February TDM

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  1. <cut text="FEBRUARY TDM"><div style="max-width:900px; text-align: justify; font-family: Verdana, San-serif; font-size: 0.8rem;"><center><!--IMAGE--><img src="" style="max-width: 900px; width:100%; display: block;">
  2. <!--HEADER--><span style="color: #AAAAAA; font-size: 2.5rem; font-family: Palatino Linotype, Palatino, Serif; display: block; letter-spacing:1px; border-bottom: #BBBBBB 1px solid; padding-bottom: 10px;">FEBRUARY TESTDRIVE MEME</span>
  3. <!--NAVIGATION--><span style="font-size:0.75rem;"><a href="url" style="color: #555555;">IC Comm</a> | <a href="" style="color: #555555;">Network Comm</a> | <a href="url" style="color: #555555;">OOC Comm</a> | <a href="url" style="color: #555555;">Navigation</a></span></center></center>
  4. <div style="padding:20px;margin:0 auto;text-align:justify;font-family:Palatino Linotype;font-size:14px;color:#000;line-height:185%;">
  5. <img src="" align="left" style="padding:5px;width:400px;height:200px;"><b style="font-size:20px;padding-right:1px;color:#307151;font-family:Palatino Linotype;">S</b>chooling of all kinds is now fully underway on the campus grounds. The peaceful, still atmosphere of January has given way to a more lively air; while the weather is still chilly and snow lies thickly on the ground, the constant bustle and hum of movement caused by life, classes and work on campus brightens things up significantly.
  8. <center><img src=""></center>
  9. <b style="font-size:18px;padding-right:1px;color:#307151;font-family:Palatino Linotype;">A. RED FIRE</b>
  10. While Daybreak is a school located in Europe, it collects students and staff from all around the world. In respect to those cultural traditions, red paper lanterns and other, similar decorations are a common feature around the school at this time. While many prefer to stay in doorways and hallways, and otherwise stay put, a not-insignificant amount will take an interest in passerby and follow them around. It’s not uncommon for people to be pursued by entire flocks of lanterns, though shedding them is generally a simple matter of outrunning them and letting them pick another target to focus on.
  12. Of especial note are the more readily-available firecrackers that hang from these lanterns, which can be pulled off by someone with quick enough reflexes (or a lot of patience). Once pulled, several seconds will pass before they explode into colourful red and gold fire - harmless, but alarmingly loud.
  15. <b style="font-size:18px;padding-right:1px;color:#307151;font-family:Palatino Linotype;">B. CARNIVAL MARKETS</b>
  16. In anticipation for the Carnival season and the upcoming Valentines celebration, traveling merchants from the Outlands have set up shops in both Soleil and the Academy’s market square - offering decorative trinkets, special clothing, Outlands treats, and other oddities both magical and not. Of special note are their selection of masks, sold in preparation for upcoming Carnival events - though most are merely decorative, some have odd enchantments that may make life more <I>interesting</I> for their wearer.
  18. In addition to these, the secondhand exchange is once again open for business, offering their usual range of costumes, special clothing and accessories donated or passed down by previous Academy students and able to be purchased for a reduced price. It’s likely, given the sheer amount of people who have passed through Daybreak, that you’ll be able to find something you like for a bargain price.
  21. <b style="font-size:18px;padding-right:1px;color:#307151;font-family:Palatino Linotype;">C. MATCHMAKER ON THE LOOSE</b>
  22. Though last year’s archiving activities were generally successful, a few artifacts have escaped containment and are now on the loose. One such artifact is an old ‘test of love’ machine, apparently enchanted to be more ‘accurate’ in its tendencies of predicting a perfect match. What its criteria for a ‘perfect’ match is, though, can range from vaguely predictable to downright esoteric - and it’s just as likely to spit out a reading of ‘best frenemies’ or ‘destined to duel to death’ as it is something resembling anything romantic.
  24. It has a tendency to appear in the closest thing to shady alleyways around campus, flashing lights and barking promotional phrases in order to get people to use it. Though it’s not dangerous, it certainly makes itself a nuisance, but it’s difficult to catch and will likely be haunting the campus all month despite the best efforts of staff to restrain it.
  28. <b style="font-size:18px;padding-right:1px;color:#307151;font-family:Palatino Linotype;">D. IRIS NETWORK</b>
  29. <font face=courier>UN: cutetropics38
  31. idk how ppl can survive in this weather! u must really really like snow huh?
  34. its still so cold!!! :( wish it was summer tbh!!! how abt u?</font></div>
  36. <!--do not remove--><center><span style="border-top: #ccc 1px solid; display: block; padding-top:10px;"><small><a href="" style="color: #999;">code bases by <b>tricklet</b></a></small></span></center></div></cut>
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