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  1. <Task fai_finish="0" finish_min_height_ref="AGL" finish_min_height="0" start_max_height_ref="MSL" start_max_height="0" start_max_speed="0" start_requires_arm="1" aat_min_time="7200" type="AAT">
  2.     <Point type="Start">
  3.         <Waypoint altitude="418" comment="Airfield, Martin" id="108" name="001LZMA">
  4.             <Location latitude="49.0667" longitude="18.95"/>
  5.         </Waypoint>
  6.         <ObservationZone length="5000" type="Line"/>
  7.     </Point>
  8.     <Point type="Area">
  9.         <Waypoint altitude="320.8" comment="dam" id="338" name="297NITR RUDNO">
  10.             <Location latitude="48.8016" longitude="18.4804"/>
  11.         </Waypoint>
  12.         <ObservationZone radius="15000" type="Cylinder"/>
  13.     </Point>
  14.     <Point type="Area">
  15.         <Waypoint altitude="1225" comment="hill" id="204" name="121HRCOVA KECKA">
  16.             <Location latitude="49.2441" longitude="19.1865"/>
  17.         </Waypoint>
  18.         <ObservationZone radius="20000" type="Cylinder"/>
  19.     </Point>
  20.     <Point type="Area">
  21.         <Waypoint altitude="320" comment="Bojnice, Castle" id="133" name="032BOJNICE">
  22.             <Location latitude="48.78" longitude="18.5775"/>
  23.         </Waypoint>
  24.         <ObservationZone radius="20000" type="Cylinder"/>
  25.     </Point>
  26.     <Point type="Finish">
  27.         <Waypoint altitude="418" comment="Airfield, Martin" id="108" name="001LZMA">
  28.             <Location latitude="49.0667" longitude="18.95"/>
  29.         </Waypoint>
  30.         <ObservationZone radius="3000" type="Cylinder"/>
  31.     </Point>
  32. </Task>
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