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Aug 16th, 2013
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  1. Download link:
  3. =E2020 Answer It Solver V2=
  4. By: Game_Coder
  6. Description: This nifty java application allows an E2020(now Engenuity) user to automatically go through any of the classes offered on Education 2020 with ease. When taking either a review, quiz, or test, this application will automatically answer the question correctly and progress to the next one automatically. E2020 Answers are acquired through an external online repository of questions, updated frequently. This is the ONLY way to get E2020 answers using a program.
  8. -Version 2 update features-
  10. Auto-pilot: Automatically goes through an entire E2020 course including direct instructions, quizzes, reviews, labs, and web content. Sometimes the web content glitches, though.
  12. Finish Buzzer: Makes a buzzing sound to let you know when each assignment has been completed.
  14. Keyword revealer: Reveals the keywords required for getting a 100% on the web content when not using auto-pilot. Does not provide E2020 answers to FRQ's.
  16. Note: A lot has changed from the original E2020 Answer It script. Some of these features are still in beta and may occasionally glitch. Please submit all bug reports to
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