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  1. >The main door slammed itself shut and the sounds of feet running up the stairs could be heard on the empty house.
  2. >Lola, who was sitting at her table playing with her tea set and stuffed animals began to tremble violently.
  3. >Everyone was out, Lori and Leni were at the mall, Luan and Luna were somewhere else.
  4. >Lincoln was with Clyde, and the rest of the younger sisters just left with mom and dad to the movies.
  5. >The only one that was left behind was her, because she was grounded.
  6. >But you cannot leave a 6 year old alone, so one had to stay behind to take care of her and luckily there was a volunteer.
  7. >The door to Lola's room quickly opened, while the laast remaining sister grinned at her little sister.
  8. >"Heya, doll, missed me?"
  9. >Lola was already crying.
  10. >"L-Lynn, please no more... I said I was sorry..."
  11. >"And I told you this is not punishment anymore." Lynn said as she slowly walked towards the little girl.
  12. >Lola tried to walk away but her older sister grabbed her wrists, there was no way she could escape now.
  13. >"P-please..."
  14. >"Shhh, it's okay... I know you like it to. You just don't want to admit it."
  15. >Lynn slowly pulled Lola's dress down, admiring every second of her pale skin.
  16. >For Lola, it was extremely painful, because she knew what was going to happen.
  17. >"Good girl, you didn't move this time. Now, let's check you down."
  18. >Lynn shoved her hand into Lola's panties and slowly rubbed her little sister.
  19. >At this point, Lola was already crying bitter tears, trying to push her hand away.
  20. >But Lynn was way stronger than she could ever hope to be.
  21. >"If you do that again, Lola, I'll beat you up, get it?"
  22. >That was it, the breaking point.
  23. >Lola never felt so scared in her life.
  24. >"Aha, I see you're getting wet... wait, what did you just do?"
  25. >"I-I-I didn't mean to, Lynn... S-SORRY I'M SORRY!"
  26. >"You peed on my hand..."
  27. >Lola tried to say something else, but she was terrified, words weren't able to come out of her mouth.
  28. >"You are going to pay for this, doll."
  29. >"Turn around."
  30. >"B-b-but..."
  31. >"Turn around!"
  32. >Lola, who still had pee running down her legs, slowly gave her back to Lynn.
  33. >"HOW DARE YOU-"
  34. >The sound of a spank echoed all around the house, with the yelp of a little girl.
  35. >"PEE ON MY HAND!"
  36. >Slap.
  37. >"YOU DIRTY-"
  38. >Slap
  39. >"LITTLE-"
  40. >Slap.
  41. >"CUNT!"
  42. >One final spank. Lola was screaming through her tears. Not even her father have punished her like that.
  43. >"Oh you wanna cry? Does the little girl want to cry? Keep crying and you'll see what happens!"
  44. >Lola tried biting her lip and control her tears, but she was still breathing erratically.
  45. >Lynn grabbed Lola's hand and pulled her in front of a mirror.
  46. >"Look how pathetic you look."
  47. >Lola saw her in soaked panties, yellow pee running down her legs, shadow down her eyes and Lynn grabbing her on the shoulders.
  48. >"W-why..."
  49. "What wast that?"
  50. "W-why do you hate me..."
  51. >Lynn turned Lola around to face her, their noses inches from each other.
  52. >Once again, Lola was scared.
  53. >"Oh I don't hate you, Lola. It's just too much fun doing this to you."
  54. >"w-what?"
  55. >Lynn quickly kissed her in the mouth, violently shoving her tongue inside Lola's throat.
  56. >This lasted for several seconds, until Lynn pulled away.
  57. >"Haha! You should see your face! It's so cute when you're scared like a bunny."
  58. >Lola felt like one, in front of a fox playing with her food.
  59. >"But you did quite a mess here. Now, go and clean the piss all over the floor."
  60. >Lola slowly walked towards her door.
  61. >"C-can I at least clean myself up?"
  62. >"I said now! You want me to spank you again?!"
  63. >Lola quickly shook her head and walked out of the room.
  64. >Minutes later, she was already on her knees rubbing the carpet.
  65. >"I'm cold..." Lola said.
  66. >Pee gets colder, what a surprise." Lynn says while she pushed Lola's ass with her foot.
  67. >"Finish already, will you? I want to continue with our game and you wasted enough of our time."
  68. >Lola was only able to nod.
  69. >"That took you long enough." Lynn said annoyed.
  70. >"Can I change now?" Lola said, trembling with cold.
