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  2. Which Layer 2 access method separates traffic into time slots and is specified by DOCSIS for use with cable high speed Internet service?
  3.         .TDMA
  4.         FDMA
  5.         CDMA
  6.         S-CDMA
  8. 47     
  9. What can a network administrator do to recover from a lost router password?
  10.         use the copy tftp: flash: command
  11.         boot the router to bootROM mode and enter the b command to load the IOS manually
  12.         telnet from another router and issue the show running-config command to view the password
  13.         .boot the router to ROM monitor mode and configure the router to ignore the startup configuration when it initializes
  15. 48     
  16. During the initial configuration of a router, the administrator enters the command no service config. How will the router behave as a a result of this command?
  17.         All services will be disabled.
  18.         .The default configuration will be restored on reboot.
  19.         Automatic configuration from the network will be prevented.
  20.         Services that are configured on the router will not be allowed to originate traffic.
  22. 49     
  26. Refer to the exhibit. The corporate network that is shown has been assigned network for use at branch office LANs. VLSM is not being used. Which subnet mask will allow the most efficient utilization of IP addresses?
  27.         ./21
  28.         /22
  29.         /23
  30.         /24
  31.         /25
  32.         /26
  34. 50     
  38. Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured as a routing protocol on the network. Users on the network should have full access to the web server that is connected to but should not be allowed to telnet to router R3. Verifying the configuration, the network administrator realizes that users on network can successfully telnet to the router. What should be done to remedy the problem?
  39.         .The ACL 101 statements 10 and 20 should be reversed.
  40.         The ACL 101 should be applied on R3 VTY lines 0 4 in the inbound direction.
  41.         The ACL 101 should be applied on R3 VTY lines 0 4 in the outbound direction.
  42.         The ACL 101 should be applied on R3 Serial0/0/1 interface in the outbound direction.
  43.         The ACL 101 statement 10 should be changed to: permit ip any
  45. 51     
  46. At what physical location does the responsibilty for a WAN connection change from the user to the service provider?
  47.         demilitarized zone (DMZ)
  48.         .demarcation point
  49.         local loop
  50.         cloud
  52. 52     
  53. Which two protocols in combination should be used to establish a link with secure authentication between a Cisco and a non-Cisco router? (Choose two.)
  54.         HDLC
  55.         .PPP
  56.         SLIP
  57.         PAP
  58.         .CHAP
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  62. 31     
  66. Refer to the exhibit. Which data transmission technology is being represented?
  67.         .TDM
  68.         PPP
  69.         HDLC
  70.         SLIP
  72. 32     
  73. An administrator is configuring a dual stack router with IPv6 and IPv4 using RIPng. The administrator receives an error message when trying to enter the IPv4 routes into RIPng. What is the cause of the problem?
  74.         When IPv4 and IPv6 are configured on the same interface, all IPv4 addresses are over-written in favor of the newer technology.
  75.         Incorrect IPv4 addresses are entered on the router interfaces.
  76.         RIPng is incompatible with dual-stack technology.
  77.         .IPv4 is incompatible with RIPng.
  79. 33     
  83. Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured as a routing protocol on the network. Users on the network should be able to establish a TFTP connection to the file server on the network for file backup. The users complain that they do not have the required access. What is the possible cause of the problem?
  84.         TFTP uses UDP as a transport protocol. UDP is not allowed by the ACL 120.
  85.         TFTP uses SMTP as a transport protocol. SMTP is blocked by statement 10 in the ACL 120.
  86.         TFTP uses TCP as a transport protocol. TCP is blocked by statement 20 in the ACL 120.
  87.         TFTP uses ICMP as a transport protocol. ICMP is blocked by statement 30 in the ACL 120.
  89. 34     
  90. What major benefit does Cisco HDLC provide that ISO standard HDLC lacks?
  91.         flow control
  92.         error control
  93.         .multiprotocol support
  94.         cyclic redundancy checks
  96. 35     
  100. Refer to the exhibit. All devices are configured as shown in the exhibit. PC1 is unable to ping the default gateway. What is the cause of the problem?
  101.         The default gateway is in the wrong subnet.
  102.         STP has blocked the port that PC1 is connected to.
  103.         .Port Fa0/2 on S2 is assigned to the wrong VLAN.
  104.         S2 has the wrong IP address assigned to the VLAN30 interface.
  106. 36     
  107. What functionality do access control lists provide when implementing dynamic NAT on a Cisco router?
  108.         which addresses are allowed to be accessed from the inside network
  109.         which addresses are allowed out of the router
  110.         which addresses are assigned to a NAT pool
  111.         .which addresses are to be translated
  113. 37     
  114. When configuring a Frame Relay connection, what is the purpose of Inverse ARP?
  115.         to assign a DLCI to a remote peer
  116.         to disable peer requests from determining local Layer 3 addresses
  117.         to negotiate LMI encapsulations between local and remote Frame Relay peers
  118.         .to create a mapping of DLCI to Layer 3 addresses that belong to remote peers
  120. 38     
  121. An administrator issues the command confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1> prompt. What is the effect when this router is rebooted?
