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  6. WARNING!!!!! this manifesto contains heavy spoilers on umineko no naku koro ni
  7. to all the readers in this document I assume that you know the whole story of umineko in the smallest details
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  10. -introduction Genera informations:
  12. Umineko no naku koro ni is a mystery visual novel created by Ryukishi07.
  13. in this game 18 people were trapped in an island where murders happened.
  14. the official solution of this mistery is called Shkanontrice by the names of the culprits
  15. Shannon and Kanon.
  16. so why search another solution if we have the official solution?
  17. Because in the game there isn't written any solution and Ryukishi never really confirmed this theory
  18. before shkanontrice was confirmed in umineko manga but the manga change add and remove many parts of the story
  19. with the obvious intent to make it works.
  20. All this raised doubt about the validity of the theory and gave rise to several alternative theories, a remarkable example is Rosatrice, unfortunately these theories, despite being born with the laudable intent to find the real truth, were ridiculous, they made people believe that to look for a new solution to shkanontrice was useless and stupid.
  21. In this manifesto I will demonstrate the irrationality of shkanontrice and the true Umineko solution that I discovered and called Erikantrice.
  23. -introduction Axioms:
  25. Before starting we give definitions that will help us:
  26. Human-body + at least 1 personality
  27. Body-person person,body!=human
  28. Culprit-someone who killed someone.
  29. Accomplices-someone who helps a culprit, he can't kill anyone.
  30. Reds truth:
  31. Knox's Decalogue:
  32. Van Dine most important rules:
  33. -The reader must have the same possibilities as the detective to solve the mystery. All clues and traces must be clearly listed and described.(This force all that erika sees to be real and not meta).
  34. -servants are not the culprits(this prevents the servants from committing suicide or committing murders).
  35. (van dyne is valid in umineko demonstrates the fact that will kill several goats with it).
  37. -introduction Love story
  39. Thanks to my personal experience , i can sadly point out that most people don't believe in alternative theories just because Shkanontrice's truthfulness has been confirmed by the manga and by an interview with Ryukishi.
  40. Before starting to expose a theory it's better to eliminate this certainty of absolute haughtiness in the reader.
  42. So why did Ryukishi lie?
  43. To admit it means to insult him, i cannot believe that such a genius can play with our feelings only and only to make his mystery eternal.
  45. RYUKISHI NEVER LIED ..... all the fault was ours.
  47. To explain our fault, i am forced to remind you some of the events that occurred in umineko during the 5th chapter:
  48. -Erika formulated the theory in which Natsuhi is the culprit and, despite being such a stupid theory and invalidated even by the red
  49. truth, it was proclaimed truth by the GameMaster Lambda.
  50. She wrote this story, She knew it was wrong but still she accept it as the truth without doing anything.
  52. WHY?
  54. The answer to this absurd event is the same that made Ryukishi accept Shkanontrice as Truth and of course it is written in Umineko:
  58. A mystery is the love story between the reader and the writer.
  59. The writer promises us that the story is solvable and there are all the clues to do it.
  60. The reader promises him that he will never stop thinking and striving to find out the truth about his work.
  61. This relationship of trust allow the existance of the mystery genre
  62. (imagine if it is not possible to discover the solution before the book ends, people would think that thinking is wasted time, as if no reader tried to solve the mystery the author would have wasted his time.)
  64. Ryukishi did not lie
  65. WE HAVE BETRAYED THIS LOVE STORY by accepting the most credible lie as the truth, and we stopped thinking.
  66. Was he mad at us? no he blamed himself, he thought he was who created an unsolvable story, so he accepts the will of the readers by making this lie becomes the truth.
  67. Tthat's why he waited so long before confirming Shkanontrice, because he was waiting for that one person out of thousands who would truly understand his story and find the truth
  68. He waited for him for years and years ..... but he never came.
  70. To the Reader, regardless of whether you are convinced or not, if you base your idea not on logic, not on evidence, but on other people's statements, taking them as absolute truth, you want to ignore everything Umineko is based on.
  71. Maybe there is a reason why people act in a certain way?
  73. So please Mr. Reader
  74. Open your mind but above all your heart
  75. Remove any prejudice before entering
  76. Enjoy this Manifesto because that long-awaited person has finnally arrived.
  78. Now with these premises we can begin to introduce erikantrice.
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  84. Erikantrice solves all the murders of umineko with the same culprits and accomplices.
  86. Culprits:Kanon and George.
  87. Accomplices:Genji,kumasawa and nanjo.
  88. motives:
  89. Kanon:make Battler feel all the suffering he had caused to her.
  90. George:kill all the obstacles to his marriage with Shannon (Eva and battler) and get the 2 billion yen card (the golden brooch)
  91. in this capitalist world money can make every wish even allow a furniture to marry a master.
  92. Genji:loyalty to Kanon,for him\- Kanon is the son he never had,
  93. Kumasawa and Nanjo:for the bank money seen during the 4th chapter its serve to them for their family.
  94. thanks to them all the murders of the first 4 games are explained with the same culprits and without the absurd assumption that Kanon = Shannon(in the next chapters I will formally explain the solutions of games with erikantrice for now trust me).
  95. This is the solution that for 2 years I thought I had found, unfortunately this solution lacking a fundamental piece that I found only recently and that allowed me to formulate this theory ERIKA=KANON.
  97. The strongest point of the shkanontrice theory are the last 2 red truths of the sixth game:
  98. -Erika "I am the visitor, the 18th human on Rokkenjima!!:"
  99. -Battler "Even if you do join us-" ""That makes 17 humans."
  100. no other theory has been able to refute this point.
  101. Shannon = Kanon seems the only solution because according to the red of Lambda:"Furudo Erika only increases it by one person. Besides her, the number of people on this island is exactly the same as it was in the previous games."
  102. so if Erika increases the number of people by 1 people must necessarily be 16 !!!!
  103. incredible Shkanontrice is irrefutable how can you, just a mortal, contest this without magic?
  105. The answer is simple!!!!
  106. What if the +1 person providing Erika had already been counted?
  107. {insert any human} only increases it by one person. Besides {insert any human}, the number of people on this island is exactly the same as it was in the previous games."
  108. Erika = Kanon allows us to destroy the foundations of shkanontrice, now we can interpret the last 2 reds of the 6th game as:
  109. -Erika:"I am an Human!!!"
  110. -Battler"no you're just Yasu's fantasy of being a detective, you are not human"
  111. and Erika disappeared.
  113. now thanks to Kanon = Erika we can explain every mystery of Umineko with the same culprits and without use any meta. (ex all Erika saw is meta because shkanontrice cannot explain it) but not only this, we can also explain everything that happened in reality, in the Bern's game and give to each meta-world scene a counterpart in reality (with Yasu = Ikuko Hachijo).
  114. having said that, I have finished the exposition of the theory, in the next chapters I will explain step by step all the Erikantrice solutions for every mystery in all the games, in the past and in reality.
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  124. WARNING!!! Before starting the explanation of the murders i remind you to keep in mind, that i assume your complete knowledge of every part of Umineko.
  125. I will avoid making a total summary of the game because Willard , in the 7th game, to solve Umineko just solved the murders but, in my opinion, this isn't enough to convince people of the invalidity of Shkanontrice, also would deprive the reader of one of the best Erikantrice characteristic, give a sense to every little detail of the game called fegatelli in Italian.
  126. Unfortunately i will not be able to explain all the details since this would lose the attention, so i will focus on the fegatelli about the core of the resolution <<the murders>> that Shknontrice define as meta or put randomly without sense, but in Erikantrice they will play an important role.
  129. The first Umineko no naku koro ni game, called the Legend of the golden witch, is different from the others to be almost completely a mystery without any part of fantasy\footnote{Until the tea party}, so information are less confusing than in the other games.
  130. The strong point of Shkanontrice in this game is the first twilight, that thanks to the sentence of Willard:<<\emph{What would have happened if George had come inside to see Shannon}>> confirms that in reality Shannon's body didn't exist, giving reason to Shkanontrice.
  131. Don't worry, as always, Erikantrice will prove the opposite, not only another meaning exist for this sentence, but we will deny the impossibility of the absence of Shannon's body.
  132. The solution is divided into paragraphs where i will write about each murder(This time mostly the methods used are the same as Shkanontrice, since Shannon and accomplices die fast, but the difference in the details is abysmal).
  134. -2.0 First twilight:
  135. The 6 victims(Krauss, Kyrie, Rudolf, Gohda, Shannon and Rosa killed with the destiny game) were found dead in the garden shed without their faces, except Krauss and Shannon who had lost only half.
  136. This fact is very important because Beatrice said:<<Anyone seeing a body with only half-face would understand that he is dead>> so we can use this as a weapon to conquer the declaration of Williard.
  137. George, the culprit, believed that Shannon faked her death, if he went inside the shed and saw her face he would naturally understand that she was really dead, ruining Kanon's plan.
  138. Beatrice gave us a huge clue, Krauss was used to introduce the half face rule and Shannon to suspect George(Since you can't doubt a death, with half face).
  139. I have shown that Williard's sentence is also valid in Erikantrice, now i will deny it in Shkanontrice, how?
  140. Simple when Battler entered in the shed, he said:<<There are 5 bodies or maybe more>>, same thing for George, he asked his father about another body as if he knew there was another one.
  141. This was seen in the anime(The anime is not used as argument in this manifesto but this scene give a visual representation of what Battler and George saw, since R07 help during the anime production), Battler and George saw only a part of Shannon's booody, that was essential to make Battler understand that Shannon was dead and not too much to show Shannon's face to George.
  142. In addition, when George heard of Shannon's death immediately ask to his father on which finger there was the ring, this is clearly a signal by Kanon:
  143. - RING: Shannon agreed to cooperate.
  144. - RINGLESS: Shannon refused to cooperate and Kanon was forced to kill her.
  145. All these Fegatelli in Shkanontrice make no sense, but everyone know that in mistery novels the most tiny detail becomes the key to solving the case.
  147. -2.1 Eva and Hideyoshi:
  148. Eva and Hideyoshi were in their room to rest, Eva on the bed and Hideyoshi in the bathroom.
  149. George made his mother open the door, then , when Eva lay down on the bed, he killed her meanwhile Kanon killed Hideyoshi, then Kanon with the accomplices, Genji and Kumasawa, created the closed room by pretending he found the chain set.
  150. All almost similar to Shkanontrice in appearance, but this solution explains why Eva died on her bed.
  151. Eva was a martial arts champion, if Kanon or Genji had entered in the room she would have reacted but instead she was lying on the bed with a serene face.
  152. This makes us understand that she knew the culprit, she trusted him so much that let him enter and felt so safe with him to lie on the bed, the only person that coincides with that description is George(Fegatello provided by an anon: before went in her room Eva asked George to go with her but he refused, in Erikantrice he refused because George is the culprit but in Shkanontrice If George to go with Eva then Shkanon couldn't kill Eva and Hideyoshi}.
  154. -2.2 Kanon and Kinzo:
  155. Same solution as Shkanontrice.
  156. Kanon placed Kinzo's body in the boiler then faked his death with the help of Doctor Nanjo.
  158. -2.3:Nanjo,Kumasawa,Genji and Natsuhi:
  159. Same solution as Shkanontrice.
  160. Kanon killed them all, even if the door was closed the 3 servants were accomplices and Kanon had the master key, there are no tricks to explain(Natsuhi was outside with a broken rifle, no problems to kill her) but with Erikantrice , as usual, i can explain one last fegatello.
  161. When Natsuhi, Jessica, Battler and George were locked into Kinzo's study, Battler was looking for a book to decipher the magic circle and magically he found it.
  162. How the hell did Battler find the right Book in a study containing hundreds of 1000-page Books?
  163. The answer with Shkanontrice is doesn't matter think about it, accept our truth and stop thinking since think hurts your brain.
  164. Erikantrice, on the contrary, noticed that when George entered the study he stood near the window looking out and this was passed off by the narrator as George's melancholy after he lost all the people he loved.
  165. Of course George was waiting for Kanon's signal to have Battler find the book in the Right Moment, this explains why Battler discovered the meaning of the magic circle exactly before Maria called, a coincidence too perfect to be accidental, moreover in a mystery(if Maria had called before Battler found the book, the people inside the studio wouldn't have come out).
  167. Explanation of the first chapter of umineko is over.
  168. (As someone who has noticed missing the Will's blue truths of 7th episode, not worry but I prefer to manage them all together after finishing the solutions of all 4 chapters.)
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  181. The second Umineko no naku koro ni game, called the Turn of the golden witch, introduces to us the most important element of the game and our greatest weapon to solve the mystery the <<Red truth>>.
  182. Everything in red is true, so we can use these reds as axioms from which we can derive the solution(For those who had taken an humanistic course at the university, in logic a demonstration is the derivation of a truth from several concepts that we know to be true <<the axioms>>).
  183. Unfortunately in this chapter Battler was inexperienced and therefore most of the reds are copies of the Decalogue of Knox, but they are enough to deny all the theories except Erikantrice.
  186. Shakanontrice solves the murders with Shkanon, Rosa and all Servants as culprits.
  187. This is one of the greatest problems of Shkanontrice, that has raised doubts to anyone who can think and doesn't accept every bullshit said as truth:
  191. This is a horrible solution, the mystery doesn't change so why the culprits yes?
  192. Because the only way to make an absurdity like Shkanontrice works, is destroy all the beauty and logic of the game and rebuild it in a horrible shape that made Kanon = Shannon works.
  193. In the following paragraphs you will understand what I mean by death of beauty.
  195. -3.0 First twlight:
  196. 6 humans were killed and locked in a chapel(Krauss,Natsuhi,Eva,Hideyoshi,Rudolf and Kyrie killed with the destiny game), only a key could open it but it was sealed in an envelope that nobody had opened before and during the murders.
  197. Shkanontrice, thanks to Rosa and all the servants as accomplices, solves the mystery again by simply saying that the door was not really closed(Battler, the detective, never saw it closed, same solution of Eva and Hideyoshi murders).
  198. The philosophical problem of this solution is Gohda accomplice.
  199. Where is love in Gohda, a servant hired 2 years ago who has no resentment against Ushiromiyas or a family to protect, for money agreed to help in a plan that included his own death?
  200. In Erikantrice all the culprits and accomplices as motives have love:
  202. -Kanon: His love was killed by Battler's betrayal and she wants make him feel the pain she felt(Or just to made him remember her, Yasu's motive is always dangerous to stated but even Shkanontrice accept that so\dots ok?).
  203. -George: His only way to realize his love with Shannon was to kill Eva then get the 2 billion yen card and the only way to do it without leaving evidence was to detonate the Bomb.
  204. -Genji: Kanon was the son he never had, he saved Kanon's life, he protecting him from Kinzo, for Genji the only important thing was Kanon's happiness and he would do everything for him.
  205. -Nanjo and Kumasawa:Money but this money was used to save the families they loved(Nanjo for his dying newphie and Kumasawa for her children but as Genji, she was like a mother for Yasu so 50-50 between money and mother's love for Yasu).
  207. All of them are motivated by love, but Gohda for what? For money?
  208. Where is the love, are really money a reason to kill someone?
  209. I will never accept it, like Willard at the beginning of the 7th game, I will never accept that a person is culprit without Love as motive.
  210. The other reason that the <<not really closed door>> trick had already been used in the first game, Yasu is a lover of mystery books, there is nothing worse for a mystery fan , outside violate Knox and Dine, than reusing a trick.
  211. Shkanontrice has a bad habit of not even thinking about the solution of something, anything that contradicts Shkanontrice is branded as Fantasy, so instead of Think about a real logic solution, in every game there is always a trick solved with:
  215. Shkanontrice declares that all the people present during a trick lied, so the trick never happened.
  216. This solution can be valid but at most once, instead Shkanontrice always reuses it in every single game until, intoxicated by the feeling of power given to him by this shortcut to the thought, he insults even more umineko with the solution of the 4th game but we will talk about this later.
  218. -3.0.5 Erikantrice solution of the first twilight:
  219. Before proceeding with the explanation I will list all the reds about the envelop:
  221. -From the time Maria received her key to the instant Rosa unsealed the envelope the next day, the key passed through no one's hands.
  222. -It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel with anything but the chapel's key.
  223. -When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit.
  224. -This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag...and from that obtained the genuine key to the chapel.
  225. -The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave Maria}.
  226. -The envelope that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing.
  228. At first glance it seems impossible to close the chapel but, if we read the reds carefully, there is nothing to prevent Kanon from giving more envelopes to Maria(he solution to this trick came to my mind when i noticed that the number of envelops in this game is higher than in the others).
  229. Giving doesn't imply that the receiver is aware of the gift, Maria can easily receive things when she is asleep.
  230. So, at noon, Kanon gave an envelop to Maria then, when he was done with the murders, Kanon put the key in a new envelop that gave to Maria and took the old one meanwhile she was sleeping.
  231. As you can see Erikantrice solved a trick considered impossible to solve, with love.
  232. My solution solves the trick with the same culprits and accomplice without reusing tricks or everything is meta, but by finding an original solution that coincides with the theme of red truths and white text.
  234. 3.1 Jessica and Kanon:
  235. Kanon killed Jessica, his own personality, left his master key on her body, went out and closed the room with Genji's master key.
  236. The murder of Jessica is not the important thing to explain here but what happened before the finding of Jessica's body, the reason why Rosa admitted to have seen Kinzo.
  237. Let's remember what happened after the discovery of the bodies in the chapel, Rosa sent Genji and Shannon to check Kinzo in his studio but not seeing them return, Rosa went to the studio then she came back and told Battler that Kinzo had confirmed Genji and Shannon's alibis since they had been writing a document for him the whole time.
