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  1. To optimize growth and ensure we can do what we can as a team here are some guidelines to follow:
  3. 1) tp to the edge of alliance territory: half inside, half outside to let rss tiles spawn inside the territory
  4. 2) Gather resources from territory first (25% gathering boost)
  5. 3) Keep territory clean from barbs, forts and cities
  6. 4) taking a part in construction and group events is obligatory
  7. 5) follow announcements and markers
  8. 6) check blue tracers before and after sending troops on rss tiles
  9. 7) join rallies to fort with full army unless advised differently lvl4 fort - t3, t4 troops only.
  10. 8) slow flag - 1 unit only. Fast flag - max troops
  11. 9) follow officer's commands when attacking guardians
  12. 10) Don't leave any half finished rss tile,  if you see any then clear it up.. Otherwise no new tile will appear.
  13. 11) Don't gather in another alliance territory
  14. 12) farm accounts not allowed to gather tiles on territory
  15. And last but the most important - respect your teammates.
  16. Rules helps to figure out how to be a good member of alliance.
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