MAMD 179

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  1. MAMD 179 (This ones for you Todi :)     /=or
  2. Hanulim:Yoshua
  3. Yosua:Ha- Hanulim
  4. Yosua:Ah. Good morning, how are you?/Ah, ah, hello, what are you doing here.🀯
  5. Sol:What is it? You two met again in a day. What should I do?😢
  6. Haki:I, I don't know...this all Because of Heath's hasteπŸ˜’  .I've been trying to watch/watching for days.πŸ˜ͺ
  7. Hiskaya:uh? Shouldn't you? The sooner you loose it, the better.(Basically the sooner the better)😦
  8. Haki:-Yoshua said it's hard to see Hanulim for the time being.😒
  9. Hiskaya:What !? does that mean  you/she don't want to meet for a while ”?
  10. Haki:Yeah ... I've been asking a couple of days for a while.
  11. Hiskaya:Oh, no, I've heard about it, but that's not the case.
  12. Hanulim:Yosua!?😐
  13. Yosua:Yes!😳😨
  14. Hanulim:Yesterday ... when you went away, I was a bit embarrassed ... I couldn't/didn't get to apologize.πŸ˜“
  15. Hanulim:At that time I had no spirit to hold on but you're here today. Is it okay for a while?
  16. Hanulim:Let's talk for a moment/second.Are you going to move somewhere else?😦
  17. Yosua:Yes, but ...😨😢
  18. Yosua:I, I ... should do what I did later .../Well, I have to do what I did later.That's ... right now ...πŸ˜–πŸ˜“πŸ˜³
  19. Sol:Wow ... why are you leaving so quickly/such a hurry?
  20. Haki:It's urgent to understand, but .../I understand what's urgent, but ...
  21. Hiskaya(in her mind):I think it's harassing Yoshua.😭
  22. Hiskaya:I already seemed to be a bad sinner/… I've already become a bad sinner.
  23. Hanulim:It's just a minuiteπŸ˜‘
  24. Yosua:Ha, but it's too scary.
  26. Hanulim:Don't you want to talk to me about work yesterday?
  27. Yosua:Hanulim I... I..
  28. Yosua:I'm sorry! Sorry. "πŸ˜“
  29. Hanulim:Why do you apologize? Yoshua!
  30. Sol:Oh, Joshua. Wait a minute.😦
  31. Haki:Uh..
  32. Hiskaya:Hey, Han-lim, what  did you do to drive her away
  33. Hanulim:I didn't mean to stick it.
  34. Hiskaya:Joshua was surprised
  35. Hanulim:Well. If she still had a problem with my tone ... I don't know, but I would...admit it.I need to go see Yosua
  36. Hanulim:Please, please. I just..I just want to share a story with Joshua..
  37. Haki:Yes, I know, but I think it's a bunch right now.
  38. Haki: Anyway,From my point of view, Yoshua is my family.😐
  39. Haki:I want to respect Joshua's mood as much as possible.If you still want to go after her,You will have to get past meπŸ˜‘
  40. Haki:You will have to go past me to the best of your ability.
  41. Sol:Wow, Haki, it's hot in a while.
  42. Sol:It's good, two of us, two of you.
  43. Hanulim:No, wait ... why do we have to fight? And how do we beat those two guys?
  44. Sol:You're on the way to meet Joshua, and we're on the side of Joshua.
  45. Sol:When I wanted to beat home scene once, it was great.
  46. Hanulim:....
  47. Haki:
  48. Hanulim:Okay, Haha said so ... today is this time./You say that ... today.
  49. Hiskaya (in her mind):Good luck, you almost crossed the Jordan in your  hand.(I think this has to do with Hakis katana)
  50. Haki:Thank you very much.
  51. Sol:Is it just over?
  52. (Everyone looks at each other with dark eyes)
  53. Hiskaya:Ah ~ There's a lot of thunder. We haven't had lunch yet. ”
  54. Hiskaya:Actually, I just changed my clothes and came straight away.
  55. Haki:We're hungry too. It's good, before lunch.It's like this, lunch together
  56. Hanulim:Then, I'll go to Yoshua and go to a restaurant.
  57. Haki:Ah, Isol. I have to finish the job of Yoshua and I. Okay.If you want Joshua, you can just eat at another table or eat outside the restaurant.
  58. Wow, that's natural. If you take Joshua and have a meal together, will you take it away/Wow, that's natural. If you took Joshua and ate everything together, would you do it right away?
  59. Hanulim(in her mind):Joshua ... You don't want to talk to me ...πŸ˜¦πŸ˜“
  61. Isol knocks on the doorπŸšͺ
  62. Sol:Joshua, are you in your room? I should have lunch.Is there anybody ~ Joshua ~?
  63. Sol:Uh,there's really nobody.
  64. Sol:She's not in her room bath or study
  65. Sol:It's the front yard fountain, the training ground, the back yard table.Have you ever gone outside?
  66. Sol:..?
  67. Sol:Oh, ho, hide and seek.πŸ˜…(sees Yosua behind tree)
  68. Sol:Frequent, Joshua! You're drinking this time/Ifound you!😁
  69. Yosua:Ugh!😨
  70. Sol:Why are you hiding here?If you did something wrong, run away.
  71. Yosua:Sorry Sorry/... I'm sorry, sorry ... I'm so embarrassed to stop ...πŸ˜“πŸ˜³
  72. Sol:I know...
  73. Sol:let's go eat. The other three went to the restaurant first. Just you and me go.
  74. Yosua:Yeah? Oh no I'm fine ... Even if I don't have lunch😢.Isol, go ahead and have a meal.
  75. Sol:Is it uncomfortable because she is with you?/Are you uncomfortable because she is with you?
  76. Yosua:....(covers her face in her clothes)
  77. Sol:Is that so? Then it's no big deal ... I have to go.Are you waiting here?
  78. Yosua:Yeah? What do you mean…
  79. Sol:Hey, no matter how long, can I clean Django with me later?Shouldn't you be energized to work? I'll pack my lunch. Wait here.
  80. Yosua:No, I don't really eat ...
  81. Sol:It's a lot more wasteful if you don't eat, when I come with a packed lunch, okay?
  82. Haki:Don't take it, Heath(Hiskaya). Eat slowly because you're out.
  83. Hiskaya:But this is really delicious. This and that are all delicious togetherπŸ˜‹
  84. Haki:By the way, Joshua is worried.Hanulim Can I ask you something?
  85. Haki:Joshua is like that too-but what do you think of her?/So Yosua.-What do you think about Yosua?
  86. Hanulim:..! (her heart beats and echoes like the rhythm of a drum)
  88.                                            -End of Chapter-
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