  238. Unfortunately we all know that this is a lie, since Kinzo is not alive in every game, so if Rosa wasn't the culprit why she lied?
  240. As usual Erikantrice takes the smallest detail and provides an elegant solution.
  242. The solution is in the alibi given by Rosa to Genji and Shannon, why saying that they were writing documents for Kinzo?
  243. Why not just say Kinzo had checked them all the time?
  244. Simple when Rosa went to check on Genji and Shannon, she found out that Kinzo was always been death so she used this for her advantage.
  245. Rosa forced Genji and Shannon to write a document where Kinzo left everything to her.
  246. This explains why Rosa lied about seeing Kinzo alive without her being a culprit and also explains why she's so worried about the servants, if they lied about Kinzo's death why not lie about the murders?(During the discussion about who killed Jessica, Rosa accused Shannon of being a suspected too, but George told her that she had confirmed Shannon's alibi. Rosa here was confused because she knew that Shannon could be the culprit but she can't declare it to keep the fake document valid).
  249. 3.2 Nanjo and Kumasawa
  250. After Jessica's murder, Rosa forced the servants to separate from the family members but after some time the servants ran to Rosa saying that something resembling Kanon went into the servants's room and killed Nanjo and Kumasawa.
  251. Arrived at the kitchen, Rosa's group found the door closed but inside there was no body but only a envelop containing the master keys of Kanon and Kumasawa.
  252. According with my theory there are 2 possible ways:
  254. -A woman with the face of Kanon went into the servants's room and killed Nanjo and Kumasawa.
  256. -Kanon pretending to be a survivor of the Jessica's murder, claim that the culprit was Rosa and convinced Gohda and Shannon to work together to hide the weaker members of the group.
  258. These 2 solutions explain why Gohda and Shannon agreed with Genji's statement about someone that looked like Kanon committed the murders.
  259. Personally I prefer the first option, since it fits more with Williard's solution and the second is too similar to Shkanontrice for my taste.
  260. The contradiction of Shkanontrice in this game is here since Nanjo and Kumasawa were killed by Genji, Shkanon was death(with George and Gohda) so he was the only one who could kill them.
  261. This is the great contradiction, Genji is a servant so he can't kill anyone according to Van Dine's rules.
  262. Naturally now you are thinking:<<Where is the problem? Shkanon just killed them in the servant room like in your theory>> sadly this is impossible because in the manga of umineko was Genji who killed them, so Genji is a culprit because Shkanontrice is the theory of the manga(if the reader objects to this by saying that Shkanontrice is true but not the manga then I am really happy to hear it, since i began to doubt Shkanontrice because of the insults to the reader used as solutions in the manga, so i consider a Shkanontrice's theory as a solution without the manga as a Pyrrhic victory).
  264. Read the manga, page 7, for a visual proof.
  268. 3.3 George Shannon and Gohda:
  269. George closed the door, killed Gohda and tried to convince Shannon to follow his plan but she refused so George killed her.
  270. George was desperate, his reason for living was dead, so decided to die with her but before that, he respected the agreements made with Kanon.
  271. He put the stake inside Gohda's body but couldn't penetrate Shannon, so he left it next to her body then shot himself in the belly and finished his life by impaling himself with the stake(as Kyrie's tips say in the 3rd episode a bullet in the belly it's not an immediate death so George has all of time to put the stake in his belly).
  273. George's plan of love ends in the most bitter way.
  274. His love understands how much he is an horrible monster and rejects him.
  275. This Kanon understood it very well, this is why she wrote this ending in all her stories at the end Shannon will never accept George after what he did but Kanon underestimated the madness of George , in his stories once lost Shannon committed suicide while in reality his madness would have made him a real monster but I will talk about this in the next chapters.
  276. Having said that i conclude this chapter.
  282. -------------------------------------
  284. -------------------------------------
  288. The third Umineko no naku koro ni game , called Banquet of the golden witch, is the turning point of the game, and my favorite chapter before the end of the golden witch(erika).
  289. I want to be honest with you all, before banquet I had no idea how to solve this game I thought it was all a mental virus like in higurashi, but thanks to Ronove and Virgilia I discovered 2 theories of logic that revolutionized my life:
  290. Hempel's raven and Schroedinger's cat.
  291. My whole way of thinking has changed, I remember that I was afraid of the dark, I trusted people but after umineko I never believed in something without valid proof in logic and now thanks umineko i am at the university with very high grades.
  292. Sorry for this intermezzo on my boring life but it is to make you understand that Umineko is a grandiose work where the 2 chapters try to confuse the reader all in fuction to this moment!!!
  293. In this chapter we learn that not everything we see is real and that the guilty is really one of the 18, all this to teach to doubt Doubt in life is the most important thing to achieve success, in the world everyone has bad intentions, everyone want to kill you do not trust anyone trust only the logic, the logic will always be true even if 7 billion people believe that a lie is true this does not make it true.
  294. the introduction is over and now the third game's witch hunt begins
  298. We all know that every Shkanontrice game solves it with different culprits, so who are this time?
  299. in the first game were Eva and Hideyoshi in the second Rosa so logically in this game they will be Rudolf and Kyrie or Krauss and Natsuhi?
  300. the culprits of Skanontrice for this game are still Eva and Hydeoshi !!!!
  301. Why you make possible different culprits and immediately reuse the same but what the fuck !!
  302. I don't think anyone in full of his mental faculties can say that this was a good choice.
  303. My favorite chapter has been insulted by Shkanontrice and the number of contradictions in it is the highest,
  305. -4.0 Kinzo,Shannon,Kumasawa,Gohda,Genjy and Kanon:
  306. sadly for Kanon a miracle happened and the destiny Game didnt kill no one, so he was forced to use all the servants,Kinzo and himself for the 1st twilgth.
  307. Kinzo and the 5 servants were found dead, each of them is in a different locked room with a key to open another room and a master key except for kinzo.
  308. (in other words a closed room circle).
  309. The mystery is easily solved if one of the victims is actually the culprit, every victims except Kanon since the chapel cant be closed by a master key.
  310. This is the solution that I will use and, since in my case the culprits are the same in every game ,it is easily predictable that with Kanon this circle can be easily solved , even if Kanon cant close the chapel this is possible with the help of the only accomplice left alive Nanjo.
  311. closed room circle:
  312. 5 master key, 5 room key and 1 chapel key
  314. START: for each step (step number)(victim\location\keys):comment
  316. 0)(Kinzo\boiler_room\no key):Kinzo is not part of the circle but he is the start and the end of it(Will's truth)
  317. 1)(Shannon\mansion parlor\master key and second floor guest room key):4 master key, 4 room key and 1 chapel key left
  318. 2)(Kumasawa\second floor guest room key\master key and third floor waiting room key):3 master key, 3 room key and 1 chapel key left
  319. 3)(Gohda\third floor waiting room key\master key and the second floor VIP room key):2 master key, 2 room key and 1 chapel key left
  320. 4)(Gengi\the second floor VIP room\master key and boiler_room key):1 master key, 1 room key and 1 chapel key left
  321. 5)(Kanon\chapel\master key and mansion parlor key):0 master key, 0 room key and 1 chapel key left
  322. Kanon was locked in the chapel from outside by Nanjo after this he put the chapel key in the boiler room during the discovery of Kinzo's body.
  324. END.
  326. In Shkanontrice instead Shannon faked her death and,after her body was discovered and when the group went to the next room ,she turned into Kanon and faked her death again in the chapel.
  327. all this seems a good solution, unfortunately it is a contradiction, in no way could this have happened.
  328. why?
  329. As we saw in the second game, the chapel cannot be opened with a master key, so once Shkanon closed the chapel door there would be no ways to bring the chapel key to the boiler room(Nanjo , Eva and Hideyoshi were with the group and could not have helped her).
  330. this is the first but it will not be the last contradiction of Shkanontrice in this game.
  332. -4.1 Rosa and Maria:
  333. there is not much to say about their death(Rosa and Maria died. The causes of death were as Nanjo diagnosed a personality cant be stabbed so sorry rosatrice fags but Rosa cant be the culprit).
  334. Kanon had faked his own death so he could kill them at any time, but there is a detail about their death that favors Erikantrice.
  335. Rosa had gone out to look for Maria's rose,but why?
  336. because Maria had screamed until her mother agreed to help her, and in the moment when Rosa accepted the face of Maria became like Light Yagami when all according with keikaku.
  337. this tells us that someone had asked her to convince her mother to leave the house, but Maria had always been with her cousins so only one of them could have done it.
  338. Battler is the detective, Jessica is dumb so the only one that coincides with this description is George!!!
  339. George convinced Maria to force the mother went out in the Kanon's trap.
  340. (during this game george always looks at his agenda where probably are marked all the instructions given to him by Kanon same, thing happened during umineko saku).
  343. -4.2:Kyrie,Rudolf and Hideyoshi:
  344. exactly as in Rosa and Maria death Kanon was free to killed them all.
  345. the explanation in this twilight will turn on the second contradiction of Shkanontrice the death of Hideyoshi.
  346. Shkanontrice explains that it was Hideyoshi who killed Kyrie and Rudolf but he died from a shot by kyrie before dying.
  347. all this has many philosophical problems such as the fact that Kyrie suspected Hideyoshi,(George trusted by parents would have no problems to put a cigarette in their room), but philosophy will not deny Shkanontrice only facts and logic can and I have a powerful one: Kyrie couldn't kill Hydeoshi because her rifle was broken !!!!
  348. You remember that in the 7th chapter of umineko the brothers unite and solve the epigraph,entered in the gold room and started to shot each others.
  349. Only Rudolf and Kyrie survived, but it was not true because Eva and Yasu survived too even if they were shooted why?
  350. because 2 rifles of 4 were broken and could not have killed anyone.
  351. we know that at the end of the game Eva shoots Battler and kills him, and Hideyoshi's rifle fired after the discover of rosa death,
  352. so rudolf and Krauss rifles were broken so Kyrie couldn't use her husband's rifle to kill Hideyoshi!!!!
  355. -4.3:Krauss,Natsuhi:
  356. Eva was already the most suspect person + the cigarette on Kyrie body make really easy to george George convince Krauss and Natsuhi that his mother was the culprit and to meet him in the garden to make a plan against her, then with the help of Nanjo he came out of the window , reached Krauss and Natsuhi in the garden and killed them with Kanon.
  357. (the couple saw George arrive and while they were distracted , from behind, Kanon wrapped a rope around Natsuhi's neck and began to tighten, Krauss turned around to check his wifeand at that moment George wrapped one around Krauss's neck from behind.)
  358. Shkanontrice explaine that Eva put the sleeping pills in the coffee and then choked them and transported them to the garden.
  359. absolute possible solution but cringe because in many scenes of the game you see people who eat only canned food for fear that normal food is poisoned and it is even more unlikely that the shrewd krauss trust eva.
  360. (in Erikantrice the missing sleeping pills of maria were used for the destiny Game).
  363. -4.4:George,Battler and Nanjo:
  364. the ceremony was now complete and George wanted to take Shannon(he belive she was alive) and run away as soon as possible(the bomb) but Kanon told him to wait before the discover of the Krauss and Natsuhi corpses because since he had disappeared the survivors would have gone looking for him and if they had discovered that the corpse of Shannon had disappeared they would have suspected him.
  365. but George didnt give a shit and immediately went to Shannon and when he discovered that she was actually deaths o Kanon was forced to kill him before he ruined his plan.
  366. after that he killed Nanjo and hide Jessica and ,as in 10 little Indians, Eva since Battler was the only one alive, believed him guilty, she killed him then with the number on the masion parlor door she solved the epigraph and leave the island.
  367. Here Shkanontrice does not absolutely explain nothing,the manga does not said nothing about the deaths of George and Nanjo.
  368. I have a theory, Nanjo killed George ,threw him out of the window and cloes it(George drinks the coffie so even Nanjo can kill him), Shakanon picked up the body and pretended to die again with George then she killed Nanjo,but all this is a theory not the official solution,there arent an official solution, so I take it as a contradiction.
  369. With this I grudgingly conclude the explanation of the 3rd game and mentally prepare myself for the crap that will be there in the next chapter.
  374. --------------------------------------
  376. --------------------------------------
  382. The fourth umineko no naku koro ni game , called alliance of the golden witch, is really different from the other chapters of the series due to the fact that almost half of the game focuses not on murders or on the challenge between Battler and Beatrice but on the stories of Ange which makes it my least favorite chapter.
  383. Alliance also makes a difference due to the structure of the murders that take place all in the first day and many victims confirm that they have seen magic.
  384. all this makes the chapter the most confused and difficult to solve because at first sight there is no explanation for the false testimonies, for this Shkanontrice could not solve this chapter with traditional methods because there is no way to make kanon = shannon work without using the insult to the reader par excellence.
  385. (probably many of you will have understood what I'm talking about but I'll tell you in the next paragraph)
  386. Even if the whole world were obscured by the greatest darkness the light of truth always makes it shine, Erikantrice will kill the last enigma of Umineko and Shkanontrice in this chapter.
  390. I confess that perhaps I could have believed in Shkanontrice if there had not been the solution of this chapter, when I read the manga and I saw it I was 100% convinced that Shkanontrice was fake.
  391. I really have to thank the lack of imagination of the authors of the manga, perhaps if they had created a better trick I would have believed in this bullshit, but for me this is still the biggest insult to a reader of all time.
  392. So who are the Shkanontrice culprits this time to make me so angry?
  393. still Eva and Hideyoshi?
  394. yes and no, in this chapter for Shkanontrice the culprits are
  395. EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!! (except Battler).
  396. MUH like in a murder on the orient express and that's why the game is called Alliance !!!!
  397. no all bullshit this is just an insult to me and to all those who have tried to solve this game, it's not a solution, all the games can be solved with """""all are the culprits""""", is not thinking it's finding the easiest way to make shkanontrice works.
  398. The difference between murder on orient express and this crap IS MOTIVE, every culprits in orient express had a reason to kill the victims but here what? Eva,Kyrie,Krauss choice to die for Yasu? they would have killed her after 5 second knowing their personality not only insult the mystery but even the characters that we learn to know.
  399. (sorry but if I continue with the insults I should make a separate manifesto).
  400. What I am trying to make you understand is that this solution is only the most stupid attempt to explain why Kyrie and Jessica have said that magic existed, because if who has wrote this heresy to the mistery if he had really read umineko and not a written summary he would surely understand the reason for the false testimony.
  401. I promise you that with Erikantrice I can solve all the mysteries with the same culprits and accomplices of the previous games and I will give a true motive to the false testimonies, all this in the next paragraphs.
  405. -5.0:Eva,Hideyoshi,Natsuhi,Rosa and Rudolf:
  406. Before explaining the murders I have to remind you of what happened before them.
  407. Krauss had announced that kinzo would attend the ceremony but we know he was dead so what did he have in mind?
  408. while the parents were waiting for Kinzo, Krauss told to Natsuhi that they had to let everything in the hand of Genji after this Kumasawa enters the dining room and distributes snacks for everyone.
  409. So in some way Genji would bring Kinzo at the conference meanwhile the parents started to eat kumasawa's snacks.
  411. now we list the red truths for this chapter:
  413. >Those who met the family conference acknowledged the presence of Kinzo!
  415. >No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight. No matter what disguise might be used, they would not be mixed Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight!
  417. >Kinzo's life or death status is the same as the start of all our games. The setup was not for the fourth game alone ...!
  419. the solution after this statement and the red truths is obvious:
  420. Genji enters the room with Kinzo but what is Kinzo in all the games?
  422. A CORPSE!!!
  424. Everyone recognizes him thanks to his toes, then Genji proclaims himself the culprit, the destiny game (look end of the chapter) distributed by Kumasawa is effective and Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Rosa and Natsuhi died while Krauss and Kyrie fell asleep.
  425. Genji forced Gohda and Kumasawa(she agrees) to tell what happened here in a different version to the cousins, Gohda scared and persuaded by Kumasawa agrees, then Genji forces Shannon to take Kyrie and Kanon (he agrees) to take Krauss then make him,her and Nanjo to went to the shaft, thrown kyrie and krauss into the shaft (this is the fall that Kyrie and Krauss speak in the prison) and once everyone has gone down into the shaft Genji locked them in the cell and forces them to call the cousins ​​to prepare the tests and once finished calling George, he leaves.
  426. Gohda and Krauss have only been threatened by Genji, so even if they lie to Battler, they do without mentioning anything of supernatural.
  429. -5.1 Gohda,Kumasawa and Jessica:
  430. Jessica reached her room and met Genji who tested her.
  431. the ingenuous Jessica naturally chose the first option and Genji told her that before dying she had to call Battler(this is the reason why jessica lied for love for protect her love) meanwhile George went to the garden shed where Gohda and Kumasawa were hidden and opened it (he can open it in 2 ways: was george to close it so he may have pretended to close it, in fact Battler said that he was closing it in a strange way ,or Kumasawa could have passed the key to him from the window) he killed Gohda and Kumasawa, hanged them, he closed the shed and through the window with a x trick , prepared before, put the key back in the gohda pocket (the window was big enough to pass the key so you can create a trick remember that yasu is a mistery lover and this explain why them were hanged).
  432. after this he went to Jessica's room and once the phone call is over he pushed her against the wall and smashed her head with a kick
  433. (yes i admit George as culprit is the best,fuck Battler he is the true heir of Kinzo look his test a perfect score, both were puppet of their family until they met a girl who made them become a man and for her they killed everyone on Rokkenjima).
