Game of Whores 1.1.5a Walkthrough

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  1. Daenerys quest #2 "New dress":
  2. First, you need to earn at least 150$ to buy Daenerys a dress. Ask Rodrik for a job.
  4. After you finish with Daenerys, you will meet a new character, you have to collect information about Daenerys for this person, then come back in 3 days and tell what you've got to know about her.
  6. - If you keep asking Daenerys about dragons for 3 days and then ask her about her mood on the 3rd , she will close the door . Look into the keyhole, you 'll see a solo-scene.
  8. - If you keep asking Daenerys about dragons for 3 days and then go to Flea Bottom on the 3rd, a new character will show face and something else... If you want to get this outfit later, you have to go there on the 3rd day, otherwise this outfit won't be available to you.
  10. You didn't unlock Daenerys solo-scene in the 2nd quest? No worries, she is doing it every 5th day (5th, 10th, 15th , etc).
  12. Daenerys quest #3 "Again?":
  13. 1. If you want to unlock a special ending with vegetables, choose "I will continue to support">"Cercei is already old...">"Cercei will forget about you.."
  15. 2. If you want to touch Daenerys's tits, choose "I will lift all the bans...">"I have boobs">"You can play with them!", get +5 SP
  17. 3. If you want to see Cercei's tits, choose "I will lift all the bans...">"I have boobs">"You can look at them!"
  19. 4. Also, there's another ending with Daenerys being enchained. Try different variants.
  21. Daenerys quest #4 "Dance class":
  22. To start this quest, you should go to Rodrik's tavern and then check out Daenerys's room.
  24. In that quest you need to train Daenerys for her "show" in tavern, you have 4 days to do that. You need to train her at least for 2 days to complete the quest. On the last day you need to offer her to get one more training: she will learn 2 new moves.
  26. If you want her to dance naked, buy her some alcohol. She needs to be drunk to do that.
  28. Route with BJ and fingering is also possible only if she's drunk.
  30. On the way home you will be able to play with Daenerys's pussy.
  32. Hold back in time and don't make her cum if you want to see a BJ scene.
  34. Drunk Daenerys and BJ scene are not necessary to complete this quest, but if you want to make Daenerys work as a dancer in future, make sure she's drunk and teach her for two (+5 SP) or more (+10 SP) days.
  37. Baelish quest #1:
  38. In order to start this quest, make sure you've met Sansa, then click on Baelish.
  40. In this quest you go to a market, Daenerys will buy cucumbers there, after that her keyhole solo-scene will be updated.
  42. Then, you need to treat Sansa.
  44. She has a fever... To get rid off all the blankets, you need to break the fever: use a combination of tea, herbs and fruits, and she will recover in a few days. You can undress her only if she's healthy.
  46. Also, she has insomnia, you need a combination of alcohol and herbs to fight it. Try it and check her out. Do your business.
  48. Cum on her face to complete this quest.
  50. After this quest you will be able to offer Daenerys work as a dancer in Rodrik's tavern. You need at least 10 SP to do it.
  52. The more she works there, the more new moves she can learn.
  54. Also, it increases her SP, which are needed to wear some costumes, one day at work gives her 1 SP.
  56. Daenerys training:
  57. After you start send her to work there you will increase her SP by 1 every time she's working as a stripper.
  58. She suppose to have 56SP to trigger mini-stories based on costume she's wearing, currently there's one chapter for following costumes:
  59. - Wonder woman costume
  60. - Blue swimsuit
  61. - Blue bikini
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