Frisk Moveset W.I.P.

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  1. .:W.I.P. Frisk Moveset:.
  3. .:Gimmick #1: SOUL:.
  4. On Frisk’s HUD will be a yellow health bar with 20/20 Health. Frisk’s soul is a seperate hurtbox, think like hitting Luma except Luma is always attached to you, if you hit Frisk’s soul, not only will Frisk take the NORMAL damage of the attack but SOUL damage. Every 2.5% will be 1 HP of SOUL damage. Meaning Frisk’s SOUL can take 50% damage until you reach 0 HP, causing the soul to crack and Frisk to be stunned and unable to move until their HP bar heals back to max where then they’ll gain a few invincibility frames to air-dodge to escape the enemies onslaught or attack back, the amount of time it takes Frisk’s soul to heal depends on the amount of maximum HP Frisk’s soul has.
  5. .:lil detail:.
  6. Possibly you could have certain attacks that are poison or appear to be poison like, when hitting Frisk’s SOUL give Frisk a KR effect, referencing Sans’ battle, slowly draining health from their soul.
  8. .:Neutral Attack (Jab): Talk:.
  9. Frisk has a one hit jab that leads into a rapid jab with a finisher. For the first hit Frisk will move their mouth like -_-, -o- as a black text box appears with squiggly lines inside imitating text, they appear sporadically and as quick as Pikachu’s rapid hit. The rapid jab has Frisk get into a different stance and hand gesture still talking to the opponent hitting them multiple times with the text box. The final attack is a bigger text box appearing and Frisk giving a thumbs up, launching the enemy away.
  11. .:Dash Attack: Spinning Top:.
  12. This attack is inspired by the vents in Hotland. Frisk does a small hop into the air while spinning in a circle, it even comes with the “fwoosh!” sound the Hotland Vents make. This attack is fairly quick and doesn’t have much end-lag attached to it. The attack is most effective at the end when Frisk collides back with the ground, having KO potential.
  14. .:Side Tilt: Green Soul:.
  15. Frisk puts their hands out in front of them, their soul turns green and they hold out a blue shield in front of them. This attack can be used to push opponents away, but it can also be used to halt projectiles. The projectile needs to hit the shield while it’s out. When it does, the projectile will dissipate as the front of the shield glows red and goes “ding!”.
  17. .:Up Tilt: Yellow Soul:.
  18. Frisk points their finger in the air like a finger gun as their soul flickers to yellow, this attack will shoot one small yellow beam upwards that will go upwards a set distance. These do not cause much knockback to be dealt until the opponent has a higher percent. This attack is very quick with little to no endlag so the attack can be used rapidly in bursts of three. The third rapid hit will be more powerful than the other two.
  20. .:Down Tilt: Sweep Kick:.
  21. This attack doesn’t reference anything but I thought it’d be cool if Frisk and the PSI Kids had something in common. So Frisk will perform a sweeping kick fairly similar to Lucas. This attack will be a quick sweeping kick that will lift the opponent off their feet, allowing you to comboing possibly into an aerial! Speaking of…
  23. .:Neutral Aerial: Ballet Spin:.
  24. Frisk while in the air performs a ballet spin similar to Kris’ animation where he does this in Deltarune. This attack is a rapid hitting move functioning similar to Mario’s Down Aerial or Lucas’ Neutral Aerial, launching the opponent away on the last hit.
  26. Forward Aerial: ???
  27. Back Aerial: ???
  29. .:Up Aerial: Yellow Soul:.
  30. Frisk points their finger up and their soul flickers to yellow. This attack functions the exact same as their Up Tilt, except this time it’s in the air! So that’s nice.
  32. .:Down Aerial: Blue Soul:.
  33. Frisk gets into an upwards position as their soul flickers blue, plummeting down at high speed feet first. If you use this attack off stage, you WILL get KO’d, however if you manage to hit an opponent with it off stage and spike them Frisk will leap off of them similar to Greninja’s Down Aerial. If an opponent is standing on the ground and Frisk hits them with this attack, the opponent will get buried into the ground.
  35. .:Grab: Hug:.
