Anon - Love tag

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. “Miss Butterscotch look what Dandelion drew!”
  2. >The little filly holds up a drawing of a white moth with short blond mane to Butterscotch
  3. >Butterscotch takes the drawing into her hoof and looks at it while Dandelion waits to hear her opinion on it in excitement
  4. >Butterscotch lifts her gaze from the picture and gives a big smile to Dandelion
  5. “This is really good Dandelion, you’re really good at drawing”
  6. >You can see Dandelions eyes brighten up so much you start to fear moths might soon become captivated by all that brightness
  7. “You really think so?”
  8. >Butterscotch nods and ruffles Dandelions mane with her hoof
  9. “I’m sure of it!”
  10. >You can’t help but to smile as Dandelion closes her eyes and smiles happily while enjoying the mane ruffling
  11. >You’re Anonymous and you are currently sitting at the park and watching Butterscotch and the fillies that are with her
  12. >They all have drawing boards and crayons and they are all drawing happily
  13. >Well, some of them are and some of them are just having fun some other way, but the important thing is that everyone’s happy
  14. >Butterscotch takes notice of you and gives you a smile and a wave
  15. >You wave back
  16. >Butterscotch turns towards your direction but then Flower Tart shoves her drawing in her face
  17. “Mine’s prettier than hers right?”
  18. >Butterscotch takes the drawing in her hoof and goes over it
  19. “Flower, it’s not about who’s drawing is prettier than the others, it’s about having fun with everyone”
  20. >Flower Tart tilts her head to the side while looking at Butterscotch with a questioning look
  21. “No I’m pretty sure it’s about who’s is the prettiest”
  22. >Butterscotch ruffles Flower Tarts mane now and she tries to swat her hoof away while blushing
  23. “They are both very pretty”
  24. >Butterscotch stops ruffling Flower Tarts mane who starts to fix it right away with her hooves before taking back her drawing
  25. “Mine’s still prettier”
  27. >Satisfied with that, Flower Tart goes and joins Orange Pop and Dandelion as the three start to play around
  28. >Butterscotch sighs and then shakes her head a bit before starting to flutter towards you while the three fillies corned Marron and start a tickle fight with him, and soon the three are running after Marron in a little circle as all of them laugh
  29. >”Busy looking after the kids again huh?”
  30. >Butterscotch lands near you and folds her wings closed
  31. “Yes, but I don’t really mind. They are all such sweethearts”
  32. >Butterscotch turns to look at the 4 foals running around and smiles gently at them
  33. >”Not as sweet as you”
  34. >Butterscotch wings open up as she turns and looks at you with a surprised expression and pointed antennae for a spilt second, before blushing bashfully as her antennae droop down and her ears return to a more relaxed position like her wings
  35. >Before either of you can say anything else you feel some weight on your shoulder
  36. “Hiya Anon!”
  37. >Orange Pop is flying next to you and leaning against your shoulder
  38. >”Well hello Orange Pop, having fun?”
  39. >Orange Pop nods and gives you a toothy grin while Butterscotch tells her to come down from your shoulder
  40. >Orange Pop complies and lands on the ground next to Butterscotch as the other three run up to you as well and greet you
  41. “Hi Mr. Anon!”
  42. “Hi Anon!”
  43. “Hi!”
  44. >”Hello to all of you too, you having fun with Butterscotch?”
  45. >All 4 nod happily before answering in unison
  46. “Yeah she’s the best”
  47. >Butterscotch blushes now and looks a bit embarrassed
  48. >You smirk a bit at her
  49. >”I think she’s the best too”
  50. >This deepens her blush
  52. >The three fillies look at each other while going “ooooohhhh~”
  53. >Marron looks at the three with a raised eyebrow
  54. “What? What is it?”
  55. >All three turn around and give you and Marron a cheshire grin before starting to sing out loud in unison
  56. “Butterscotch likes Anonymous~”
  57. >Marron looks at you and does a little “bleeeh” of disgust as you rub the back of your head embarrassedly
  58. >Butterscotch on the other hand is blushing very furiously now
  59. “C-come on now children, that’s not nice...”
  60. >You look at Butterscotch
  61. >”They're right you know”
  62. >Butterscotch lets out a squeak and then glares at you while scrunching and blushing as the three fillies giggle and Marron looks like he’s going to be sick
  63. “That’s gross”
  64. >The three fillies glare at Marron and Flower Tart speaks up first
  65. “It’s not gross!”
  66. “Yeah, Dandelion thinks it’s cute!”
  67. >Marron looks at the two like they grew second heads on their shoulders
  68. “Nu-uh”
  69. >Dandelion and Flower Tart look a bit annoyed now and Orange Pop rubs the back of her head while looking a bit troubled
  70. >Butterscotches blush lessens as she collects herself fast
  71. “Now now, let’s stop fighting you three”
  72. >Butterscotches tone of voice is a bit stricter now and then three look up at her while looking sorry
  73. “We’re sorry...”
  74. >Butterscotches face lightens and she gives them a happy smile
  75. “Good”
  76. >Suddenly Orange Pop pokes you on the leg
  78. “Tag! You’re it!”
  79. >And the 4 foals take off and run away from you while laughing
  80. >Butterscotch sighs
  81. “Sorry about that Anon...”
  82. >You shake your head and get up from the bench
  83. >”No, I won’t mind playing. But shouldn't you be running away as well?”
  84. >Butterscotch tilts her head and looks at you
  85. >You put on a big grin
  86. >”I’m it”
  87. >You start to move your hand towards Butterscotches rump and she suddenly jump away from you with the help of her wings before giving you a dirty look
  88. “Anonymous, don’t you dare”
  89. >You keep grinning and take a few steps towards Butterscotch while the foals yell at her
  90. “Quick run away or he catches you!”
  91. “You’ll end up being it, run away!”
  92. >You try to poke Butterscotch on her butt again and she takes flight and dodges your hand before flying away from you
  93. >You start to jokingly run after her while keeping your distance and purposely missing her
  94. >Soon enough Butterscotches complains for you to stop change into laughter
  95. >Now that you got her into the game as well the 6 of you spend a long time playing tag together
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