Spearmanship 6

May 26th, 2022
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  1. He wasted no energy while Ikki was out of range, but the moment Ikki entered his zone, he swooped in like a raging fire.
  2. Fundamentally, Moroboshi preferred this kind of patient spear technique.
  3. That’s what Ikki decided to aim for.
  4. The first blow Moroboshi would put out as he approached.
  5. (I’ll hit his interception with Dokuga no Tachi!)
  6. He raised his sword diagonally above his head. His sixth secret sword- Dokuga no Tachi.
  7. It sends shockwaves into the enemy through the Device, attacking them from the inside.
  8. It was an attack that passed through weapons.
  9. Unlike Shinkirou, he hadn’t shown this technique to Moroboshi.
  10. Therefore, the first attack should definitely get by-
  11. “What might this be?” “…?”
  12. Ikki was left astonished the instant his Dokuga no Tachi intercepted Tora-ou.
  13. Moroboshi had quickly withdrawn his spear.
  14. Then, aiming at Ikki, who was full of openings after being faked out, he struck out again.
  15. “As if I’d take such a poisoned strike!” “Ku, Uoooooo!!!”
  16. Immediately after, that light of strength leaving someone, Blood Light, danced in the air.
  17. Moroboshi’s strike had caught Ikki.
  19. However, it had not been a serious wound. It had only slightly scratched his side.
  20. To pull that off, Ikki had used the hilt of Intetsu to strike the blade of Tora-ou and turn its trajectory.
  21. He then promptly escaped out of spear range.
  22. “Skillful as usual.”
  23. “What makes you say it was poisoned? You should not have seen this technique before.”
  24. “It’s because you left your weight behind unnaturally. I just got a
  25. bad feeling from that.” “…I see.”
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