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OpUnity press release from OpBritain, Anonymous.

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Aug 23rd, 2011
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  1. Citizens of Britain,
  4. We invite you to join us for Operation Unity at 2pm on October 15th 2011 in Hyde Park, where we will assemble before marching onward to Parliament Square for an occupation. The march route can be found here - Please come armed with banners, flags, placards, flyers, musical instruments and anything else you may want to use to creatively and peacefully express your outrage at the way this government has attacked the most vulnerable in our society to protect the bankers and corporations - the very people who caused the financial meltdown we are all paying for.
  7. We implore all activist groups, unions, political organisations, community groups, students and citizens to stand along side us, unified through our need for social change, for equality, for REAL democracy. By promoting wars for profit and impoverishing whole populations, our ruling classes are depriving us of our right to a free and just society. People are suffering, needlessly, and we simply cannot stand by and allow it to continue any longer.
  10. For the occupation and reclamation of Parliament Square we encourage you to bring tents and shelters to help us create an area for people from all aspects of our communities to unite through our common goals. We will have an array of musicians, workshops and guest speakers, along with an open mic for anyone who wishes to speak their mind. Your voices will be heard.
  13. This operation is peaceful. We CAN make a difference through peaceful resistance and non violent civil disobedience. The Egyptian revolution earlier this year and the ongoing Spanish revolution are proof that peaceful protest and people power can still achieve great things.
  16. We demand that the government immediately review the cuts to public services: The NHS, the welfare system, education, local government, community groups and policing are services that should NOT be paying the price for the mistakes of corporate bankers.
  19. We demand that the government actively and exertively pursue the tax evaders and avoiders that have cost this country billions.
  22. We demand that our politicians dedicate themselves to overhauling our political system so that we, the people, do not play second fiddle to the economy.
  25. We demand a democracy that has a zero tolerance stance on corruption irrespective of class, status or influence.
  28. It is obvious to all that our representative 'democracy' has failed so we are demanding change, a participatory democracy, a system within which all of our voices are heard. We implore every person who recognises the problems with our current political system to unite with us, whether you support Anonymous or not, for the greater good of the country. This is not about Anonymous, this is about the people uniting together to force change.
  31. A message to contributors to Anonymous and all other activists: Spread knowledge of this operation anywhere possible. Post flyers, make videos, spread this press release on social media sites, forums and any other sites you frequent. Get the message out to the country any way you can.
  34. Musicians, artists, speakers: Get in touch with us if you are willing to volunteer your services at the occupation of Parliament square. Anyone who feels they can offer something expressive and relevant, get in touch with us. Between now and October 15th we'll be announcing further details on musicians, guest speakers and other activities for the occupation aswell as announcing groups who've pledged to support the operation.
  37. October 15th 2011 - The day Britain will unite.
  40. Yours,
  41. Operation Britain
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