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  1. Write about a normal day in the year 4000.
  3. ----------------------------------------------------
  5. It was a chilly "morning" in my suite amongst many others in our intergallactic hotel complex. We are still used to our circadian Earth rhythms - old habits, passed down by generations, cost a rather big sum to cure - not many of us are willing to spend a dime on the pleasure of sleeping whenever you wish. You may be wondering, what dime, didn't the Human Federation unite under the Rend Concordate? Nope. Ahh, that stinging rotten smell of capitalism - the market economy is always going to be dominant, no matter what you do.
  7. I vividly remember that day. As usual, my robot slave dressed me in my space tracksuit - that's all you need nowadays - and I went out to collect debris for sale. The whole galaxy was torn apart in war - remnants of battleships are still floating around everywhere. In a day's work, you could easily afford vitamins and soylent while still being able to put some Bux aside. Most of guests at the hotel here are freelancers - I am one of the few that do work outside of the mighty Web. The Internet is actually directly being powered by one of the Alpha Centuri stars - its exact location is kept a secret. Anyway, I roam from town to town looking for scrap to sell.
  9. I kept you in a suspense, and did you think something was going to happen? No way, it was a foolish attempt on a joke. Nothing ever changes here. Pure routine. Until the cannons start sounding again.
  10. -----------------------------------------------------------------
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