  122.         Contents in RAM will be erased.
  123.         Contents in RAM will be ignored.
  124.         Contents in NVRAM will be erased.
  125.         .Contents in NVRAM will be ignored.
  127. 39     
  128. Which additional functionality is available on an interface when the encapsulation is changed from HDLC to PPP?
  129.         flow control
  130.         error control
  131.         .authentication
  132.         synchronous communication
  134. 40     
  135. Which characteristic of VPN technology prevents the contents of data communications from being read by unauthorized parties?
  136.         QoS
  137.         latency
  138.         reliability
  139.         .confidentiality
  141. 41     
  145. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is tasked with completing the Frame Relay topology that interconnects two remote sites. How should the point-to-point subinterfaces be configured on HQ to complete the topology?
  146.         frame-relay interface-dlci 103 on Serial 0/0/0.1
  147. frame-relay interface-dlci 203 on Serial 0/0/0.2
  148.         .frame-relay interface-dlci 301 on Serial 0/0/0.1
  149. frame-relay interface-dlci 302 on Serial 0/0/0.2
  150.         frame-relay map ip 103 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.1
  151. frame-relay map ip 203 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.2
  152.         frame-relay map ip 301 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.1
  153. frame-relay map ip 302 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.2
  155. 42     
  159. Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output as shown, which two statements correctly define how the router will treat Telnet traffic that comes into interface FastEthernet 0/1? (Choose two).
  160.         Telnet to is denied.
  161.         .Telnet to is denied.
  162.         Telnet to is permitted.
  163.         .Telnet to is permitted.
  164.         Telnet to is permitted.
  166. 43     
  167. An administrator learns of an e-mail that has been received by a number of users in the company. This e-mail appears to come from the office of the administrator. The e-mail asks the users to confirm their account and password information. Which type of security threat does this e-mail represent?
  168.         cracking
  169.         .phishing
  170.         phreaking
  171.         spamming
  173. 44     
  177. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement correctly describes how Router1 processes an FTP request packet that enters interface S0/0/0, and is destined for an FTP server at IP address
  178.         .The router matches the incoming packet to the statement that is created by access-list 201 permit ip any any command and allows the packet into the router.
  179.         The router reaches the end of ACL 101 without matching a condition and drops the packet because there is no statement that was created by access-list 101 permit ip any any command.
  180.         The router matches the incoming packet to the statement that was created by the access-list 101 permit ip any command, ignores the remaining statements in ACL 101, and allows the packet into the router.
  181.         The router matches the incoming packet to the statement that was created by the access-list 201 deny icmp any command, continues comparing the packet to the remaining statements in ACL 201 to ensure that no subsequent statements allow FTP, and then the router drops the packet.
  183. 45     
  184. Which statement is true about wildcard masks?
  185.         A wildcard mask must be created by inverting the subnet mask.
  186.         A wildcard mask performs the same function as a subnet mask.
  187.         .A wildcard mask of means the address should match exactly.
  188.         A wildcard mask uses a "1" to identify IP address bits that must be checked.
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  197.                 Assessment System
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  209. 16     
  210. Which three guidelines would help contribute to creating a strong password policy? (Choose three.)
  211.         Once a good password is created, do not change it.
  212.         Deliberately misspell words when creating passwords.
  213.         .Create passwords that are at least 8 characters in length.
  214.         .Use combinations of upper case, lower case, and special characters.
  215.         .Write passwords in locations that can be easily retrieved to avoid being locked out.
  216.         Use long words found in the dictionary to make passwords that are easy to remember.
  218. 17     
  222. Refer to the exhibit. Branch A has a non-Cisco router that is using IETF encapsulation and Branch B has a Cisco router. After the commands that are shown are entered, R1 and R2 fail to establish the PVC. The R2 LMI is Cisco, and the R1 LMI is ANSI. The LMI is successfully established at both locations. Why is the PVC failing?
  223.         The PVC to R1 must be point-to-point.
  224.         LMI types must match on each end of a PVC.
  225.         The frame relay PVCs cannot be established between Cisco and non-Cisco routers.
  226.         .The IETF parameter is missing from the frame-relay map ip 201 command.
  228. 18     
  229. Which statement accurately describes a role that is played in establishing a WAN connection?
  230.         ISDN and ATM are circuit-switched technologies that are used to establish on demand a path through the service provider network.
  231.         .Data link layer protocols like PPP and HDLC define how data is encapsulated for transmission across a WAN link.
