Filly Booty Snack Time

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >and you have Flower Tart and Dandelion before you on a table, lying on their little tummies
  3. >on their perky little buttocks is food
  4. >on Dandelion, slices of cheddar cheese and on Flower Tarts, two juicy rings of fresh pineapple
  5. >one on each cheek
  6. >you are going to eat stuff off of their butts
  7. >”Well then, time to partake~”
  8. >you move your hand towards a slice of cheddar as Dandelion giggles a bit
  9. “Hey why are you starting with her?”
  10. >you turn to look at Flower Tart, who is now looking at you with disagreement
  11. >”Uummm...”
  12. >Flower Tart pushes her little behind up to drive her point
  13. “My butt is more beautiful than hers!”
  14. >before you can even think of something to reply Dandelion turns to look at Flower Tart
  15. “Maybe Anon likes Dandelions butt more”
  16. >wow, you did not know Dandelion could look this smug
  17. >Flower Tart now looks very annoyed and pushes her butt in your direction even more
  18. “Eat mine first!”
  19. >you rub the back of your head
  20. >”Well... I was thinking of eating the cheese first and the sweet pineapple after that...”
  21. >Flower Tart puffs her cheeks up in anger as Dandelions smugness intensifies
  22. “Here Anon, eat up”
  23. >Dandelion pushes her butt up into the air
  24. >giggity
  25. >but before you can take a slice a pineapple ring flies and wetly hits Dandelion on the face
  26. >Flower Tart has gotten up and now looks at Dandelion smugly while Dandelion puffs her cheeks up in annoyance
  27. >and the she proceeds to get up and throw one of the now fallen to the floor-slices of cheese at Flower Tart
  28. >it hits her square on the face
  29. >and then an all out food fight breaks out between the two of them
  30. >”Gils...”
  31. >pieces off pineapple and cheese fly around
  32. >”Girls!”
  33. >no, not paying attention to you
  34. >”GI-“
  35. >a piece of pineapple-juice covered cheese flies into your mouth and you almost choke on it
  36. >you sigh and rub your temple as the two fillies continue their fight
  37. >all you wanted was some asscheese and asspineapple
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