(08/18/19) The Carousel: Chapter 3

Aug 22nd, 2019
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  1. - Prior to the event-
  3. The Lovely Lemon Clown, presumed dead, returns to the silver screen. Hosting a talk show with a special guest. Majiro's Corpse! Atleast what looked like it. Clearly meant to poke at the raw scab that was the genin's emotions after the icon's recent death. He posed a riddle. -What sort of rocks does Frankenstein have in his collection? Every so often, the screen would flash to a girl in a fish tank, panicking as it slowly filled with water.
  5. -Event-
  7. It's televised like the last event. Showing Torai, Kyio, Jouji, and Suteru all walking down a long corridor until they stand face to face with the next game. Figuring out which person in the room was a fake. Much like the previous games, the room was obviously rigged with explosives. Something Kiyo warned about, but Suteru didn't heed it. After an attempt at taking command by ordering a henge check, he throws an explosive tag at dead body. Right next to a long line of "Lemon-Nades."
  9. The tag triggers a large explosion, collapsing the hidden base in on itself and nearly killing everyone. At the very least, it made certain that noone was forced to play the clown's sick game.
  11. The body was not the fake, but it is revealed that the hostage was. A stark contrast to the previous games where the hostage was usually an actual hostage. Evident by the first that died in an explosion and the second that was killed on television when Usui thought she was a real clown.
  13. It was time to take their revenge, and they fucked her shit up. Jouji took command at this point after saving Torai from serious harm. Hee and Kiyo assaulted the clown upfront while Suteru helped Torai. Then, Jouji tagged the younger members of his team in. WEith Torai lined up right, he launches an attack upfront while Seuteru attacked from behind. Kiyo hits the clown with a lightning spear once Torai launches it into the air, then Torai finishes it off with a punishing kick back towards the ground.
  15. The Lemon game was finally over.
  17. -Post event-
  19. The earth above the base continues to give in, causing an earth quake that draws the attention of shinobi near-by. A rescue effort is given to save the shinobi trapped underground.
  21. Yori expends his chakra patching up the ground.
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