Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 17, You'll make history

Mar 19th, 2018
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  1. >Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
  3. >You magically appeared inside Discord's new office, which was actually his throne room but with his furniture randomly positioned. There were various portraits around the throne room of Discord with a yellow wig and a serious expression with incredibly big lips.
  4. >Discord himself was sitting behind a giant brown desk that looked like it was made of wood. There was a plaque with his name on the desk, which said 'King Universal President of Equestria'.
  5. >The words were written in crayon and poorly spelled.
  6. "Well, my son. It is time to tell you my ultimate trick to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" Discord says while putting his paw up in a fist, his lips smacking so hard he was spitting each word.
  7. >You clean your face from the saliva and look at him confused yet unamused.
  8. "Don't you already do that, or are you trying to secure more parts of Equestria for yourself now that that King Sombra and Queen bugbreath are out there?"
  9. >"Oh, they aren't important right now." Discord snapped his talons and he was suddenly wearing some sort of gasmask. "That comes later."
  10. >Why did you feel like you were flying on an airplane?
  11. >Discord put the oxygen mask away and snapped his talons, making a sheet of paper appear in front of him.
  12. >"Well, you see my little chaotic boyo,while you were sleeping, I had come up with various ideas that would allow us to have some fun instead of being bored to tartarus and back. Celestia and Luna are not worth my fun time, and you are the big fish of the scenario, but for some reason, I couldn't force you to wake up." Discord scratched various things in the sheet of paper, he broke the paper and made a hole in it. "So, I had the perfect idea to forgot all about being king and instead, I decided I would run for president! That's more chaotic, right? Politics... broken promises... it's perfect!"
  13. "Why would people want to vote for you when they know you could just force them and be done with it? I don't see the change in it dude, looks to me the same as being king of all the lands."
  14. >You carefully put your little crown with the tiny mexican flag on your head.
  15. "Also, I want to wear this thing! It makes me feel like the little snowflake I am!"
  16. >Man, you forgot how much you missed this crown.
  17. >"Anon, listen. Being president means I make rules involving politics! Politicians are evil and we all know it! Like pff-please, wasn’t your world in disorder because of that?"
  18. "As a matter of fact, the government guys at Mexico are just greedy people that just want money so they can put themselves over the poor." You gag externally. "Are we really getting into politics? All this chatting is making me feel disgusted about it, I don't wanna make rules, I’d rather see people do whatever they want!"
  19. >Discord shrugged and snapped his talons. Suddenly his throne was back to the original design it had, and Discord no longer had his horrid looking wig and lips.
  20. >"You're right, I should just do it the Discord way."
  21. >Well, that was relatively easy way to turn it down.
  22. "Which is?"
  23. >Suddenly Discord appeared behind you jumping and throwing confetti all around.
  24. >"Not having any plans! Just letting things go and be. Don’t expect the expected!"
  25. >You tilt your head while looking up to your father.
  26. "That's not how it goes, but whatever. So, anything else you wanna share before I go see who won between the fillies?" You say while you walk towards a window from the throne room and stare in the sky, there was an eclipse... you are not sure what kind of eclipse that was. "I think it was a tie, by the way."
  27. >"Oh now that I remember, we need to talk with Sombrero and Chrysi!"
  28. "Don't you mean to talk about?" You say while raising an eyebrow.
  29. >"Nope, I mean talk right now!" Discord snaps his talons and suddenly both of you disappeared from the throne room.
  31. >You appear with a comfy warm green scarf over your neck right next to your two clones, Alberto Alpha and Juan, both wearing scarfs that were different from their usual blue and purple colors.
  32. >You looked downwards and noticed a puddle that had a scarf that was the same as the other clones.
  33. >They also had a banana on top of their heads for some reason, the puddle too. Touching your head with your hoof you felt a banana on your head too.
  34. >What's up with this?
  35. >And of course Discord was floating above you thr- four? You don't know if you should count the puddle of water.
  36. >Anywho, Discord was wearing a ski set but instead of the ski, he had a snowboard with his face on the front of it.
  37. >"I hope you boys are ready for some extreme sports! This is the beginning of the Discord Olympics and we're going for a bronze trophy!"
  38. >Right.