  436. -5.2 Kyrie,Krauss,Shannon,Nanjo and Genji:
  437. once Genji had left and waited for a fair amount of time to make George complete the murders, Kanon made evade the group.
  438. 4 come out of the shaft but as it is said by the red truth:
  440. Kanon is dead. He was the first to die among the five people in Kyrie's group. In short, he was the 9th victim.
  442. 9th victim (Rosa, Eva, Hideyoshi, Natsuhi, Rudolf, Gohda, Kumasawa and Jessica total 8 + kanon 9)
  443. from the shaft did not exit kanon but something different A WOMAN dressed as Beatrice(small body type with small chest and black hair ,japanese blue hair mean black hair so erika is battler's Red Ligth dream. what if Kanon remove his shit hat?).
  444. she killed Shannon with a close-up shot (this is the reason why Shannon corpse have only half of the face and was near the shaft) and killed Nanjo.
  445. Kyrie and Krauss were fleeing so she could not impale the bodies of shannon and nanjo with the stakes so just leave them near.
  446. She reach and killed Krauss but lost Kyrie.
  447. so she start screaming that if she didn't get killed by her she would have killed battler in her place so kyrie surrendered and telephoned battler then she was killed.
  448. but now you are thinking kyrie hated battler why would she get killed for him?
  449. Because the culprit said to her the truth about battler (as seen in the scene where beatrice retires from the challenge she knew the truth about battler mother) and kyrie agree to die if that was the only chance to save her son battler, the reason of fake testimonies is always love !!!!! (in the phone call between battler and kyrie she starts talking about things you wouldn't want to believe and in the end she apologizes to battler for how she treated him, this makes us understand that in that moment kyrie knew that battler was his son !!!!)
  450. Meanwhile genji and george arrived in the dining room george kills genji with a kick smashing his heads and does the same thing with every corpse, doing this covered him with blood,put kinzo in the boiler room, takes the keys , put them in the chapel and went to the garden to celebrate the success of the plan with kanon.
  451. During this twilight there are the contradictions of shkanontrice in this chapter (although the whole solution is a contradiction in itself).
  452. the red truth: Kanon is dead. He was the first to die among the five people in Kyrie's group. In short, he was the 9th victim. it is impossible to respect for shkanontrice.
  453. 6 of the first twligth + Jessica + George = 8 victims so Kanon is the 9 perfect
  454. but look at this part of the red truth
  456. > Among the five people in Kyrie's group
  459. but Shannon and Kanon are the same person so the people group is reduced by 1 none of the 8 victims can join this group , Gohda and Kumasawa are locked and Maria and Battler are not accomplices.
  460. result a person is missed
  461. Shkanontrice violate the red truth.
  462. then for kanon is impossible to be the 9th victim, according to shkanontrice the victims were (rosa, eva, hideyoshi, natsuhi, rudolf, gohda, kumasawa, genji ,jessica and george) so Kanon would be the ninth victim but the problem is that jessica in the manga dies after gohda and kumasawa and this makes kanon the tenth victim !!!!!
  465. -5.3 George and Maria:
  466. in the garden George met Kanon but he was dressed like the golden witch Beatrice so he became suspicious and when she denied to him the possibility of killing Battler, George understands that there is something wrong and seeks explanation but beatrice killed him to prevent him from killing Battler before the test.(a different version of the Beatrice kill Kinzo meta scene since George is the real Kinzo heir).
  467. (when battler looked at his corpse he saw that he was covered by blood even though he had no visible wounds except an hole in his head not enought for all these blood, in the rain George's blood should have at least disappeared a little if he was killed at the same time as Jessica, so George's real death happened not too long after the final call to Battler, this is a great clue given to him by a Beatrice: here's the murderer)
  468. after the murder Beatrice went to meet Battler but the discussion, naturally, does not went in the best way for her, desperate she arrives at the shaft goes inside,closed the shaft and reaches the gold room and lies on the bed crying waiting for the bomb to explode.
  469. Maria realizing that the ritual was over she reached her mother to be able to enter in the golden land with her but a whole day to wait is long so she got hungry and eat the food on the table in front of her mother and the destiny game killed her.
  473. I did it I solved umineko like Will.
  474. My theory respects all the reds and has no contradiction unlike the 6 of shkanontrice.
  475. 2 years it took me to do this, read and reread in the hope of finding the real solution without knowing if I was right, but the commitment always pays off and today I just did the miracle I killed definitively the witch I SOLVED UMINEKO NO NAKU KORO NI.
  476. the first half of my manifesto ended, in the next 2 final chapters I will explain the game of destiny and the will's truths and then finally I will start with chiro, finally I will be able to talk about the best girl erika and after that nobody will be able to believe in shkanontrice anymore.
  478. -conclusion part 1 the game of destiny:
  480. in this chapter I talked about victims killed by destiny game since, the death of maria made you understand that it is poisoning.
  481. game and destiny are 2 words that imply causality, this is the first twilight:
  483. whoever takes poison and sleeping pills is completely random and changes in every game.
  484. imagine Kanon putting 6 poison pills and sleeping pills in a bag and like in a lottery drawing out 8 pills, there could be 0 to 6 deaths and this is the reason why the chapters are different
  485. if the poison kill less than 6 person than Kanon kill the servants to reach the 6 victims for the first twiligth and this also explain why the cousins or Nanjo never die in the first twligith.
  487. -1st game 5 deaths only Gohda required to complete the twiligth
  488. -2nd game Jackpot 6 deaths no servants required to complete the twiligth
  489. -3rd game miracle 0 deaths all servants, Kinzo and himself requires to complete the twiligth
  490. The 4th is a different situation since is the case in which the parents force Krauss and Natsuhi to make them see Kinzo on the first day
  492. only 1 crime but Kanon is an omniscent culprit who think every possible situation and make a plan for every possible situation, the 1-4 games where 4 of this possible situtation.
  493. (for Shkanontrice the difference in crime is for different accomplices or even anout who wrote the story for Erikantrice just the destiny)
  494. for me this is one of the best Erikantrice arguments since not only give a real meaning to the word destiny game ,which is always mentioned in every chapter, but it makes us understand that Kanon loved the mysteries so much to create a crime that would adapt to every single situation and especially how much Kanon wanted to take risks, leaving luck to choose his plan.
  495. well but in the end no matter how much you prepare there is always something you cannot foresee and the one thing that Kanon thought impossible happened in reality
  496. Battler remembered her but this will be covered in the next chapters
  498. -conclusion part 2 WIll's truth:
  500. format: claire question
  501. Will's truth
  502. erikantrice truth
  504. -Legend of the golden witch:
  505. 1) Mystery: First game, first twilight, six corpses in the garden shed
  506. Illusions to illusions. ...The corpse that cannot return to earth returns to illusions.
  507. George believed that Shannon was alive(cannot return to earth mean the corpse cannot return alive like in the illusion of George)
  508. 2)First game, second twilight. Two corpses are close in a closed room protected by a chain.
  509. Illusions to illusions. ...A chain of illusions can only trap illusions.
  510. the closed room was faked by kanon and genji
  511. 3)First game, fourth twilight. The old Head from the closed room study, confined in a scorching furnace.
  512. Illusions to illusions. ...Let the man of illusions go to where he belongs.
  513. KINZO didnt exist.
  514. 4)First game, fifth twilight. The last moments of the sacrificed boy with a stake in his chest.
  515. Illusions to illusions. ...The witch and stake of illusions can pierce naught but illusions.
  516. kanon faked his death with nanjo help.
  517. 5)First game, sixth, seventh, and eighth twilights. Three corpses lying in the closed room of the singing girl.
  518. Illusions to illusions. ...Illusions are the blind girl's song. Illusion of a closed room.
  519. All the victims were accomplices.
  521. -Turn of the golden witch:
  522. 1)Second game, first twilight. The six with their stomachs split in the closed room chapel.
  523. llusions to illusions. ...The gold truth locks the lock of illusions.
  524. the golden truth (witness testimonies)
  525. the closed room had been created by rosa after she said that the envelop where she had taken the key had been sealed all the time.
  526. but this was all an illusion she didn't know that the letters had been swap.
  527. even if Rosa wasn't lying she was in wrong.
  528. 2)Second game, second twilight. The two who are close cannot even be close as corpses.
  529. Illusions to illusions. ...Illusions who have fulfilled their role do not even leave a corpse behind.
  530. kanon killed jessica and kanon personality die.
  531. 3)Second game, fourth, fifth, and sixth twilights. In Natsuhi's closed room, none are left alive.
  532. Earth to earth. ...No one would dispute that a coffin is a closed room.
  533. George killed gohda shannon and himself
  534. 4)Second game, seventh and eighth twilights. The two sliced to death by the red-eyed illusion.
  535. Earth to earth. Illusions to illusions. ...No illusion can create a corpse.
  536. Kanon wasn't an illusion.
  538. -Banquet of the Golden Witch:
  539. 1)Third game, first twilight. Six corpses connected by the linked closed rooms.
  540. Illusions to illusions. ...In the closed room ring, the end and the beginning overlap.
  541. the closed room circle begins in the boiler room with kanon that put kinzo's body in the boiler and ends up in the boiler room
  542. with nanjo pretending to find the chapel key.
  543. 2)Third game, second twilight. The corpses of mother and child lay together in the rose garden.
  544. Earth to earth. ...No falsehoods in their final moments as told.
  545. no trick to explain kanon had faked his death could kill them
  546. 3)Third game, fourth, fifth, and sixth twilights. Three corpses lying in the mansion.
  547. Earth to earth. ...No falsehoods in their final moments as told.
  548. no trick to explain kanon had faked his death could kill them
  549. 4)Third game, seventh and eighth twilights. The corpses of husband and wife lay exposed under the arbor.
  550. Earth to earth. ...The obvious culprit wields a mutable blade.
  551. mutable blade:krauss and natsuhi thought george would help them to defeat the culprit eva
  552. without knowing that he was actually the real culprit.
  554. -Alliance of the Golden Witch:
  555. 1)Fourth game, first twilight. A massacring storm sweeps through the dining hall.
  556. Illusions to illusions. ...Tales woven by the gold truth return to illusions.
  557. the true death of the six was poisoning(except genji) gohda and krauss lied as ordered by genji
  558. 2)Fourth game, second twilight. The two youths face their trials and pass away together.
  559. Illusions to illusions. ...Tales woven by the gold truth return to illusions.
  560. George was not dead Jessica lied as ordered by Genji.
  561. 3)Fourth game, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth twilights. None of the runaways are left alive.
  562. Earth to earth. Illusions to illusions. ...Silent corpses, adorned by fiction.
  563. all killed(adorned) by a witch who should not exist(kanon dressed as beatrice).
  564. 4)Fourth game, ninth twilight. And none shall be left alive.
  565. Earth to earth. Illusions to illusions. ...When fiction is shut up inside a cat box, it becomes truth.
  566. the bomb explodes and Then There Were None
  568. admit it, I'm better than Will!!!!
  573. ----------------------------------
  575. ----------------------------------
  579. The 5th game of Umineko , called end of the golden witch,is the point where the second part of my manifesto begins, or the Erikantrice part of my theory.
  580. the first part of my manifesto could easily be called George's theory, in fact 2 years ago when I conceived my theory I immediately discovered how to solve Umineko using George and Kanon as culprits and i tried to spread it but, despite being able to solve the first 4 games, my theory was ignored for the inability to explain what happens in chiru.
  581. after this defeat for 2 years I gave up but one day, after rereading the tea party in Umineko's chapter 1 , I decided to not give up anymore and start fighting again.
  582. I took my pc and started again to post my theory on /jp/, and thanks to the discussion with an anon that I will never thank enough, I saw the light.
  583. I found the missing piece to find the solution what turned my George's theory into truth "ERIKA = KANON".
  585. ERIKA = KANON gives a logical and spectacular explanation to every big or small detail in Umineko chiru, making Umineko even more masterpiece.
  586. this part of my manifesto focuses on the keystone Erika = Kanon and will be different from the other chapters, no more introduction and then explain all the murders, but since in chiru the cases are still easy to solve, these chapters will be a long list moments when ryukishi gave us hints that erika is kanon.
  589. the fifth game as mentioned in the introduction have a fairly easy difficult what could possibly foul you now?
  591. simply Erika !!!
  593. Rrika the new character of this game, how much I loved her the first time I saw her.
  594. She was the perfect enemy, a Beatrice without a bit of love except for the twisted logic, literrally a 2nd game Beatrice, and how much I hated her when her existence denied my George's theory.
  595. now that I have discovered the truth about her I can only applaud the perfection of the character created by Ryukishi.
  596. Finally I can understand her death at the wedding, a desperate illusion that begs Battler and Beatrice to tell her that she wasn't just a simple fantasy but a real person.
  597. almost makes you cry.
  598. Shkanontrice solves the 5th game with everyone culprit again.
  599. everything is a great conspiracy against erika.
  600. another time the biggest insult against the reader.
  601. there is no motive for which all have cooperated!!!!
  602. why the cousins, Genji and Rosa were killed for make a prank to Erika?
  603. why Eva accept her son and husband deaths?
  604. but above all the pain that Natsuhi has felt!!!!
  605. how can you say that it was fake, RED TRUTH Natsuhi is sweet and pure, she would never have faked her tears.
  606. But i can understand that insult this wonderful chapter seems the only way to explain the unexplainable that occurs in this chapter.
  607. Beatrice is no longer the game master and Battler is no longer the challenger both are replaced, Beatrice da Lambda and Battler da Berkastle.
  608. Lambda despite being in the place of beato and wished that the game would continue for eternity did nothing to win but rather helps even Bernkastle by not contradicting anything she said.
  609. the strangest thing is at the end of the game Battler and Erika expose all 2 of the theories about who the culprit is:
  611. Erika Natsuhi
  613. Battler himself
  615. All 2 theories deny the existence of witches, but a draw occurs.
  617. It should not make any sense, in all other games the objective of the detective was to show that it was possible for a human to commit murder while now it was enough for the witch to deny that the detective's truth was absolute.
  619. Erikantrice gives a sense to every strangeness of this chapter with its definition Erika = Kanon
  620. All the 5th game is a conspiracy organized by Yasu towards natsuhi.
  621. As usual culprits and accomplices are the same.
  622. George ,the culprit, committed the murders and Erika ,the accomplice, accused natsuhi of having committed them all to destroy the most important thing for Natsuhi by destroying "her reputation\pride".
  624. George can easily commit all the murders:
  625. First Erika solved the enigma of the epigraph to be recognized as a genius and refused her share of the treasure to be recognized as an impartial judgeso no one would suspect her when she accused Natsuhi,(this is the detective authority).
  626. Before the 1st twilight Erika gave everyone an alibi and made sure Natsuhi didn't have one by calling her as the 19th man, to make her the prime suspect then George convinced jessica maria and rosa to pretend to be dead (possible since battler did the same in the sixth game) with the excuse to create a fake murder to prank Erika (Genji was an accomplice and he also pretend to be dead) then once the bodies were discovered and people went to Kinzo's study George made them move out of the room and Killed them(also Krauss after Erika's call to Natsuhi).
  627. for the next murder Erika , as the 19th man, ordered Natsuhi to hide in the closet inside George parents' room then George hid under the bed and when his father arrived erika entered from front door making Hideyoshi turn and allowed George to stab him in the back, then George went back under the bed and Erika ran away from the bathroom window.
  628. (this explains why although Hideyoshi had noticed the killer his wound was in the back and also explains why the window was open and erika, the detective, is the last to arrive)
  629. George after the murder of his father either committed suicide or killed his personality.
  630. now he had faked his death in a credible way so with the 2 billion yen card he could create a new identity and live a new life with Shannon.
  631. again Natsuhi lacked of an alibi, so Erika gathers everyone in the Mansion parlor, so she could blame her for the murders to made her confess of her sin (19 years ago).
  632. Natsuhi confessed and in that moment Battler understood everything but unfortunately what happened then was never shown
  634. This, in my opinion, is a much more logical and beautiful solution than EVERYONE IS THE CULPRIT and also explains why Erika did not inspect any corpse (beatrice said in red that it was possible for everyone watching the bodies of the 5 understand that they were dead and as we know this is possible only in one way, when the corpse has only half-face not with a neck wound,same type of fake death in 10 little indians, so Erika would have had no reason not to check the bodies since 10 little indians is her favorite book) and left Hideyoshi's room before inspecting it (cmon who's the third-class detective who dont check if someone is hiding in a closed room and Erika do the clichè "leave one second before to open the place were a person is hidden").
  635. (Another fact that deny shkanontrice: Natsuhi met Erika after the murder of hideyoshi erika told to her that everyone except their 2 were in the mansion parlor. So if shkanontrice is real Erika is so stupid that didnt notice the missign of Kanon or Shannon in the mansion parlor.)
  636. I explained how the facts went you may be wondering who or what is Erika.
  637. yasu was a lover of mystery books and the greatest dream of anyone who loves those stories is to become a detective, erika is that fantasy.
  638. Erika was created by Lambda taking from Beatrice all her personality except the love for Battler.
  639. Lambda was a true friend of beato and in this game her sufferings would have ended, or Battler would have remembered her or Beato as Erika would have destroying her own illusion.(as we see Lambda cheers and helps Battler all the time, for example by introducing Knox.(strange fact that Dlanor is linked exclusively to erika and not to Bernkastle), sending Cornelia and Gertrude to help him when he died in the chapel and in the 6th game during the logic error she helped Battler so obviously Bernkastle had to remind her that she was an impartial judge).
