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  1. ----------In regards to hand-held laser cutters and their potential use for breaking into enemy ships:----------
  3. IsmaСегодня, в 15:16
  4. will the laser cut easly trough the ship or it takes time ?
  6. PipFBСегодня, в 15:18
  7. the more armored the object is the longer it takes to cut it :D
  8. It's not very fast
  10. [Conclusion - hand held laser cutter in videos is being bumbed to show the utility it is designed for. I the game cutting a hole with this tool will take more time that is was shown in video. Cutting will also be slowed down by the material and amount of layers the cutted part of the ship has]
  11. .
  12. ----------In regards to radiators, their uses and connections to coolant:----------
  14. OkimСегодня, в 11:30
  15. I have a question regarding those radiators that we were shown recently (sorry, if these were already discussed).
  16. We were shown internal coolant containers and external radiator panels. The question - are these interchangeble? Or are we expected to use both on a ship? Like storing coolant in those container-like devices and using radiators to keep these cooled?
  18. ArtturiFBСегодня, в 11:37
  19. Radiators basically have their own coolant loop: the bit that connects them to the generator takes the heat from the generator and heats up the coolant in the radiator loop. The radiators then use their surface area to radiate the heat accumulated in the coolant away, recycling the radiator coolant so it can be used again
  20. If you're using radiators, you don't need to use the coolant cells in the generator, afaik
  22. [Conclusion: radiator panels and coolant systems are sepparate systems, but are tied to each other. Radiators CAN be enough to keep generator heat at reasonable levels, but their real purpose is to prolong the coolant capacity of the vessel]
  24. ----------In regards to robot arms and the amount of parts they can have:--------
  26. [Awoo] OobficheСегодня, в 11:40
  27. ok, what about robot arm limits.
  28. how many arm segments can it have? can i have 6 arm segments on one? or is it infinite
  30. ArtturiFBСегодня, в 11:43
  31. Yeah they're designed to be finite: one lower segment, then one upper segment with a small turntable connection on end
  32. You could then attach anything that's compatible with a smaller turntable attachment onto the upper arm
  34. [Conclusion - any amount of parts / joints can be used in robot arms. Making a whip-like system or some sort of folding system is possible with these]
  35. .
  36. ----------In regards to external recharging of batteries and cables in general:------
  38. [RWI] FrenchMcBaguetteСегодня, в 11:52
  39. I have a question, how can we charge battery powered ships ? Do we have to plug a cable everytime or is there a kind of chargepad ?
  41. [Awoo] OobficheСегодня, в 11:52
  42. you recharge it with solar or a generator via socket
  44. OkimСегодня, в 11:53
  45. Wait, we can use the cable to connect two different ships?
  47. [Awoo] OobficheСегодня, в 11:53
  48. if its close enough.. the only rule is that no hanging.. gotta get a good angle and be close
  49. they are static. non moveable wiring. pretty much break the wire if it has no support
  51. [Conclusion - ships can be connected by a cable to transfer energy and apparently by a pipe to transfer propelant. They must remain absolutelly stationary for this purpose otherwise the cable may break.
  53. --------In regards to controls, mouse and binds:--------
  55. Okim, в 14:57
  56. Can we actually bound any keys for levels? I wonder if it is possible to have a pilot to control movement with WASD-QE and in the same time use arrow keys to control a turret mounted weapon? Mouse is used for controlling directions, right? This is not a full-key-dependent ship moving system?
  58. PipFBВ прошлый вторник, в 15:27
  59. Yeah you can bind the buttons to anything you want :smile:
  60. Mouse is used for controlling where you look at
  62. OkimВ прошлый вторник, в 15:37
  63. That actually explains why there was no strafing in the vids. Just the directional dodging by pointing and moving in that direction...
  64. Wait another minute... Are you saying that all these fancy turrets in all the vids are also key controlled by gunners?
  65. No mouse was used to aim at all?
  67. PipFBВ прошлый вторник, в 15:42
  68. I think there are some plans for mouse controlled turrets
  69. but currently they are controlled using keys
  71. [Conclusion - as of right now neither ship movement, nor turret control is using mouse to rotate / elevate / turn and etc. Mouse is only for free looking. Things are believed to be changed with mouse controls taking it`s rightful place in this game as well.]
