Star Thief

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  1. Star Thief [Level 42]
  3. Stage 1: [Investigate strange weather reports near the Cross Roads Inn]
  5. -As the player walks along the road, a meteor will fly across the sky and crash into the mountains to the south, unblocking a cave entrance.-
  7. What was that? It seems like whatever just passed above you crashed into the southern mountains.
  8. [Quest Started: Star Thief]
  10. Stage 2: [Find the strange object that crashed into the mountains]
  12. -The player will walk to the opened cave entrance, and as soon as they approach they'll get this message:-
  14. It seems the object has gone deeper into this cave. You wonder what could release magic this potent?
  15. [Quest Book Updated]
  17. Stage 3: [Explore the cave]
  19. -As the player walks through the cave, they'll come across a shard of the meteor. As soon as they approach it, the shard will explode and block the exit behind them.-
  21. The cave is collapsing around you! You need to get out of here as quickly as possible!
  22. [Quest Book Updated]
  24. Stage 4: [Escape the cave-in]
  26. -What will follow is an escape sequence through the cave where they need to avoid chunks of the cave falling on them.-
  27. -Nearing the end they'll see the meteor, but the path to it will be blocked by the cave-in.
  29. [Quest Book Updated]
  31. Stage 5: [Find a way out of the chamber]
  33. -This stage will be a parkour sequence in which parts of the cave will fall down to let the player jump further.-
  34. -When they reach the top, a small passage will lead them above the meteor.-
  36. [Quest Book Updated]
  38. Stage 6: [Investigate the object]
  40. -The meteor will have a chunk missing from it.-
  41. -As soon as the player approaches the meteor, the following cutscene will play:-
  43. [1/12] ???: Halt, thief! Step away from the meteor!
  44. -The collapsed cave will in front of the meteor will explode, and a villager will walk through the cleared entrance.-
  45. [2/12] ???: On behalf of the gavellian government, and your own safety, hand over the chunk of the meteor you've stolen!
  46. [3/12] ???: ...
  47. [4/12] ???: What do you mean you didn't take it? Then where is it?
  48. [5/12] ???: ...We missed the thief, didn't we.
  49. [6/12] Trunan: Well, the name's Trunan. I'm a part of an elite branch of the government that protects the population from dangerous objects.
  50. [7/12] Trunan: Which this meteor clearly is. You see, this is a rare type of stone that comes from space, and as such it sells for a very high price.
  51. [8/12] Trunan: However, without protection, it also drives anyone who comes into contact with it insane.
  52. [9/12] Trunan: In any case, I'm wasting my time here. The thief is getting further and further away every moment we stand here talking.
  53. [10/12] Trunan: ...however, you seem like a capable warrior. You're from Wynn, aren't you?
  54. [11/12] Trunan: In that case, let's make a deal. You go retrieve that shard, and I'll pay you for your time. With emeralds of course, but also with recommendations.
  55. [12/12] Trunan: Go catch this thief, and I'll introduce you to gavellian high society. I'll be by the fountain in Llevigar, bring me the shard and you'll be well rewarded.
  56. [Quest Book Updated]
  58. -There will be a cave exit to the side of the meteor.-
  60. Stage 7: [Exit the cave and chase after the thief]
  62. -In this stage, the player will exit the cave - where there will be a clearly defined trail made by the meteor chunk.-
  63. -As the player gos along this path, various insane mobs will spawn - created by the influence of the meteor.-
  64. -Back when I was on the CT, I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted these fights to be optional. Now, I feel like they should be necessary - to add even a little bit of combat to the quest.-
  65. -I can't remember exactly what I had planned, but there would probably be mad orcs, insane horses, and crazy wheat.-
  66. -The trail would eventually lead the player to a cave, inside of which insane emerald ores spawn. After defeating them, the player will find a deeper cave entrance (which will be a teleporter)-
  68. This looks to be where the thief took the shard. It also looks to be the end of the cave.
  69. [Quest Book Updated]
  71. Stage 8: [Confront the thief]
  73. -The player will enter a room where the thief is holding the shard on the other side, clearly insane.-
  74. -The cave floor will look very unstable, with cracks all over it.-
  75. -The thief will turn around and look at the player.-
  77. [1/3] Insane Thief: YoU... yOU're HeRE fOR My pREciOuS rOCk!!.!.!!!.!
  78. [2/3] Insane Thief: i... i Can'T LEt yOU hAVe iTT!!!!.!.!!.!!
  79. -As the thief says this last line, they'll run towards the player, collapsing the floor.-
  80. [3/3] Insane Thief: dIIiIIiiEEEeEEeE!!!.!!...!.!!!.!!!!!
  82. -The player and the thief will fall down into the boss room, during which the quest book will update.-
  84. [Quest Book Updated]
  86. Stage 9: [Retrieve the meteor shard from the thief]
  88. -This boss fight will essentially just look like one at first. Instead of an actual boss fight, the thief will just run at the player and then basically immediately explode.-
  89. -A meteor shard "mob" will appear, and once attacked it will give the player a meteor shard item.-
  90. -After this happens, the following message will be sent to them:-
  92. ...Well, that was anticlimactic.
  93. [Quest Book Updated]
  95. -There will be an exit from the "boss battle" arena.-
  97. Stage 10: [Bring the meteor shard back to Trunan]
  99. -The cave exit will bring the player back to the top of the cave. They'll then be able to return to Trunan, who will be at [-1998, 77, -4479]-
  101. [1/8] Trunan: Ah, you're back! So, you've retrieved the shard?
  102. [2/8] Trunan: Well done, human! Perhaps you're not all complete idiots!
  103. [3/8] Trunan: Though, I suppose I already knew that. In any case, I can't thank you enough!
  104. [4/8] Trunan: Those affected by the meteors are usually extremely aggressive, it must have been a terribly difficult fight!
  105. [5/8] Trunan: Though, you appear to have perservered! Well, I suppose a promise is a promise.
  106. -This next line depends on whether or not they've completed the "Heart of Llevigar" quest.-
  107. -If completed:-
  108. [6/8] Trunan: I've told the council about you, but it turns out they've already heard of you! So you're the one who restored the systems! I would have never known.
  109. -If not completed:-
  110. [6/8] Trunan: I've told the council about you. They're interested in your exploits, which doesn't happen often.
  112. [7/8] Trunan: Anyways, thank you for bringing the shard! It's a good thing it didn't fall into the wrong hands, who knows what that lunatic could have done with it!
  113. [8/8] Trunan: I'll always remember you as a friend, {name}. Stop by sometime! You know, this is quite a nice shard... It's so... sHInY.!..
  114. [Quest Complete: Star Thief]
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