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Reset Avid activation and Application Manager

NEO_AMiGA Nov 12th, 2016 (edited) 19 Never
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  1. #!/bin/bash
  3. # Bash script to deal with an Avid Application manager on OSX that can't connect or retreive your account info. This will totally reset your license
  4. # information on the client so you MUST re-activate after running this. Hey, not my fault... You could easily put this inside an Automator app if
  5. # that's your cup of tea.  
  6. #
  7. # 1. Save the below to something like 'AVID_reset_activation.sh'
  8. # 2. in terminal: chmod +x /path/to/AVID_reset_activation.sh
  9. # 3. in terminal: /path/to/AVID_reset_activation.sh
  10. # 4. Look at the output and see if it looks as expected. After it's done, restart Avid Application Manager. On my machines I don't see the icon
  11. # in the menu bar after launching. So clink on first empty space near first already visible icon. Good one Avid...
  12. #
  13. # If you have no experience in stuffs like this you probably shouldn't use nor run this. I take no responsibility for any misstakes or
  14. # error at your end. I threw this together do deal with our 15ish clients that couldn't connect with the notoriously shitty
  15. # Avid Application Manager. So yeah, use with caution.
  16. #
  17. #
  18. #
  20. #all paths to delete
  21. paths=("/Library/Caches/Avid/AppManager/Cache" "/Library/Caches/Avid/AppManager/Db" "/Library/Application Support/Avid/Licenses" "/Library/Application Support/Avid/SWL")
  23. #all processes to kill
  24. processes=("AvidApplicationManager" "AvidAppManHelper")
  26. printf "\nTime to make this sucker work!\n\nPlease enter your password (you will not see any output while typing it, that's normal):\n"
  27. sudo cd .
  30. # Will kill affected processes
  31. for process in "${processes[@]}"; do
  32.     printf "\n\nKilling '${process}'...\n"
  33.     sudo killall -v "${process}"
  34. done
  36. #Wait a while so processed get a chance to terminate
  37. printf "\nWaiting for 10 seconds so we're sure all processes have terminated properly.\n"
  38. for i in {1..10}; do
  39.     echo -ne " Sleeping: ${i}...\r"
  40.     sleep 1
  41. done
  43. # Delete the paths needed to get this Trumpian POS up and running again.
  44. for path in "${paths[@]}"; do
  45.     if [[ -d "${path}" ]]; then
  46.         printf "\n\nDeleting '${path}'...\n"
  47.         sudo rm -rfv "${path}"
  48.     else
  49.         printf "\n\n'${path}' wasn't found on this system.\n"
  50.     fi
  51. done
  53. printf "\n\nAll done. Now start Avid Application Manager and sign in to your account.\nAfter launching it and if you don't see the icon in the menu bar, click right next to the first visible icon.\nAlso, you must re-activate Media Composer and/or any other Avid applications now.\n\n¯\_(ツ)_/¯\n\n"
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