  73. ---------- Regarding render range and projectile life time: ---------
  75. ovenmittСегодня, в 14:57
  76. Yeah I would just like some confirmation regarding the render distance and the range of the railgun thats all.
  77. And some clarification on the fact that projectile keeps flying past 5km if theres another ship to render it.
  79. VilleFBСегодня, в 14:59
  80. I think projectiles disappear when they reach 5km range from player who shot them regardless of their "maximum range". I'm not 100% sure of it, but as render distance of other ships is currently 5km, the projectile cannot hit something that is not rendered, nor the target wouldn't get hit as shooter is not rendered to them. This might/will change as game improves etc.
  82. [Conclusion - as of right now the render range is 5km from player, which means that for a player, his vessel and onboard devices nothing exists above 5km rande. Any projectiles shot from player / his ship have a max range of 5km that are calculated from the point of origin. Nothing can hit a target outside render range!]
  84. --------- Regarding outside of render range stuff (yolol, rangefinder, transmittions): -------
  86. OkimСегодня, в 15:16
  87. Can you please tell us how range finders actually work? I assume that they are limited to 5km range (render range) and cant hit anything that is beyound that range even if there is another player whos presence expands the rendered area?
  88. Also transmitter / receiver signal travels within the render range or can it be transmitted betwen players at any distance from each other?
  89. What happens with yolol chips that are supposed to run endlessly if there are no players in render range of these? They cease their operation?
  91. LauriFB06.06.2019
  92.  I think it's now 1000m
  94. mciСегодня, в 15:22
  95. Rangefinders only go up to 1 km.
  96. And antennas can broadcast up to... I want to say 50 km (or was it 50k?)but someone has to be at the sending and receiving point.
  97. If someone leaves the 5 km distance, all yolol stops.
  99. [Conclusion - this needs confirmation, but if this is all true, then it makes range finders a local use only devices and requires an active 'operator' on site of yolol systems to constantly ensure their online state]
  102. An interesting graphic depicting different ores that we can find in asteroids, their rarity and meterials produced out of them:
  105. Kutonim and Xhalium ores are of particular interest since the first one is used in weapons and amor and the last one, i believe, is for generator fuel.
  107. ---------- Regarding resources. Updated info on resource distribution:----------
  109. wanderingSKULLСегодня, в 9:27
  110. Asteroids are definitely not full random and have 'weights' along with nodes/'veins'. Will try and get relevant quotes.
  111. AkseliFB (Designer)07/02/2019
  112. working on it. There is going to be some sort of base distribution that is not equal and a bit random with certain weights to materials. And then we will hand craft areas of interests and hot spots. The belt is huge, so we need to figure out how to do this in a way it's well balanced for interesting gameplay but also scale to this massive size.
  114. LauriFB 07/29/2019
  115. we have planned that asteroid minerals would be in a vein-like manner in the asteroid field
  116. so then it would be possible to find area where certain rare material exists a lot more than regularly
  118. [Conclusion - resource distribution system plans were updated from completelly random to a vein-like system where certain areas of the belt contain multiple asteroids with the same resource type. Also these handcrafted areas sound like smth to force people to fight for it seems.]
  120. ----------- Regarding a possibility of tracking transmitter signals: ------------
  122. DreadberryJamВчера, в 9:56
  123. There is a proposed way to track a radio signal, but it takes 3 receivers per signal and some yolol...
  124. keeps the receiver pointed at the signal source at all times without losing the signal feed, adjusting the rotation to keep it so
  127. 3 overlaying receiver cones. If the signal is coming through all 3, you are centered on the signal, if some receiver loses signal - adjust XY rotation of the whole assembly until it's picked up by all 3 again.
  129. [Conclusion - this is basically a way for autopilot systems to lock on any friendly signal (specific frequency) you wish and move to that destination. It still will need some extra yolol coding to align the ship with the current direction the receiver array is pointing as well as coding the tracking system itself. This system can be weaponised as well to track and home at enemy ship that openly transmitts some messages]
  131. ------------ Regarding transmitter range: ------------
  133. Teaching bitches how to swimВчера, в 23:20
  134. In the combat video did the stations have 1000km(1 milion m) transmitter range? The screens in the fighters showed a number close to 1 milion which makes me think thats how many meters there are between the stations.