  39. "Didn't you say we were going to talk with... Sombrero and Chrysadilla?" You said while walking around the snow.
  40. >As you take a look around you, you only spot various buildings that were designed in a medieval fashion, with a rather large building on the side of the settlement. It was probably a municipal pony building.
  41. >Hey this all looks un-chaotic, what the hell?
  42. "Oi Discord, I think we're in the wrong place." You say to Discord as there were muffled screams in the background in a language unknown to you.
  43. >"Uhmm... I think I may have accidentally brought us to the other side of Equestria... I haven't been here yet and I can still somehow tell. I am honestly not sure why, but who cares?" Discord started scratching his head and pulls a giant notebook from his hair with a broken quill. "Reminder... to... turn...this... place... into..a... gingerbread... wonderland..."
  44. "Seriously, where are we? I'm curious. Do you guys have a clue?" You turned to your clones, even to the puddle and questioned them.
  45. >They all shrugged, except for the puddle.
  46. >He only started to bubble up.
  47. ‘Dude we are your creations, not Discord’s. We don't have a clue either.’ Alberto Alpha said as he stared at the building behind him. “But this place looks a bit European. Maybe it is based off of England?”
  48. >"I know! Why don't we ask the locals?" Discord snapped his talons and a Doberman dog appeared in front of you. "Go ahead Anon, ask him!"
  49. >...
  50. >A dog?
  51. >You raise an eyebrow while staring at Discord unamused.
  52. "Discord, I know we're in a magical land and you are a God, but, that's a dog and there is no way he can know what we're talking about."
  53. >"Verdammte Turis!" The dog said while running away from everypony.
  54. >Everypony stared at Discord who was holding a cheeky smile at you.
  55. >...Yeah, probably his magic. There is no way a dog can talk without that.
  56. 'Ah! We're in Germany!' Alberto Alpha quickly realizes.
  57. "How do you-"
  58. “I unlocked Wolfenstein: The New Order the other day, trust me on this one Alberto.' Alberto Alpha closed his eyes and maintained his chest in the air with floof coming out.
  59. >Meanwhile, Alberto Juan started drawing swastikas on the snow.
  60. >"Noted aaaaaand noted!" Discord points in his notebook then ripped out the page only to eat it. "Ta-da!" He snapped his talons again.
  61. >And in a blink you were in another place with crystal tiles and snow around it.
  62. >Shiny crystal tiles that were so clean you could see your own reflection on it.
  63. >Also, you just noticed your tiny pony shoes... they actually looked kinda cute.
  64. >Right, time to look around and see what this place looked like, but you can't get the idea out of your head that you looked as silly as a roaster would look like with slippers. Heh, oh...
  65. >What were you talking about again? Oh! Oh right, look around!
  66. >But before you could look around, Discord spoke up while extending his arms and attempting to show you around the place.
  67. >"And here we are! Welcome to the Crystal Empire! Population: About an entire hive of changelings and a horde of one-thousand year old pony slaves!"
  68. >The place looked a bit shiny for your liking.
  69. >You all appeared below a big ass castle that was probably the biggest building in the entire city.
  70. >You couldn’t help but notice how the entire sky was a depressing yellow color...
  71. >Oh yes, you also couldn’t help but notice about one-million changelings cornering you and everypony else.
  72. >You scratched your head with your hind hoof as you took a moment to answer your father.
  73. "Does this mean we're not going snowboarding now?"
  74. >Your two clones looked about confused as the changelings were.
  75. >Alberto Juan was the first to open his mouth
  76. ‘Why is everypony black? Are we in Africa?’ He scratched his head in curiosity, but was stopped by the banana on top of his head. ‘Oh, a snack!’ You watched as Juan ate his banana.
  77. >Oh right, the bananas.
  78. "Hey Discord, why are we wearing bananas on our heads?"
  79. >Discord rolls his eyes in annoyance and makes appear a banana on top of his head.
  80. >"Don't be silly, Anon. We are wearing bandanas!” Discord smiled as he took the banana from his head to give it a bite, only for the banana to be vaporized by a green laser coming from the sky. "Oh, bummer."
  82. >After your chaotic shenanigans were done, a tall figure had appeared in the sky.
