Pippali FEMTO

Nov 27th, 2018 (edited)
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  1. Name: Pippali
  2. Race: Zebra
  3. -Racial Traits:
  4. --Heightened Senses(Passive): The harsh jungles on their homeland require non-predators to always be on guard. You have +1 to all perception-based rolls (e.g. spotting, searching.)
  5. --Z-Tactic(Passive): You inherited the instinct to run in a zig-zag pattern when stressed, making you harder to hit in a large group. For each nearby zebra, the DC to hit you raises by 1.
  7. -Trained Talent: War Stripes
  8. --You may paint one ally in a pattern resembling your own stripes. This lets you treat the ally as a Zebra for the purposes of Z-Tactic, and allows the ally to benefit from Z-Tactic's effect themselves.
  9. -Special Talent: Painting
  10. --You have a knack for painting in general, and have a +2 to rolls involving paintings, paint, or painting in general.
  12. Gender: Male
  13. Age: 24
  14. Hits/Wounds: 7/5
  16. Class: Samurai (Monk/Knight)
  17. -Class Skills:
  18. --Revolving Blade(Recharge 3, Weapon): Autocrits. Critically hitting on any other attack or skill resets the cooldown on this skill
  19. --Dynamic Duo: At the start of Combat, pick an ally. When that ally successfully hits an enemy, your next attack against that enemy becomes Instant
  20. --Slam(Recharge 1): You deliver a crushing blow. Crits on 9+
  22. -Equipment:
  23. --Armored Guantlet (Single Weapon)
  24. --Throwing Spears (Ranged Weapon)
  25. --Painting Supplies
  26. --Traveling gear (Rations, tent, etc)
  27. --Flute
  28. --85 Bits
  29. ->Runes<-
  30. --Fortress-Rune Tunic (Body): +2 Hits. No Rolls required to withstand harsh weather.
  31. -- Necklace of Vivacity (Object): +1 to physical attacks
  33. -Appearance:
  34. Pippali is a large, somewhat bulky, strong-looking Zebra with wavy strips and warm, amber eyes. His otherwise long mane and tail are tied off.
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