  71. >"No, this is your punishment for peeing yourself. You're old enough, aren't you?"
  72. >Lola looked down, sniffing her sadness away.
  73. >"Besides, this is kind of kinky, don't you think?"
  74. >Lynn walked towards Lola and kneeled on front of her.
  75. >She looked right into her little sister's eyes and slammed her face against the little crotch, sniffing with all of her might.
  76. >"L-LYNN?!"
  77. >"Disgusting, Lola. How could you pee like this?"
  78. >Lola tried to hide her face in shame.
  79. >"Hey, cheer up. I'll help you clean yourself up."
  80. >"R-really?"
  81. >"Oh yes~"
  82. >As Lynn said this, she moved her panties away and began licking Lola.
  83. >This wasn't the first time Lynn did this to her.
  84. >So she was only able to close her eyes and work through this humiliation.
  85. >The worst part?
  86. >She always felt that weird tingling sensation.
  87. >Lola's legs began to give up after a couple of minutes.
  88. >That's when Lynn picked her little sister up and put her on the bed.
  89. >"Here's the good part."
  90. >She put herself on top of Lola, looking right into her eyes.
  91. >She liked it when Lola loooked at her.
  92. >And shoved two fingers into her sister's slit.
  93. >"No, I hate this..."
  94. >"That'a lie, Lola, and you know it."
  95. >And without any considerationf for Lola, she began to masturbate the smaller one with all her strength.
  96. >Tears came out of her eyes again as she screamed for help.
  97. >"Daddy, mommy! Lori! Lincoln! Leni!"
  98. >"Hey!" Lynn said as she slapped Lola's face.
  99. >"Say my name."
  100. >"wha-"
  101. >"SAY MY NAME"
  102. >"L-Lynn! Lynn!"
  103. >"That's a good girl, now keep saying it until I tell you you can stop."
  104. >"LYNN, LYNN!" Lola screamed in fear.
  105. >If it wasn't because she already peed, she would've done it again.
  106. >Lynn's pace got even faster, while Lola cringed her entire body, looking right into Lynn's eyes.
  107. >She was crying when it happened.
  108. >The sensation hit her like a truck as she exploded.
  109. >"LYNN LYNN LYNN... Lynn... Lynn..."
  110. >"Wow, doll, that was amazing... You've never had such a strong one before."
  111. >"Lynn... Lynn... Lynn..."
  112. >"You can stop saying my name already, Lola."
  113. >"...Lynn... Lynn..."
  114. >"I told you you can stop."
  115. "... Lynn..."
  116. >She got angry and slapped Lola on the face once again.
  117. >"I said stop!"
  118. >This made Lola react.
  119. >Her instincts immediately kicked in and, faster than Lynn could react, Lola escaped from Lynn and ran into the bathroom locking the door behind her.
  120. >"Hey! You're going to pay for this!" Lynn said as she kicked on the door.
  121. >Lola, on the other hand, was sitting against the door, arms covering her face in fear and shame.
  122. >"Please Lynn, just go back to how everything was before..."
  123. >"Shut up! You're my toy now! Open the door so I can give you what you deserve!"
  124. >"This is all my fault..." Lola thought as her face rested on her knees, tears running down her dirty legs.
  125. >How couldn't it be her fault? this was probably because she was a bad girl.
  126. >Maybe if she listened to daddy or mommy more often or if she was nicer to her siblings.
  127. >Maybe if she tried to be a better friend.
  128. >"I'm sorry Lynn, I'm sorry for breaking your trophy!"
  129. >"I told you this isn't about the trophy anymore! God you are so stupid!"
  130. >Lola couldn't contain her sadness, she wanted to end, she wanted to feel happy like before all of this happened.
  131. >She then remembered that Lori had a small bottle of medicine she took whenever she felt sad.
  132. >She quickly looked around it and found it.
  133. >She looked at the bottle and thought "if only pill makes you feel better, then more will do it.
  134. >As she cried, she took several pills at the same time.
  135. >After several minutes, she began to feel sleepy.
  136. >"Maybe... when I wake up... things will be better..."
  138. >Lynn stopped listening to her sister cry.
  139. >"Lola? come on this isn't funny, open the door now!"
  140. >"... Lola?"
  141. >Lynn suddenly felt a terrible void in her stomach.
  142. >"I-I'm sorry, okay? I went too far, I'll make it up for you, okay?"
  143. >"...Lola?"
  145. The End.
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