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  1. Partita 1
  2. Pre-partita
  3. Sidion: kassadin ban?
  4. Sidion: uh
  5. In partita
  6. Sidion: stop there for a second
  7. Sidion: and ask uself
  8. Sidion: if u died cause of me
  9. Sidion: she healed
  10. Sidion: herself cause u died
  11. Sidion: u guumbas
  12. Sidion: now cry in the corner cause im gonna mute u'r ass
  13. Sidion: wow
  15. Sidion: XD
  16. Sidion: now u get the flame even if he ganked u
  17. Sidion: just like u did with me
  18. Sidion: u can go afk for what i care
  19. Sidion: toxic bastard
  20. Sidion: u will lose more
  21. Sidion: and i will sit here enjoyng it
  22. Sidion: ^--^
  23. Sidion: what do u expect?
  24. Sidion: i had a zed jng and mordekaise top last game
  25. Sidion: what do u expect from this  scrubs like aatrox
  26. Sidion: making people tilt
  27. Sidion: and flaming since minute 0
  28. Sidion: and they wonder why theiir life sucks
  29. Sidion: and they have no friends
  30. Sidion: im gonnan vote no
  31. Sidion: just so u can
  32. Sidion: taste the lose
  33. Sidion: more
  34. Sidion: Rekt
  35. Sidion: flame me kid
  36. Sidion: my winrate is higher than ur future
  37. Sidion: higher than all u'r accounts combined
  38. Sidion: and this is just a smurf
  39. Sidion: what's wrong with lossing against golds?
  40. Sidion: they played better
  41. Sidion: and i was tilted
  42. Sidion: cause of this guumbas toplane
  43. Sidion: yeah last games was a pain in the ass
  44. Sidion: retarded peeople
  45. Sidion: like u
  46. Sidion: ok chief
  47. Sidion: u'r pro jhin
  48. Sidion: xD
  49. Sidion: here0's another
  50. Sidion: ^--^
  51. Post-partita
  52. Sidion: gg cancer top
  53. Sidion: hope he goes to jail
  54. Sidion: what he probably gonna do
  55. Sidion: in the next couple yars
  56. Sidion: her?
  57. Sidion: im a dude
  58. Sidion: thank you
  59. Partita 2
  60. Pre-partita
  61. Sidion: can i mid? ^-^
  62. Sidion: can i mid?
  63. Sidion: ^--^
  64. Sidion: ok np
  65. In partita
  66. Sidion: invisibility :_D
  67. Sidion: lugly ass champ
  68. Sidion: go hide
  69. Sidion: somewhere
  70. Sidion: no mana for ult
  71. Sidion: nah
  72. Sidion: bad
  73. Sidion: janna target
  74. Sidion: priority
  75. Sidion: idgaf
  76. Sidion: stfu
  77. Sidion: if u wanna fight random
  78. Sidion: is you businness
  79. Sidion: not mine
  80. Sidion: another annoying little kid
  81. Sidion: 16 yars old btw
  82. Sidion: just stfu
  83. Sidion: low elo scrub
  84. Sidion: u are low elo dude....
  85. Sidion: all bot
  86. Sidion: look at your winrate compared to mine
  87. Sidion: ur just a scrub
  88. Sidion: that like to open his mouth
  89. Sidion: to suck dicks
  90. Sidion: and talk shit
  91. Sidion: did nothign with baron
  92. Sidion: nice Ie
  93. Sidion: u got us
  94. Sidion: like the part when u got infinite dge
  95. Post-partita
  96. Sidion: infinite edge btw
  97. Sidion: XD
  98. Sidion: lol
  99. Sidion: did you read chat?
  100. Sidion: you dumbo
  101. Sidion: fuckin kids trowing rocks
  102. Sidion: and then hiding hand
  103. Partita 3
  104. In partita
  105. Sidion: 8/1
  106. Sidion: nciew
  107. Sidion: nice
  108. Sidion: u just had to farmk
  109. Sidion: and do nothing
  110. Sidion: but u managed to feed him
  111. Sidion: lulz
  112. Sidion: team
  113. Sidion: u are suckin dick
  114. Sidion: jsut sayin
  115. Sidion: so bad
  116. Sidion: and scuffed
  117. Sidion: and g4y
  118. Sidion: nah
  119. Sidion: scuffed
  120. Sidion: scuffed
  121. Sidion: scuffed
  122. Sidion: if shaco goes tanky maybe
  123. Sidion: jesus crist
  124. Sidion: def
  125. Sidion: bad
  126. Sidion: and scuffed
  127. Sidion: we all died
  128. Sidion: and it wasnt even a teamfight
  129. Sidion: exdi
  130. Sidion: need void stuff
  131. Sidion: let me take it pls
  132. Sidion: i wanna say
  133. Sidion: that karma is a useless champ
  134. Sidion: can i say that?
  135. Sidion: KARMA is garbage
  136. Sidion: learn alistar
  137. Sidion: u dumb fuck
  138. Sidion: learn leona
  139. Sidion: wtf is karma
  140. Sidion: so scuffed
  141. Post-partita
  142. Sidion: honor shaco and karma
  143. Sidion: the very best
  144. Sidion: they probably going to jail tonigh
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