  640. Erika was just the pawn of Bernkastle and at the beginning she really seems like Bernkastle, but during the game her personality slowly changes and start to show difference from the personality of Bernkastle and in the 6th game her personality becomes equal to that of beatrice during the first 2 games, Despite this Erika is not aware of being a personality of Yasu.
  641. But then now you may be wondering if she doesn't know that she is yasu how did erika organize the crime?
  642. the answer is simple there are 2(maybe 3) erika.
  643. The first is the pawn of the game completely aware of being Yasu, she is who organizes the murders.
  644. The second is meta-Erika is the one who fights Battler in the meta-world, to be real she is not aware of being Yasu and whenever her deductions can make her discover the truth simply Erika avoids them as if her brain eliminated them from her mind(didnt inspect the bodies ecc..), but at the end of the sixth game when Beatrice-2 exposes the truth even she can no longer deny it, no miracle could make Battler return and no willpower could cure her broken woman body, accept a fact is the most painful of pains but Erika is the witch of truth for this, with grace and elegance faced her destiny but this will be discussed in the next chapter.
  646. Before proceeding with the solution, we must ask ourselves a fundamental question:
  647. Is erika the detective?
  648. my answer is: "it doesn't matter"!!!!
  649. the red truth confirms that erika is the detective during the logic error,but in the 5th game erika may not be the detective but this does not interest us because the solution of the case of this manifesto does not change in either case, in fact I avoided writing the specific arguments of the 2 possibility.
  650. For those who are wondering how can erika not be the detective since there is the red truth of lambda: "I proclaim that Furudo Erika is the detective" the answer is simple there is a third erika or the girl who died drowned in the sea of rokkenjima.
  651. so the detective is this corpse while kanon\erika pretends to be her.(this can support a Sherikantrice theory like an anon said to me). this explains some details as Dlanor who uses different names for erika, for example "<miss> Erika" for meta-Erika but personally I prefer the other solution I have several doubts about the true existence of the body but as I have already said if that one or the other is true the result does not change.
  652. (Genji ,curiosity that in my theory is an accomplice, said that he warned the police of the position of Erika but as we know the phones were broken and in the tips of the 6th game we know that the parents of Erika had no news of his presence on rokkenjima so if Shkanontrice was true for what reason Genji would have lied? if instead she was Kanon would have been a good way to strengthen his false identity)
  654. the explanation of the game is concluded below I list all the moments in which ryukishi has inserted a clue for Erika = Kanon in the game.
  658. -6.1 the 19th man:
  659. unlike the other games that begin with Battler that arrives on the island, end of the golden witch begins with a mysterious man who call Natsuhi telling her that he was his son.
  660. this mysterious man is 19 years old, Natsuhi tried to kill him 19 years ago and above all he is considered the 19th person on the island by Natsuhi so we will call him 19th man (19 is really an important number).
  661. In this game through phone calls this man has forced Natsuhi to obey his orders (it's strange that Natsuhi obeys him even before the kidnapping of Krauss as if he had a certain "" authority "" on her) making sure that Natsuhi didn had an alibi during the murders, making her the main suspect, like if man's goal was to accuse Natsuhi of the murders.
  662. naturally the identity of this man is Erika.
  663. 19 years ago natsuhi try to kill her, so now Erikanon wants Natsuhi to repent of her sin and confesses everything (in other words the Battler of this game is natsuhi).
  664. there are many clues about Erika is the 19th man, first of all she is an unexpected guest but Natsuhi didnt suspected her just because she is a woman, since the voice she heard from the phone calls was from a man, but as we know Erika have a male personality Kanon, so she can use a man's voice. (Erika's original version Virgilious was a man and according with Umineko saku was suppose to be the 19th man then Ryukishi made her a woman but the spirits of Kanon and this man are similar and had the mono winged eagle in the same spot !!).
  665. Another fact is the similarity of the dialogues between the 19th man and Erika, when erika was out of the chapel with Battler, she begins to laugh in a strange way and insult Jessica ,exactly the same thing that the 19th man did with Natsuhi during the call.
  666. despite these clues should make us suspect Erika, there is a red truth that has led most people to believe that the 19th man was shannon, the red truth in question is "I never told anyone except Shannon that I like autumn".
  667. since the 19th man knew that natsuhi liked autumn then the 19th man must be shannon.
  668. it all seems plausible but we are in a mystery! do you really believe that there is an enigma with such an easy solution?
  669. naturally Erikantrice has an elegant explanation:
  670. the red truth said: "I never told anyone except Shannon" that I like autumn not I never told anyone except Shannon that I dont like summer.
  671. during the call was Natsuhi to confess to the 19th man that she loves autumn and after that he forces her to look under the clock, this clock is defined by Natsuhi as heavy, this implies that if he had not told her to look under the clock, she would hardly have done it on her own.
  672. thanks to all this we can create a trick to know natsuhi's favorite season:
  674. prepare 3 cards one with written spring, one with written winter and one with written winter.
  675. put the spring card under the phone
  676. put the winter card under the bed
  677. put the autumn card under the clock
  678. if natsuhi answers spring tell her to look under the phone
  679. if natsuhi answers winter tell her to look under the bed
  680. if natsuhi answers fall tell her to look under the clock
  682. simple because natsuhi answers before finding the card, this level of reasoning is possible for italian anon!
  683. thanks to this anyone can be the 19th man and Erika is the best candidate to be.
  687. -6.2 the epigraph:
  688. Erika knew the epigraph solution.
  689. Erika's plan was to make Krauss lose his position of head of the family, but above all to gain credibility to be recognized as an unparalleled genius who had solved the epigraph and when she will accuse Natsuhi of the murders no one would have doubted her(the detective authority was obtained by solving the epigraph, Battler said, in game 6,that the authority of the detective is like the magic must strive to get it and that's why in the 6th game Erika did not make the statement of the detective because Bern would not make her solve the riddle again).
  690. in no way could Erika have discovered Kinzo's homeland because when battler, bernkastle and lambda were in the sea of ​​fragments bernkastle asks lambda which was the birthplace of kinzo, lambda answers them that in no fragment there was the solution of the epigraph but then correct herself by saying "ops also this is a clue", in other words lambda said that there was no way to discover the native land of kinzo.
  691. also Kinzo during chapter 7th confirm that the epigraph is not an enigma but a desperate request from Kinzo to Genji to be able to see his daughter at least once before he dies, so without Genji's help it is impossible to solve the epigraph.
  692. Erika discovered the solution, but it's not possible to discover taiwan during the game, this implies that erika knew the homeland before the game began.
  693. (Erika told relatives that if kinzo had not published the enigma in the newspapers then the epigraph was the way chosen by Kinzo to choose the successor but how did Erika knew that the epigraph had not been published in any newspaper if she had discovered it only 5 minutes earlier?).
  695. -6.3 Kinzo disappearance:
  696. Erika's conspiracy against Natsuhi included revealing that Kinzo had died and Natsuhi had covered his death but when Battler ran against the window Erika understood his plan and a new idea to humiliate Natsuhi was born, Erika decided to use Kinzo to stage an illecit relationship with Natsuhi.
  697. For this reason Lambda does not allow Cornelia to use red: the window has never been opened.
  698. how did Cornelia know that the window had never been opened?
  699. simply in the same way that Gertrude knew that the door had never been opened; a seal.
  700. come on Erika put a seal on all windows and not on Kinzo's studio!!!
  701. but even if she hadn't done it why she didn't go with Rudolf to open the window? Kinzo could escaped with the complicity of Rudolf !!!!
  702. thanks to Kinzo's escape, Natsuhi was humiliated to the maximum possible and gave much more credibility to the reading of the diary. (Nanjo and Kumasawa were under the orders of Natsuhi but when Erika read the diary, for every shit she told , they confirmed everything as if their real boss was Erika).
  706. -6.4 Kanon does not exist:
  707. Kanon in this game world does not exist in other words Kanon is not present on the island.
  708. first we define the duration of the game:
  709. goes from the moment in which Erika entered the mansion parlor and ends when Battler died in the process.
  710. during this time, it is as if Kanon did not exist.
  711. everything starts before erika's entry into the mansion parlor, Gohda and Kanon had entered the room and Gohda had ordered kanon to serve tea.
  712. Before Erika entered everyone seemed to see and talk to Kanon but when Erika entered the room, was Gohda who served tea and no one seemed to notice Kanon.
  713. Kanon disappears, and in other parts of the game we learn that was gohda that did the housework that in other games was performed by Kanon. (during Erika's first appearance, Maria described Erika as younger than Jessica,the exact same words that Battler used to describe Kanon in legend of the golden witch).
  714. from this moment on, even if we see kanon, is like if he did not exist for people on the island,
  715. Whenever Kanon spoke, no one answered him.
  716. I present a layout of kanon's discussions in this chapter:
  718. - a person X speaks
  719. - Kanon speaks
  720. - a person Y responds to what the person X said while ignoring kanon
  721. - the narrator makes a comment about what Kanon said (so as not to make us understand that what he said Kanon was ignored)
  723. every time Kanon spoke he was ignored by everyone except a person, Erika.
  724. Erika reply to kanon twice during the game,
  725. Once in the Kinzo's study and once after Hideyoshi's murder.
  726.  The second is the one that interests us, Kanon spoke and Erika answered him but ,the answer, did not seem to be addressed to him but to herself, so that Kyrie asked if she was listening as if Erika's mind, at that moment, was in another world.
  727. all this makes us deduce that Kanon exists only in the head of Erika (in this game it is quoted by Bernkastle that sometimes detectives can create an alternative dimension of thought).
  731. -6.5 Bernkastle red truths:
  732. This is ryukishi's last big clue that Erika was kanon.
  733. how can lady Bernkastle who was not gamemaster, but above all she didnt know a blessed fuck of nothing about the truth of the story of Beatrice, to be able to use red without show any evidence?
  734. During the process it is thanks to the seals of Erika that bern could use red and confirm Erika's statements as truth but after a while she started using reds with no evidence provided by erika in situations even without Erika.
  735. all this seems normal because Bern is a witch but when virgilia, a witch, reveals the red truth Natsuhi is not the culprit this was rejected for lacking of proof , we understand that there is something strange, both are unproven truths provided by a witch but then why those of Bern is accepted but not that of virgilia ?.
  736. The virgilia red "natsuhi is not the culprit" was a clue to Bbattler, but not the content of the sentence.
  737. Virgilia knew very well that that red would have been rejected and this is the clue for battler:
  738. If the red provided by a witch had not been approved then Battler should have understood that the same thing should have happened to Bern and all this implies that if the truth of Bern was approved then it was actually proven by Erika.
  739. But how did erika know that these reds were true ?:
  740. -When Genji finished transferring the call, he immediately returned to the waiting room.
  741. -For all the people in the dining hall, until the dining hall until 1:00 AM ...!
  742. -During the short break at 1:00 AM, the first two to leave the dining room were Rosa and Eva. Until Eva returned, everyone in the dining hall remained there. After seeing Rosa off, Eva went to the waiting room and sealed it. Of course, she did not enter the room at all this time.
  743. -All victims' deaths were homicides.
  744.  Simple was present at each of these events, and if she was present at the moment of killings of the victims then she knew who was the culprit and she was an accomplice.(at the beginning of the game Bernkastle said with the red that natsuhi was alone to drink the tea.
  745. How could she have known for sure about an event that wasnt in the game? simple in that moment as we saw Kanon was near Natsuhi and saw everything.)
  747. -6.5.5 the letter:
  748. my goal is find another solution for this trick instead of Everyone lied thatfor me is a waste of time since the great number of red truths + Lambda made this trick:
  749. so make the situation clear
  750. these events take place in 2 different times and 3 different locations that we call:
  751. Before conferance-BC and 24 p.m for times
  752. outside, dining hall and 2nd floor for the locations
  753. Erika as Kanon can join the dining hall meanwhile Erika personality is outside into the detective's thougth dimension.
  754. this satysfay the red truths about characters locations
  756. the difficult part is the knock
  758. a simple solution is :
  759. Kanon knocked from inside(red truth 'To knock' means someone hitting a door with their hand, this red does not specify which side),he was the closest to the door, so it wouldn't seem strange if the others, once they turned around, had already found him turned, then he pretended to find the letter he had hidden on himself.
  761. for the letter this theory have no problems but this red truth deny this theory on the knock part:
  762. >Let it be known that in addition to Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji, none of those in the dining hall knocked on that door. In this sense, 'knock' includes all direct, indirect, intentional, unintentional, and coincidental events that could create a knocking sound.
  764. Kanon was inside too into the dining hall so my theory is destroyed but another red truth contradicts the previous one
  765. >And none of them misinterpreted a knocking sound. Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were not involved with the making of the knocking sound. No one else existed inside the mansion. And that knock refers to the action of standing directly in front of a door and hitting it with a hand.
  766. >Natsuhi, and Genji were not involved with the making of the knocking sound
  767. meanwhile in the first red truth no one in the mansion could knock at that door now only people at 2nd floor cant do it
  768. so people at dining hall are able to make the knocking sound and this red truth give us another hint
  769. >knock refers to the action of standing directly in front of a door and hitting it with a hand
  770. >a door
  773. so thanks with all these i can formulate another theory
  774. Kanon Knocked at another door inside the dining all and the construction of the room allows an acoustics that confuse the source of sounds so people thought the knock came from the door on the corridor, then he pretended to find the letter he had hidden on himself.
  775. >but muh the sound impossible
  776. When I was in elementary school, my classmates and I played a joke which consisted of knocking on our desks, the teacher thought that the knock came from the door and asked to enter.
  777. although the desk and the door are far away the professor still believed that the sound came from there and this shows us how easy it is to fool with the sound (of course not a detective)
  779. Simple becsause 2 red truth contradict each others, this level of reasoning is possible for italian anon
  780. What do you think, everyone?"
  783. -------------------
  785. -------------------
  786. Some people show doubts about the validity of Van Dyne rules in Umineko then i will confirm all of them in Erikantrice.
  788. FORMAT:<RULE>
  791. Willard in the game said only thee rules:
  792. Rule #1
  793. It is forbidden to have a crime without all clues presented.
  794. Rule #7.
  795. It is forbidden to have a crime without a corpse.
  796. Rule #11.
  797. It is forbidden for a servant to be the culprit!
  798. Rule #12
  799. There must be but one true culprit.
  800. so its possible that only these 4 rules are valide in umineko but i will show that even the originals one are valide too!!!
  802. >1)<The reader must have equal opportunity with the detective for solving the mystery. All clues must be plainly stated and described.>
  803. ---Battler was in the same difficult situation as the reader, and even if Erika was an accomplice she gave to us all the hints for understand that.
  804. >2)<No wilful tricks or deceptions may be played on the reader other than those played legitimately by the criminal on the detective> himself.
  805. ---well if the detective was aware of the tricks he would not violate the rule(erika accomplices and george culprit in the 5th game)
  806. >3)<There must be no love interest in the story. To introduce amour is to clutter up a purely intellectual experience with irrelevant sentiment. The business in hand is to bring a criminal to the bar of justice, not to bring a lovelorn couple to the hymeneal altar>.
  807. ---The Love Story between Battler and Beatrice was in the meta-world not in the game word ,George love story with shannon was a riddle about his guilty.
  808. >4)<The detective himself, or one of the official investigators, should never turn out to be the culprit. This is bald trickery, on a par with offering some one a bright penny for a five-dollar gold piece. It's false pretenses.>
  809. ---yes the detective is not the culprit!!!! just the accomplice(Erika=Kanon in the 5th game).
  810. >5)<The culprit must be determined by logical deductions--not by accident or coincidence or unmotivated confession. To solve a criminal problem in this latter fashion is like sending the reader on a deliberate wild-goose chase, and then telling him, after he has failed, that you had the object of his search up your sleeve all the time. Such an author is no better than a practical joker.>
  811. ---all crimes are possible for Kanon and George as culprit , there are all the proofs to understand that like i show that in my manifesto.
  812. >6)<The detective novel must have a detective in it; and a detective is not a detective unless he detects. His function is to gather clues that will eventually lead to the person who did the dirty work in the first chapter; and if the detective does not reach his conclusions through an analysis of those clues, he has no more solved his problem than the schoolboy who gets his answer out of the back of the arithmetic.>
  813. ---Battler in the first 4 games and Erika in the 5th 6th games.
  814. >7)<There simply must be a corpse in a detective novel, and the deader the corpse the better. No lesser crime than murder will suffice. Three hundred pages is far too much pother for a crime other than murder. After all, the reader's trouble and expenditure of energy must be rewarded. Americans are essentially humane, and therefore a tiptop murder arouses their sense of vengeance and horror. They wish to bring the perpetrator to justice; and when "murder most foul, as in the best it is," has been committed, the chase is on with all the righteous enthusiasm of which the thrice gentle reader is capable.>
  815. ---thanks Erika even the shittest Battler's game became a true mystery
  816. >8)<The problem of the crime must be solved by strictly naturalistic means. Such methods for learning the truth as slate-writing, ouija-boards, mind-reading, spiritualistic sÈances, crystal-gazing, and the like, are taboo. A reader has a chance when matching his wits with a rationalistic detective, but if he must compete with the world of spirits and go chasing about the fourth dimension of metaphysics, he is defeated ab initio.>
  817. ---image buy a mystery book an the author spoil to you who is the culprit, even if you didnt read the book you now know the solution.
  818. in other words in the world of the reader this isnt meta.(red truth were said outside the game by the writer).