  136. LauriFBВчера, в 23:34
  137. @Teaching bitches how to swim yes I think the trasmitters are now in that range
  139. [Conclusion - that's a 1000 km range! Technically it means that wherever you go - you can still be in range of your station's beacon...]
  141. ------------- Regarding sensors and triangulation: -------------
  143. [SOS/TFUN] Simulator HavenВчера, в 23:35
  144. Lauri, have you tried making a triangulation system using yolol and transmitters/recievers?
  146. LauriFBВчера, в 23:38
  147. @Simulator Haven not for navigation, but our guys have made similar for targetting tech
  149. Jetthetank [T-GRV]Вчера, в 23:51
  150. I can see the uses with sensors for targeting tech, but I also see the value in using sensors for ship nav through asteroid fields by using code to identify objsects and set offset overrides to limit collisions.
  151. I assume this would be possible?
  153. LauriFBСегодня, в 0:03
  154. I think distance meters could be used to create fully autonomous ships bringing asteroids back home - but as distance meters doesn't identify materials, those ships could also bring home derelicst, or even steal someones ship, or bring back unexploded ammunition .. :thinking:
  155. @Jetthetank [T-GRV] yeah, we will introduce a lot of them
  156. also you can do spread manually by having a lot of meters and/or attaching them to a rotating base
  158. [Conclusion - no idea what these sensors are, but it now seems that automating asteroid harvesting (bringing them back) is already possible.]
  159. Guess that is all about combination of transmitter range and range finder to scan for asteroids around the ship, yololing its cargo locking, seeking for the base antenna signal and autopiloting the ship back home with its prize.
  161. ----------- Possible new way to set up UPS system: -------------
  163. OkimСегодня, в 9:19
  164. @LauriFB are all of the stations shown here lay in 5km render range from the player (who made the shot)?
  166. Or are the stations using some other rendering layers and are always visible?
  168. VilleFBСегодня, в 9:22
  169. I think the render distance is 200km in that screenshot.
  171. OkimСегодня, в 9:24
  172. Ah, i see. Thanks! In other words we can always see a dot in the skies that we can use as a navigational beacon :smiley:
  174. [Conclusion - there are plenty of stations that are going to be visible from quite some distance and that are going to constantly transmit their name into space. Picking up some of these stations as beacons for UPS system can help us triangulate current ship`s position for our vessels. These will have to be equipped with at least 3 receivers to track the signals.]
  176. [Planet Scale]
  179. ----- Regarding thruster positioning and multi-directional movement -----
  181. AkseliFB (Designer), 11:30
  182. Quote: Another question. How FCU or MCU handle diagonal thrusters?
  183. The answer is yes. The thrusters can be bolted at any orientation. Some fancy trigonometry is calculated there.
  185. CalenLok, 12:14
  186. @AkseliFB (Designer) thanks a lot! Those are great news.
  187. Any news about turntable-mounted FCU? To dynamically change control scheme. So I can control ship relative to my turntable/turret mounted cockpit.
  188. Thrust vectoring is not allowed, but I have idea for small fighter that switches between forward facing guns and bottom facing gun (relative to main thrusters)
  190. Okim, 13:25
  191. Why not use yolol instead? Hit a button - your levels for turning / pitching / strafing are reassigned by one yolol chip. Hit that button again - another chip dumps the original key assignments back.
  192. Can even make a turn-table seat like in ship design vid we have. That pitches from 0 to -90 deg.
  194. AkseliFB (Designer), 14:38
  195. @CalenLoki It seems nothing is preventing you bolting FCU to turntable. Problems occur when new orientation needs to be calculated. It might take several seconds until your new orientation would kick in and you could fly with the new flight orientation.
  196. Okim#4433 has a better solution above. No extra FCUs needed.
  198. -----
  199. An idea of a ship that can operate in one main direction and then switch to another seems quite useful. Especially for tugs, miners and haulers. Using one FCU on a turntable is the same as using a yolol to switch mappings. Both are possible, but both have disadvantages - delay for the first and yolol / heat / energy for the other.
  201. Thrusters can be placed in angled position. The use of that is interesting as such thrusters can provide thrust in two directions covering 2 axis per thruster. Not sure what you can achieve with these, but the idea is interesting to play with.