  36. Frisk embraces the opponent in what seems like a hug. Putting both of their arms around the opponent.
  38. .:Pummel: Squeeze:.
  39. Frisk squeezes their opponent in the hug causing small amounts of damage.
  41. .:Forward Throw: Dance:.
  42. Frisk does a ballet spinning dance around the opponent before bumping the opponent away with their hip.
  44. .:Back Throw: Suplex:.
  45. Frisk grabs onto the opponent, lifts them up and SUPLEXES THEM. Their Back Throw is stronger than their Forward Throw, causing the opponent to be thrown backwards. (Undyne would be so proud.)
  47. .:Up Throw: Jetpack:.
  48. A vine pickpockets the Cell Phone from Frisk, pinning it onto the opponent’s back causing it to turn into the jetpack, they fly upwards a short amount of time and then explode, causing Flowey to laugh before disappearing back into the ground.
  50. .:Down Throw: Down Under:.
  51. Vines appear from the ground and latch onto the opponent, getting them buried into the ground, this attack works functionally the same as Lucas’ Down Throw.
  53. .:Gimmick #2: LV:.
  54. Next to Frisk’s Health Bar are the words “LV 1”. What does LV stand for? It stands for LOVE- It stands for Level of Violence. With Frisk’s Smash Attacks, they allow you to increase your LV and obtain more health for your SOUL.
  56. .:Side, Up and Down Smash: FIGHT:.
  57. These attacks are in the same category because they all are the same concept. The FIGHT button visibly appears in front of Frisk as they raise up their stick with the FIGHT bar appears behind Frisk with a white line going across it. You get the fully charged version if you get the white line in the dead center. In the Side Smash, the attack itself is a horizontal slash, for the Up Smash, Its a slash above Frisk from right to left. For the Down Smash, Frisk spins in a circle slashing on the ground on both sides. When you land the attack not in the center, you won’t gain as much when you’d hit in the dead center, where your LV increases a lot more. This will cause your SOUL’s Health to increase, this is how much health Frisk has per LV.
  58. LV 1 - 20 HP (50%)
  59. LV 2 - 24 HP (60%)
  60. LV 3 - 28 HP (70%)
  61. LV 4 - 32 HP (80%)
  62. LV 5 - 36 HP (90%)
  63. LV 6 - 40 HP (100%)
  64. LV 7 - 44 HP (110%)
  65. LV 8 - 48 HP (120%)
  66. LV 9 - 52 HP (130%)
  67. LV 10 - 56 HP (140%)
  68. LV 11 - 60 HP (150%)
  69. LV 12 - 64 HP (160%)
  70. LV 13 - 68 HP (170%)
  71. LV 14 - 72 HP (180%)
  72. LV 15 - 76 HP (190%)
  73. LV 16 - 80 HP (200%)
  74. LV 17 - 84 HP (210%)
  75. LV 18 - 88 HP (220%)
  76. LV 19 - 92 HP (230%)
  77. LV 20 - 99 HP (247.5%)
  79. .:Neutral Special: ACT:.
  80. Frisk gets into a different stance as the “ACT” button appears in front of them and a Hero-like menu with three set options and a fourth one that's the special ACT and will change each time you open and close the menu.
  82. .:Turning Your Opponent Yellow:.
  83. If you perform positive ACTs constantly there is a chance your enemy will turn Yellow for a short amount of time. This allows you to do two things. The first thing is being able to gain bonus damage when using your Smash Attacks, akin to Hero’s critical hits. This is a reference to Betrayal Kills in Undertale, where you ACT until the enemy trusts you then you kill them at their most vulnerable moment. The other use of this move comes in a later special...
  85. .:The Main ACTs:.
  86. Compliment - The first option in Frisk’s ACT menu. Frisk gives the opponent a thumbs up shooting out a star projectile. This doesn’t cause much damage to the opponent but rather, it’s building up something else...
  87. Flirt - The second option in Frisk’s ACT Menu, Frisk blows a kiss and causes a heart projectile to be shot out, stunning the opponent like Corrin’s Neutral Special. This is very good for catching your opponent in a combo.