  819. >9)<There must be one detective - that is, but one protagonist of deduction - one deus ex machine. To bring the mind of the reader, who, at the outset , pits his mind against that of the detective and proceeds to do mental battle. The reader does not know who his co-deductor is. It's like making the reader run a race with a relay team.>
  820. ---Battler in the first 4 game and Erika in the 5th and 6th games(well she was an accomplice but since she didn't control the bodies in the 5th game and in the 6th she didn't saw anything in the wardrobe, she made the reader understand the real solution)
  821. >10)<The culprit must turn out to be a person who has played a more or less prominent part in the story--that is, a person with whom the reader is familiar and in whom he takes an interest. For a writer to fasten the crime, in the final chapter, on a stranger or person who has played a wholly unimportant part in the tale, is to confess to his inability to match wits with the reader.>
  822. ---George is literrally the first person that we saw after Battler in legend of the golden witch(<very good> Ryukishi).
  823. >11)<Servants - such as butlers, footmen, valets, game-keepers, cooks, and the like - must have chosen by the author as the culprit. This is begging a noble question. It is a too easy solution. It is unsatisfactory, and makes the reader feel that his time has been wasted. The culprit must be decidedly worth-while-a-person that wouldn't ordinarily be under suspicion; the author would have had no business to embalm it in book-form.>
  824. ---Sorry Genji you cant kill Nanjo and Kumasawa.
  825. >12)<There must be but one culprit, no matter how many murders are committed. The culprit may, of course, have a minor helper or co-plotter; but the entire onus must rest on one pair of shoulders: the entire indignation of the reader must be permitted to concentrate on a single black nature.>
  826. --- this rule mean only one mastermind,yes George is a culprit too but he acts according to Kanon's orders and always dies before him.
  827. in fact this rule was changed by Williard in "There must be but one true culprit"
  828. Ryukishi changed this rule to make it obvious that he was talking about the mastermind because at first glance it can be very ambiguous
  829. >13)<Secret societies, camorras, mafias, et al., have no place in a detective story. Here the author gets into adventure fiction and secret-service romance. A fascinating and truly beautiful murder is irremediably spoiled by any such wholesale culpability. To be sure, the murderer in a detective novel should be given a sporting chance, but it is going too far to grant him a secret society (with its ubiquitous havens, mass protection, etc.) to fall back on. No high-class, self-respecting murderer would want such odds in his jousting-bout with the police.>
  830. ---Kanon didnt need any secret society to kill 5 kids like Takano.
  831. >14)<The method of murder, and the means of detecting it, must be rational and scientific. That is to say, pseudo-science and purely imaginative and speculative devices are not to be tolerated in the roman policier. For instance, the murder of a victim by a newly found element--a super-radium, let us say--is not a legitimate problem. Nor may a rare and unknown drug, which has its existence only in the author's imagination, be administered. A detective-story writer must limit himself, toxicologically speaking, to the pharmacopoeia. Once an author soars into the realm of fantasy, in the Jules Verne manner, he is outside the bounds of detective fiction, cavorting in the uncharted reaches of adventure.<
  832. ---poison,shot in the head,stabbing,strangling,explosion and a kick of George in the head all rational and scientific methods.
  833. >15)<The truth of the problem must at all times be apparent--provided the reader is shrewd enough to see it. By this I mean that if the reader, after learning the explanation for the crime, should reread the book, he would see that the solution had, in a sense, been staring him in the face--that all the clues really pointed to the culprit--and that, if he had been as clever as the detective, he could have solved the mystery himself without going on to the final chapter. That the clever reader does often thus solve the problem goes without saying. And one of my basic theories of detective fiction is that, if a detective story is fairly and legitimately constructed, it is impossible to keep the solution from all readers. There will inevitably be a certain number of them just as shrewd as the author; and if the author has shown the proper sportsmanship and honesty in his statement and projection of the crime and its clues, these perspicacious readers will be able, by analysis, elimination and logic, to put their finger on the culprit as soon as the detective does. And herein lies the zest of the game. Herein we have an explanation for the fact that readers who would spurn the ordinary "popular" novel will read detective stories unblushingly.>
  834. ---there are many hints about Erika=Kanon in the 5th and 6th games, in the first 4 games Kanon and George are the only 2 person who can commit the murders(Kanon disappier in every games, and George's motive was show in every game).
  835. >16)<A detective novel should contain no long descriptive passages, no literary dallying with side-issues, no subtly worked-out character analyses, no "atmospheric" preoccupations. Such matters have no vital place in a record of crime and deduction. They hold up the action, and introduce issues irrelevant to the main purpose, which is to state a problem, analyze it, and bring it to a successful conclusion. To be sure, there must be a sufficient descriptiveness and character delineation to give the novel verisimilitude; but when an author of a detective story has reached that literary point where he has created a gripping sense of reality and enlisted the reader's interest and sympathy in the characters and the problem, he has gone as far in the purely "literary" technique as is legitimate and compatible with the needs of a criminal-problem document. A detective story is a grim business, and the reader goes to it, not for literary furbelows and style and beautiful descriptions and the projection of moods, but for mental stimulation and intellectual activity--just as he goes to a ball game or to a cross-word puzzle. Lectures between innings at the Polo Grounds on the beauties of nature would scarcely enhance the interest in the struggle between two contesting baseball nines; and dissertations on etymology and orthography interspersed in the definitions of a cross-word puzzle would tend only to irritate the solver bent on making the words interlock correctly.>
  836. ---i saw worst description than in umineko, and most of them are in meta-scene,in the game the long description were in the place vital for the plot (Garden and Chapel);
  837. >17)<A professional criminal must never be shouldered with the guilt of a crime in a detective story. Crimes by house-breakers and bandits are the province of the police department--not of authors and brilliant amateur detectives. Such crimes belong to the routine work of the Homicide Bureaus. A really fascinating crime is one committed by a pillar of a church, or a spinster noted for her charities.>
  838. ---Gohda is a serial rapist but is not the culprit so ok, George is described by everyone as a good boy, serious and kind to everyone.
  839. the perfect pillar of the church who fall in the darkness.
  840. >18)<A crime in a detective story must never turn out to be an accident or a suicide. To end an odyssey of sleuthing with such an anti-climax is to play an unpardonable trick on the reader. If a book-buyer should demand his two dollars back on the ground that the crime was a fake, any court with a sense of justice would decide in his favor and add a stinging reprimand to the author who thus hoodwinked a trusting and kind-hearted reader.>
  841. ---well George commit suicide 2 times(maybe 4) but overall most of the deaths are homicide.
  842. >19)<The motives for all crimes in detective stories should be personal. International plottings and war politics belong in a different category of fiction--in secret-service tales, for instance. But a murder story must be kept gem¸tlich, so to speak. It must reflect the reader's everyday experiences, and give him a certain outlet for his own repressed desires and emotions.>
  843. --- Battler for Kanon and Battler for George(ok even Eva and 2 billion yen so overall Shannon).
  844. >20)<And (to give my Credo an even score of items) I herewith list a few of the devices which no self-respecting detective-story writer will now avail himself of. They have been employed too often, and are familiar to all true lovers of literary crime. To use them is a confession of the author's ineptitude and lack of originality.
  845. Determining the identity of the culprit by comparing the butt of a cigarette left at the scene of the crime with the brand smoked by a suspect.
  846. The bogus spiritualistic sÈance to frighten the culprit into giving himself away.
  847. Forged finger-prints.
  848. The dummy-figure alibi.
  849. The dog that does not bark and thereby reveals the fact that the intruder is familiar.
  850. The final pinning of the crime on a twin, or a relative who looks exactly like the suspected, but innocent, person.
  851. The hypodermic syringe and the knockout drops.
  852. The commission of the murder in a locked room after the police have actually broken in.
  853. The word-association test for guilt.
  854. The cipher, or code letter, which is eventually unravelled by the sleuth.>
  855. hideyoshi and eva are not the culprits so kyrie discover the cigarette doesent matter
  856. erika is yasu ,she knew the solution of the epigraph from the start didnt solve nothing.
  858. -The cigarette was put by George to make Krauss and Natsuhi suspect about Eva, so nope
  859. -no one give a shit about Maria
  860. -never
  861. -no dogs in umineko just uminekos
  862. -not a twin just personality
  863. -only sleeping pills and poison , all fake deaths were made up by Nanjo
  864. -never happened
  865. -nope
  866. -Erika Know the solution from the start , since she is Yasu, so she never solve the epigraph during the crime
  872. -----------------------------------
  874. -----------------------------------
  876. -7.0 INTRODUCTION:
  877. the sixth chapter of Umineko, called dawn of the golden witch, is the real last chapter of this manifesto.
  878. This journey that we have made together, dear reader, has been unique ,I really thank you for reading my little great work where I put all my love for umineko.
  879. Of course there will be other chapters after this but they will not be a real explanation, because there will be the part concerning the game of Bern ,solved with Kanon and George as culprits, that is not fundamental in solving umineko and the explanation of what happened in reality from when Beatrice Castiglioni arrived on Rokkenjima to when Ange met Battler\Tohya, that although it is vital for umineko, I can not give an explanation because there are no red truths in reality so all I can give them is an interpretation by using as a decryption key Erikantrice (yes in the next chapter I will explain the story of claire of the 7th chapter).
  880. About Dawn this time Shkanontrice is really strong, but not in the mystery, it does not make sense at all again, but in the meta.
  881. with Shkanontrice, i admit, we can interpret the meta scenes beautifully and here I want to confess to all of you that I like how Shkanontrice interprets the meta scenes.(always considering the body of Yasu as a woman!!!!).
  882. I read the manga of umineko and is beautiful both in 'art and story(i closed an eye about the mystery), but what i read in the manga wasnt Umineko, another beautiful story but not umineko!!!!
  883. I hate shkanontrice not for how she interprets the story of Yasu, fuck 3 person fall in love of to the same person i like it, but Umineko is a mystery, the whole mystery part of Shkanontrice is an insult to every mystery reader and if ryukishi really wanted to do Shkanontrice certainly would have changed the murders.
  884. (I bet that Ryukishi could have created beautiful mysteries using Shannon=Kanon without muh everyone is the culprit.)
  885. That's why I decided to create Erikantrice, for justice to the mystery, the mystery what make fall in love Battler and Yasu, part of Umineko and explain everything without magic.
  886. Before I start with the explanation I will tell you the story of my theory so get ready for this flashback:
  889. The first time I read dawn I was confused, after the duel I thought "but then Shannon and Kanon are the same person" but I never really believed it and after reading the manga , i was sure at 100% that Shkanontrice was fake, so i started my personal crusade against Shkanontrice.
  890. first I asked myself a question, if Shannon=Kanon is fake then or kanon or Shannon must be beatrice but who of these 2?
  891. I chose kanon for the first twilight of the first game if shannon was dead then she could not commit the murders.
  892. so if Kanon was the culprit then Genji (helped him with the false chain), Nanjo (helped him to fake his death), Kumasawa (for all 2 things) must be accomplices but not culprits for the red truth :"Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not killers".(KINO red truth since here Lambda confess who are all the accomplices).
  893. so I created the Kanontrice theory but this had a problem, the murder of George, Shannon and Gohda in the second game.
  894. Williard had confirmed that this murder was committed by 1 of the 3 in the room, so I had to add to my theory as culprit one between Gohda, George and Shannon,but the first red truth of the 7th game always remained in my mind "a servant can't be the culprit" excluded Shannon and Gohda,so to exclusion the culprit is George.
  895. this discovery did not surprise me so much I had always believed that George was strange(too much dialogues about kill everyone and be hated by women) but I could not find a motive for him, so I searched on the internet and i discovered Rosatrice.
  896. Rosatrice is a theory with a lot of stupidity apart George, Rosatrice made me discover the true motive of george and i will never thank enough Rosatrice for this, i admit it in the heart of this theory there is part of the love that Rosatrice-anon has used to create Rosatrice.
  897. With George i finally had a perfect theory that explained all 6 games and with the addition of Yasu = Ikuko (from the first moment i saw ikuko i understand that she was beatrice) i could also explain the reality, so i created George theory.
  898. Unfortunately despite winning always on the discussions about the first part of umineko there was always a chiru argument that destroyed my theory: "EVEN IF DO YOU JOIN US THAT'S MAKE 17 HUMANS" my perfect theory could not explain ERIKA.
  899. Erika ,that I thought was one of my favorite characters suddenly , i begins to hate her .
  900. All the work I had done had been destroyed by a single sentence and so for 2 years I abandoned umineko.
  901. 2 years later I re-read my favorite part of everything umineko the tea party of the first chapter.
  902. for me it has always been a sensational scene, Battler saw a witch in front of his eyes but didnt stop thinking because he knew that the Real truth exists.
  903. After rereading it I started to post my George theory again and finally after a discussion with an anon I found the truth, the sweet, bitter, crazy, incredible and beautiful truth what turn my George theory into Truth "ERIKA=KANON".
  904. GEORGE THEORY explains everything of umineko Erika=kanon explains everything of Bhiru by uniting them was born the REAL TRUTH "ERIKANTRICE".
  905. this was the story of how i discover the truth and I hope you enjoyed it and now let's start with the explanation of the chapter
  908. -7.2 THE SOLUTION:
  909. The game master of this game is Battler, as detective he is an incompetent and as gamemaster is even worse.
  910. We begin this chapter by introducing with one of the most interesting theory and the focus of Dawn ,the definition of Beatrice.
  911. Beatrice is the representation of the rules, said by Bern in the 1st chapter, using this we can understand why Battler failed to resurrect Beatrice, just the rules of the games of Beatrice and battler's one were different !!!.
  912. In battler's game there was an anomaly not present in any games of Beatrice "ERIKA".
  913. Ar the end of End of the golden witch, Battler had discovered the truth , Beatrice was kanon and their past, but had not understood that Erika was Kanon.
  914. the worlds where Erika exists, chapter 5th and 6th, are like the world of lion, an alternative reality where things have gone differently:
  915. - in the 5th game of course yasu hadn't fallen in love with Battler so her plan was towards Natsuhi
  916. - in the 6th game yasu had fallen in love with Battler but for some reason after his betrayal she left the island, this one understands
  917. from the fact that the witch of Rokkenjima Beatrice is the union of all the inexplicable facts that happen to rokkenjima, so at most
  918. the people consider her as a playful witch who commits pranks, totally different from what people said in the first 4 games where she
  919. was considered an evil witch who even made a servent fall from the stairs.
  920. The difference between these 2 stories is that in the first 4 game worlds Kanon, dressed as a Beatrice , feed the legend of the witch
  921. Kanon made every sort of tricks to made people belive in Beatrice and even thief and hurt who didntt belived in her, while in the 6th
  922. game world Beatrice was created only by the strange facts that happened on the island.
  923. so in the first 4 worlds Beatrice=Kanon in the 6th world Beatrice=Castiglioni and Beatrice, 2 the roumors daugther of Kinzo and her mother who give a face to Rokkenjima's legends.
  924. In other words putting Erika in the game mean preventing Kanon from remaining on the island and creating false stories about Beatrice, and also explains why when Erika died the true Beatrice resurrected at the end of this chapter.
  925. unaware of all this Battler smiling and thinking about how he would triumph over Erika.
  926. his game can be summarized in the words used by lambda:
  928. <"Doesn't this mean that everyone got so pissed at erika bragging about detectives and stuff that they joined toghether and set up a fake murder to make fun of her? Oh is that the right hardware? I'm, like, a super detective ">.
  930. I can imagine battler congratulating himself about how much he is a genius, created the perfect crime and how he did not copy nothing from the lambda 's fake crime of the last game, all 100% original, but thanks to Erika this CSI low budget episode becomes a fantastic mystery.
  931. Erika killed those pretended to be dead except battler and seal his room, then locked up all the survivors in 2 rooms, in no way could Battler get out of the room so Battler was locked up in the logic error.
  932. The logic error consists in , according to the red truth, Battler had left the guest room but it was sealed so he could not have left before erika brokes the seal to enter in the room, after enter in the room Erika put the chain, so Battler could not go out without insert it so Battler needed a person to take his place and insert the chain.
  933. unfortunately all except battler were either dead or were locked up, there was no one who could save him, Erika had won, but in the end Battler was saved by Beatrice 2 who solved the logic error with Kanon take the place of Battler in the room and then disappiers.
  934. But how did Kanon, who was locked up in the room, saved Battler?
  935. Only 2 theories have succeeded in giving an explanation to this fact Shkanontrice and Erikantrice.
  936. Shkanontrice explains this by saying that Shannon = Kanon, Kanon was in a completely sealed room but Shannon nope, since Erika remove the seal from the window, so she could went out of the window and saves Battler.
  937. The problem with this theory is that once Kanon saved battler, he shut himself up in the closet but when Erika opened it, she didn't saw nothing the corpse of Kanon\Shannon disappier.
  938. She is the detective so she can't see illusion and if shkanon saved battler her body should have been there !!!!!(I will explain later how Erika is the detective).
  939. to counter the closet, Shkanontrice has 2 theories:
  940. - Kanon becomes Beatrice or Yasu, these 2 are not in the characters of the game so erika cannot see them.
  941.   absurd because battler in the 4th game saw Beatrice and this violate knox 2nd: It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be
  942. employed as a detective technique therefore Erika could not solved the crime and this is heresy for a mystery.
  943. - Kanon becomes Shannon , Erika didnt understand and surrendered.
  944.   in the whole history of humanity there is only one word to describe this "CRINGE".
  945.   speak with a bit of logic:
  946.   -Kanon comes in the room and shut himself into the closet
  947.   -Erika open the closet and find Shannon
  948.   -Shannon is one of 5 people who can leave the room
  949.    2 + 2 = 4 Kanon must be Shannon, Erika can't be so stupid even Battler in the 3rd game think the same trick so why Erika not?
  950.    but Dlanor is the person who allow me to destroy this theory.