  203. ---------- Regarding manned turrets ------------
  205. Okim,14:50
  206. @JimiFB (Art Director)  Is it possible to make a manned turret with weapons placed in it?  Will a seat fit between the wings of this turntable where tractor beam on pic below is placed? :slight_smile:
  209. Using similar setup to this mining laser / tractor beam combo:
  211. And what about levers and buttons placed on turntables? IIRC we can't send signals / power through turntables...
  214. .
  215. ArtturiFB, 15:15
  216. Devices can route power and data through each other using plug connections. The tractor beam head there is connected to the ship's network through the turntable and cradle, as all the devices connected to each other in that configuration have compatible plugs
  217. You can replace the tractor beam with a pilot seat, which also includes compatible plug connections with the turret cradle, and in turn can route power/data through itself to a connected control table and any levers or buttons connected to that
  219. Okim, 15:18
  220. Got it!
  221. 1. seat can fit inside these wings.
  222. 2. seat can use the buttons / levers around it.
  223. Thank you!
  224. --------
  225. We can have manned turrets to maximize their accuracy.
  226. We can also slave other turrets to the manned one.
  228. The idea of these manned turrets came to me while i was designing a large enough freighter that required some protection. Somehow this rather obvious idea was never asked before...
  230. ----- Regarding cables inside beams ------
  232. VilleFB, 19:25
  233. That cable inside a beam (after repairing it whole again) is weird glitch in my books, it is like placing matter inside matter. Is this glitch present in game later, maybe. But it is not viable ship building method as it requires manual hole drilling and repairing. Besides we have proper tool to make connections thru plates / beams.
  235. --- Conclusion ---
  236. If a dev considers it a glitch of a matter-inside-matter type - we might not be able to use it in the future to secure pipes / cables.
  237. I would avoid this method in our ship design projects. Until confirmed as a feature.
  239. ---- For use in ship bulding----
  241. HamstahFBСегодня, в 14:33
  242. Took a quick peek in our type tree and found thicker versions of 48x144 and 96x144 triangles
  244. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 14:37
  245. So if i keep the pipes running from tank (propelant) to hardpoint not crossing the pipes running from generator / coolant board (coolant) to the same hardpoint - i can swap a thruster with a radiator when needed and it will correctly understand that hardpoint is accepting coolant now instead of propelant?
  247. HamstahFBСегодня, в 14:39
  248. correct
  250. --- Regarding generator optimisation and batteries ---
  252. [TM] Okim, 9:46
  253. @VilleFB Hello!
  255. The power generators as we have now are able to have multiple generator units.
  256. A question - can a single fuel chamber produce enough raw fuel for 3 generator units if no amplifiers are used? Is there a cap of how much raw fuel can one chamber produce?
  258. I'm trying to figure out what is the best set up here. Plans are to store fuel rods and use minimum amounts of chambers (since they are huge) for prolonged travel.
  260. VilleFB, 9:50
  261. Yes. 3 Generator Units for each fuel chamber is actually limit before fuel chamber starts to become bottleneck (they have limit how much fuel they can release to the generator units at the time).
  262. Storing additional fuel rods is good idea. It is also good idea to have enough chambers to provide long continuous flight time before needing to stop and change fuel rods.
  264. [TM] Okim, 10:00
  265. Yeah. I wanted to minimize the space used and thought of batteries for in-flight fuel rod replacement. Batteries seem to be compact and also can be fitted in places that have no user access at all (between bulkheads, for example).
  267. VilleFB, 10:04
  268. Batteries take more space if same amount of power is wanted as single chamber+generator unit, but in small quantities they are pretty useful, just don't expect to power large amount of thrusters or many weapons with them. To be honest,  I wouldn't trust even single autocannon for batteries.
  270. [TM] Okim, 10:06
  271. @VilleFB I understand that a lot of things are currently being worked on and balancing is a big focus with everything being subject to changes in future, but can we have some estimates on how many thrusters one generator unit can power simultaneously (assuming they are on max thrust)?
