Stocks Config

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  1. #Set to false to disable auto-save. Only applies to flat file, MySQL saves instantly
  2. auto-save: true
  3. #How often to save in seconds, 900 = 15 minutes
  4. auto-save-interval: 900
  5. #Set this to true if you have a MySQL Database you'd like to use for saving players
  6. #WARNING: Do not switch from a database to a flat file back to a database or your player saves (in the database) may be outdated
  7. #NOTICE: If you use a database, your player saves will be overwritten with values from the database as the most recent player saves should be there
  8. use-mysql: false
  9. mysql-info:
  10.   #Don't confuse this with you Minecraft server ip
  11.   host:
  12.   #This is the default port for MySQL, if your port is different change it here
  13.   port: 3306
  14.   #This is the name of your database
  15.   database: db1
  16.   #This is the database account username
  17.   user: user1
  18.   #This is the database account password
  19.   pass: password123
  20. #These stocks will displayed when players type /stocks popular
  21. #You can add and remove stocks as you please
  22. #WARNING: Do not make the slot bigger than 54 or it won't be added, also don't use slot 50 this is where the close button is
  23. popular-stocks:
  24.   aapl:
  25.     slot: 11
  26.   tsla:
  27.     slot: 13
  28.   goog:
  29.     slot: 15
  30.   nflx:
  31.     slot: 17
  32.   dis:
  33.     slot: 21
  34.   msg:
  35.     slot: 23
  36.   ko:
  37.     slot: 25
  38.   amzn:
  39.     slot: 29
  40.   ups:
  41.     slot: 31
  42.   jnj:
  43.     slot: 33
  44.   nvda:
  45.     slot: 35
  46.   twtr:
  47.     slot: 39
  48.   ea:
  49.     slot: 41
  50.   sbux:
  51.     slot: 43
  52. #Trading settings
  53. trading-settings:
  54.   #Set to true if you don't want players to be able to trade when the stock market is closed in real life
  55.   disable-trading-when-closed: false
  56.   #Set to true if you don't want players to be able to trade on the weekend
  57.   #To disable weekend trading this must be true along with disable-trading-when-closed
  58.   disable-trading-on-weekends: false
  59.   #Cooldown is how long players have to wait to sell shares after they bought them
  60.   cooldown-enabled: true
  61.   #Cooldown in minutes, stock prices refresh every 15 minutes
  62.   cooldown: 15
  63.   #Set to true to enabled taxes, only taxes players when they sell shares
  64.   tax-enabled: true
  65.   #Percentage, 0.05 = 5%, 0.1 = 10%
  66.   tax: 0.02
  67.   #This is to adjust stock prices to fit your server's economy
  68.   #1.0 = original price, 0.5 = half priced, 2.0 = double the original
  69.   stock-price-multiplier: 1
  70. #Messages
  71. messages:
  72.   #Some symbols won't display correctly. You can leave this blank ('$' to '') if need be.
  73.   money-symbol: '$'
  74.   #Prefixes apply to all messages unless stated otherwise
  75.   #Change to false if you don't want to use red/yellow/green prefixes
  76.   #you can include your own prefixes in each message, just be sure to set this to false or it will have two prefixes
  77.   enable-prefixes: true
  78.   #Prefix in response to command, negative result
  79.   red-prefix: "&c&l(!)&7"
  80.   #Prefix in response to command, notice
  81.   yellow-prefix: "&e&l(!)&7"
  82.   #Prefix in response to command, positive result
  83.   green-prefix: "&a&l(!)&7"
  84.   must-be-player: "You must be in-game to do that!"
  85.   player-not-found: "Player not found!"
  86.   stock-market-closed: "Stock market is closed!"
  87.   #If days was set to T cooldown would be like so: 0T0h0m0s instead of 0d0h0m0s
  88.   #Only one character allowed
  89.   cooldown-format:
  90.     days: 'd'
  91.     hours: 'h'
  92.     minutes: 'm'
  93.     seconds: 's'
  94.   #Available variables: %cooldown%, %stock%
  95.   cooldown: "15"
  96.   #Available variables: %usage%
  97.   stockbroker-usage: "Usage: %usage%"
  98.   stockbroker-spawned: "Successfully spawned stockbroker!"
  99.   stockbroker-removal-instructions: "Punch a stockbroker to remove it!"
  100.   stockbroker-removed: "Stockbroker removed!"
  101.   stockbroker-removal-expired: "Stockbroker removal expired!"
  102.   fetching-portfolio: "Fetching Portfolio . . ."
  103.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%
  104.   buy-attempt: "Attempting to buy %shares% share(s) of %stock% . . ."
  105.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%
  106.   sell-attempt: "Attempting to sell %shares% share(s) of %stock% . . ."
  107.   sell-all-attempt: "Attempting to sell all stocks . . ."
  108.   sell-all-partial-fail: "Failed to retrieve 1 or more of your stock's info and will remain in your portfolio!"
  109.   sell-all-canceled: "Sell all canceled!"
  110.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%, %price%
  111.   bought-shares: "Successfully bought %shares% share(s) of %stock% for %price%"
  112.   #Available variables: %player%, %shares%, %stock%
  113.   gave-shares: "Successfully gave %player% %shares% share(s) of %stock%"
  114.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%
  115.   #Prefixes don't apply
  116.   received-shares: "&a&l[&7Stocks&a&l]&7%shares% share(s) of %stock% have been added to your account!"
  117.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%, %player%
  118.   took-shares: "Successfully took %shares% share(s) of %stock% from %player%"
  119.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%
  120.   #Prefixes don't apply
  121.   shares-taken: "&c&l[&7Stocks&c&l]&7%shares% share(s) of %stock% have been taken from your account!"
  122.   #Available variables: %shares%, %stock%, %price%
  123.   sold-shares: "Successfully sold %shares% share(s) of %stock% for %price%"
  124.   #Available variables: %price%
  125.   sold-all-shares: "Successfully sold all shares for %price%"
  126.   config-reloaded: "config.yml successfully reloaded!"
  127.   #Available variables: %price%
  128.   check-stock-price: "%stock% is worth %price%"
  129.   invalid-stock: "Invalid stock symbol!"
  130.   retrieval-error: "There was an error retrieving the stock price!"
  131.   #When trying to sell a stock they don't have
  132.   stocks-not-owned: "You don't own any shares of that stock!"
  133.   #When trying to sell all
  134.   #Can also be used if player's stocks have a cooldown
  135.   no-stocks-owned: "You don't own any stocks or your stock(s) have a cooldown!"
  136.   #When trying to take another player's stock
  137.   #Available variables: %player%
  138.   stock-not-owned: "%player% doesn't own that stock!"
  139.   #When trying to take another player's stock
  140.   #Available variables: %player%
  141.   take-not-enough-shares: "%player% only has %shares% share(s)!"
  142.   #When trying to sell stock/shares
  143.   sell-not-enough-shares: "You can't sell more shares than you own!"
  144.   not-enough-money: "You don't have enough money!"
  145.   permission-denied: "Permission Denied!"
  146.   invalid-number: "Invalid number!"
  147.   #Available variables: %usage%
  148.   #%usage% includes the / before the command
  149.   command-usage: "Usage: %usage%"
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