BLOOD af - @crybabyjoon

Apr 5th, 2017
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  2. slot ↝ SEVEN
  3. face claim ↝ @joonzoo
  5. full name ↝ Woo Sun Hee (우선희)
  6. nicknames ↝ sunny, whoop whoop
  8. birthdate ↝ July 10, 1996 (7/10/96)
  10. birthplace ↝ Jeju City, South Korea
  11. hometown ↝ Jeju City, South Korea
  13. education ↝ Jeju National University (attending)
  15. blood type ↝ AB
  17. GREECE
  18. favorite things ↝
  19. ━ cranberry juice
  20. ━ oversized clothing
  21. ━ really cute accessories
  22. ━ make up
  23. ━ really cheesy pizza
  24. ━ peppermint candy
  25. ━ receiving heartfelt hugs or affection
  26. ━ any type of indie and rap music, there's no in between
  27. ━ cracking her fingers, especially her thumbs and pinkies
  28. ━ working hard and receiving recognition for it
  29. ━ giving massages
  30. ━ sending really positive messages!! aka loves giving affection
  31. ━ anything related to fluffy, small, or cute
  32. ━ mcdonald's fries
  33. ━ mango smoothies!11!!
  35. pet peeves ↝
  36. ━ when her hair is grabbed/pulled
  37. ━ being forced to exercise
  38. ━ waking in the early early morning
  39. ━ tight spaces/too many people in one place
  40. ━ those that butt in when they should be minding their own business
  42. personality ↝
  43. ━ she's honestly someone you wouldn't wanna be seen in public with, does crazy whenever she wants
  44. ━ doesn't know the definition of shutting the fuck up
  45. ━ talks her way out of everything, it mainly being sweet talk
  46. ━ unintentionally drops things as she holds them, or she'll leave it somewhere only to question where it is half a minuet later
  47. ━ needs to be babysat but usually the one babysitting
  48. ━ has a big mouth!!! always talking shit!!! unintentionally gets those around her into trouble because she believes in bringing everyone down with her!!!
  49. ━ isn't stupid but she's very obvious and clueless, has gotten a few thousand scoldings because of it
  50. ━ the type of person to say 'lol' or 'me toooooo!!' in public really loudly
  51. ━ your average really pretty and too popular korean girl
  52. ━ can be really odd and serious at times, tends to have a blank face and keeps to herself too much for someone as talkative and well known as her
  54. background ↝ sun hee is someone who could easily get along with everyone, though she chooses to stick to herself because she isn't the biggest fan of trying to keep up with everyone and with what they're up to. growing up, sun hee has had a problem with believing people or trusting them. who causes this issue was her father who, surprisingly for someone who cared for sun hee so much, left her for her favorite drink from the convenience store and never came back. of course, sun hee had her doubts about her father, if he really cared about her and if he were to ever actually come back. now, it wasn't entirely her fathers fault, she had trust issues with almost any passing person because sun hee had found out at a young age that her father was murdered. the one person she cared about deeply, who had promised to be there with her forever, and a murderer who screamed scary. the idea of anybody being able to be as sickening as the person who took the life of her precious loved one, stayed with sun hee up to this day. she now lives with her grandparents, making sure to be as positive as ever as she helps them with their family restaurant. sun hee is very popular because she's known as her universities 'most beautiful female to walk grounds', not because she actually engages to speak with anyone, she's just great eye candy for everyone. she has lived like this since middle school, it being the time her father was murdered, and the time she decided being alone wasn't the most horrible thing. she does have a few acquaintances, but that's as far as they'll ever be.
  57. love interest ↝ kim namjoon!!!
  59. how he acts around you ↝ though he is very seductive when it's time to be so, he is very clumsy around sun hee. something about the way she smiles at him makes want to drop to the floor, look at nothing in general and thank whoever blessed him so hard. he tends to try his best at flustering the oblivious girl, but it's no use because he just ends up flustering himself as sun hee gives him an affectionate move.
  61. how you act around him ↝ sun hee is even more oblivious, just everything namjoon does makes her question if what he's doing actually has a specific reason behind it. she carries even bigger smiles that are filled with so much sunshine it breaks many. sun hee tries her best to come off as very cute, because she enjoys the reactions she receives. the thought of namjoon makes her feel very secure, so she tends to snuggle or stick to namjoon whenever she has the chance.
  63. how he saved you ↝ sun hee was in a hurry back home, as her grandparents needed her help in the restaurant very deeply, so the girl made sure to walk extra fast than usual. listening to music that would keep her in a positive mood very loudly was something she was accustomed, so, when sun hee had walked into traffic when the light was green and when she was a few feet away from getting crashed with a very fast motorcycle, namjoon had heard the screams and hollers of many that sun hee didn't. of course, he was scared and surprised to the point of his face turning as white as a sheet of paper, but he didn't feel like seeing a big scene so he made a run for it, easily and swiftly scooping up a perplexed sun hee in his arms. she was confused, probably even mad because honestly who the fuck is this? but as soon as she felt the hard wind of the incredibly speedy motorcycle, she made it her mission to thank her lifesaver with everything she's got.
  65. recommended scenes ↝
  66. ━ tbh it'd be cute if she bought him anything having to do with ryan, still stuck on thanking him for saving her, and he was being all "no, you shouldn't buy me thing. it should be the other way. blah blah blah." but in the end he takes whatever sun hee bought and shyly yet happily remember her every time he saw it.
  67. ━ yo yo yo, a scene where sun hee is asking namjoon (maybe even the other boys, like they're all in a group circle or something) how blood tastes, if it tastes really good or sweet. and she's suddnely taking hold of namjoon's wrist a moment after all that washed away, yet she's still on it, and she takes a huge chomp of him as she tries her best to let a little bit of blood come out yet try her best not to hurt him.
  68. ━ namjoon finds the gay smut, or tbh smut in general, sun hee had taken an interest on and he's really flustered about asking her about it but once he does, she's really cool about it. making namjoon wonder if sun hee is all that okay with sex and he questions his mind.
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