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  1. Shill didn't like me over literally
  2. One arguement OOC
  3. and a very neutral or otherwise standard IC interaction
  4. However he took this OOCly so such an extent that he refused to RP on his Commander
  5. Refused to RP with me being in MI.
  6. Which forced jeeves to put me into the ISB
  7. I didn't want to be in the ISB
  8. Anyway I talk to Jeeve's character
  9. Bare in mind this wasn't me being ordered to reported or told to speak
  11. IthalinToday at 1:08 AM
  12. yeah you asked iirc
  14. Rg4Today at 1:08 AM
  16. It was an informal conversation that I wanted to know ICly about my transfer
  17. To which I accepted and then was demoted
  18. Then told to deal with it.
  19. Which again there is 0
  20. IC basis for any of this.
  21. So the conversation I started.
  22. Informally.
  23. I left it.
  24. and was Jeeves ordered me to be arrested.
  25. I ignored them trying to arrested me, you saw.
  26. Then I went back adn was kicked out.
  27. However it's easy to see that had shill not been reluctant to speak with me
  28. or RP
  29. None of this would've occured.
  30. To which apparently I was told I was being subdorinate, which is true
  31. and that I assault an officer
  32. which is not true at all.
  33. However if assaulting an officer is used because I HS'd Jojo for running up with me with a blaster after ordering  me to be executed
  34. Then getting told to RE RP
  35. Then that's 2 OOC factors
  37. IthalinToday at 1:14 AM
  38. yeah idk uh
  39. sounds shitty?
  40. i'm not sure there's much else i can say
  42. Rg4Today at 1:15 AM
  43. Literally there wasn't an IC reason for any of this. Save for the RP.
  45. IthalinToday at 1:15 AM
  46. kind of sucks you got stuck under someone who you clashed with right away
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