Bars and Backroom Deals

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  1. Bars and Backroom Deals
  3. *******************************
  5. >"I know a bar a few blocks down the street, you'll love it."
  6. >"Alright, you're paying."
  8.   The bar Viacom took him to was a nice place, full of personifications and humans alike dancing to the beat on the dance-floor and enjoying themselves at the bar. The minimalist design was elegant and not too harsh and rigid. The black, blue and grey color scheme blended well together and the lights were soft and easy on the eyes.
  10.   HBO looked around for his new friend, who dissapeared seconds after they entered the establishment. Viacom's black suit blended in well with the dark colors and dim lighting and HBO lost him quickly.
  12.   He found a nice booth somewhat distant from the crowd and waited for Viacom to show back up, he owed him a few drinks and Vi was going to make good on his promise.
  14.   Viacom's dark figure sliding in the booth with him startled HBO, who still wasn't used to how quiet the other corporate entity was at times. Viacom gave HBO a couple of whiskeys on the rocks, the amber liquid full of flavor after HBO tasted it. HBO was impressed, Vi knew good alcohol.
  16.   "What took you so long?" The bearded man asked, after he finished his first glass.
  18.   "I had to reserve a room and it took longer than expected." Vi shrugged and HBO gave him an odd look, eyebrows arching in curiosity.
  20.   "Reserve a room? What are you talking about?" Where in the Hell did Vi take him? What kind of establishment was this?
  22.   "You said if I wanted to get more acquainted with you I'd have to buy you a drink first, so here we are." Said Viacom matter-of-factly, his voice seemingly getting huskier with every syllable.
  24.   HBO was about to say something, until a tendril slowly circled his inner thigh, following his pant's inseam before ending its exploration at his crotch. The warm appendage then settled just above his belt and wormed its way into his pants, this time HBO let it.
  26.   The bearded man could feel the tentacle slowly map the muscles of his abdomen, following their lines and contours before slithering over his clothed erection. HBO cursed himself for wearing underwear today, of all days. The warm tendril fondled his cock lightly, barely giving him any sort of relief. He was teasing him.
  28.   'That smarmy, Eldritch horror.' thought HBO, suprised Vi was being so forward with this seduction. He never really thought of Viacom as a sensual being.  
  30.   HBO tried to see if this was having an effect on Viacom and for the most part he looked the same as he always was, prim and proper. But as the bearded man looked closer, he could see the minute tremor in his hands and that his breathing had picked up a bit.
  32.   "Look, how about we take this up to that room you reserved. These are my favorite pants and I'd hate to ruin them." HBO gently grabbed the tentacle out of his pants, petting it gently before releasing it back to its owner. Viacom said nothing and HBO thought he might have insulted him, until the taller entity grabbed his hand and pulled them out of the booth.
  34.   Viacom and HBO moved through the mass of people with ease, the crowd parting for them with no issue and some of them even catcalling them both, and soon made it up the stairs and to a narrow hall. Viacom took out a small key and went to a room at the far back of the hallway, swiped it and pulled the both of them into the bedroom before shutting the door.
  36. **********************
  38.   HBO looked around the room, the color scheme was a royal blue and the furniture elegant and tasteful. The king sized bed was properly made and the sheets looked inviting. HBO turned to Viacom and tried to talk to him but he was interrupted when Vi's mouth latched on him, his warm tongue licking his pulse point and sharp teeth nipping at his skin.
  40.   'I didn't know he even had a mouth in this form.'
  42.   Viacom pushed HBO further in the room and onto the bed, the taller media company laying on top of the slightly shorter network, and continued kissing his neck. Vi tried to take off HBO's shirt and tie, but his hands were too unsteady with arousal to even unbutton the dress shirt properly. Viacom's hands were about to rip off the offending clothing until HBO pushed him slightly away and undressed himself, throwing the garments on the floor.
  44.   HBO looked at the other corporation in his lap, moving his hands to Viacom's suit jacket and removed the pitch black clothing along with his tie and white dress shirt. HBO's large hands caressed the smooth expanse of skin in front of him, massaging lean muscles and fingernails lightly scratching the purple skin. His fingers tweaked Vi's nipples until they hardened like diamonds and the mass media company moaned loudly, his sharp teeth biting his lower lip and making it bleed.
  46.   The bearded man was amazed at the sights and sounds that were coming out of his normally stoic friend; his heaving and sweaty chest, his mussed hair and his panting mouth. HBO bucked up, making sure both of their clothed erections rubbed against each other, and grabbed Viacom's clothed ass and squeezed.
  48.   "Damn, you got a tight ass." HBO was pleasantly surprised, who knew he had such a good ass under that suit?  
  50.   Viacom groaned at the action before pushing HBO back onto the bed, taking back control of the situation.  
  52.   Viacom went back to kissing HBO's neck and the bearded man attempted to pull him back up to his mouth by his hair, they haven't even kissed yet, but Vi ignored this and continued kissing down his body. His long, blue tongue going over HBO's chest, licking one nipple and then the other before he moved further down his abdomen and knelt on the floor between his legs.
  54.    HBO sat up sharply at that, and pulled Viacom away from his crotch by his hair. HBO finally remembered that Viacom had sharp, serrated teeth.
  56.   "Whoa man, just what do you think you're gonna do there Snaggletooth? In case you forgot, your mouth isn't really that safe." HBO really didn't want to go to the hospital, not for this.