  83. >From what you could see, it had nothing but disgust on its face.
  84. >AHA!
  85. >It was nopony else but Queen Bugbreath, or as you like to call her, Chrysadilla!
  86. >It fits rather well with how her legs looked like cheese.
  87. >Eww, she still looked as disgusting as you remembered her.
  88. >"Well, what an unsatisfactory visit we have here." Chrysalis said with disgust in her voice. "I see you have brought company... or should I say food?"
  89. >Various hungry changelings licked their pony-bug lips as they heard the word food.
  90. >Was that a threat? Does she truly know who she is dealing with?
  91. >You can't wait to show her what you can do and put her in her place! But heh, let's not jump the gun yet.
  92. >We still have to see what Discord was gonna do first.
  93. >"Oh dear Chryssi, you look different! Did you lose some weight? You surely look thinner than before!" Discord chuckled at Chrysalis’ lack of vitamins and probably love.
  94. >"Silence, fool!" Chrysalis pointed her ugly hoof at Discord. "You are in no place to speak in that manner to ANY of us!"
  95. >You just rolled your eyes before speaking to the flying queen bug in the sky.
  96. "At this point, my dad is like the big boss of the lands, I don't think we even care what we say and where. Even if you guys were over a million changelings, and charged us all at once, we would still fool around instead of taking the battle seriously." You put your hoof near your mouth and faked a yawn. "I mean, your kids surely are starving... and that love camp you had is lost so, your options are running out."
  97. >Queen Chrysalis's left eye tilted, she was obviously angry hearing that from you.
  98. >"You little brat... how did you...?"
  99. >You slyly smiled as you pointed towards your dad that... was doing a self-surgery in front of every changeling.
  100. >As if it were a magic show, he pulled a rabbit from one of his limbs
  101. >For a moment, some changelings were amazed by the surgery magic trick, yet when Chrysalis saw that some were clapping, or well, stomping their hooves on the crystal floor, they ceased immediately and were back in their battle stance.
  102. >At least the rabbit didn't have any blood stains but looked like he saw some creepy shit and probably won't be seeing the world the same way.
  103. >Poor bunny.
  104. >Still, you just shrug that off.
  105. "Besides, if I could count... I'd say you got over one thousand changelings on the left and another thousand on the right, hardly seems fair." You said while you start scrawling in a notebook that you made appear along with a tiny pair of broken glasses and a white pencil that had red ink to write.
  106. 'I know, they should have brought more.'
  107. >Alberto Alpha smugly said, while hoof bumping Alberto Juan and giggling about it. That made Discord let out a snicker that you barely could notice.
  108. >The puddle had let out a few bubbles, too in response to what Alberto Alpha had said.
  109. >You said though that you didn’t want to get too cocky, but found there was nothing wrong with being smug.
  110. >Or was it the same thing?
  111. >"ENOUGH!" Chrysalis landed in front of Discord and your group, her horn ceased making any sort of green growing color, but she still looked menacing in her own. "If what you foolish creatures came for was to fool around, you better prepare for-"
  112. >You were about to stop time and probably scribble some bizarre drawings on Chrysalis's face with the help of your clones, but a voice more commanding than the one with Chrysalis could be heard from behind the changeling army.
  113. >"More screaming won't get you anywhere, Chrysalis."
  114. >Yet another black pony with- oh... wait, his coat was gray. Correcting yourself on that... a gray pony with a red cape and some neat armor slowly stepped near the circle that the changelings were cornering Discord and your group in.
  115. >His voice sounded deep and so... lugubrious that if there wasn't any cold weather in this region you could say you still got a shiver from listening to him... and he only spoke once!
  116. >And then it was when all the changelings except for Chrysalis bowed at him.
  117. "Whoa." You were speechless.
  118. >Maybe this guy can 1 vs 1 your father? He looks dangerous with all the glowing eyes and menacing aura.
  119. >Nah he can't stand a chance against your invincible, fearless, sensual, mysterious, enchanting, vigorous, diligent, overwhelming, gorgeous, beautiful, and powerful God of chaos.
  121. "Oi! Don’t enter into my head without telling me! That thought was gay and you know it." You angrily told him as you let out air from your nostrils.