  951. During the discussion with Gaap she was going to use the red truth :" the next room over was totally sealed " but stopped
  952. before saying it and was Erika that forced Dlanor to destroy this red truth to explain how kanon came out of the room, you can
  953. clearly see an animation of a red truth that was destroyed.(Battler in centuries into the logic error never understood that the
  954. window was not sealed? he knew very well that it was.)
  955. so there's no reason why Erika cannot see Yasu's body in the closet.
  956. the real problem of Shkanontrice is not being a mystery.
  957. How can Shannon know that Battler was in danger in the guest room and why Erika, a stranger, killed 5 people? in this solution Erika and Shkanon must be aware of the challenge between battler and erika in the meta-world.
  958. >but Shannon just follow Erika
  959. Before closing the chambers, Erika convinced Rudolf and Hideyoshi that the servants were guilty and Hideyoshi was ready to shoot anyone trying to escape the room, so if Shannon tried to get out of the window she would be killed by hideyoshi.
  960. The meta of Shkanontrice cannot be separated from the mystery and this is the great contradiction.
  962. Erikantrice, on the other hand, is a mystery oriented theory (MOT) and can easily explain the whole 6th game as a mystery with always Erikanon and George as culprits.
  963. the plan consisted of:
  964. -Erika angered relatives and Battler.
  965. -Battler organized a false crime under the advice of George or Maria.
  966. -Erika really killed those who pretended to be dead to accuse Battler of the murders (this explains why Erika convinced rudolf
  967. and Hideyoshi that the culprit must be someone the victims know).
  968. -The stupid prank in the bathroom with hot water made Erika lose control of the body and turned into Kanon.
  969. -Kanon freed Battler and then returned Erika.
  970. -Erika opened the wardrobe and finding no one, unable to explain how this was possible, her mind imploded.
  971. (there is another solution that gave me an anon on / jp / ,Erika voluntarily turned into Kanon freed battler and then left the room creating the perfect closed room for 2nd twilight,since Battler didn't know she was Kanon and the chain can be fixed from the outside).
  972. Erikantrice manages to explain the logic error in a fantastic way without using any meta.
  973. now we list the red truths of the logic error and we see that they are satisfy in Erikantrice:
  974. -I acknowledge it. You, Battler, and Kanon were the only ones who went
  975.  in or out of the guest room.
  976. -I acknowledge it. It refers to three people: you, Battler, and Kanon.
  977. - Of course. Three people - in other words, three bodies - went in or out. Only you and Kanon entered, and only Battler left. It has
  978. alreadyhas been said in red that all people can only use their own names. Therefore, the names Erika, Battler, and Kanon can only be used
  979. by those people
  981. > muh erikantrice is wrong 3 bodies entered so erika cannot be kanon
  982. the greates advantages of the red truths is being able to use a name without specifying whether it means a personality or a body.
  983. the names you, Battler and Kanon refer to personalities , so Kanon can put the head of Kyrie in the room ( the whole body or the body of another person didnt matter ,I chose the head of Kyrie because it is mentioned by Erika that she cut off her head, then it is always mentioned by Erika that in the kitchen there are bags that allow to transport bodies without spilling blood and finally it is possible to let the dead body exit from the room through the bathtube confirmed by bernkastle, this ecplain the blood in the bathtube even seen by Erika), the deads have no personality therefore:
  984. Battler's body: Battler's personality
  985. Yasu's body: Erika and Kanon's personality
  986. Kyrie's head: nothing
  987. 3 bodies and 3 personalities entered.
  989. > muh why Kanon should have carried Kyrie's head in the room
  990. in the meta world Beatrice 2 had to deceive Erika into believing that Kanon was a human so she had to increase by 1 the number of people who had entered the room.
  991. in the game world there are several possibilities:
  992. 1)Erika took the body of Kyrie to the room to improve her accusation against Battler(if the relatives had entered and had seen the head of kyrie in the room they would have believed more in the charge of Erika) then afer seeing that the existence of kyrie's head contradicted her own existence Erika forgot to have brought it inside.
  993. 2)Kanon brought the Kyrie's(Battler could help him) head into the room because he knew that erika had killed her and seeing her in the place where had to be Battler would have destroyed Erika's mind (imagine if battler knew about erika = kanon, erika: kyrie cant save battler i killed her ahahahhahahahahahhaha, battler start crying then he say: its useless its all useless , he smile and say: "if you really killed kyrie then red truth: why kyrie is in the guest room !!!!" ).
  994. 3)solution by an anon - Erika voluntarily became kanon and freed battler,put Kyrie's head athen closed the room by repair the chain from the outside and since Battler thought she and Kanon were different people Erika created the perfect closed room.
  996. - [Request: 'I am not the rescuer.'] Of course! You are the detective, are you not? Don't worry, I will respect that!
  997. -I'll define 'rescuer to mean any person who reset the chain lock after Battler unset it. This definition applies whether said person
  998.  intended to rescue Battler or not.
  999. > muh Erika is not the rescuer so she cannot save Battler.
  1000. the definition of rescuer is any person who reset the chain lock after Battler unset it, logical since Battler rescuer was out of the room no? but what if the rescuer was inside the room then the rescuer could have unset the chain not Battler !!!
  1001. erika is just a different type of rescuer.
  1003. now that all the red truths have been fulfilled let's move on to the biggest clue of this chapter Erika's death.
  1004. after Erika lost the narrator said: "the toxin of his own concept being denied races through her" this can easily be interpreted as "his theory on the logic error was wrong" but if interpreted as her own concept was her became beautiful, but above all the sentence of Erika that literally confirms erikantrice: "i am ....... the witch of truth, furudo erika ........ the witch of truth .... the witch..who can withstand the truth ...... now ..... i can finnally accept the real truth about myself ".
  1005. In no way can any other theory explain this sentence, the real truth about herself is that Erika isnt a human but the detective fantasy of Yasu.
  1006. Hope is the last to die and to kill it is the cruel truth, no miracle could make Battler return, no effort, no matter how big, could cure her broken woman body, the pain of accepting a truth can transform 6 years of pain into 1000.
  1007. (ever happened to you that when you found out the truth about something or someone, when a person cheated on you or when things just didn't go easy as they told you? how much you have suffered but above all how much you have matured thanks to these experiences).
  1008. Erika is the witch who managed to accept the greatest pain and with elegance, she Faced battler in the last duel to accept her fate and said: Hi, pleased to meet you! I am Furudo Erika, the detective !! I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me !!
  1009. I am the visitor, the 18th human on Rokkenjima !!
  1010. in other words "I EXIST, I AM A HUMAN !!!" her last cry of hope.
  1011. and Battler replied: "" ... Sorry, but ... "" Even if you do join us- "" "That makes 17 humans." "
  1012. in other words "sorry Erika but you're just the fantasy of a shy girl who loved mystery books and dreamed of being a detective".
  1013. Erika died, without her the rules of the game returned normal and the true Beatrice resurrected (if now you do not cry for Erika you have no heart, only those who have love could see this truth).
  1015. Now I have concluded with the explanation of the 6th game I hope that my love for umineko has reached you now I will list all the clues about erika = kanon of this chapter.
  1017. 7.3 Dinner:
  1018. During the dinner people starting to solve the riddles of maria's book.
  1019. As I said earlier all this is an Erika plan to irritate the people present and make them join Battler's plan, but the curious fact that the person introducing eningmas into the discussion was George and always George , when he saw that Erika was exaggerating, to calm her, he started talking about chopsticks.
  1020. how did George know that Erika liked chopsticks if he had met her 5 minutes earlier?
  1021. Even if George does not kill(maybe but these are beyond theories) in this chapter he still support Kanon.
  1022. Dinner disicussion worksfor Ushiromiya women but not for Battler, so erika first mocked the legend of the witch to give an idea to Battler on how to thematize the murders and then to convince him to do it by insulting Maria.
  1023. Here that there is a great clue to the fact that Erika is Kanon.
  1024. Maria challenge Erika on the fact that the trick of Beatrice is magic or not (the trick consists in pulling candy out of an empy cup), then Erika reproduces it(without hear or see this trick before this moment) in such a perfect way that even maria remains surprised and amazed like was beatrice to do it.
  1025. Maria does not recognize people by their appearance but by how they behave, and at that moment for Maria Erika she had behaved exactly like Beatrice and that is why she was so upset, not because her makeup was denied but because she was Beatrice herself. to do it.
  1027. 7.5 the explanation of Battler:
  1028. the 6th game would have been the last and here Battler's goal was proven that he had really understood all the truth, so many scenes were created to give an explanation of unresolved mysteries.
  1029. The scenes of George are the way used by Battler to explain his motive as culprit.
  1030. The story of George that can be summarized :
  1031. George was abused by his mother from an early age, he studied and trained every day without rest and this made him a perfect person but eliminated from him any social skill and totally isolated him.
  1032. At least until he met Shannon the only girl who showed interest in him, George immediately fell in love with her in a strange way.
  1033. George's jealousy made him destroy Battler's letters thinking were for Shannon, he is the cause of everything, but once he got rid of Battler and date Shannon, he calmed down until he decided to marry her.
  1034. He knew that his mother would not agree but this poor stupid believed that class differences do not matter and love is equal to marriagen ALL BULLSHITS.
  1035. In the duel between George and Eva , we finnally understand what triggered the murderous fury of George, Eeva in tears said that if he married shannon she would """occupy""" of her !!!.
  1036. eva literally said that she would kill Shannon if George married her, and then George was left with 3 choices:
  1037. - left shannon and lost the only reason he had to live then commit suicide
  1038. - try to marry shannon, but in the end eva would have killed her
  1039. - kill eva
  1040. George could not kill Eva, if police had discovered it his plan would be useless.
  1041. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if only there was a way to kill a person without leaving evidence.
  1042. In at that moment Kanon proposed to him the greatest poison of humanity HOPE.
  1043. Kanon offered to George 2 billion yen and a way to eliminate all evidence of Eva's murder(the bomb) in exchange for an hand during the murders.
  1044. Does this story remind you of anyone?
  1046. KINZO
  1048. George's story is a copy paste of his grandfather.
  1049. Kinzo was a puppet in the hands of his family and became a man only when he met Beatrice and in order not to lose her he killed everyone on Rokkenjima.
  1050. the 4th chapter test is the choice that George and Kinzo had to face
  1054. This is the true meaning of the George scenes, in these scenes George is the protagonist unlike those with jessica with Kanon where she is a secondary character, their scene show how much Kanon's love for Jessica was superficial and just a way to forgot Battler(Jessica was literrally Battler's perfect woman , this is why Kanon choses her).
  1055. The scene of the duel with Kyrie was used by Bttler to confirm that she was really his mother, while the scene with Rosa that Maria's real father had nothing to do with the mystery.
  1058. -7.6 Erika detective during the logic error:
  1059. at the beginning of this chapter I wrote that Erika is the detective during the logic error thanks to the red truth:
  1060. "Hi, pleased to meet you! I am Furudo Erika, the detective !! I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me !!"
  1061. > muh this red truth was said once the game was finished so it is not valid.
  1062. ok then this:
  1063. "Request: 'I am not the rescuer.'] Of course! You are the detective, you are not? Don't worry, I will respect that!"
  1064. > muh but you are the detective is not written in red !!!
  1065. if Erika didnt denied this statement, it was true for her but I understand that there may be doubts so i will kill them all with this red truth:
  1067. "Furthermore, the chain lock was set at the same time I entered the room. No one could have left the room during the few seconds between the time I entered and the time I set the chain lock.."
  1069. no human can be sure at 100% of a thing, only the detective can!!!
  1070. Didnt matter how many times you divide 1 you will never reach 0, so if Erika wasnt the detective Battler could escape during the chain look set.
  1071. now comes the definitive question, if Erika killed 5 people how can he be the detective? it violate knox !!!
  1072. I have several theories:
  1073. 1) Beatrice is the representation of the rules, Battler wanted to resurrect her but in the 5th game there was a different rule from the games of beato: There was an exception clause in the original, but for this game the detective isn't a culprit proclaimed in red, so you don't need to consider the exception.
  1074. Battler included this exception to be sure of resurrect the true Beatrice, so she lied to Erika by making her belive that she wasnt the detective.(detective's authority must be gained, detective's position not).
  1075. 2) Erika regarding her victims says these red truths:
  1076.   "I re-killed all of them"
  1077. what a fuck mean re-killed? she killed and cut off the head of who? it could be that she refers to people she killed before arriving on the island, or killed after the logic error so the these 5 people can killed by George.
  1078. In other words George killed them , then Erika cut their heads.
  1079. Without an inspection, the bodies are like a cat in the box, can be alive or not, so to be sure about their deaths without an inspection you must cut theirs heads but since Erika didnt know about their status before the cutting Erika murder 5 people and erika didnt kill anyone are valid at the same time(beyond solution goats fuck off).
  1080. 3) towards the end of the game Battler gave the possibility to retroactively adding the seals on the doors, so before this privilege Erika really killed the 5 then when she retroactively added the seals and also changed who killed the 5 no more her but George.
  1082. as you can see you can find a method x that allows Erika to be the detective during the logic error because the red truths confirm it.
  1083. Erika detective explaine why in this chapter Erika never seen Kanon!!!! in the 5th game she was the only one to saw him because Kanon was in an alternative thinking dimension of the detective but in this chapter Erika lost detectvie's authority so she cant see Kanon!!!!
  1084. (after erika was defeated Battler criticizes Beatrice's solution that people might think is not a mystery, if shkanontrice were true then the final trick is the same as all the other games(Shannon=Kanon) so why here there are criticisms and in the other games no? instead with Erikantrice we can interpret Battler's phrase with: the detective is the culprit people could think that violates the mystery !!!)
  1087. 7.7 The illusion of battler:
  1088. Battler, after being locked up in the logic error, is locked in a dark illusion.
  1089. in this illusion, despite he asked for help, no one came to help him, so he tried to escape by closing the chain from the outside but a witch inside the room stop him.
  1090. if shkanontrice was true to battler would have been enough to ask for help to go out, one of George, Hideyoshi, Shannon, Nanjo and Kumasawa would have went to save him since the seal on the window had been removed but instead nobody came.
  1091. Erikantrice can find an easy solution to this nightmare.
  1092. Battler for go out must leave the room, close the door and kindly ask the witch inside the room to insert the chain for him.
  1093. simple.
  1096. 7.8 The duel:
  1097. To conclude this chapter I will have to destroy the strongest argument of Shkanontrice "the duel of love" !!!!
  1098. As I have already mentioned at the beginning of this chapter, shkanontrice interprets this point fantastically but even here there are contradictions that I will now expose.
  1099. Erikantrice explains the duel thanks to this single statement: the golden brooch is the debit card with 2 billion yen !!!!
  1100. In this capitalist world, money allows any kind of magic to be carried out such as allowing a servant to marry the master, allowing 2 people of the same gender to be accepted as lovers or why not treating a broken woman's body with hormone therapy.
  1101. now I show the duel step by step giving the interpretation of erikantrice:
  1103. 7.8.1 the furniture:
  1104. Shkanontrice says that a furniture is a personality of Yasu, for this Shannon and Kanon must face each other to decide who among them can love, since they cant be alive at the same time.
  1105. I reject all this and declare that a furniture is a person who cannot love.
  1106. my interpretation also explains why Genji considers himself a furniture, I strongly doubt that Genji is a personality of yasu.
  1107. so now I will explain why Kanon Shannon and Genji cannot love.
  1108. -Shannon cannot love George because she is part of a different social class so she could not be accepted by Eva as George's wife.
  1109. Ikuko said that a furniture could be a person of a different social class, and fur fur said that whoever thinks that the social class does not count when there is love is stupid, i don't see any reasons to said that if forniture = personality.
  1110. -Kanon can't love Jessica since her body is a woman and can't love Battler because she is a woman, but being the daughter of an incest
  1111. made her body infertile and underdevelop(no chest, not in a vulgar way but for Yasu big chest mean something that Battler wants in a woman).
  1112. -Genji helped Kinzo to rape his daughter and the guilt made for him impossible love or Genji loves Kinzo (yes like mr Burns and Smithers) this explains why he stayed with him so much and protected him despite all the sins he committed, but Kinzo loved Beatrice and therefore his love was impossible.(also explain why Ronove,meta-Genji, is so for Battler,who is a younger version of Kinzo).
  1114. 7.8.1 the duel:
  1115. The duel for Shkanontrice was a battle in Yasu's mind to decide who was more important to her than Battler, George and Jessica.
  1116. This is a big contradiction because it was George who win and therefore George is the most important person for yasu, but we know very well that it is not true !!!
  1117. Yasu killed for Battler and she always die after the killing, so if George was really the most important person for her why killed anyone instead of run away with him and 2 billion yen, so the most important person for Yasu is Battler.
  1118. Erikantrice explains the duel as follows:
  1119. like i said before this chapter was used by Battler to show that he understand everything
  1120. the duel was used as a timeline to show that the 2 billion yen card could make 3 love story become true.
  1121. the first one between Yasu and Battler but the stubbornness of Battler and the jealousy of George prevented the 2 lovers from having contacts and their possibility of being together disappeared.
  1122. after battler's betrayal and the discovery of her broken woman's body, Yasu created a new personality called kanon and fell in love with Jessica, but in reality love for jessica was all a lie, he never forgot Battler, he had fallen in love with Jessica because she was the ideal woman for Battler and when he discovered that Battler was returning to the island Kanon abandoned the love for Jessica to prepare the crime.
  1123. the third and last possibility was the love between George and Shannon, Kanon gave George the card, whatever had happened she would given to someone who had suffered for love like her one chance to realize his love and Kanon took advantage of it to get help for the murders.
