here yaaa go maliky

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  1. 1.Do you play any instruments? No
  2. 2.What is everything you're allergic to? Spicy stuff hot cheetos, anything
  3. 3.Are you religious or like believe in anything at all? I mean i don't go to church o_o
  4. 4. Whats in your purse rn o.0? I have a lot lmao eeeeeeek calvin, kate spade
  5. 5.Is your last name spanish asf or like your full name spanishhhh out asf? yeee not that spanish af
  6. 6.whats something you can do really well not matter how weird , like a talent? LOL
  7. 7.whats the most embarrassing thing youve done? ordering the wrong drink at starbucks i've always wanted to try
  8. 8. whats the freakiest thought or kink you have/had? O_O I told you before
  9. 9.whats the best present you've ever gotten? um MY CAT
  10. 10. whats the bigggest fear you have? Losing someone I love
  11. 11. what makes you nervous? when people randomly asks me kink questions and yeee i get shy
  12. 12. whats your best pair of shoes you have rn? I uhhhhh wear egirl shoes aka vans???
  13. important is marriage to you and stuff? 8/10
  14. 14.Have i ever hurt you in some way you haven't told me yet? I think when you do stupid shit on discord with girls you try to flirt with whenever you and i have a fallout but i told you this before
  15. 15. Is there anything your hiding from me, (anything)? yeah i'm a virgin
  16. 16: 1-10 how much do you trust me? 20 (honesty)
  17. 17.What would you want to change about me? stop being a flirt jk Idk I want you to spend more time with me than being on discord.
  18. 18: how would you define love? Hmmmm I think love for me having honesty and loyalty with each other (im prob dumb)
  19. 19: is there anything you don't know about me that you've been wanting to ask ? are you gay like frank ocean (; am jk Are you more of a personality or body type of guy?
  20. 20. When did you know you liked be back in the day and when i came back! Idk I've always asked about you when i came back.
  21. 21.If you wanted to look sexy , what would you wear? LOL sweats and oversize tshirts wit a messy bun
  22. 22.: how could i make you feel like more special ? love me harder
  23. 23: what do you wanna change about yourself ? (other than what i already know) LOL Probably
  24. 24. Who do you trust the most right now? Honestly besides you it's hard probably rizon, marco and cole
  25. 25.what's your biggest regret? My biggest is being nice to the people that don't deserve it aka assholes
  26. 26.if you got to pick how you died and when, when would it be? ummmm only heaven decides when it's time.
  27. 27.whats the best thing you like about your family? Gathering
  28. 28.whats the worst thing you hate about your family? None
  29. 29. how would you describe me in one word? caring
  30. 30. how would you describe you in one word? weird
  31. 31. how would you describe us in one woord? weirdos
  32. 32. what is something youd never forgive me doing
  33. 33. what is something youd never forgvie me saying
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