of advice and said, "Since you want to be so brave, then cultivate properly what I have taught you. Don't be a burden!"
  61. Yun Shang bit her lip, and suddenly said: "Senior, can I acknowledge you as my master?"
  63. "You cannot!" Yun Che rejected her offer and turned to leave, not giving her the chance to continue talking.
  65. — —
  67. Unknowingly, more than half a year had passed since the three Divine Regions issued the order to kill Yun Che. The flow of time would normally slow down the pursuit, however, it instead became more intense.
  69. Especially Eternal Heaven God Realm, Adjucators, and even the Guardians, they all rushed out with everything they had. Other than chasing and killing Yun Che, they didn't care about anything else.
  71. Excessive strength would inevitably arouse suspicion. Rumours were flying all over the place, but they did not care about it at all.
  73. Eastern Divine Region, Moon God Realm.
  75. The closed formation slowly opened, and a figure that seemed like an illusory immortal slowly walked out with a long purple moon robe clothed around her.
  77. The young girl who had been standing guard outside the entire time respectfully bowed down. "Welcome out, Master."
  79. Xia Qingyue opened her beautiful eyes and asked softly, "Where are Lian Yue and Yao Yue?"
  81. "Master, Lian Yue is still in Dragon God Realm, secretly investigating the whereabouts of the Dragon Queen. Yao Yue… She went to the Northern Divine Region." Jin Yue answered and gently stood up.
  83. "The edge of the Northern Divine Region? Why would she go to the edge of the Northern Divine Region? Could it be that there is news of Yun Che?"
  85. "No," Jin Yue replied, "After being unable to find Yun Che's whereabouts for a long time, the Eternal Heaven God Realm refuses to believe that Yun Che had already died. Instead, they believe that it is extremely likely that he had already snuck into the Northern Divine Region. A few days ago, we had joined forces with the other King Realms to head towards the northern border to discuss how we could become stronger and enter the Northern Divine Region. "
  87. Xia Qingyue said indifferently, and said coldly: "It was just a moment of dizziness. They won't force their way in. The 'claws' of 'Yama' and the 'shadows' of the 'Devil Empress' are spread all over the Northern Divine Region… They will never forget what happened to Calamity Soul that year. "
  89. She immediately stopped worrying about it and asked: "How about Snow Song Realm?"
  91. "Reporting to Master, the news of Divine Ice Phoenix Sect being the master of half of the sect has long spread… In addition, the new Great Realm King of the Flame God Realm, Huo Poyun, had also publicly announced that offending the Snow Song Realm was equivalent to offending the Flame God Realm. So, up until now, no one has dared to offend Snow Song Realm because of the matters of Yun Che. "
  93. Jin Yue quietly glanced at Xia Qingyue and asked: "Master, there is something that I do not understand. You wanted to kill Yun Che with your own hands, and you even wanted to wipe away all your relationships from the past."
  95. "It's not important." Xia Qingyue said in a faint voice, "Send orders to all Moon Gods and Moon God Envoys to enter the Moon Spirit Hall in six hours."
  97. "Yes… Ahhh!" Jin Yue suddenly let out a startled cry, and her gaze was fixated onto Xia Qingyue's chest.
  99. Xia Qingyue frowned: "What's wrong?"
  101. "Master, your…" Jin Yue reached out her hand: "Your mirror has cracked."
  103. Xia Qingyue lowered her head, and gently held the copper mirror that she had always worn around her neck in her hand.
  105. There was a long and thin crack imprinted on it… But she had no idea when it had cracked.
  107. She held the copper mirror in her hand and just stood there blankly without moving for a long time… Jin Yue bit her lips as her eyes filled up with tears. Because she knew that this was the thing that Xia Qingyue treasured the most. At any time, even when she was bathing, the mirror would never leave her side.
  109. Normally, it would be protected to the utmost limit, but why would a crack appear?
  111. The bronze mirror in her hand gently opened… In that moment, Xia Qingyue's body suddenly stiffened. After that, she closed her eyes, and the copper mirror powerlessly closed as well.
  113. Slowly, Xia Qingyue tightened her jade hands, then tightened them harder. A hint of weak purple light appeared, and a crisp "ka" sound came from between her fingers… The cracks on the copper mirror spread even more.
  115. She let out a very light, very long sigh, and then, with a flick of her sleeve, the copper mirror flew out of her hand, falling towards the dumbstruck Jin Yue: "Help me destroy it."
  117. "AHH!" Jin Yue subconsciously caught the bronze mirror, and Xia Qingyue's figure no longer appeared in her line of sight. She held the copper mirror in a daze, not knowing what to do.
  119. — —
  121. In the center of the Primal Chaos, in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning, in a lifeless land named the "Null Abyss", an endless darkness was fluctuating. In the records, it was like this ever since time immemorial.
  123. It was just a faint sound, as if something awoke.
  125. — —
  127. Northern Divine Region, Center Ruins realm.
  129. The sandstorm and wind energy here were still as violent as before, and it sounded as if the air was filled with the wails of countless demons.
  131. Half a year passed in the blink of an eye, and Nanhuang Chanyi had also kept her promise. In this period of time, no one had disturbed Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er, herself included.
  133. The last  bit of divine power that the Ice Phoenix Holy Spirit had bestowed to Yun Che before she dissipated was completely refined on this day.
  135. Two figures could currently be seen walking in the sandstorm.
  137. Yun Che held onto Yun Shang's hand, and slowly walked towards the center of the Center Ruins Realm, which was also the center of the storm.
  139. Half a year ago, when faced with the violence of the storm, he had to put up some resistance. But now, no matter how berserk the storm was, it couldn't injure him in the slightest, nor could it even lift the corners of his hair or clothes.
  141. The strength that he used to cover Yun Shang's body also prevented her from being hurt by the storm at all.
  143. "Senior, where are we going now?" Yun Shang asked.
  145. "To go find something." Yun Che said.
  147. "This place is very terrifying" Although she would not be injured by the storm, the scene before her eyes was a true calamity. She could not help but fear it.
  149. "That woman is even more terrifying." Yun Che said: "If I don't bring you with me, she will kill you."
  151. "Ah? Why?" Yun Shang was puzzled: "Big Sister Qianying is obviously very gentle."
  153. "..." Yun Che did not explain.
  155. Suddenly, the storm ceased. The sand and wind that had covered the sky disappeared without a trace in an instant.
  157. Yun Che also stopped in his tracks. The young girl holding his hand had her mouth wide open as she stared at the incomprehensible scene before her.
  159. As the storm dissipated, the world in front of him became as flat as a mirror.
  161. In the center of the smooth world, there was still a small whirlwind. Within the whirlwind, a speck of green light glowing bright like a star faintly flickered.
  163. "It's actually in the Northern Divine Region," Yun Che muttered. "Is this also fate?"
  165. Yun Shang turned her head, she could not understand Yun Che's words at all.
  167. Within his body, his profound aura was boiling uncontrollably. Within his body his profound veins world four different colours shone brightly — black, red, blue and thunder. Yun Che extended his arm, his palm facing that dark green coloured star of light…
  169. Immediately, that jade-green shining star seemed to be attracted by an irresistible force, and jumped into the air in excitement, smashing into Yun Che's chest before soundlessly fusing into his body.
  171. Whoosh!
  173. A special gust of wind swept up inside Yun Che's profound veins, and in that instant of berserking profound aura, Yun Che's clothes puffed up as his long hair fluttered in the wind. Following the disappearance of the tornado, another green-coloured world realm appeared within Yun Che's profound veins.
  175. The Evil God's seed of the storm, returned!
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