  58.   "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing." Viacom assured him and tried to go back to what he was doing, but the hand in his hair held him back firmly.
  60.   "How?" HBO was curious, where did he learn to do this, practicing on a banana?
  62.   "Would you just trust me?" Viacom huffed, he just wanted to have a good time, and not be asked twenty questions about his sexual prowess.
  64.   "Just be careful, alright." HBO released him and tried to relax. Vi undid HBO's belt and slacks and pulled them completely off, along with his shoes, and tossed them all off to the side. The only thing that HBO had on were his underwear, and that was soon removed too when Viacom decided to remove them by ripping them up with his inhuman strength.
  66.    Vi was glad to see that action didn't deter HBO's erection, the hard cock fully erect and throbbing. Thick, uncut and with a heavy set of balls underneath, it was a marvelous specimen and a perfect match for the rakish network personification it belonged to.
  68.   "You should take a picture, I'll even autograph it for you." HBO joked.
  70.   Viacom shook his head at his friend's suggestion and nipped HBO's inner thigh playfully before sliding his tongue on the underside of HBO's cock, going all the way to the tip, flicking it and then moving back down to the base.
  72.   "Fuck yeah!" HBO screamed, hands digging into the sheets.
  74.   Viacom took one of the balls in his mouth sucked lightly on it and then the other before going back to the base of HBO's cock. He slowly moved back up to the top, his blue tongue licking the precum that dripped down HBO's cock, liking the taste. When Vi reached the head, he teased it for a few seconds before taking the tip in his mouth and sucking harshly.
  76.   The bearded man let go of the bed sheets and grabbed Viacom's short hair, carding through the dark locks with his fingers and then pulling Vi's head even further down his cock, wanting more of that hot mouth. Viacom allowed it and swallowed the thick cock down his throat, bobbed and moved his head at different angles, trying to find HBO's sweetspots, and sucked until his cheeks were hollow.
  78.   For several long minutes the only sounds in the room were HBO's loud moaning and the obscenely lewd and wet sounds of Vi giving head.
  80.   HBO was nearly incoherent with pleasure, his hips were twitching upwards with every downstroke and he knew he wasn't going to last too much longer. The vision of seeing Viacom, of all corporations, on his knees and sucking his cock so wantonly and enjoying every second of it was intoxicating. People would probably pay thousands to see him like this, especially the ones he pissed off over the decades.  
  82.   Viacom could tell HBO was about to cum and gone even further down HBO's thick cock, swallowing until the company's curly pubic hair tickled his nose. He bobbed his head up and down at a feverish pace, relaxed his jaw, and let HBO fuck his throat.
  84.   Apparently Viacom did not have a gag reflex.
  86.   HBO fucked Vi's mouth roughly and in a few seconds he finally came with a shout. Viacom swallowed every drop, making sure it didn't make a mess anywhere else, before releasing HBO's softening cock and cleaning it with his tongue.
  88.   Viacom got up from his knees, removed his pants and shoes and laid on the bed with a sated HBO, who was still breathing heavily and trying to get his bearings. The bearded man turned to his new lover and tried to kiss him, but Vi tilted his head away.
  90.   "Why won't you let me kiss you?" HBO was a little hurt at that.  
  92.   "I don't kiss on the first date." Viacom replied, trying to get comfortable on the bed.
  94.   "But you'll suck dick on the first one. Do you know how weird that is?" HBO asked him quizzically, laughing a little. Sometimes, HBO just didn't get his friend.
  96.   "Are we just going to talk, or are you going to get me off too?" Said Viacom, his lithe body climbing back on HBO's lap and his erection harder than ever.
  98.   "Alright, don't worry. I won't leave you hanging." Said HBO, moving them both to the center of the bed and getting them both more comfortable.
  100.   HBO's hands held onto his hips and he finally felt Vi's bare ass, squeezing it again before moving one large hand to the other personification's cock. It was a bit longer than his own, but not quite as thick.
  102.   HBO quickly made a tunnel and jerked his hand slowly up and down Viacom's cock, using Vi's precum as lubrication and making sure his thumb massaged the head with every upstroke. Vi rocked his hips in HBO's warm hand, trying to cum quickly. HBO's other hand slapped Vi's ass loudly and Viacom whimpered, he actually whimpered.
  104.   'Fuck, that's hot.' HBO could feel his cock twitching, again.
  106.   HBO slapped his ass again and this time Vi threw his head back and moaned, hips thrusting into HBO's hand even faster. HBO picked up speed and jerked off Viacom while slapping his ass intermittently and, after a while, with one final harsh tug and a well timed slap, Viacom came. His back arching and cock spurting milky, blue cum all over HBO's belly. Vi moaned in HBO's ear and held on to HBO's broad shoulders, nails digging into the peach colored flesh. After a few seconds, Viacom collapsed on top of his friend, his climax over.
  108.   They both laid there, trying to catch their breath, the room heated and full of pheromones. HBO caressed Viacom's back, going over sharp vertebrae and petting smooth skin. Vi nuzzled HBO's shoulder, his soft hair tickling the bearded man's neck, and licked the scratches he gave HBO, cleaning off the blood.
  110.   "Ya know, you could count that first courtroom apperance in '89 to be our first date, if you wanted to?" HBO murmured, really wanting to kiss him after having such a good time. Viacom looked up at him, and with a small smile, he lightly kissed him on the lips, HBO's beard tickling his face.
  112.   **Fin**
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