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  1. Day 5 : Small block ladder crashing took most of the time, but the culprit was rooted out (contained - to be precise) With what little left of our time was spent on a semi-successful iron mining trip. There was a malfunction in the inertial dampemer mid-flight. Life was risked, prayers was made, and the rig was - fortunately - not fucked.
  3. no progress was made to the base. Had sexy LCD set tho
  5. Day 11 : Eleventh sols already. It is peaceful today without any sight of hostile drone in sight. Rebuilt the roller. Orange SCV rig was crashed and lost in the desert. New one was built. Turned out the compact rig can make a sizible ravine more effectively than the former plower, quite a breakthrough.
  6. "Fuck that [plower]" stated the miner-in-chief
  8. With this newfound productivity, resource shortage may soon be - finally - eliminated forever.
  11. Day 16 Launch Report.
  12. A new chapter in space flight began on stardate : 16th with the launch of the first rocket from Tanis Motherbase, (fig.1) the [Pathfinder] was an ambitious single-stage rocket program, launched under the direction of the Ajakis Manufactorum. The ground crew cut the rocket loose from the scaffolding, and instructed the astronaut to power up the thruster and prepare to launch. The problem arose, however, when the safelock can only be activated by the ground crew due to design flaw. The poor sod climbed to the panel near the door, and switched off the safety lock, while the astronaut unknowingly overrided the thrust in full power. The immediate exerting force of the lifting rocket pulled the victim up in whiplash motion, breaking his neck along with 90 percent of the bones in his body, killing him.
  14. No photograph of the launch was taken due to the commotion that it caused.
  16. The flight was limited to a single wave range (50km) at the time due to concerns over the potential lost of signal and how a human would cope with space travel, but despite the risks, the astronaut managed outstandingly for the first two minutes.
  18. “I miss the ground so bad *crying*” astronaut stated - approximately three minute after the launch. jk
  20. The planetside medical bay was locked shortly after to continue to monitor the subject in prolonged isolation.
  21. “Wow, you cut me off from the planet [sic]. What a dick.” the subject stated. The ground control raised concern over the subject’s potential aggressive tendencies.
  22. “Lol” the ground control replied.
  24. Day 1 on the Dune.
  26. Today we tried to mine some iron off a small boulder, and dug down about 20 metre (so far) for an underground homebase. But then we noticed that some of the air traffic fell off the sky because they were struck by the meteor. And while most are disabled by the planet fall, we see one red marker [Oban Tide] of the functioning antenna in the radar, on the ground, 8 km approx away. It survived the fall.
  28. We prepared and set off immedietly in the 5 wheeled Baserunner. Another 2 wheels broke off immedietly, leaving us with 3 wheels runner that still maintain enough balance to keep moving through the dunes. We made it about 3 km when another 2 wheels hit the boulder and get knocked off it's suspension in a spectacular fashion [pic]... We continued on foot.
  30. The desert is hot and dry, at some point we found our broken wheel half-buried in the sand and took a selfie next to it [pic]
  32. A couple kilometres later, the signal disappeared. It seems that it's battery has given up due to how long they've keep itself (and possibly it's thrusters) up. We made it to the said ship, it was beautiful, and huge. First thing we did after we parkour our way up to it's airlock (we does it without jetpack, due to lack of H2), was hacking a single battery, medbay, and disable nearby turrets for safety.
  34. It seems that after a long and hard struggle today, all of it has paid off.
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