  122. >"Whatever are you talking about, son?"
  123. >Hijo de puta. Next time he is in your head to annoy you again, you'll make sure to change the disorder that is his living room into some damnable ORDER.
  124. >"You wouldn't dare..." Discord says, eyes carefully focused on you like a vile weasel.
  127. >So after your shenanigans with Discord, the gray unicorn, and king of the empire... that you noticed just now how he had a red horn that- wait a minute.
  128. >Didn't Discord tell you about this guy earlier? ...You don't remember, or do you?
  129. >...
  130. >You're just gonna act as if you don't know him.
  131. >"Ah, so we finally meet." The gray unicorn stepped near the circle that the changelings were cornering everypony. "Discord, the God of Chaos I presume?"
  132. >"The one and only." Discord snapped his talons and a presentation card appeared floating near the gray unicorn. "So you're the king that got buried in ice along this whole empire... King Sombra." Discord took a look around the whole place for a bit and then whistled. "Let me guess, a thousand year imprisonment?"
  133. >The unicorn's smile left his face and was instead replaced with a cold, stern glare.
  134. >"It is something I am not proud of and I’d rather not remember any of it."
  135. "At least you didn't get turned in to stone to be a decoration to everypony to see!" You smiled while innocently saying.
  136. >Of course, you're saying this to make Discord mad, and you did as you felt his claw touching your head.
  137. >You looked up at him and smiled a smug one at him.
  138. >"Anon, the adults are talking..." He patted your head a bit hard,so you got the point.
  139. >But... you were also an adult.
  140. "Oh come on dad..."
  141. >Sombra's ear twitched for a moment.
  142. >"I must confess that I am surprised that the God of chaos itself has a kid... or should I say, children?" Sombra clearly just noticed your clones besides you.
  143. >...Maybe you can fool him around by thinking your clones are your twin brothers! You don't think Chrysalis knows that they are your own doing in chaos magic.
  144. "We pretty much aim for chaos! We want nothing more than help father and become apart of future havoc in Equestria!"
  145. >Alberto Alpha and Juan nodded at the same time while stepping near Sombra.
  146. >The puddle of water was somehow moving too.
  147. 'Yup! We will eventually be as powerful as our dad is! Maybe more!'
  148. >Alberto Alpha said convinced.
  149. 'Yo! You look badass, what did you do to get the pair of loser princesses mad?'
  150. >Alberto Juan asked Sombra just as he tried to sneak a "Kick me" sign behind Sombra.
  151. >"I will tell you if you both kindly back off and don't try any foolish kid jokes on me." Alpha Juan yelped as his "Kick me" sign caught on fire. "Be advised that next time I won't hesitate against a pair of puppets as you two."
  152. >Your clones nearly ran all the way behind Discord totally scared, whispering to themselves.
  153. >There was also a puddle behind those two, but the puddle that probably was Alberto 1 was in front of you.
  154. >Were they that scared? Or are they turning to puddles too?
  155. >Or Sombra is that powerful to even know they were your clones? He did call them 'puppets'.
  156. >"I'll give you guys a quick summary of what Sombra did." Discord snapped his talons and a camera appeared in front of him, also changing his clothes to that of a director’s. "Roll the recording!"
  157. >And of course, there was a recording rolling on the ground.
  158. >"And you told me screaming doesn't get us anywhere?! They want to play a movie now! A MOVIE!" Chrysalis angerly stated.
  159. >Sombra’s expression was filled with curiosity, yet also questions about this 'movie'. Logical to a guy that's been in ice prison for a thousand years...
  160. "Uhm dad, tell me about that later. My brothers and I are already getting bored."
  161. >With a 'Hum' from Discord, he snapped his talons and his director clothes were off and your clones were next to you and not hiding behind him.
  162. >"This is why I told you to let the adults talk, Anon! We got carried away!"
  163. >Oh now he is just blaming you!
  164. >"You only need discipline and you can train any kid to make you obey."
  165. >Sombra said but Discord just rolled his eyes. As if the word discipline was in his dictionary.
  166. >Whatever, there is nopony you need to talk to anyway. Unless your clones want to talk about something of course.
  167. >"So, Sombra, I thought you were the kind of king to speak to anypony the way you wanted, almost like me but less crazy of course. There is nopony crazier than me, that's for sure."