  1124. this is why George won in the end , he is who got the 2 billion yen card.
  1125. This concluded the 7th chapter, this is the last true chapter of my manifesto the remaining ones will be only bonuses and therefore I have a bit of melancholy, thank you very much for having read this far and I really hope that you have made me understand my love for umineko.
  1130. ------------------------------------
  1132. ------------------------------------
  1136. -7.1 BERNKASTLE GAME:
  1137. the bernkastle game is a bonus game used by ryukishi to make fun of the shkanontrice supporters!!!!
  1138. in fact this game is unsolvable if you consider shannon=kanon, in this paragraph I will not only prove that the game is solvable by using kanon and george as culprits but that it is impossible for battler,kyrie and rudolf to be the culprits.
  1139. Let's start by listing the main red truths to solve the game:
  1140. -All doors can only be locked or unlocked with a master key.
  1141. -Of course, it is possible to lock or unlock the doors from inside the room even without a master key.
  1142. -There are five master keys total. One is held by each of the five servants.
  1143. -The servants keep master keys on their person at all times, so it is impossible for them to be stolen, handed over, or used by any human
  1144. other than themselves.
  1145. -Purple truth_all humans in the game can use it.
  1146. not culprit case:equal red truth.
  1147. culprit case:could be a lie or be truth red.
  1148. -culprit: Someone who killed someone, only the culprit one can
  1149. lie using the purple truth
  1150. IMPORTANT: A culprit can lie even before committing a murder
  1151. - You're not allowed to have accomplices, that is to say people who help the culprit but
  1152. they don't kill anyone.
  1153. Now as the first chapters of my manifesto, I will divide the explanation by murder:
  1155. -8.1.1 eva,hideyoshi,kyrie,rudolf,rose and genji:
  1156. kanon killed them all and then closed the door with the master key.
  1157. instead shkanontrice said: kyrie and rudolf kill them all then fake their deaths, battler the accomplice confirmed it,
  1158. for this twilight shkanontrice is possible
  1160. -8.1.2 krauss and kyrie:
  1161. list the purple truths:
  1162. -All of us servants were together the whole time. said by shannon
  1163. -All of us servants can prove an alibi for all of the other servants. said by kanon
  1164. kanon killed them, remember that kanon is not only a servant but even the head of the ushiromiya family so shannon purple truth didnt matter for him or more simple the whole time when? 10 years ago? before the murders?now?
  1165. the purple truth of shannon can be truth, but if kanon is the culprit we can destroy it and allow kanon to kill krauss and natsuhi.
  1166. shannon said that all the servants were all toghether, in what sense?they were in the same island? in the same building?
  1167. naturally the answare is all the servants were in the same room, but as we knew a room can be composed of separate parts like kinzo studio.
  1168. so shannon,gohda and kumasawa were in a part of the room , kanon was in another part of the room where he could not be seen by others.
  1169. -All of us servants can prove an alibi for all of the other servants is a lie,so kanon can kill krauss and natsuhi without other servants would suspect him.
  1170. shkanontrice explains the murder with rudolf hiding in the room.
  1171. everything perfectly possible, even if the culprit hiding in the room and nobody finds him is cringe, but thanks to the purple truths:
  1172. -We put packing tape all over the outside of the doors and windows, sealing them! maria truth
  1173. - We made sure that no one would be able to enter or leave until the police arrived! jessicsa truth
  1174. -We also sealed the dining room in the same way. battler truth
  1175. - We also sealed the mansion itself, and all of us took refuge in the guesthouse. nanjo truth
  1176. rudolf can't leave the room until the police arrive.
  1177. kyrie, on the other hand, could have left the room before it was sealed, accepting the fact that whoever sealed every door and window in the dining room did not notice that 2 bodies were missing, but it doesn't matter so , for,shkanontrice, the other murders can only be committed by kyrie and battler.
  1179. -8.1.3: kanon and shannon:
  1180. kanon killed shannon,his personality and destroyed the 2 master key.
  1181. in shkanontrice kyrie or battler can killed him.
  1183. -8.1.4: gohda and kumasawa:
  1184. list the purple truth:
  1185. -the four cousins and Doctor Nanjo couldn't have killed Gohda-san and Kumasawa-san. jessica 's purple truth
  1186. so in shkanontrice rudolf, blocked in the mansion and battler couldn't kill them, only kyrie left.
  1187. -but the guesthouse was still completely locked up. george truth
  1188. no key exist outsite the guest house so if george didnt lied is impossible for kyrie kill them so shkanontrice is fake even here.
  1189. in erikantrice george lied!!!! kanon entered and killed them.
  1190. >muh kyrie enter in the house before other arrival
  1191. ok but then kyrie cant kill nanjo
  1193. -8.1.5 nanjo:
  1194. maria truth:Everything is locked up perfectly.
  1195. george truth: In the first place, no one could kill Doctor Nanjo inside the guesthouse!
  1196. so on one inside or outside cant kill nanjo, absurd so one between maria or george must be culprit too so kyrie couldn't kill him.
  1197. jessica truth:Maria, Battler, George nii-san and I all couldn't have killed Doctor Nanjo!
  1198. battler couldn't kill him, rudolf the same so another time no one can kill nanjo in shkanontrice absurd.
  1199. instead in erikantrice kanon killed him the george truth:no one could kill Doctor Nanjo inside the guesthouse! is fake.
  1200. (is incredible that during the hints battler and beatrice ignored the fact that another person cant enter in the guest house).
  1202. -8.1.6 jessica:
  1203. in shkanontrice kyrie killed her.
  1204. in erikantrice kanon killed her.
  1206. -8.1.7 george and maria (in reality battler and maria):
  1207. in shkanontrice kyrie krauss and battler ,they all appear together in front of George and Maria and kill them.
  1208. Rudolf can't leave Natsuhi's room until the police arrive, which is a contradiction.
  1209. in erikantrice george killed maria and battler, maria truth allow it:George onii-chan couldn't kill an adult. He could kill a kid though.
  1210. This explain how george can be a culprit,a culprit can lie even before the murder right?
  1211. just george wait until the end for gain this title
  1212. the goal of bernkastle wasn't winning but making ange think that the culprits were her family to drive her crazy.
  1213. END.
  1215. how could you read the official explanation has contradictions if we assume that people are stupid and don't notice 2 missing bodies.
  1216. instead erikantrice as usual with the same culprits manages to solve the case without any contradiction and not only this time my solution is supported by erika and bernkastle:
  1217. -It's possible to form a logical explanation other than the Rudolf's family culprit theory. erika's red truth
  1218. -No, it is possible. A 'culprit' is defined as 'one who murders'.No one ever said they have to murder someone who appears in the story. ...In other words, if George committed murder outside the island, sometime before this crime, he could be a 'culprit' without killing anyone on the island, and it would be possible for him to lie. erika's red truth (or why not after the crime remember the rule A culprit can lie even before committing a murder so maybe after 20 years george could kill someone or why not kill the survivor after the main part of the murder (maria and battler)!!!!)
  1219. berkastle said: in this games there are 17 person , person mean body so shannon cant be kanon!!!!!
  1220. WARNING:after some arguing i cant deny the possibility of george,eva and hideyoshi culprits, so this time kanon-george culprits arent the only option, but george is the real culprit in reality so i belive that as solution is ok for erikantrice.
  1222. -8.2 THE REALITY:
  1223. erikantrice is a theory that openly states that umineko is a mystery.
  1224. I admit that besides mistery , umineko is a union of many literal genres but his heart, like the love between Battler and Beatrice, is made of mistery.
  1225. explain Umineko as a mistery not only requires putting yourself in the detective's shoes and solve the games but also mean give to all the meta scenes we see in the game a counterpart in reality.
  1226. The Battle between Battler and Beatrice, Berkastle and Lambda and Ange's story in the future, all magical facts to which we have to give a meaning in reality.
  1227. to do this we must divide umineko into 3 worlds:
  1228. - the world of pawns where the games take place
  1229. - the meta-world where battles between witches take place
  1230. - reality
  1231. Erikantrice explains the first 2 worlds with 2 statements:
  1232. -The world of pawns mystery stories created by yasu-ikuko.
  1233. -The meta-world is just the magical version of ikuko's attempt to get his memory back to battler by making him solve his stories.
  1234. of course I won't explain every single fantasy scene I'll just explain what really happened in reality and give you decryption keys that will allow you to give meaning to every single mystery scene.
  1235. The keys are:
  1236. -Ikuko is Yasu
  1237. -George is the real culprit in Reality
  1238. -Battler never forgot Beatrice and returned to rokkenjima ONLY FOR HER
  1239. -Berkastle is a popular theory about the mystery of rokkenjima that destroyed Ange's life or the theory of Battler's family.
  1240. The decryption keys, however,arent enougth you need to open the cat's box and really find out what happened on rokkenjima , which is the subject of this chapter
  1242. -8.2.1 the story of Yasu:
  1243. Although the story is scattered over each chapter this part of my manifesto will focus on the confession of claire in chapter seven which everyone considers the final weapon of shkanontrice who killed all the other theories.
  1244. it must be specified that at the time of writing this chapter shakanontrice had won the right to call herself truth and therefore ryukishi had to tell the story of beatrice without directly violating shkanontrice and make sure that only those who discovered the truth could discover the contradictions of shkanontrice in this part.
  1245. Yasu is the fruit of incest sin born from Kinzo and his daughter.
  1246. despite what he had done, Kinzo repented and tried to avoid making this mistake again by giving his daughter-in-law Natsuhi Yasu up for adoption.
  1248. (after re-reading chapter seven, I don't understand how anyone can believe that Yasu is not a woman.
  1249. Kinzo was literally afraid to commit his sin again, and Genji hid Yasu from him for the same reason so of course she would have to be a woman to commit that sin.
  1250. Even Williard confirms this by asking Lion for his gender after confirming the incest rape.)
  1252. Natushi was humiliated, she had been trying for a long time to have a child and like every event of umineko Natsuhi misunderstood this adoption thinking that it was the way Kinzo intended to humiliate and mock her for her inability to be a woman.
  1253. Natsuhi ,overwhelmed with hatred for this child , tried to kill Yasu by throwing him off a cliff.
  1254. A miracle saved Yasu's life, Genji managed to take him to Dr. Nanjo saving her life, Genji could no longer bring him back to rokkenjima so he leaved him to the orphanage funded by the Ushiromiya family Fukuin house.
  1255. Yasu was entrusted to another girl of the fukuin House Shannon, under the direct order of Genji, unfortunately Yasu lived in solitude those years but her great imagination and friendship with Shannon made her endure that loneliness.
  1256. At the age of 10, Yasu was chosen to become a maid of the ushiromiya family thanks to Genji, Yasu's new life was difficult because of her inexperience which made her make many mistakes and get a bad reputation.
  1257. The legend of the witch Beatrice was used by Yasu as a denial of her mistakes, Yasu blamed the witch for her mistakes and this was used by Shannon and Kumasawa to teach her how to improve in her work.
  1258. Kumasawa and Shannon, as Genji did with Kinzo, began to support Yasu's fantasies to help her in her difficult situation.
  1259. Kumasawa taught Yasu useful tricks for the work in the form of anti-witch methods, thanks to which yasu's work improved a lot, instead Shannon used a more drastic method pretending to be Beatrice herself in the eyes of yasu.
  1261. (Yes, I admit I thought Gaap was Nanjo but instead after re-reading episode 7 it is clear that it is Shannon. The biggest example of this is the duster, Yasu lost the duster and after making friends with Gaap, she found it in front of the chapel, strange thing is that not only Yasu was looking for it but also all the other servants so it's really unlikely that someone didn't notice it outside the chapel so someone must have put it there.
  1262. Shannon found it,baecome Gaap to speak with Yasu and then placed it there.
  1263. there are many clues that tell us that yasu and shannon are 2 different people, as for example the other maids refer to them as 2 different people or that Shannon and Gaap are never in the same room and when one comes out the other reappears,example Gaap is seen near other maids but never with shannon, but this is very ambiguous as proof, thanks shannon=Yasu, so it can not be used as evidence of course erikantrice has the solution that confirms that shannon and yasu are 2 different people and this is the age.
  1264. from the story we understand that Yasu is younger than Jessica and they 2 are in different school years classes.
  1265. this confirms that it is impossible that Shannon is Yasu because we know that Shannon's age is the same or older than the cousins so the 2 ages do not match and this explains why George expected attention from Shannon, if Shannon is not yasu then she is older than Battler and I would also be disappointed if a girl prefers someone younger than her to someone older like George, if shannon is yasu then it is unthinkable that George would expect a child to prefer a young adult to someone younger like Battler ( naturally if george is not a pedophile).
  1267. Shannon started to make Yasu read the yellow books to resist in moments of loneliness and Soon Yasu fall in love with these stories-
  1268. The more time passed the more the legend of the witch became important for her and when new maids arrived who doubted Beatrice existence she decided to make them change their mind and when she saw that her tricks had made some people accept Beatrice's existence Yasu decided to become Beatrice.
  1269. Little by little Beatrice's story became more and more famous thanks to Yasu's work but Yasu now believed herself to be a witch and she was more and more detached from the real world so Shannon decided to use the family's meeting to make her feel the friendship she had felt with the cousins and maybe make her return to the real world and stop being a witch.
  1270. Shannon's plan worked, during the Family Yasu Met Battler.
  1271. Two mystery lovers met and of course began to argue and argue nonstop, until the love soon blossomed in their hearts, but unfortunately the cruel time never stops flowing so Battler had to leave but before that, he told Yasu that he would come back for her with a white horse.
  1272. people on the island didn't know about this relationship and believed that Battler liked Shannon, this rumor was created by Battler himself with Shannon's help to keep Kinzo from noticing Yasu.
  1274. (as you can well understand from all the games , even if yasu's body was different from Beatrice's for everyone Yasu's face was the face of Beatrice's painting so it was natural that Kinzo noticed it and this happened when yasu became Kanon and started to serve directly him.
  1275. We understand this thanks to the scene in which Kinzo orders genji to install the epigraph in the hall, Kinzo in this scene clearly tells genji that he has understood, Kinzo refers that that servant named Kanon had his face, black hair, dark personality could deceive others but not Kinzo's love.
  1276. in other previous posts I had written much more about the love story but I wanted to leave them out because they are not directly present in the visual novel to avoid presumptuous assumptions even if this greatly reduces the romance but this is a mystery and we'll get over it)
  1278. The dreamy Yasu after these words began to fantasize about her future with Battler but as we know the sad fate took away the life of Battler's mother, so Battler decided to leave her family.
  1279. Yasu believed in her love and understood Battler's feelings and so she decided to wait for him until after 2 years all the magic of this love was killed by George.
  1280. Battler hadn't forgotten Yasu but neither could forget his mother and forgive his father so easily, he knew all the pain he had caused to Yasu for his stubbornness and maybe he knew he couldn't be forgiven but he decided to try and write a letter containing all his feelings for her to let her know that he was always in his heart then he wrote other letters to camouflage her and not expose her to kinzo then gave the letters to kyrie.
  1281. Once on the island kyrie told all the relatives about those letters and took them out of her purse and in that moment George went ahead kyrie and made her gave him the letters and he started to distribute them.
  1282. Shannon was waiting for the Yasu's one but it never showed up so she asked george for explanations and in response he gave her the empy envelope containing the letters as if he wanted to be sure that Shannon didn't doubt him, strange ?, then George start talking about how popular Battler was with girls, even though we know that Battler didn't have a girlfriend and that he hated the women in his class, and to conclude in Beauty said that in """his"" letter it was written that Battler would never come back to the island, Battler and George must have a great relationship if Battler told so much about his life because I thought that Battler had not spoken to george for many years but I can be wrong(ahhahahhahahahahhahahahhhah).
  1284. (here George lied for the same reason of all the tragedies that happen in umineko INCOMPRENSION, the excuse used by Battler to love Shannon to hide his relationship with Yasu from Kinzo was so convincing that George believed it, during Battler's absence George kept talking about how Battler would never come back to Shannon and then with those letters I find the right opportunity to destroy their relationship forever without knowing the sad truth
  1285. (Previously in my posts I wrote that Battler had sent the letter to shannon and then sent it to kanon but rereading i notice that there is a more simple and logic solution, on the letter there wasnt written shannon or yasu but Sayo.
  1286. Now imagine that you are George and read an unknown name on a letter, then ask yourself this question who is that he knows Battler but whose name I do not know? 2 + 2 = 4 and George thought it was for Shannon and this explaine why know Yasu's real name.
  1287. to summarize the clues that make us realize that it was George who destroyed Yasu's letter are:
  1288. - George arranged for Kyrie to give her the letters
  1289. - George knows about Battler's personal life even though he has no relationship with him and what he's telling Shannon is a lie.
  1290. - only in George Battler's letter he writes that he no longer wants to return to rokkenjima
  1291. after all these clues whatever theory you believe in it is impossible to deny george's destruction of the letter)
  1293. Yasu was a dreamer and as long as there is also 1 possibility on a quadrillion she will believe in a miracle but what Shannon tell destroyed this last possibility and her heart broke so decided that she could no longer love Battler, she stopped existing dividing herself into 2 personalities Beatrice and Kanon.
  1294. Battler's perfect woman was Blonde, a masked personality and big chest, totally the opposite of what Kanon was, if there was a perfect person if you didn't want Battler to fall in love with you but Kanon never forgot about Battler and how Kanon fell in love with Jessica who was Battler's perfect woman
  1296. (at this point it seems obvious to me that all readers will have a big objection to make, "but in the 7th chapter of umineko it is clearly written Yhannon when Yasu talk about her relationship with battler".
