Mancaves and roll reversal

Jan 3rd, 2014
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  1. >You're Anonymous
  2. >the end
  3. >but anyways it is day honey jar in Equestria as you remove your underwear and dip your erect dick into the honey and then make your way towards the mothpony in your house, mentally taking note on every place where some of the honey drops on the floor so you can clean it up when you can
  4. >"Oh Dandelioooon~ I have a treat for you~"
  5. >the bored looking Dandelion turns to look at you and your glazed glory as she stops reading the newspaper in her hoofs
  6. "Anon, if you want t blowjob just ask, you're only going to get honey all over the floor and furniture"
  7. >you frown
  8. >"Ummm, can't you act a bit more, innocent? I mean blush a bit, stutter and try your haredest to gaze away from my member but still sneak shy glances at it"
  9. >Dandelion sighs and rubs her temple
  10. "We've been having so much sex that my innocence is pretty much gone now Anonymous"
  11. >you have been living with Dandelion after finding out that Equestria has no age of consent and no pony had nothing against it, and a lot of sex has happened
  12. "Come over here and I'll suck you off if that's what you want"
  13. >you pout
  14. >"No"
  15. >Dandelion lowers the paper she is reading and raises her eyebrow at you
  16. "You do not want to get a blowjob now?"
  17. >you stomp your feet in frustration
  18. >"But it's not the same!"
  19. "Well then get over here and fuck Dandelion, looking at your cock has gotten me wet"
  20. >Dandelion looks at you with predatory bedroom eyes
  21. >"Stop it Dandelion! Do not use bedroom eyes, you are supposed to act coy and insecure and..."
  22. >Dandelion gets back to reading the paper
  23. "Yeah yeah, be a dear and throw me my vibrator if you do not feel like manning up and fucking my ass until I purr"
  24. >dick now limp and dripping honey all over the floor, you hang your head down and fetch Dandelions toy and throw it to her
  25. >"I'm going to go play with Acteus"
  26. >you put your pants back on after wiping the excess honey off of your cock and make your way to the door until Dandelions voice stops you
  27. "And when are you going to be back? I'm making dinner in about an hour"
  28. >"I don't know, we are going to build a mancave fort into his basement"
  29. "Well be sure you come home after and hour and a half"
  30. >"But Dandelion, it's going to be so awesome and cool and it is going to have beer dispensers and gaming systems and disco lights and-"
  31. "No buts."
  32. >you give up and go to do bro stuff with Acteus, but still slam the door shut a bit more loudly to show how much you disaprove your curfew
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