  168. >Sombra chuckled as he moved near Discord and your group, you couldn’t help but notice how scary he looked, but the armor he was wearing was rad.
  169. >"Even us kings need to remain polite to such royalty, or I am wrong, King of Equestria?"
  170. >For a pony which such a name and lugubrious voice you would think he would be dangerous or even as near as what Chrysalis is.
  171. >But... he isn't showing it.
  172. >Well, he surely did say those words to your clones which scared them a bit.
  173. >"Oh puh-lease Sombra, I may be the king of Equestria, but such formalities disgust me. You should be like Chrysi over there!" Discord waved his paw towards Chrysalis to which she replied in disgust.
  174. >"If that's so." Sombra's expression went motionless, almost cold as the wind. "What do you want here? Your trick to make two forces crash into each other failed and has instead doomed us to work together against you."
  175. >Discord pointed his claw towards him dramatically.
  176. >"Me? Forcing you two to fight? Dohoho Sombra, you silly goose! I just told Chrysi that she couldn't stand against you! I never, ever said this was a trick." Discord put his claw and paw together and smiled evilly at them.
  177. >Chrysalis and Sombra looked at each other for a moment, Chrysalis obviously had her doubts, yet forced poker face, and Sombra... you couldn't read his face.
  178. >"What are you planning, you jester for a god?" Chrysalis asked.
  179. >"Me? Nothing really. I only desire chaos within this world... I am the God of chaos after all, aren't I? What is more beautiful than chaos itself? Havoc! Destruction! A war between two potential foes! And of course me." Discord flew above them, his open claw was pointing to the swarm of changelings that were on guard against him. "Just look around! Changelings... and a king that uses dark magic to mind control the citizens of an empire for his doings!"
  180. >Discord flew back and landed on the ground.
  181. >"And by what Princess Luna told me about your so precious Crystal Heart, if you do end controlling it... hate and blah-blah-blah will be on the air and something else I forgot."
  182. >That caught Chrysalis' hearing which quickly gazed back to Sombra, pure anger confirmed coming from her.
  183. >"You didn't tell me about that..."
  184. >But Sombra decided to ignore her.
  185. >"I am... interested in any terms you want to talk out, Discord." Sombra looked up at him and bowed at Discord, surely surprising everypony in sight. "I don't know how long you've been in control of Equestria, but I do know when a king needs to acknowledge something, and that is, not fighting a nonsense battle against a foe that has the upper hoof."
  186. >Sombra's red horn started to shine a deep purple with green, seconds later some kind of arrow in the shape of a black crystal was shot directly at Discord.
  187. >Discord's head split in half, evading the hex as if it was nothing.
  188. >"Well as boring as that speech of yours was, you are right." Discord clapped at Sombra while slowly laughing. "If you defeat me, you keep this world in havoc, if I win, I still get to rule this world. Doesn't matter what happens, I'll be in the first row expecting the unexpected."
  189. >Chrysalis, at the realizations of the situations, couldn't do anything but collapse.
  190. > She looked like she couldn't even think straight over her current situation.
  191. >All changelings around her couldn't bare their queen being broken by the truth, the air filled with various whispers between them and some didn't know how to reply to the situation.
  192. >"I'll take that as a bow, eh Chrysi?" Discord taunted her, but she didn't respond.
  193. >Discord, by just words, defeated those two.
  194. >Well... you wouldn't mind a battle, but Discord did it all. It's over.
  195. >And he is right, Discord is too powerful since he is the GOD of chaos.
  196. >"Let's now talk about those... terms you wanted so much." Discord turned to look at you. "Why don't you go and play with somepony out there, Anon? You may find somepony... interesting." He giggled.
  197. "Oh, woo we can finally talk." You look at your two clones and the puddle. "...Now what?"
  198. 'Yeah uhm... I just found the pony Discord was talking about.'
  199. >Alberto Alpha said while pointing a hoof towards him.
  200. >Right in front of you and your clones, most likely playing the worst 'find Waldo' game ever, was a white filly with a blindfold looking straight at your clones and you.
  201. >You gulped.
  202. >This was going to be hard to talk out.
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