  88. Challenge - The third option in Frisk’s ACT menu. Upon activating this attack, Frisk does a “come at me!” motion with their hand as they glow like a counter. If Frisk is hit while in this animation, Frisk will dodge the opponent’s attack temporarily stunning the opponent as they gain a shocked expression as Frisk is open to an attack.
  90. .:The Misc ACTs:.
  91. Insult - This is where we get into Frisk’s miscellaneous ACTs in the fourth option. Insult has Frisk do a thumbs down towards the opponent, sending out an attack that lowers the enemies defense causing them to take more damage.
  92. Threat - Frisk gets into a more serious stance and gains a temporary boost in attack power. Allowing them to do more damage to the opponent.
  93. Flex - Frisk gets into a flexing pose. This functions as a counter. If Frisk is hit while flexing, they will quickly fly backwards and land back on their feet. This is a good way to quickly space yourself away from your opponent.
  94. Boast - Frisk gains a very smug smirk when they use this ACT. This ACT for a short amount of time has Frisk’s body take no damage but their SOUL takes double the damage, meaning that 5% is now 1 HP! Meaning it only takes 25% to crack your soul at LV 1! Watch out!!
  95. Pose  - Frisk strikes a pose causing enemies to be knocked away from Frisk, making a Mettaton “Yea!” noise when the attack is activated
  96. Hope - This is one of the more rare ACTs, this has Frisk hold onto their hopes, IMMENSELY increasing their defense and if you think you can break their SOUL while they have this buff… ( * But it refused. )
  98. .:Side Special - ITEM (W.I.P.):.
  99. Frisk gets into a stance where it looks like they’re reaching for something in their pocket to pull out, another hero-like menu appears on the HUD as the ITEM button appears in front of Frisk. Frisk will have a choice out of four random items that they can use! These items consist of…
  101. .:Item Selection:.
  102. - (Currently being worked on)
  104. .:Weapon Selection:.
  105. Frisk has the ability to switch the weapon they use in their Smash Attacks as their LV increases. Every once in a while when their LV increases, Frisk gains a new weapon they can equip through ITEM, you can choose to not use the new weapon from ITEM, disappearing the third time you open the ITEM menu and don’t equip the weapon. Each weapon will behaves in the exact way they do in UNDERTALE. Weapons in UNDERTALE where you'd have to land multiple white lines work like Link's Forward Smash where it has multiple phases as you multi hit with it.
  106. Toy Knife
  107. Tough Glove
  108. Ballet Shoes
  109. Torn Notebook
  110. Frying Pan
  111. Empty Gun
  112. Real Knife
  114. .:Up Special - MERCY:.
  115. When Frisk uses this special, the MERCY button appears in front of Frisk as they prepare the attack, except a menu isn't brought up. This move has two versions, whether you tap the button or if you hold it down.
  117. .:Flee:.
  118. If you tap Up Special, Frisk will use Flee. Frisk will float upwards with their soul flying away from the situation they were in before falling back down in free fall. Your standard Up Special, except it does no damage nor has a hitbox. This is a reference to fleeing from battles, mainly in the sense that you did in Undyne’s battle, avoiding attacks.
  120. .:Spare:.
  121. If you hold down Up Special, Frisk will attempt to Spare the opponent. Due to the move needing to be charged up, you can’t just pull this out and cheap shot your enemy with it. If your enemy is either yellow or is at a very high percentage (150% or higher). If you land Spare, Frisk will give the opponent a smile as you are fully healed and your character performs a taunt, however you lose a stock, this is similar to Hero’s Thwack ability except you don’t violently explode, it does the same thing where it takes your stock but not in a violent manner. If Frisk uses this ability when the opponent is at their last stock, the match will end and Frisk will perform a team battle pose with the opponent but the victory will still go to Frisk.
  123. .:Extras:.
  124. If Frisk is hit while attempting to charge Spare, the Mercy button will crack as an exclamation point appears above Frisk’s head, referencing what Asgore does to the MERCY button in Undertale.
  126. .:Down Special - SAVE (W.I.P.):.
  127. * (There doesn't seem to be anything here.)
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