  1297. Of course I have not ignored this point, I have only postponed it .
  1298. there are 2 solutions:
  1299. the first as written above simply R07 uses the name shannon because shkanontrice has won the right to call itself truth.
  1300. the second reason and much more profound, Yasu believed a lot in the voices and in the family there was the one created by battler that he loved Shannon.
  1301. when Battler did not send him the letter + her woman's body was broken I think it was impossible that Battler had fallen in love with her instead of the beautiful(big chest) and sociable(for Yasu's standards) Shannon, so in these fantasies Yasu uses Shannon.)
  1303. Kanon began to work for Kinzo and it wasn't long before he understood who Kanon really was, so Kinzo created the epigraph, which differs from what everyone believed, it wasn't the method to choose the new head of the family but a request to Genji for apologize to Yasu, only Genji knew the answer and if he judged that Kinzo would really repent then he would tell Kanon about Taiwan by making him solve the epigraph and meet Kinzo.
  1305. (thanks to this it is confirmed that erika=kanon because erika couldn't solve the epigraph in the 5th game because the epigraph wasn't meant to be solvable, it wasn't a game or an enigma but only and only Kinzo's desperate request to Genji to meet his daughter before he died)
  1307. Kanon solved the epigraph and obtained control of the ushiromiya family but he didn't want to make it official, from the trunk this meant that sooner or later he would meet Battler but anyway with this money Kanon wanted to realize at least the wish of his great friend Shannon.
  1308. Eva had opposed George's relationship with Shannon, Shannon had fallen in love with George but their class difference was too big an obstacle (as confirmed by Ikuko and Furfur) so Kanon used Kinzo's gold to obtain a miracle by creating the gold brooch (the credit card with 2 billion yen).
  1309. Thanks to the brooch, Shannon found the courage to go out with George, not knowing that George loved her, and after their relationship was built Shannon returned the brooch to Kanon.
  1310. Kanon then thought of using her for his relationship with Jessica, but he knew deep down that he didn't really love her then another miracle occurred Battler was returning to rokkenjima, Kanon's heart was overwhelmed by too many emotions, and he realized that his relationship with Jessica was nothing compared to his love for Battler.
  1311. Battler in these 6 years had never forgotten yasu, and when he did not receive the answer to her letter he suffered the same pain felt by her more the guilt in knowing that it was his stubbornness that had caused this, but after 6 years he could not take it anymore and even decided to forgive her father to meet again the woman who had stolen his heart.
  1313. (the fact that Battler hadn't forgotten Yasu is confirmed by episode 7 where Battler is missing from Beatrice's funeral because he in this world had never fallen in love with Yasu/lion so he had no reason to return to the island)
  1315. Kanon decided to organize the crime, sent money to Nanjo and Kumasawa to secure their cooperation, ordered ange to pretend to be sick and gave her money for her future as orphan(Ange know Beatrice because we seen her discuss with Maria to enter in the Mariage Sorciere) then went to convince her greatest ally George, Kanon wanted at least Shannon to live happily with her money.
  1316. George was in a desperate situation, his mother Eva had told him that she would use his influence to kill Shannon and Battler was returning to the island( so for him Battler could steal Shannon from him), he did not know how to resolve the situation then the tempting devil arrived, Kanon and offer him 2 billion yen plus a method to kill Eva without leaving any trace (the bomb).
  1317. George was Kinzo's true heir, both had spent their entire life as a puppet of their family until a woman taught them how to become a real man and for that woman Goerge accepted Kanon's offer, he accpet the 3rd option KILL ALL ON ROKKENJIMA FOR HIS LOVE LIKE KINZO.
  1318. Kanon think of every possible scenario but there was 1 a scenario that she could not have foreseen in any way , Battler had not forgotten her and when he saw her despite being disguised as Kanon he recognized her.
  1319. Kanon and Battler spoke together after 6 years(crying moment), Kanon wanted to stop the murders, But for George the dice was cast and the tragedy occurred.
  1320. At the end of that long night only three people survived Battler, Kanon and Eva.
  1321. Eva decided to blow up the island to preserve her son's reputation, what she had done would take it to her grave and decided to hate Ange because she had loved George more than anyone else and her love had turned him into a monster.
  1322. Battler and Yasu escaped together on a boat, Yasu felt responsible for what he had done and tried to commit suicide but Battler jumped into the sea to save her and made it, just as Kinzo and Castiglioni were shipwrecked on the same beach and thanks to Battler both were alive but Battler lost his memory so Yasu decided to live until he recovered it.
  1323. Yasu assumed Ikuko's identity and became a writer in order to obtain sustenance for Battler's care, but her memory did not return, so she tried an extreme method, wrote stories about the mystery of rokkenjima to make Battler solve them in order to get his memory back.
  1324. all umineko is just the magic version of this desperate ikuko attempt to get Battler's memory back.
  1325. The story ends with Ange, Ange has 2 trick or magic choices, if Ange chooses trick Ikuko decides to confess everything at the press conference on the rokkenjima case and then kill herself, if instead Ange chooses magic Ikuko decides to live for Battler and in the end after meeting her sister again her memory returned and finally Battler and Yasu can be together again.
  1326. END
  1328. This is the end of the story and also my manifesto, in the next parts there will be made bonuses but this is where my theory ends, thank you all for reading so far and even if I have not convinced you that erikantrice is the real truth even if only having made you doubt a moment is worth all the effort and time spent writing this manifesto.
  1332. Warning congecture
  1333. -8.3 Erika in reality
  1334. this part will not be officially included in my manifesto because I have no proof and it's just a conjecture but if it is confirmed then erika=kanon would be 100% sure.
  1335. this supposition of mine, stems from the fact that Claire in the 7th chapter of umineko said that if Battler came back a year later, the tragedy would not happen, but she didn't stop there she also said that another tragedy would happen but not at that level.
  1336. Claire literally destroys Shkanontrice with this statement, because Shannon won the duel in the 6th game and so if Battler hadn't come back she would have to leave with George not to commit another tragedy.
  1337. this statement makes me theorize that if Battler had come back a year later Yasu would have made the 5th or 6th game, she would have pretended to be Eika and would have made her plan against Natsuhi or Battler.
  1338. but I don't have any proof of this only a statement that denies shkanontrice but not enough to use as evidence for Erika=Kanon, anyway I hope this fact has interested you.
  1341. --------------
  1343. --------------
  1348. Forgery of the purple truth is a spin-off manga of umineko, imitating Bern's game from the eighth chapter, where the solution of the humicides is based on the purple truth.
  1350. This manga should not affect Umineko's VN , but by solving it with Erika as the culprit I can really hurting Shkanontrice's credibility.
  1351. Like every Umineko game also forgery has a completely wrong official solution that violates every rule and full of insults to the reader, but don't worry the light will always come, of course it took me a while but now it's time to bring back dignity to this manga.
  1353. so let's start!!!!
  1355. Culprits:Erika , Kanon and Nanjo.
  1356. Accomplices: the concept coincides with the culprit in this game
  1357. motives: dont care (red truth). (hate against ushiromiya family according with Nanjo[literally Erika]).
  1359. Yes unfortunately George is not the culprit this time, that's bad but there is a reason!!!!
  1360. Shannon was removed from the game so there is a free body that was used to separate Erika and Kanon into 2 different people.
  1361. so instead of George as the culprit there is Kanon.
  1362. Nanjo just killed Eva at the end so he could lie.
  1364. Before we start with the explanation of the murders let's list necessary information that we will need in a little while:
  1366. -the rules are the same as in Bern's game(Purple truth is red truth but if spoken by a guilty person it could be a lie)
  1367. -Knox is valid
  1368. -the masterkey can unlock any door with a look
  1369. -Shaknontrice solves the game with Natsuhi,Jessica and Nanjo as compeables.
  1371. first twilight
  1372. Kinzo,Krauss,Gohda,Kumasawa,Genji and Kanon are found dead inside Kinzo's study ,locked of course.
  1373. According to the red truth a woman was in the room during the murder.
  1374. the masterkeys have all been taken so the concept of a locked room loses meaning.
  1375. Shkanontrice solution:
  1376. Natsuhi was in the studio and killed them.
  1378. Erikantrice solves this simple crime by stating that the seventh woman was Erika and together with Kanon in the study they killed the other 5 then Kanon pretended to be dead and his death was covered by Erika and Nanjo since they were only ones who inspected the bodies.
  1379. After the investigation was over, Erika sealed the door.
  1380. a seal can't be repaired and put back again after being removed but there's nothing to stop you from putting a new one in place of the old one, Thanks to the complicity of those who control the seals it's possible to ignore the concept of a sealed room.
  1382. second twilight:
  1383. George(sad) and Hideyoshi were found dead in their room, the door was open but the chain had been cut.(death confirmed by Eva)
  1384. - only the servants ,Krauss,Jessica and Natsuhi can cut the chain
  1385. red truth
  1386. Shkanontrice solution:
  1387. Natsuhi didn't have an alibi, so he could very well kill them.
  1389. When I read this chapter I was very upset because he denied George's guilt but I have to go on with Erika.
  1390. the solution is simple Kanon is actually alive and out of the studio so he can kill them easily.
  1392. third twilight:
  1393. Jessica and Natsuhi were found dead in the shed where they were imprisoned the night before.
  1394. Before starting we need to clarify the situation.
  1395. Natsuhi and Jessica, since they were the only ones alive who could cut the chain, were suspected but Erika made sure that she was also suspected and then had an idea to eliminate these suspects, be imprisoned for the night.
  1397. Natsuhi and Jessica were imprisoned in the shed and Erika in a room,Erika was also tied up with handcuffs as there were no keys to her room.
  1398. Both the key to the shed and the key to the handcuffs were given to Battler.
  1399. (red truth In other words, no other keys exist except for the study room key, the warehouse key, and the master keys so I have no idea what was used to lock those handcuffs, I have an idea since masterkeys can open anything that has a lock then they can be used for handcuffs but this argument raises too many doubts but it is the only one that explains this red truth, so we accept that there was a translation error and keys for not-doors can exist).
  1401. my solution is simple as the previous one, Battler forgot to seal the shed so kanon could easily enter and kill them since the masterkeys can open it.
  1402. as you have noticed from now on Shkanontrice's solutions will be after mine since this is where his mistakes start.
  1404. For Shkanontrice, Jessica killed Natsuhi and pretended to be dead since only Natsuhi's death was confirmed by not-culprits.
  1405. It seems to be a good solution but i played Bern's game and in this game there are hints from Battler and Beatrice and one of them i still remember well.
  1407. In other words while you can lie with purple you cannot lie without using it.
  1408. Nanjo with the simple white text confirmed that both Natsuhi and Jessica were killed.
  1409. >but italian_anon this rule is different inside forgery
  1410. from what i know this manga was made to make people understand better the Bern game so i don't see any reason why this manga doesn't follow its own rules.
  1411. But don't worry my little goat this will not be the last mistake of Shkanontrice in forgery, so if you still have doubts don't worry your idea will be devoured and slaughtered by my logic.
  1413. fourth twilight:
  1414. Rudolf and Kyrie found murdered in their room.
  1415. The door was open and it was Battler who found them.
  1417. this twilight is very confusing so I am not sure what happened.
  1418. Battler,Nanjo,Maria and Rosa were together in front of the guest house but no door of the mansion was closed or sealed so anyone but them could kill and escape.
  1419. The problem is that from the manga it seems almost impossible for the culprit to escape from the mansion but there is no purple truth about a checking in the mansion or anything else that suggests an impossibility for the culprit to escape so I am confused.
  1420. For that Kanon killed them and escaped , if he couldn't escape without breaking a seal then Erika put a new one after he left.
  1422. Shkanontrice solves these 2 murders with Jessica as the culprit , which is absurd since the shed had been sealed the whole time , the seal was put on by Battler and Battler himself checked its integrity after the murders.
  1424. Fifth Twilight: After freeing Erika Battler is killed in front of Beatrice's painting , with no locked doors or anything so anyone has the potential to kill him .
  1426. Of course it was Erika to kill him then lock Kanon back in the studio.(if he is dead or not ,doesn't matter).
  1427. >but italian_anon this is now your requeim ahahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahah you are finished , finished the great equalaizer is dead
  1428. >Purple truth of battler :You are not the culprit(to Erika).
  1429. >red truth: the detective Erika is not the culprit!
  1431. o no......CMON ANON I thought you knew me, do you think the 10 times Olympic gold medalist and Olympic record holder in mental gymnastics can be beaten by these 2 bullshit?
  1432. you have disappointed me
  1434. for the first sentence the solution is the context
  1435. simply Battler meant that Erika was not the culprit for the murder of Rudolf and Kyrie or for all the murders that occurred during her incarceration , since the handcuffs do not exonerate Erika for the first 2 twilight .
  1436. other solution Erika had not yet killed until that moment and then earned the title of cuprit by killing Battler 5 minutes later.
  1438. for the second one certainly Erika is not the culprit because Knox is valid.
  1439. this red truth is just a repetition of a Knox rule.
  1440. but Erika can , very well, be the culprit since her detective status has never been confirmed, even Battler could not use the purple truth about Erika being the detective despite 3 pages later Beatrice used this red truth.
  1442. Shkanontrice instead solves Battler's murder with still Jessica or Nanjo.
  1443. for Jessica it's impossible since the shed was sealed for Nanjo meh.
  1444. he was with Rosa and Maria all the time but this was not confirmed with the purple so he might have gone to the bathroom as an excuse but all this is really bad to see.
  1446. In the end Nanjo kills Eva to take the blame for the murders.
  1447. with this i have concluded the solution of forgery , of course all this is just a beta version because i hope this chapter will spark discussions that will perfect it.
  1450. -BONUS robot shannon:
  1451. many have used as proof of shkanontrice the fact that in the 7th game Will ask Shannon to call Kanon to speak with him but then shannon becomes a robot and refuses to do it.
  1452. For Shkanontrice this comes from the fact that they 2 cannot be together but instead the solution to this fact is written in umineko.
  1453. Will compares this situation to a video game, even if you know the solution you can't go straight to the end but you have to pass all the levels before reach it, Will had solved the game after reading the 4th chapter (better than me) and knew that the culprit was Kanon and since his job was to find Beatrice's killer why not talk to the culprit?
  1454. But Yasu wanted Will to hear her side of the story before her requiem, so he ordered Shannon to stop him.
  1456. -BONUS the witches identity:
  1457. witches are created by humans.
  1458. humans to explain facts deemed impossible, they create a culprit who takes all the blame.
  1459. Stories and theory are created about this culprit, and slowly they create the form.
  1460. Since the purchase of rokkenjima by kinzo, people had created stories about a witch after the leave of absence, people all over the world began to create stories and theory giving life to many witches.
  1462. >sure
  1463. Beatrice 2:was created by the union of the ancient legends of rokkenjima, the story about the blonde lover of kinzo and the mysterious facts that happened on the island.
  1464. beatrice 2 is innocent because the facts that were attributed to her were just forgetfulness of the servants who rather than admit their mistakes accused the witch.
  1466. Real Beatrice:was created when Yasu impersonating the witch began to scare the servants and throw them down the stairs when they insulted the witch, people began to be afraid of beatrice so she went from the innocent witch who played tricks, to a monster.
  1468. Eva-trice:for the public eva was the only one to survive the rokkenjima massacre so it was natural that stories about her guilt began, this stories created eva.beatrice.
  1469. maybe before the 3rd game tohya \ battler discovered that eva had survived and began to suspect her so ikuko wrote a story where eva seems the culprit for made battler understand that to find the truth he was supposed to go beyond appearances
  1471. Maria-trice:because of the influence of yasu maria began to seriously believe in witches and this put her in embarrassing situations at school, the other classmates began to spread rumors about how she was really a witch to bully her.
  1472. This created maria-trice
  1474. Angebeatrice: same situation of maria.
  1475. classmates began to spread rumors about how she was really a witch to bully
  1477. featherine: the witch hunters since her stories seemed original began to believe that she was really a witch.
  1479. >maybe:
  1481. Bernkastle:after the discovery of the illicit affairs of rudolf and kyrie people started creating stories where they 2 were the real culprits of rokkenjima.
  1482. so, as in the case of evatrice, barnkastle was created from these stories.
  1483. I'm not 100% sure about this because bernkastle also appears in higurashi but there are many clues to that:
  1484. >kyrie and bern personalities are the same.
  1485. >kyrie said that a miracle killed asumu and bernkastle pain that make her a witch is similar to the 18 years of kyrie pain
  1486. >the obsession towards ange, this explain all their relationship, kyrie culprit theory ruined ange life.
  1487. >after erika dies bern disappears into the world of abandoned pawns and only when ikuko calls her does she come out of there, so we understand from this that bern is a pawn of erika so a pawn of yasu.
  1488. >bern wanted to make people believe that the culprits of the eighth game were the battler family, after everyone accepted that bernkastle got enough power to implement his plan.
  1490. >idk
  1491. lambda:lambda remains a mystero for me.
  1492. She's always helped Battler and Beatrice, but I still haven't figured out how to classify her.
  1493. maybe lambda is the online community of witch-hunters, is normal for an online community wanted to keep alive the thing they love, and like battler said battler's family theory is the most popular theory this explain lambda love for bern.
  1494. but lambda is the only piece missed for my theory, so this is a congecture not a real part of my theory.
  1496. --------------------
  1498. --------------------
  1500. I will write this chapter only after Ryukishi confirm erikantrice so if you hate wait spread these theory so he can discover it
  1504. twitter:@erikantrice
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