  232.         A packet-switching network establishes a dedicated circuit between nodes for the duration of the communication session.
  233.         Frame Relay switches are normally considered to be customer premises equipment (CPE) and are maintained by local administrators.
  235. 19     
  239. Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about the commands?
  240.         Packets that arrive on the Serial0/0/0 interface will have their destination address translated to or
  241.         Packets that arrive on the FastEthernet0/0 interface will have their destination address translated to or
  242.         Packets that arrive on the FastEthernet0/0 interface will have their destination address translated to an address in the range.
  243.         Packets that arrive on the Serial0/0/0 interface will have their destination address translated to an address in the range.
  244.         No packets will be translated.
  246. 20     
  250. Refer to the exhibit. Partial results of the show ip access-list and show ip interface Fa0/1 commands for router R3 are shown. There are no other ACLs in effect. Host A is unable to telnet to host B. Which two actions will correct the problem but still restrict other traffic between the two networks? (Choose two.)
  251.         .Apply the ACL in the inbound direction on Fa0/0 interface.
  252.         Apply the ACL in the outbound direction on Fa0/0 interface.
  253.         Change the protocol in the access list entries to UDP.
  254.         .Reverse the order of the TCP protocol statements in the ACL.
  255.         Modify the second entry in the list to permit tcp host any eq telnet .
  257. 21     
  258. A technician has been asked to run the Cisco SDM one-step lockdown on a customer router. What will be the result of this process?
  259.         Traffic is only accepted from and forwarded to SDM-trusted Cisco routers.
  260.         Security testing is performed and the results are saved as a text file stored in NVRAM.
  261.         All traffic that enters the router is quarantined and checked for viruses before being forwarded.
  262.         .The router is tested for any potential security problems and all recommended security-related configuration changes will be automatically applied.
  264. 22     
  265. A light manufacturing company wishes to replace its DSL service with a non-line-of-sight broadband wireless solution that offers comparable speeds. Which solution should the customer choose?
  266.         Wi-Fi
  267.         satellite
  268.         .WiMAX
  269.         Metro Ethernet
  271. 23     
  275. Refer to the exhibit. Router1 is not able to communicate with its peer that is connected to this interface. Based on the output as shown, what is the most likely cause?
  276.         interface reset
  277.         .unplugged cable
  278.         improper LMI type
  279.         PPP negotiation failure
  281. 24     
  285. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is creating a prototype to verify the new WAN design. However, the communication between the two routers cannot be established. Based on the output of the commands, what can be done to solve the problem?
  286.         Replace the serial cable .
  287.         Replace the WIC on RA.
  288.         .Configure RA with a clock rate command.
  289.         Issue a no shutdown interface command on RB.
  291. 25     
  292. Which statement is true about NCP?
  293.         Link termination is the responsibility of NCP.
  294.         .Each network protocol has a corresponding NCP.
  295.         NCP establishes the initial link between PPP devices.
  296.         NCP tests the link to ensure that the link quality is sufficient.
  298. 26     
  302. Refer to the exhibit. What is placed in the address field in the header of a frame that will travel from the San Jose router to the DC router?
  303.         DLCI 103
  304.         .DLCI 301
  308. 27     
  309. Which Frame Relay flow control mechanism is used to signal routers that they should reduce the flow rate of frames?
  310.         DE
  311.         BE
  312.         CIR
  313.         .FECN
  314.         CBIR
  316. 28     
  320. Refer to the exhibit. From the output of the show interfaces and ping commands, at which layer of the OSI model is a fault indicated?
  321.         application
  322.         transport
  323.         .network
  324.         data link
  325.         physical
  327. 29     
  328. A network administrator has moved the company intranet web server from a switch port to a dedicated router interface. How can the administrator determine how this change has affected performance and availability on the company intranet?
  329.         .Conduct a performance test and compare with the baseline that was established previously.
  330.         Determine performance on the intranet by monitoring load times of company web pages from remote sites.
  331.         Interview departmental administrative assistants and determine if they think load time for web pages has improved.
  332.         Compare the hit counts on the company web server for the current week to the values that were recorded in previous weeks.
  334. 30     
  338. Refer to the exhibit. A host connected to Fa0/0 is unable to acquire an IP address from the DHCP server. The output of the debug ip dhcp server command shows "DHCPD: there is no address pool for". What is the problem?
  339.         The address address is already in use by Fa0/0.
  340.         .The pool of addresses for the 192Network pool is configured incorrectly.
  341.         The ip helper-address command should be used on the Fa0/0 interface.
  342.         The address has not been excluded from the 192Network pool.
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  350.                 Assessment System
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  362. 1      
  363. What will be the result of the enable secret command when added at the global configuration mode on the router?
  364.         It will use MD5 encryption to protect the privileged EXEC level access.
  365.         .It will use type 7 encryption and will encrypt only the privileged EXEC level passwords.
