Betting Social Engineering

lyfsy Jan 17th, 2020 98 Never
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  1. Betting Social Engineering
  2. Please help out with a social engineering idea to implement using betting as a topic
  3. ++++++++++++++
  4. list of top cheapest host
  6. Top 200 best traffic exchange sites
  8. free link exchange sites list
  9. list of top ptc sites
  10. list of top ptp sites
  13. +++++++++++++++
  14. lol i got one which is ready just need the protection :D
  15. like a 2 years ago, and its very cool
  17. its build on PHP & bootstrap
  18. Wow please send me it
  19. Lol why would i do that? :D
  21. 10.Making Partner in Your hosting and other membership : Let’s suppos you have bought bluehost unlimited hosting like me .
  22. Than you can also make money from that .
  24. Here is how :
  26. Contact other fellow bloggers who need hosting at cheap rate .
  27. Host their website in your plan and charge them .
  28. It’s very simple if you try you can make money with that .
  29. Second thing Let’s suppose you have bought membership of any program  than you can share it with blogger friend and make money . You can do it with paid course too.
  31. If you have bought a paid course at $4.0 than you can resell that at $1 but remember share this only your close friends else you may caught in problem .
  33. hosting forum free
  35. hostgator forum software
  36. hosting 4bd
  37. can u make money on soundcloud
  38. serv-u domain is offline
  39. g suite make money
  41. 11.Sell Free software/apps to your friends : There are many apps which are very useful but not available at playstore . A great example of this type app is “WhatsDog” Which can track whatsapp log of your friends .
  43. This app is not availble at playstore but it is very useful and if you try to sell it (only with your close friends ) you can still make money .
  45. There are many ethical hacking apps which  have high demand but not available at playstore .
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