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  1. const texty= (function(){
  2.     const unexpected= "Unexpected action.";
  3.     return {
  4.         agenda_noactivity: "No activity for this agenda item.",
  5.         agenda_nofeedback: "Feedback is not possible for this agenda item.",
  6.         agenda_nofile: "This agenda item has no attachments.",
  7.         agenda_unexpected: unexpected,
  8.         blank_title_or_content: "Either title or content is empty.",
  9.         confirming: {
  10.             idea_draft_to_idea: "", /* Publishing idea ("convert" draft idea to idea ) */
  11.             idea_to_initiative_draft: "Do you want to transfer this idea to an initiative?", /* Converting idea to draft initiative */
  12.             remove_article: "Do you really want to delete this article?",
  13.             remove_comment: "Do you really want to delete this comment?",
  14.             remove_note_photo: "Do you really want to delete this photo?",
  15.         },
  16.         empty_lists: {
  17.             articless: "There are no announcements available.",
  18.             events_all: "Currently, there are no events for which you are associated to as an attendee.",
  19.             events_upcoming: "Currently, there are no upcoming events for which you are associated to as an attendee.",
  20.             faqs: "There are no entries available yet.",
  21.         },
  22.         fingerprint: {
  23.             actual_name_id: 0,
  24.             names: ["Fingerprint", "Touch ID", "Face ID"],
  25.             new: "You now can enable/disable fingerprint login in Settings",
  26.             setting_fails: ["Activation of ", " login failed, please try again."],
  27.             setting_success: " login is now enabled.",
  28.             validation_fails: " login failed. Please login with your E-mail and password."
  29.         },
  30.         login_empty: "Empty E-mail or Password field.",
  31.         login_new_password: "A new password will be created and sent to your email address.",
  32.         login_no_internet: "You must be connected to the internet to log in.",
  33.         login_validation_fails: "Invalid E-mail or password. Access not authorised.",
  34.         logout_q: "Do you really want to logout?",
  35.         mandatory: "All fields must be completed.",
  36.         no_filled: "-",
  37.         no_internet_long: "Content is not available. Please, connect to the internet.",
  38.         no_internet: "Server cannot be found.",
  39.         not_answer: "-",
  40.         session_expired: "The session from your previous log in has expired, please log in again",
  41.         submitting: {
  42.             announcement: "Announcement successfully submitted",
  43.             feedback_agenda: "Agenda feedback successfully submitted",
  44.             feedback_app: "Thanks for your feedback", /* After submit of feedback for whole app */
  45.             feedback_event: "Event feedback successfully submitted", /* After submit of feedback for whole event */
  46.             idea_draft_edit: "", /* Adding/Edit draft idea */
  47.             initiative_draft_edit: "", /* Edit draft initiative */
  48.             note_user: "Note successfully submitted",
  49.             note_agenda: "Agenda note successfully submitted",
  50.             profile_form: "Profile change successfully submitted",
  51.             profile_photo: "Your new profile photo will appear on your profile page but may take time to appear elsewhere."
  52.         },
  53.         unexpected,
  54.         validation_email: "E-mail address is not valid.",
  55.     };
  56. })();
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