  366.         It will use type 7 encryption to prevent all passwords that are displayed on the screen from being readable.
  367.         It will use MD5 encryption to protect the passwords that are only used in the PAP and CHAP authentication process.
  369. 2      
  370. When implementing a dynamic ACL, why is it necessary to include an extended ACL as part of the configuration process?
  371.         .to disable the router vty lines
  372.         to reduce the dynamic ACL filtering load
  373.         to override any previous ACL that might be applied to the router
  374.         to provide a controlled situation of allowing traffic through a router
  376. 3      
  380. Refer to the exhibit. This serial interface is not functioning correctly. Based on the output shown, what is the most likely cause?
  381.         improper LMI type
  382.         interface reset
  383.         .PPP negotiation failure
  384.         unplugged cable
  386. 4      
  390. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is trying to configure a router to use SDM. After this configuration shown in the exhibit is applied, the SDM interface of the router is still not accessible. What is the cause of the problem?
  391.         .The username and password are not configured correctly.
  392.         The authentication method is not configured correctly.
  393.         The HTTP timeout policy is not configured correctly.
  394.         The vtys are not configured correctly.
  396. 5      
  397. A recently patched application server is experiencing response time problems. The network on which the application server is located has been experiencing occasional outages that the network team believes may be related to recent routing changes. Network and application teams have been notified to work on their respective issues. Which statement applies to this situation?
  398.         Only results from the software package should be tested as the network is designed to accommodate the proposed software platform.
  399.         Scheduling will be easy if the network and software teams work independently.
  400.         .It will be difficult to isolate the problem if two teams are implementing changes independently.
  401.         Results from changes will be easier to reconcile and document if each team works in isolation.
  403. 6      
  407. Refer to the exhibit. What happens if the network administrator issues the commands shown when an ACL called Managers already exists on the router?
  408.         The commands overwrite the existing Managers ACL.
  409.         .The commands are added at the end of the existing Managers ACL.
  410.         The network administrator receives an error stating that the ACL already exists.
  411.         The commands will create a duplicate Managers ACL containing only the new commands being entered.
  413. 7      
  417. Refer to the exhibit. R1 is performing NAT overload for the inside network. Host A has sent a packet to the web server. What is the destination IP address of the return packet from the web server?
  420.         .
  423. 8      
  424. What are two main components of data confidentiality? (Choose two.)
  425.         checksum
  426.         digital certificates
  427.         .encapsulation
  428.         .encryption
  429.         hashing
  431. 9      
  432. Which statement is true of DSL?
  433.         It is typically deployed in a mesh topology.
  434.         The network is shared using a logical bus topology.
  435.         Bandwidth is dependent on the number of concurrent users.
  436.         Transfer rates are dependent on the length of the local loop.
  438. 10     
  439. What are three attributes of a security policy? (Choose three.)
  440.         It provides step-by-step procedures to harden routers and other network devices.
  441.         .It defines acceptable and unacceptable use of network resources.
  442.         It focuses primarily on attacks from outside of the organization.
  443.         .It defines a process for managing security violations.
  444.         It should not need to be altered once implemented.
  445.         .It creates a basis for legal action if necessary.
  447. 11     
  448. What is the result when the command permit tcp any eq smtp is added to a named access control list and applied on the inbound interface of a router?
  449.         TCP traffic with a destination to the is permitted.
  450.         Only Telnet traffic is permitted to the network
  451.         Ttraffic from is permitted to anywhere on using any port.
  452.         .Traffic using port 25 from the is permitted to all destinations.
  454. 12     
  458. Refer to the exhibit. How many addresses could be assigned to clients by DHCP_Router?
  459.         3
  460.         .17
  461.         19
  462.         51
  463.         125
  465. 13     
  466. Which option correctly defines the capacity through the local loop guaranteed to a customer by the service provider?
  467.         BE
  468.         DE
  469.         .CIR
  470.         CBIR
  472. 14     
  473. A network administrator is tasked with maintaining two remote locations in the same city. Both locations use the same service provider and have the same service plan for DSL service. When comparing download rates, it is noticed that the location on the East side of town has a faster download rate than the location on the West side of town. How can this be explained?
  474.         The West side has a high volume of POTS traffic.
  475.         The West side of town is downloading larger packets.
  476.         .The service provider is closer to the location on the East side.
  477.         More clients share a connection to the DSLAM on the West side.
  479. 15     
  480. What is. a characteristic feature of a worm?
  481.         .exploits a known vulnerability
  482.         attaches to executable programs
  483.         masquerades as a legitmate program
  484.         lies dormant until triggered by an event, time, or date
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