  272. My calculations tell me that one can power 4 thrusters easily.
  274. VilleFB, 10:14
  275. 23 Box Thrusters or Triangle Thrusters. They require 977,5 electricity per second in full burn if my calculations are correct (one Generator unit generates 1000 electricity per second in 100% power)
  276. ---
  277. A single thruster (box or rect) consumes 42,5 electricity per second.
  278. A single generator produces 1000 electricity per second.
  280. VilleFB, 11:24
  281. One fuel rod currently lasts 83,3 minutes if only one generator unit draws fuel from it, with 3 units it is 27,7 minutes. (According to my calculations, ingame simulation might differ slightly)
  283. VilleFB, 12:59
  284. Quick and dirty calculation says that you need 250 batteries to store 100% of one exorium rod's electricity output.
  286. --- Regarding bot sizes and access shafts ---
  288. AkseliFB (Designer), 14:06
  289. @[TM] Okim You can crawl in to 72cm x 72cm hole. If you need to crouch you'll have to make it 144cm x 72cm. Basically the endo can fit through 72cm wide opening.
  291. ---
  292. Also - bot is  1.8m high.
  294. --- Regarding seat and controls ---
  295. [TM] Okim, 8:46
  296. In order for a seat to gain access to levers and buttons i need to plug it either to device base via the seat's bottom or via a cable, correct?
  298. ArtturiFB, 8:50
  299. You don't need the seat to be connected to a network to set up keybinds. The reason the seat has cable connections and all that is because of the seat-attached control table which provides power and data network connection for the controls on it through the seat.
  301. ----
  302. That is good to know about seat and controls.
  303. Provides room for a lot of applications for different rail-based movable cockpits, crane cabins and whatever else you can come up with.
  304. .
  305. .
  306. --- Robot arms and access to materials for building ---
  308. [DontAskforFac-Invite] Oobfiche, 8:02
  309. will the builder tool only be for robot arms or is there a rail mover varient for it
  310. block wise
  312. ArtturiFB, 8:06
  313. Robot arms mainly, but it can be used on a rail mover. The main challenge with rail mover operation is refilling the building materials it uses as, while rail movers provide power for the devices on them, they can't provide physical materials. With a robot arm, you can directly link it to more extensive material storage and won't need to refill/replace the tool's built-in tank
  315. [DontAskforFac-Invite] Oobfiche, 8:09
  316. how would directly linking would work, or is that in design because im thinking about the smallest robot arm right now as the Extruder head of the printer
  317. and maybe is there a way for when its parked it can connect to the containers?...
  319. ArtturiFB, 8:11
  320. The base joint for the robot arm sits on a turntable, and gets power and other resources through the hardpoint the turntable is on
  321. Hardpoints have universal pipe and cable sockets, so you can draw a pipe from any resource container to that, giving the robot arm access to the contents
  323. ----
  324. Now that is interesting!
  325. The main proble i saw with automation was the access of robot arms to supplies of parts. The info above technically says that robot arms can build parts themselves if connected to cargo containers via pipes.
  329. Rough estimates on thruster power (based on wiki calculations):
  330. - maneuvering: 2000. Vassama has 5 and 10000 power listed.
  332. Confirmed by devs:
  333. - triangular: ~25000.
  334. - rectangular: ~50000.
  337. VilleFB, 15:38
  338. Box is 50k, triangle is 25k thrust power currently. Same amount of fuel/electricity consumption per piece for each.
  340. VilleFB, 14:49
  341. Electricity consumption stays almost same regardless of thrust level, where propellant consumption is non-linear but increasing.
  343. ---- REGARDING FUEL RODS ----
  345. ArtturiFB, 11:44
  346. Currently generators aren't volatile enough to explode if used wrong, unless that operation includes shooting an active fuel rod
  348. [TM] Okim, 11:46
  349. Active fuel rod? Does it mean that if i stockpile rods and those get shot - they wont go boom?
  351. ArtturiFB,  11:48
  352. Yeah, fuel rods only explode in a big way if damaged while actively in use, or if consumed in an explosion. So your fuel rod stockpile is relatively safe as long as it's not right next to your generator, which has a volatile fuel rod within it.
  355. cranky corvidСегодня, в 13:56
  356. Based on numbers in dev posts from the other week: One generator unit at 100% depletes a fuel rod in 83,33 minutes, generating 1000 units of electricity per second. One fuel rod can generate a maximum of 250 batteries' worth of power before being depleted. 83,33 * 60 * 1000 = 5 million units total electricy output per rod, divided by 250 = capacity of 20k per battery
  358. [Asteroid Math]
  361. [Planet Scale 2]
  363. AkseliFB (Designer)Сегодня, в 15:39
  364. For the record, that circle is not the safe zone, it's just a measurement tool. Nothing states anywhere that it's the safe zone. People make assumptions and spread misinformation.
