Flashback 2013 Speedrun notes

LuigiBlood Mar 23rd, 2019 79 Never
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  1. - The setup to skip a good portion of the first level is nice.
  3. - As long as you're doing another animation (like punching, crawl, rolling) you can take fruits without having the slow pickup animation.
  5. - You can move elevators as you jump out of them which could make some slightly faster times (such as when you accept the first mission).
  7. - When you meet Bolton in that New Washington mission, you can skip the door closing cutscene by jumping from as far as you can from the right of the first elevator and you may not touch the cutscene trigger. (This is the MaatjeBroccoli glitch)
  9. - The door triggers in New Washington it is also possible to not trigger the door opening cutscene IIRC but you have to do a very precise jump that I've not figured out a setup for other than jumping when you're on them
  11. - You can make Bolton fall by the triggering the elevator just as when he's about to walk on it, useful to finish the mission faster when you bring Bolton to the last room (just make sure he does not walk too far to the left).
  13. - Also if the game does not let you do things: Don't push too much buttons at a time or more buttons during animations. Else try to punch and it resets the states IIRC. When in doubt anyway, just punch.
  15. - Take it a bit slower when jumping on cars for the same reasons as above (I also suggest jumping more instead of rolling just because you can go backwards whenever you want).
  17. - Killing morphs I think depends on headshots more? But they tend to regenerate, actually.
  19. - Just before you use the neurophage, throw the teleporter on the way back in advance and use it just before you drop the neurophage so you get a little bit further ahead ASAP.
  21. - Always charge your gun in advance during the escape sequence.
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