A ghost gets raped (one shot)

harblador Sep 15th, 2014 (edited) 1,667 Never
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  1. I just want to see a ghost sex scene where his dick is visible through her translucent body, kinda like some slime scenes.
  3. >So the ghost can watch herself get inseminated?
  5. Yes.
  6. Just imagine her watching the cum splurt inside her and slowly spread farther and farther up her secret place. Her eyes glaze over as she slowly realizes the amount of jizz that flooded inside her spectral body. The sheer life force burns inside her so hot that it's almost painful. After you release her from your grip she lies on the floor, crying softly, as her ethereal body slowly sinks through the floor.
  8. The next night, instead of her tormenting you as always, you find her sitting in front of a mirror with empty eyes. She's watching the now cold cum still slowly flow out of her like molasses. Her ghostly cold has made the cum so viscous that it takes several nights for her ruined hole to fully drain.
  10. >Seeing her stare at the cum like that just makes me want to top her off.
  12. So you'd ignore her sorrow and tears and violate her again and again like an onahole, filling her long-dead vagina to the brim every night? You're pretty sick.
  14. What if she slowly started to regain her energy from all the life you're pumping into her? One day it seems like she's gently moaning between her sorrowful sobs. Another day it seems like she's looking at you through the mirror, instead of her cum dribbling out of her.
  16. What are you going to do once her regretful mind is completely destroyed? One day you come home in the evening to find her standing in your room, the moonlight illuminating her faintly visible form and highlighting all the semen inside her, with a string descending from her lips all the way to the floor. She slowly shuffles to you, and suddenly you feel a deathly chill as her dead lips press onto yours and her ice-cold tongue violates your warm, living mouth.
  18. What then, huh? You done fucked up.
  20. >>you done fucked up
  21. >All according to keikaku.
  23. So when she pushes you on the bed, you're still smirking to yourself? I bet your smile will fade as she pushes her hands though your skull and grabs you in a way you never even thought possible. Her hands seem to burn and freeze your soul as she pulls you up. Only as she hugs you tight to her flat chest do you realize that your body is still on the bed.
  25. She kisses you again, but now it feels warm. You can see her slowly come into focus and the world around you turn grey. Time seems to lose all meaning as she holds you in her arms. You can see your body rapidly dessicate on the bed, and at some vaguely defined point some blurs burst into the room and carry it away.
  27. Slowly cobwebs fill the room that you once lived and died in, but you're still in there with her.
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