  366. AkseliFB (Designer)Сегодня, в 15:41
  367. Nothing set in stone. Currently there has been talks it would be about 100-200km towards the belt. And it will be ellipsoid, not a circle.  @VilleFB might know more details on this.
  368. If 100-200km is a safezone area - than we might need to re-evaluate our concepts.
  369. That is too low for progressing and might indeed mean that mining inside the zone will become unavailable in a few weeks.
  371. --- Regarding propelant volumes per tanks ---
  372. (Small / Medium / Large)
  374. VilleFB, 20:59
  375. These are top of my head. No way accurate numbers: 1,5 / 5 / 12 (million units of propellant)
  377. --- Regarding weapons ---
  379. VilleFBСегодня, в 22:08
  380. Laser has about similar electricity consumption with Autocannon. If I recall correctly, Plasma has higher power use than the two and Rail Cannon uses 9000 electricity per shot (iirc) and takes several seconds to recharge between shots. These numbers and balance might change so don't trust them too much (or expect huge changes either).
  381. Yes, all weapons expect Laser cannon consume ammo as well as electricity
  382. (well, Laser cannon turns electricity into ammo so...)
  384. ArtturiFBСегодня, в 22:09
  385. Rails connected to each other end to end pass along data and power, rails bolted otherwise do not. There are sockets you can bolt to rails, which you can connect a cable to, to provide the rails with power in general
  386. In that system, the rail highlighted is bolted onto a beam, which has a cable running on it from the rail mover it is on
  387. The mover has a socket, and the cable is drawn along the beam from the mover's socket to the socket on the rail above it
  392. So, each mover has 2 sockets on it that can be used to plug cable and run it on anything that is bolted to this mover.
  393. Which means that we can set up any possible and impossible systems with movers and make those work.
  395. ArtturiFBСегодня, в 8:29
  396. Oh wait, sorry, I was mistaken. One MFC can support 2 FCUs, instead of the other way around. Having multiple FCUs makes it possible to have separate or backup controls. For example, if you have 2 pilot positions, one front and one aft, they can use different FCUs, oriented differently, so both control positions' "forward"-command goes forward in relation to the control position
  398. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 8:45
  399. So it is not a per thruster limit, but per field?
  401. ArtturiFBСегодня, в 8:48
  402. Yeah, the MFC has 50 fields for thrusters, multiple thrusters can share a field name, so you can group them together. The drawback is that they will have the same thrust values, so it's only useful for thruster combinations that are close together and thrusting in the same direction
  404. ---
  406. For a ship to have proper controls you need 1 FCU and 1 MFC. If unique thruster number is greater than 50 - one additional MFC has to be added. You can name multiple thrusters the same way to fit in MFC limits, but those trusters will have the same thrust levels applied.
  408. FCU are not related to thruster count - they just used to orient ship and calculate balancing depending on how it is placed.
  410. OfficialCoding [Not the Emperor]Сегодня, в 19:31
  411. 2 Questions:
  412. 1: How many guns can a player carry at any given time?
  413. 2: Is there a maximum amount of ammo a player can carry?
  415. VilleFBСегодня, в 19:34
  416. Fully decked character who doesn't carry a backpack (takes weapon to backpack slot) can carry 3 weapons + 2 sidearms (pistols), but then they would only have room for 4 spare magazines. If player carries a standard backpack, they can store 15 magazines into it. (So 4 weapons and 19 spare magazines for optimal dakka)
  418. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 13:16
  419. So these two ships will have different top speeds?
  422. VilleFBСегодня, в 13:18
  423. Maybe :P
  424. Hard to say, depends on it's 3d shape.
  425. Ship on left might be slightly faster, but ship on right certainly has much better manoeuvring capability.
  426. -
  428. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 13:19
  429. That brings another question!
  430. Do we need to tell FCU which trusters we want to use for pitching / yawing / rolling / strafing? Or does it figure out everything on its own?
  432. VilleFBСегодня, в 13:19
  433. By default, you don't need to do that.
  435. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 11:37
  436. @VilleFB A question has been asked in a chat regarding drag. Guess it should be posted here since it is indeed an important one.
  437. If we have two ships - one light and another one heavy - traveling at the same speed and cutting thrusters off - which one will stop faster?
  439. Logics tell us that heavier object might retain momentum for longer period, but since SB has mass-dependant drag we might see the opposite and have heavier object stopping faster.
  441. So... What will happen? :slight_smile:
  443. VilleFBСегодня, в 11:40
  444. Yes, heavier object stays in motion longer
  445. ___
  447. Biggers ships will need braking thrusters it seems.
  449. [TM] cranky corvidToday at 11:40
  450. Do you know what the limits for camera motion while seated are?
  451. Looks like the headrest blocks sights to the rear (why does a robot need a headrest anyway?), but you could just cut that part off...
  453. PipFBToday at 11:45
  454. Nvm, I was totally wrong, you can indeed turn 360 while seated
  456. [09.17] VilleFB: So question is how much propellant does single thruster burn in 1 minute?
  457. As both Triangle and Box thrusters burn the same amount, the answer is... 2550 (42,5 per second). HamstahFB can check that again if I'm wrong (Bleeding my holidays away, so no access to numbers today for me)
  458. [09.23] [DB] TheMarksman: So do we know fuel tank size?
  459. [09.24] VilleFB: 1,5 / 5 / 12 million units (small/medium/large)
  460. [09.25] [DB] TheMarksman: So, let me do some quick math...
  461. [09.26] [DB] TheMarksman: 588.235294 mins, 1960.78431 mins and 4705.88235 mins respectively
  462. [09.27] [DB] TheMarksman: 9.80392157 hrs, 32.6797385 hrs and 78.4313725 hours respectively.
  464. [08.10] VilleFB: Bastium is standard metal in Starbase. It's best feature is it's high structural durability that makes it optimal building material for beam structures on ships. Ajatite and Valkite are cheap and flimsy surface materials that make most of the asteroid rock material. Ajatite is used in glass alloys and Valkite is used in station building.
  465. Bastonium is alloy made out of Bastium and Kutonium
  466. [08.11] *[ETH] NvrEnouff: how strong is the glass
  467. [08.12] VilleFB: As strong as Bastium. And it's armored version is almost as strong as Bastonium. (Speaking about Armor Value here)
  468. [08.12] [ACES] Mr.Kat: How strong is bastonium
  469. [08.15] VilleFB: Almost twice as strong as Bastium. But when looking at all materials. It scores as fourth when it comes to Armor Value alone. Oninum, Charodium and Kutonium are better, but Bastonium is lighter than any of those materials.
  470. [08.16] [SJI] Half-full: Don't the materials also have weaknesses to specific damage types?
  471. [08.24] VilleFB: All damage goes against Armor value, but materials do have strengths and weaknesses against different types of status effects like Corrosive, Heat etc. Currently only Corrosive status is designed and implemented to the game.
  472. [08.26] [SJI] Half-full: I guess maybe I'm phrasing that wrong. What besides projectile speed and damage per unit of area is fundamentally different about the damage the laser cannon and autocannon do, for example?
  473. [08.28] VilleFB: shape and size of voxel damage they inflict (if they overcome the armor value of target they hit) and of course their Projectile Energy which in this case is based on their projectile velocity and mass (laser has mass for sake of game mechanics and calculations).
  474. [08.37] neutral soviet: If you stack multiple layers of armored glass would it have an negative effect on vision like everything is darker or blurred? Or is armored glass perfectly clear to see through
  475. [08.40] VilleFB: Yeah, more layers you add, more foggy it becomes.
  477. [17.29] VilleFB: Damage numbers where increased only in reveal trailer and damage feature video. All combat footage and other feature videos showcase the damage as it is.
  479. [22.27] Storyloops: what's the max search length of a cargo beam if any?
  480. [22.28] LauriFB: it's not much, maybe tens of meters
  481. [22.28] LauriFB: 10-20 maybe ..
  483. [Regarding Triangle Thrusters]
  485. VilleFBСегодня, в 11:07
  486. Hardpoint might need to be rotated correctly (45 degrees) but that doesn't ruin the concept
  487. of course you would need to use plates to support thrusters without hardpoints to the beam structure, but it gives more freedom for triangles
  488. And you don't need hardpoint on all of those thursters
  489. it does improve structural durability, but you can go like 1 hardpoint for each 3-4 thrusters most often times
  491. Factory automation
  492. ArtturiFB10/14/2019
  493. @[DontAskforFac-Invite] Oobfiche No current plans for touch functionality on screens, they're intended to be for information display with buttons and levers for interaction.
  495. There are designs for automatic assembly, but not quite like what you describe. Robot arm building tools are currently planned to rely on a larger blueprint projector device, which projects a complete structure (ship or whatever you wish to construct), with yolol-accessible information to help in builder positioning etc. So technically you should be able to make an assembler from which you select a target construction and then have the machinery automatically build that. Note that this is just on the design phase thus far, most of the assembly automation still lacks code support and the system might change once we get to that.
  496. ArtturiFB10/06/2019
  497. The base joint for the robot arm sits on a turntable, and gets power and other resources through the hardpoint the turntable is on
  498. Hardpoints have universal pipe and cable sockets, so you can draw a pipe from any resource container to that, giving the robot arm access to the contents
  500. HamstahFBСегодня, в 16:37
  501. The tier 2 can do both at the same time, but the premium one introduces another form of pitch/yaw/roll that is tied to your forward thrust. I'll try and write it down
  502. The better versions of FCUs have all the features of the previous ones.
  504. When using the normal pitching or yawing it will try and rotate the ship while keeping it in place and steady
  506. The premium forward+rotation doesn't care about keeping it in place and will try and turn you ship as fast as possible (given you are using 100% forward thrust as it is tied directly to it).
  507. For example when using this to yaw to the left on the lictor, it will cut off the left main thruster completely giving a lot faster turn radius. But since it isn't perfectly balanced it will also start pitching upwards
  509. [TM] OkimСегодня, в 16:41
  510. Aha, i see... A rather interesting option to have for well balanced ships to gain a lot of maneuverability.
  511. No strafe for tier 3, right?
  513. HamstahFBСегодня, в 16:42
  514. It has all the same options as the previous tiers
  516. AkseliFB
  519.     There is layers of choises to acquire a ship:.
  520.     1) Just buy one, fast and expensive. No room for creativity.
  521.     2) Design one from large pre-designed modules using the ship editor and pay for the construction. Quite fast and quite expensive. Little room for creativity.
  522.     3) Design one from small pre-designed modules using the ship editor and pay for the construction. Takes time and is still expensive. A lot of room for creativity.
  523.     4) Design one from individual objects using the ship editor and pay for the construction. Takes a lot of time and is still expensive. No restrictions regarding creativity.
  524.     5) Design and build your ship in game, outside the editor. Insanely time consuming and challenging. Costs less (no construction fee). No restrictions regarding creativity. This method should only be used in emergency repairs and such when there is no ship editor available.
  526.     Note: in methods 2-4 you can skip the construction part and build the ship yourself. Takes time but saves money.
  528.     And the there is the insurance system. If you lose your ship, you can get it back by paying a fee (less than the ships value).
  530.     So if you got the money, you can buy a ship in seconds and get it back really fast if it gets destroyed.
  532. LauriFBToday at 21:32
  533. that's the hand-used building tool x blueprint
  534. there will be other blueprint methods as well
  536. LauriFBToday at 21:32
  537. factory ones at least
  539. (in reference to the cost of Okim's Javelin fighter)
  540. [21.45] VilleFB: Like most fighters of that size category. I'd put it around 400k to 600k range depending of weapon selection and plating material. (before adding up costs from manufacturing, labor and so on)
  541. [21.46] [TM] Okim: VilleFB do we have any estimates on weapon costs? At least which one is considered a cheap choice?
  542. [21.46] [TM] Okim: Laser cannon?
  543. [21.48] VilleFB: Hmm, I cannot recall them out of my head. But buying one from Mega Station market puts it around 100-300k price tag.
  544. [21.49] VilleFB: Yes, it seems strange to have 300k ship weapon next to 500k fighter that has 2-4 such weapons installed, but I'm basing ship value at it's raw material costs and not what shop would charge for it, while weapon prices are round that range when bought from market.
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